MATCH PROMO Friday Night Dynasty 5/27/2022 Xeres Godfrey vs Nick Hart Vs Liana DeLion

Liana DeLion

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*The scene opens to Liana DeLion in her family trophy room. She holds her fathers Hall of Fame Plaque in her hand.*

DeLion: Xerxes Godfreyy, a man who says that he is the modern era of professional wrestling. A pinnacle, blah bah blah. Its the same thing over and over again. Youre going to beat me because you simply THINK that you are better than me.
I come from the classic era and I will beat you because the things that embody classic pro wrestling far exceed the new era. I can outlast, outwork and out class you any day of the week, simply because I am trained differently than you and that I am going to be one ste ahead of each of you.

Nick Hart, you seem to think that you and your nemesis here are going to walk into this match and beat each other and that I am going to be a non factor. Well, I am the standard bearer and I am as good as you wish you were.
The fact is, I am beyond reproach in that ring because I am brave enough to speak up against those who would soil the foundation of professional wrestling.
You call yourselves sports entertainers and the fact is that without me, without my family, you would be nothing!
This is about pro wrestling!
This is about bringing back the foundation of this business and the people that made this business what it is today.
My win will bring the era of pro wrestling back and will set the course to rid this business of people like you two.
My mission is simple and that is to bring honor and prestige back to this business.

And let me ask a question to the powers that be?
Why am I on the opening match? To set the standard for the rest of the show? Yes, I believe thats why.
You see, with a DeLion on the car, no matter where I am on the card, you need me. You need me to hold your show together.
I guess this is like that time where a certain wrestler broke the 4th Wall and talked about all those things that werent supposed to be talked about huh?

It boggles my mind that people in this business think that they are better than me or someone else. Your wrestling aguement and who you are in that ring and how you perform in that ring is what's important.

I realize that there are people in this business that think that they are better than me but the fact of the matter is, win, lose or draw, the name DeLion puts asses in the seats.

*She lays her fathers plaque down and the scene fades to black.*

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