MATCH PROMO #GaryRampage (Voltage #1)

Gary Daniels

The GD Way
I'd just like to say that I am so grateful for all the support that I've received over the last few weeks! It's not easy being a new member of the EAW roster, and I'm sure there are many other Elitists right now who understand that. Not everyone can say they've had the best start, and some people struggle to make any sort of impact or be noticed by the fans. However, I've been very fortunate so far and it seems like you all have been really kind to me! For someone just starting out it seems like I've made quite the impression, and I'm very thankful for that. You all have been very supportive of me before I even had my debut match, and it's because of your support that I'm in a position to throw my name into the Grand Rampage match! I never thought that I'd ever be able to compete in a match like this. A match that has been won by some of the greatest wrestlers to ever enter the ring! These last few years alone we saw names such as Kassidy Heart, Impact, Rex McAllister, and Jamie O’Hara win this match, and in 2024 we'll be seeing other legends such as Camerom Ella Ava compete in it. This is such a prestigious match that even having the opportunity to take part in it is enough for me to be grateful, but I know you guys wouldn't be happy if I stopped there, so don't worry. I'll be trying my best at Grand Rampage, and who knows? Maybe I'll actually shock the world, including myself, and actually win the Grand Rampage match this early in my EAW career! It's not often that you see a newcomer like me headline Pain for Pride, so making history would be an incredible thing to add to my resume, wouldn't it? I won't get ahead of myself or get too cocky, though. I know what kind of wrestlers there are in this match. There's many tough Elitists. A lot of them have more experience than me. A lot of them are more ruthless than me, and a lot of them are probably just waiting for the opportunity to throw me over the top rope. I won't make it easy for them though, because I have a lot of fans out there who are actually rooting for me. I'm not sure if there's actually anyone out there crazy enough to expect me to win the Grand Rampage, but there's so many of you who WANT me to win that I have no choice but to push myself and do something that should be impossible for someone like me! These next few weeks will be incredible, and I for one can't wait to see what the future holds.

My very first match in EAW was against a Hall of Famer in TLA. My second will also be a Hall of Famer, only this time it's against the man who could be holding the EAW World Championship soon. Rex McAllister!

Honestly Rex, I was a little worried I wouldn't get this match! Originally a match between you and “Drake King” was being advertised for some reason, but fortunately I was able to speak with Captain Charisma and get that sorted out. I'm not sure where that Drake guy ran off to or why people keep mentioning him when talking about me, but it seems to be a consistent thing lately. I don't mean any disrespect Rex, but even you and TLA went down this path with this speculation that I have something to do with Drake King, and I just don't get it. Wouldn't you find it strange if you made your debut and suddenly everyone thinks you're some other guy that happened to leave right before you debuted? I don't think it's very fair that my career has already faced this kind of controversy, but at the end of the day I'm sure none of you have any bad intentions and just want to learn more about me, so I'm willing to let it go. After all, some past name like Drake King isn't really important right now anyway.

This is my first time ever facing you, and that's special to me. Not just because this is my second ever match in EAW, but because I'm facing someone that has done it all, including winning the same Grand Rampage I'm about to compete in! You're incredible Rex, and that's putting it lightly! I know that some Elitists have had their issues with you thanks to your chase for the EAW World Championship, but personally I don't get it. What's wrong with an Elitist as skilled as you going for the top prize? You may have failed in the past, but as long as you learn from your mistakes it's not like you can't succeed in the future. You're a multiple time World Champion so I'm sure you know that much better than I do, but either way I have to say that I look up to Elitists like you, Rex. I think that the work you do is fantastic, and you set an amazing example by showing newcomers like myself that you should never give up on your goals. You easily could have retired and you'd have already had an amazing career, but instead you decided to return and work your way back to the top regardless of how difficult that may be. You knew it wouldn't be as simple as you just taking the Championship immediately and yet you did it anyway, which is why I have so much respect for you. I know that at the end of the day we're opponents, and that none of my respect will change the fact that we're not on the same side tomorrow night, but it's just like my match against TLA. The fact that I had so much respect for him meant that I knew I couldn't bring anything less than my A-Game, and the same applies here. If I even want to stand a chance against you I'll need to be at my best, and I can promise you that I'll do exactly that. If it means I can put on a great match and possibly even defeat someone as talented as you, I'll pull out all the stops and bring the best version of Gary Daniels EAW has seen so far! This may only be my second match, but that just means there's still room for me to grow. Not only that, but I'm still capable of surprising you. You don't know all I can do yet, so tomorrow night I'll just have to use that to my advantage once again.

