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Ass and Elbows.

I am sure that you’ve heard me say that before. Ass and Elbows?

Usually speaking about matches like the one I’m going to be having at Voltage. It’s a barfight in the ring, although this time it’s going to be a little less crowded than in the other battle royals that I’ve been involved in. Just four of us.

I say that as if it’s not going to be a clusterfuck all around. Well, four is less confusing than, say, ten.

I’ll get into the match this coming week in a second. First off, good match, Holly Arrow. I know you don’t think much of me, and that’s fine. You look at me in every way that I avoid looking at others in the EAW, and that’s fine. I don’t need nor expect anything else from you or the other people in the fed. To you, I was the steppingstone and not-quite-human opponent you needed to prove yourself over. Again, that’s all well and good. I hope to see you successfully combat and defeat your demons.


I received some advice from a very successful past wrestler that I shouldn’t be so concerned about the person within the wrestler that I am facing, and he was more than likely right: I have tended to drill down through the petty, superficial fronts that most of the wrestlers create in order to talk to the person inside….maybe you could say I try to appeal to their better qualities? People like Kennedy Street, while smart and successful, don’t have a lot of qualities that I would call ‘good’. Drake Armstrong, even though he’s been proven to be a great Elitist, has very little qualities that I would look at as ‘good’. That being said, Minerva does, Ms. Extreme does, and, as I’ve said a couple times over the past week, Hans Grayson does. I would think Holly Arrow does as well….but….

….but what’s the point?

Maybe my priorities are kind of wonky. I have read and heard promos where one opponent actually said that they were going to kill their adversary. Please, excuse the language, but that makes no fucking sense. Even if it’s 99% show and 1% go, that screams to me that whoever gets that extreme in a promo has some sort of sociological issue that requires electrotherapy or some sort of lobotomization. I don’t like the hyperbole, and I have refused to go there. Now, I will tell a group like La Familia that there will be consequences if they continue pushing matters away from the ring, and you might just as well consider that a threat, but threatening to kill them? Even playacting, that shit is completely out.

So I try to take a tact with my opponents that shows that I respect their position and their obvious talent: Like I said before, you have to be the top 1% of the top 1% to get into the EAW brand. This fed is bleeding-edge in the industry, and I feel lucky to be a part of it. The people that have proven themselves here are legendary in their talent and determination to be the best.

My sage counsel, however, reminded me that my goal here isn’t to forge some sort of band of brothers…I’m not taking a bunch of disparate characters into combat. My goal is to win. He maintained that when I approach a match with the stated observation that I’m the underdog, that gives my opponents an inherent advantage over me and the battle is half-over. I can’t argue with that fact, soo am going to stop that kind of talk from now on. I truly believe, and have said, that anyone in this fed can beat another person in this fed on any given night. I was holding my own against both Alex Myers and Ruler until La Familia came to the ring and I decided to interdict them as opposed to allowing De La Rosa and his minions to screw up the tournament further. I have fought TLA to a standstill, pushed Minerva to her limit, and made a team at Territorial Invasion.

So, even if I am a mid-carder in this fed, I can still stand and fight the best of them. It doesn’t matter my Wrestling Illustrated ranking or the won-loss record. From now on, the odds are not against me in any match I’m in.

All of that goes away the instant the bell rings, and it is gone until someone goes shoulders down.

I’ve talked a lot about being a Marine and how that helps me in this sport….maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. Well, it’s going to from here on out. 19 months in this fed and I think I have a lot of it figured out: There’s still a whole hell of a lot to learn, but I wouldn’t want to be anyone facing me now who’s beat me in the past.

I’m going to change the subject…..La Familia and Valerie Hellstorm.

I went back into the archives and found this clip…..let me insert it here so everyone can hear it:

“That’s what I see when I see La Familia, and now they have Valerie Hellstorm on the team….that makes me call into question their rationale even more than before. Why hitch yourselves to someone who clearly is going to screw you over? It’s like when I faced Ashlynn Quinn…I explained over and over that Veena Adams was going to throw her way once she was done using her for whatever Veena’s goals were. Why trust someone you know you can’t trust? That makes no sense to me. I know Valerie’s talented as hell and a winner in the EAW, but why let someone you don’t trust into the fold? That’s asking for shit to be stirred up, and having someone like that behind you is a great way of getting stabbed in the back.”

