MATCH PROMO Graduation

Andre Walker

Back In Blood
Interwire Champion
kanye west

We’re almost arrived. As we near the moments towards Clash of Kingdoms, I can’t help but feel bad. Truly, I can’t help thinking to myself that it is always me who has to cut you down to size. Always the familiar foe that slays you to the ground in battle. All of your hopes and dreams, all of your sweat and bloodshed heading into this match, it all becomes nothing as in that one moment, in which you can’t and won’t anticipate, that one extraordinary moment, I cut you down. I end the match and I set the sun on your champion reign. I pull the curtain back and call it a night on the dreadfully long performance that was your run as Interwire Champion. The woefully executed and poorly choreographed role that was never right for you. Though how bad can I truly feel, after all, it’s your own responsibility, or rather the lack thereof, that always leads us here. Your lack of resolve and conviction to do anything above settling for the bare minimum of what is defined as success in EAW goes to show just how little you truly care about layering your “legacy” if that’s what you could even call Bronson Daniels. I also believe that you’ll find it much harder to graduate after this loss because who else is out there for Bronson Daniels to beat? Xander? The EEC? Kassidy? Drake? Adam Lucas? Maybe a DEDEDE match? I don’t see you winning any of those and if we’re being honest, you don’t see it either. Or maybe you do see it, just never beyond it. Never the journey onwards, always being content to occupy a slot that you believe translates to you being successful in EAW. Anything afterwards are unnecessary expenditures, in your mind. You’ll graduate, yet still be stupid because despite the accolades along the way, nothing changed. You didn’t gain anything, you just bought into yourself because you were too stupid to realize that the process itself doesn’t change you. It’s on you to become better, on you to take more responsibility as your role of champion and it is on you, and you alone to be a different Bronson Daniels than the one who walked in here on his first day. What’s different now? You’re Black, for one. You’re yet another elitist who claims to be from New York, yet speaks like he’s from buttfuck Kansas, you’ve got some titles to your name and even that will probably change at this rate, but what truly has changed inside you? Nothing, nothing at all. Nothing that will prepare you for the world beyond, anyway. Nothing that you’ll take away and apply in your efforts to carve out a true slot of history for yourself and create a legacy designed with more illustrious elements than meaningless title reigns. At Clash of Kingdoms, you’ll be forced to graduate, yet still be stupid.


I’ll graduate knowing that I didn’t put my faith in the institution, but in myself. I didn’t believe that because I won a belt, that it made me everything I wanted to be. I didn’t believe that because I had reached the sky, I had to stop there. And I didn’t believe for one shred of a second that because you’re afraid of the future ahead, I wouldn’t be hopping in the delorean and racing into it, full speed-ahead. I’m embracing and looking forward to what I’ll do with and for the Interwire title because that’s what is going to support MY legacy. Layers. I’ll make this title coveted again and make the days of guys like Bronson Daniels and Ronan Malosi holding it, well, I’ll turn it into nothing more than history. Something that happened, but is not a marker of where it will be on my shoulder. I’ll take that title to the mountaintop and once again solidify my standing as always being the standard bearer of work ethic in EAW. What was I doing last week? Outworking this company’s literal elite and winning the stadium stampede match. What am I doing this week? Competing for the Interwire title and clearly, offering forth more care and attention than it’s current champion. Say whatever the fuck you will about me, but never say I don’t work harder than everyone else. I’m an unbending force of gold in EAW, hand these other motherfuckers a bronze for participation at graduation. Tell them thank you, for trusting the process and being exactly average. For now going onto a maybe at best one sole world title reign three years from now, only to lose it a month after they’ve first touched it. An unavailing future for standard elitists who never bothered with anything but the bare minimum. That could never be me because I’ll walk across that stage and know that I cheated on every test, looked at every ass and barely passed each and every single class but never once doubted what my future looked like because I never let anybody but me define my intelligence. My possibilities, my intuition and my creativity. My bright starpower that I’ll take out into the world and inevitably shine because how could a star not? A star that’s issuing in a good morning to EAW, a breath of fresh air and a new merit of excellence for this title, while simultaneously saying goodnight to the unfortunate Bronson Daniels’ era. I’m going above and beyond. I’m shooting for the stars and if I miss, I’ll be the first motherfucker to rule Mars. Either way, I’m coming to make history. I’m not coming to waste my time with a heroic effort or be satisfied with simply a classic match. I don’t care about either of those things, I’m arriving to put on a clinic and make a statement at your expense. One that says; This is the new era, the Interwire era. The Interwire Kaiser is here and he’s not gouging anywhere, until he damn well pleases so. To display a dominant and quick performance that symbolizes flushing out all of the plague that’s killing this division and dissolving into the unknown of EAW’s vision. I’ll bring it back to glory and EAW will once feel as though they truly do have a new breed of star on their hands. One that doesn’t need to go undefeated in 2021 or have some crazy singles streak to stand out, one that doesn’t have to blend Edgar Allen Poe and the bible in an attempt to be different, one that doesn’t have to be special because he simultaneously belongs on a weight watchers show and is a champion. I don’t need to be anal about constant wins or losses, shit we could namedrop every loss I’ve had this year and I still wouldn’t give a damn because I work hard to maintain the tunnel vision that sees my future on big rewards. That I don’t waste time on meaningless ventures or debating semantics. That I graduate having never never structured my life around valueless principles or processes, title belts or big wins. You and I started this and will finish it at the same time, both graduating on the same stage and sharing the spotlight for perhaps the final time. Yet the most sheer difference between us is that I did it all on my own accord, only following myself and unlocking my mind’s vault along the way. You followed the herd. You did what was tailor made for you to do and haven’t truly grown at all.

Put that cap and gown on and celebrate the moment, it will be the last of which you feel solace in your situation.

Graduation is just the beginning for me.



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