MATCH PROMO Five - (Pain for Pride 005)

Ronan Malosi

None More Hated
Jay… just shut up. You know why these fans don’t sympathize with me? Because I’m everything they’re not, I’m something that they can never be in life. And you? The only edge Jay Jerry Johnson has over these fans is the fact he’s an EAW elitist, but not even a good one. Other than that, don’t fool yourself, these fans don’t root for you because you’re a star, they root for you because they feel bad. You’re pathetic, and so are they. I get it, the pack have to stick together. But I’ll tell you this much, I don’t care if you learnt following that match with me how to be stronger, how to be better. It doesn’t matter, that’s not gonna help your circumstances. Unfortunately, you are still VERY outclassed. Unfortunately, half a season of being a nobody doesn’t just magically change because you want it to. We may have been bought by them, but this isn’t Disney. Jay Jerry Johnson won’t have some fairytale ending at Pain for Pride. You’re just here to be here, not to be some strong contender for the briefcase. And don’t delude yourself, okay? Captain Charisma didn’t give you an opportunity to be in this match for some grandiose reason. If I’m to guess, it was simply incompetence, like Kelton has said, I don’t get how you look around the Voltage roster, and think that Lucas Johnson and Jay Jerry Johnson are the most deserving of an opportunity like this. But if Hurricane Hawk saw me as deserving, or someone from Showdown that can win the briefcase, that’s understandable. I can impose my will over you, over Adam, over Kelton, over Jake, over Sosa, over anyone really. And winning the ladder match should be a cake walk, for me at least. Also, don’t be mistaken, there a reason I touted Roberto De La Rosa as an example of my improvement, and that’s because I used him as a stepping stone to get into this match. I dominated him, then proceeded to dominate you, I’ve already Kelton before, which means I’m not tryna make myself look better than you, I am better than you. We are not the same. You haven’t done anything here to prove otherwise, and won’t. No matter what, Jay Jerry Johnson will never be on my level. Also, will you stop with this tired narrative that I make everything about money. Hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it, which I have no problem doing. But Jay, Cash in the Vault has never been about that. Cash in the Vault has been about my destiny, and how I’m going to fulfill it. If anybody deserves to be World Champion here, it’s me. And the only thing I don’t care about regarding Draft Kings is the other opinions, I care about their money, not their opinions. One of those actually matters to me, I’m sure you can guess which one. And look, the idea of Jay Jerry Johnson saying he’s gonna rearrange my face is funny, but even funnier is you saying I cheated. Jay, aren’t you the same guy that shoved me into the referee, and poked me in the eye, knowing you were on the losing end of things?

That’s kinda hypocritical there, bud, I simply returned the favor. But moving on to Jon Kelton, there’s a reason I never brought up you defending your 24/7 contract against me, because that match was a fluke, and went on to prove such going forward. And I did beat Windgate, would’ve done so regardless whether he was injured or not. Besides, you can’t say he didn’t have that stage toss coming, seeing as he hit me with a cowardly attack below the belt, and you should be impressed honestly. It brings me joy to be this powerful. I threw him off the stage, took his title, and afterwards, put him on the shelf for a bit. :mjlol2: And no, I’m not satisfied with how the reign went, after all, I did get screwed outta my title one month later, but after winning this match, I am going to get justice. I will not squander the opportunity of Cash in the Vault. But Kelton, trying to say that Ronan Malosi isn’t someone to build a brand around, perfectly explains why you shouldn’t ever be a general manager. You’d be terrible for business. And trying to call me a terrible elitist, that’s just wrong. I’m a great elitist, and like I said, someone that doesn’t need a title to be or feel important. Jon, I don’t care how many times you main evented Showdown last season, you were still an afterthought, and unlike your bogus claim that I’m terrible, that is a fact. Being in the main event doesn’t matter, they give those spots out to Roberto De La Rosa on occasion, but I’ll tell you what does matter most of all, and that’s being talked about. And last season, no one was more talked about than me, and no, it’s not because I’m funny, or comedy. Funny don’t make the money, or move the needles that I have. But speaking of funny, it’s funny you say that this is my fifteen minutes of fame, but Jon, that New Breed Title reign of yours describes that phrase perfectly. You’ll never be talked about to that level again, and the only reason you were in the first place is because you’re so terrible, the fans were actually shocked you could have a decent run with the New Breed belt. Other than that, I’ve already pointed out how your reign wasn’t anything special, and certainly hasn’t prepared you enough to win this. Jon Kelton had a nice little spark of magic, and is going into this match with buzz from the fans, but it brings me joy that I’ll wind up being the buzz kill. And the self-proclaimed “chosen one” winds up being exactly like the man he toppled for his title, Amir Yusuf, aka bust of the year. Now, switching topics over to Adam Lucas. Bud, calling me an outcast is rich, considering we have Jay Jerry Johnson in this same match. But if that’s your narrative, fine.

And if you wanna call me an asshole, again, fine. I take it as a compliment anyway. But whether people come to see me wrestle or get obliterated, does that matter? No, because they’re still coming to see me, and at the end of the day, they’re putting more money in my pocket. Now, you’re right, at Dia Del Diablo, fans did cheer for the presumed death of a human, but that just puts into perspective how deeply disturbed they are. Also lacking foresight, I mean, I could’ve died, and who else would’ve made this show worthwhile? You? :mjlol: Look, you’re right again in that I love the fancy cars, the timepieces, the flashy suits, aka the finer things in life, and that includes championship gold. I cannot wait to have some around my waist, and it’ll shine bright like the Cuban link around my neck. And if you don’t want me to be champion, Adam, representing this company, there’s a spot next to these fans, who’ll whine, moan, and complain on Twitter, and in the cheap seats. But that doesn’t take away from the fact I will be the face of this company. Now, Jake Smith, you wanna claim that I stole the win from Jon Kelton. But I’d say I outsmarted Jon Kelton, sorry that he’s not aware of his surroundings, and I took advantage of that. If Kelton’s standing on a ladder, I push him off, saving my chances, and climb up the ladder myself, unhook the briefcase, and walk out victorious. Did I steal the win there? No. So, I fail to get that logic, just like I fail to get the part where I can’t do anything without others. I’ve said this before, I didn’t need Ryan to win the Interwire, I didn’t need Rogues Gallery to earn my way into this match. Alissa, and Dogs of War? I certainly didn’t need them much past arm Candy, or two bodyguards to watch my back from the heathens that infest this roster, but they turned out to both be incompetent, overstepping where they had no business being. As mentioned, like Alissa in my match with Ryan. Speaking of, I was deserving to face him at Pain for Pride for the New Breed Championship, he got lucky at Battle of Egypt, and I’m glad those in charge saw that, giving me a chance to make it right. And to answer your question, yes, I’ve beaten the former World Champions here, and I would’ve been in their spot if Hurricane Hawk hadn’t cost me my in to Towering Inferno, which I would’ve won. But if Jake fails to see the truth, there’s no need for me to try and open his eyes. Between the two of us, IM the next World Champion once I get that briefcase, and there’s nothing he or anyone else can do about it.

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