Valerie, I might not be a famous philosopher, but I have commanded groups of Marines for two decades, and I know group dynamics. The relationship you have had with La Familia was doomed from the start…one side was going to screw the other side over. This friction you now have with them will only end one way, and that is with you paying the price for allying with them. I do sympathize with you, and I hope you do well in your match against Roberto, but they will come for you, and they will try to destroy you. Ask Korey Gaines. Ask Mr. Wrestling.

OK….back to Ass and Elbows. This is probably a good thing to have in the run-up to Grand Rampage. Like I said, it’s a barfight without the beer and broken bottles, though I don’t necessarily want to give Captain Charisma any ideas. This week, four of us will be in the match….I looked at the people in the match, and I had thoughts.

Gary Daniels…and I’m sorry, but I wanted to first say that you remind me of someone….I can’t place it, though. Man to man, if it comes to me, I’ll let you know. Either way, he beat Rex McAllister at Voltage….I wouldn’t look at the Charlie Marr interference in too strong of a light because Daniels fought him straight up, and Rex is the #1 contender for Marr’s World Championship. That means that Gary Daniels is the real deal, and has the ability to win against anyone on any given night, even in a match like this. Especially in a match like this, where all of us are going to be fighting one-on-three. I’ve been watching the films and trying to determine weaknesses in Gary’s tactics, and there are damned few. And he seems like a good guy to boot: There are damned few of those people in the fed. It’ll be a great challenge fighting him this week.

Akari Kiyoko is three months or so into his EAW run, and has shown a hell of a lot of talent and ambition. GOOD. Only a few matches to watch film on, but he’s impressive and has a lot of moves in his repertoire. I won’t say anything bad about the man: There’s nothing bad to say about him. The goal is to win, and that’s my goal here, but why gin up bad will that doesn’t exist? Welcome to the EAW, Akari. It’ll be good to face you in this week’s match.

Ahh…and the one person in this match who I’d rather not talk to or about…the Coward, Luis De La Rosa.

Actually, maybe I should do it like this: Gary and Akari, Luis is a cancer in the fed. He is looking to screw all of us over. He is apt to bring out the rest of La Familia in order to fuck this match into meaninglessness and get him over in whatever way possible. Luis De La Rosa has shown no redeemable characteristics since the time he entered the fed. I will admit he has the talent to win matches in the EAW, he is more apt to call in his henchmen from La Familia to do the job for him. He has not demonstrated any honor to me since I’ve known him. He’s a shallow ass-kisser and wanna-be. I feel better warning you about Luis, even if it’s to my detriment, than letting you get into the match either unaware or under-aware of his utter shittiness.

There. I spoke about Luis De La Rosa. Check off that box. Done.

Akari, Gary….don’t read any weakness into this simply because I don’t have anything personal against either of you. We’re professionals, and we have a match to fight. The plan is to win….for all of us, and that’s my goal. There’s something to be said for momentum, and the person who wins this match this week will have that momentum going into the run up to Grand Rampage. I am going to do everything I can to win that tournament, and it starts this week. It starts with a win over the three of you at Voltage…again, it’s not personal, and I’m going to enjoy meeting both of you this weekend in our match. But the Marines are landing at Voltage this weekend, and it’s Ass and Elbows for all of us.

Semper Fi.


General Young didn’t like General McCoy. He didn’t like Lt. Colonel Mike Connor, either.

The Navy Lieutenant….well, she was soft on the eyes but was just like most of the doctors and nurses, which meant too wrapped up in their craft to be good officers.

Young was at the Officer’s Club on-base, nursing a beer after a round of golf. His three fellow officers that made up the foursome he’d played with were in the locker room, changing into whatever clothes they’d brought. He’d come right from the links. He was looking at his phone, reading some wrestling rag that was talking about the General’s visit to the hotel to speak to Connor and Murphy, and his attendance of the EAW event in Chicago.