I really appreciate the words you said about my in-ring ability. While I don't exactly appreciate the constant comparisons to a guy I never even met, the fact that you thought I was having a good match against TLA means the world to me. I clearly must be doing something right if even you think I was doing well against a man like TLA, so I'll keep up the good work tomorrow night. It's the one thing I can promise about all this. It'd be wrong for me to guarantee victory against someone who has seen it all and done it all against you, but winning is not impossible and as long as it's not impossible, I will fight as if it's the only possible conclusion. This match may just be another Sunday night for you, or at best an opportunity to one-up the EAW World Champion, but to me this is everything. It's my chance to once again leave a good impression against the best EAW has to offer, and sometimes you don't need anymore than that. I know that some people in my shoes would think victory is the only good outcome here but in reality, what matters is everything BEFORE the match ends. What matters is all the hard work you put in leading up to either your win or your loss, because down the line I'm sure I'll eventually face more major challenges, so if I don't put in the work now I won't be ready then. This is only my second match, so there's no telling what may happen weeks from now. There's no telling who I may face in the future. All I know is that I need to be ready. This kind of mentality is part of the reason I'm even competing in the Grand Rampage match, and as difficult as I'm sure it'll be, I plan to remain in that match for as long as I possibly can. Win or lose I want to put on a performance that won't be forgotten, and Rex you know what it's like in Grand Rampage. You know how many former World Champions, and even future World Champions look to use that match to elevate their careers. Honestly I'm pretty out of place in a match like that, but depending on what happens tomorrow night, that might just change soon enough.

Despite all of the amazing words I have for you, I don't believe you're unbeatable. To be fair though, I don't think there's anyone that can't be beaten. Some lose less often than others, and that same few lose so little because of how skilled they are, but there's a reason no undefeated streak lasts forever in this company. You can look at any name on the roster and you'll see that eventually a loss is added to their record. I'm sure eventually that'll be the case for me as well, but I want to delay the inevitable and to do that I'll need to come up with a way to take down someone as experienced as you. It won't be easy, and I'm sure that in the process I'll be pushed past my limits, but I'll try my best to get it done and hopefully you respect my efforts inside of the ring. All of this is still so new to me, but week after week I'm starting to understand what it's like here and what it takes to be a successful Elitist. I've heard people call Elitists like you the standard and I don't believe any of those people are wrong, but that just puts this match into perspective for me, and gives me a completely new level of dedication ahead of it. I'm not just facing any other Elitist, no disrespect to any of them, I'm facing one of the faces of the entire company! I'm facing one of the first people you think of when you hear “EAW”, which means that I don't have the mindset of someone walking into the average match. I have the mindset of someone walking into the toughest battle of their entire life, because that's what this is. This is my biggest challenge yet, and no matter how you look at it I am at a huge disadvantage. Underdog is the best word you could use for me this week, but even that wouldn't apply if I lost this match without even putting up a fight. There's tons of people who are waiting for this match, and even I wanted to face you this week, so I can't allow this to end in underwhelming fashion. You may have your doubts Rex, but I just want to do my best and become the best wrestler I can be. I care about what I do, and I care about all of the people who are following me on my journey, so I won't let you or anyone else down on Sunday. If you walk out of Voltage in disappointment, it won't be because I failed to put up a fight, or because you were wrong to trust my word. It'll be because you lost to me. It will be because I actually managed to surprise you, and I picked up my second ever victory in EAW heading into #GaryRampage!

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