It pissed Young off that Recruitment Command was still behind Connor. The guy was a loser in Young’s eyes: Sure, the guy was a great Special Forces operator and a commander in MARSOC that had a lot of achievements, but that pissed off Young even more. It wasn’t just the waste of resources, but he just didn’t like the man. He was too…..Young couldn’t put his finger on it. Maybe it was that neither Connor nor McCoy liked to play the political game and didn’t have the standard friendly person in right places…..Young was a cousin to one of the Joint Chiefs, and he had used that to his advantage (and his cousin was happy to do it). McCoy was simply a fuckin’ hero to most of the people that had commanded him or who he had commanded. Connor? Well, he had an ally in McCoy, because of the wrestling thing.

Young was starting to hate wrestling, too.

Young’s goal, he mused to himself, was to work out some sort of play where Connor got put in some shithole country and forgotten about. The Navy medical officer could be shifted to some fleet posting and fuck around far, far away. As long as they knew it was Young who had done it, he’d be happy about it. Add to the fact that those two were involved with each other and would fuckin’ pine for one another….that was icing on the cake.

Connor’s loss at last week’s show didn’t end up being a nail in his coffin….the rags were talking about how, even though he’d lost, he’d shown a hell of a lot of improvement and had run into a much more focused Holly Arrow, who was a top-tier Elitist. And all the flags and the ‘USA’ chants….Young shook his head.

Young was still going through the articles when he felt someone standing at or near his table. “Still waiting on some people,” he said, trying to dismiss the waiter and be left alone.

“I bet you are,” came the reply. Young looked up, and five feet away from him was Lieutenant General David McCoy, in his duty uniform, cover in hand.

“General,” Young said, making to rise, but McCoy waved him off. “Stay seated, General. I just need a couple minutes.”

McCoy sat down and a waiter immediately approached, probably noting the three stars, but McCoy quietly told him that he wasn’t staying. “I’m here,” McCoy said quickly, “to talk to you about Colonel Connor.”

“With all due respect, you’re here to intercede on his behalf,” Young corrected, and McCoy, rather than get irritated, just gave a bit of a shrug. “Not entirely, General. I had a chance to speak with both Colonel Connor and Lieutenant Murphy at length before the event on Sunday. I also have been monitoring their files and activation schedules. Can you tell me how Connor was sent to two superfluous commands without MARSOC authorization?”

Young took a drink of his beer. “I have authorization, as his commanding officer, to activate the Lieutenant Colonel as I see fit.”

McCoy narrowed his eyes. “You see fit to deploy him in such a way that precludes him from effectively training for his wrestling deployment.”

There was stony silence between the two men. “I don’t see it like that, General.”

McCoy sniffed. “I wouldn’t think you would. So, I’ll make it very clear: Connor’s deployments are going to cross my desk from here on out. The man is the very best at commanding Special Forces’ units. These deployments are all one week or two weeks in length and to places where he’s not needed….no active hostilities, no missions that require him to command a unit in the field…these are all bullshit deployments. If he’s needed, and that may happen in the future, it’ll be from MARSOC, not from the commander of Recruitment Command. Do we have an understanding, General?”

“How long are you going to support that fucking bug?” Young’s tone was bitter and angry.

“How long are you going to work towards making sure he fails in his EAW deployment?”

Silence again took hold of the conversation for a few seconds. “I thought you’d comport yourself as a Marine, Major General,” McCoy said quietly. "You made this something personal. You don’t even know the sport and what the man is doing.”

“With all due respect, Sir, you’re tying yourself to a loser,” Young countered.

“Maybe,” McCoy answered. “Time will tell. But he’ll get that time and, if he fails, it won’t be because you’re playing grabass with his career. I don’t care if you like him, or Lieutenant Murphy for that matter, but it stops… You can consider that a direct order. If I continue to see this manipulation on your behalf, the next discussion won’t be this friendly. Are we clear, General Young?”

Young burned McCoy with a glare. “Yes, Sir.”

McCoy got up to leave, and Young couldn’t resist. “I’ll see you at the next Voltage, General McCoy?”

His sarcastic statement was heard by several of the other officers, and they looked over, now recognizing McCoy and reacting with silence. McCoy turned to Young.

“You heard me, Major General. I’ll be monitoring the situation and, if need be, I’ll be in touch.”

With that, McCoy turned and walked out, hat in had until he got to the door, whereupon he placed it on his head and walked out. Young, for his part, sat and hated Connor and McCoy even more.

“Another beer,” he called out.
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