MATCH PROMO "Great Gig In The Sky" — MDD — RTR #2


The Realest Wrestler Around
I look around, I see men and women pouring their souls into this match when it will ultimately amount to nothing. Not to say that I don’t respect it. I really do. A fast response may invoke fear into some, but not me. I don’t feel the need to talk much, I just feel the need to say what’s right. I want my words to mean something and not tire out every word in the dictionary to prove a point that you’ve already proven. MITSU for example, how many times are we going to need to hear about how you’re not truly screwed before you realize that we get it? It only proves the opposite and it’s a damn shame you think such stupidity warrants a response. Excellent job, man. You truly impressed me. 10K Magic, as you called it, and it had about as much valuable information as the words I just said. Which is about 150 words, 1.5% of the amount of nonsense you’ve spewed. Matter of fact, you’ve been talking so much, it has the fans believing in you. I’ve heard it everywhere now, I look at the social boards and people discussing Road To Redemption. They’ve all said the same thing. They wanted this MISTU when he was expected to be this. Where was this MITSU when we picked him up from the coarse dirt his career laid in and allowed him to have 3 powerful men to hold his back? Where was this version of you? The one that puts in the effort to win and shows heart like he was expected to in that faction, only to disappoint everyone. You got kicked out because of your fault and followed it up with more disappointment. And now… now that you are face to face with 2 of those men that left you there, laying on the cold floor outside of the locker room because they saw no use anymore, that is the time you start to act like this? Really? When the world has lost hope, you try to shine bright, but you fail to realize that KAI-ZEN has already covered you with a blanket. Nobody but you is going to see that light shine. You’ve had your chances. Plenty. Before and during our companionship and you never followed up on them. You want to tell me that they’ll believe you this time? Really? You try to convince me that after you’ve been giving opportunity after opportunity to show that you belong here, failing each and every time, that now they can entrust you with a greater responsibility? All this built up commotion around your name now, for what? For you to throw it all away when things don’t go your way? Because that seems to be an accurate description of how your whole career has looked like. Chances tossed away as if they’d keep on coming forever. We gave you your final chance with KAI-ZEN and when we were very, and I mean VERY clear that messing this chance up would bring its consequences, you STILL managed to mess it up because you didn’t agree with everything we stood for. That just goes to show how stupid you were. You knew what you were getting into and you still try to put the blame on us. When you picked up the phone and dialed Ricky’s number, and you said you were interested, you know exactly what this was about. He told you everything you needed to know and if that wasn’t indicative enough of how we stood our ground in this business, I don’t know how it wouldn’t be, then having to attack Roberto De La Rosa at Territorial Invasion and mercilessly stomp him out should have showed you exactly what we were about. But you didn’t feel like playing the villain, right? You didn’t mean to be the bad guy, that’s not in your nature. That’s what you said, right? Well you signed up to be the villain alongside us, so don’t throw a pity party when you were too much of a coward to embrace it. We stomped people out for each other, beat them relentlessly, and you are going to sit there and tell me to my face that being a bad guy isn’t what you want? My man, you knew that we were going to be merciless and cut down anyone and you still decided to pick up the offer. Either you suck at listening or you are genuinely clueless. How can you, knowing everything you’ve been told about how we will be going about things, still point the finger at us and try to paint us as the problem. The very second we arrived here, we made it very clear what the intended goal and purpose of our attacks were. We showed the world what we were here for and now that we kicked you out, your vision suddenly doesn’t align with it anymore? YOu had a change of heart and turned back to the good guys, right? Pathetic, fickle, little man. You were ready to turn the world into an apocalyptic wasteland alongside us and when you didn’t put in the work you needed to, and we got rid of you, now suddenly you want to be the good guy. The worst part about it is that you think the fans will just accept you back and put the trust they lost back into you. Newsflash, dummy, that trust is now put onto the rest of KAI-ZEN. They trust people like Tohru and I because we’ve shown them that we are willing to put in the effort that is needed to win. We showed the world that we weren’t like you and weren’t going to lean back and stop putting our blood, sweat and tears into this business. You showed them your cracks and we filled them with concrete. But what happened is that the concrete we poured into the gaps was getting too heavy to lift and you started falling back even more. You were supposed to fill the cracks in your games yourself, but you let the concrete dry and you couldn’t carry the weight that you put on yourself. It’s a damn shame. I thought leaving you out to dry and kicking you out lacking the same would make that clear but clearly it hasn’t. You said that you understand why it happened and take the blame, but make every excuse about it. Shut up, man. And you wonder why I don’t respect you after that. The audacity to respect that I would be respectful like Tohru, that is just sad. You’re nothing more than a failed project. And every once in a while, you’ll show life. I bet you, you’ll get on fire, pick up some momentum and get the fans somewhat interested again. And then what? You get onto another FPV and you drop the ball like you’ve done every single time? I’m not going to let that happen at my expense. Not a chance. Not a fucking chance. You’ve messed up too many times. You’ve embarrassed us. You’ve embarrassed me. You’ve cost me a lot and dirtied my name by simple association. This isn’t just about me losing respect for someone, MITSU, this is about a man who gave you a chance. A man that picked you up and kept dragging you when you couldn’t keep going. I tried to help, I really did. I wanted us to work as a team. But when you fail to listen to my pleads for help, that you just put in the work, that you don’t fall behind, when I needed you to pick up the pace with Jaded Hearts, when I needed you to pick up the pace at House Of Glass, when I needed you to pick up the pace against everybody you’ve lost to, you just… didn’t. YOU made me lose my respect for you. And at first I tried to quiet the voice telling me to do something more about it, but you disappointed me so much. Every single chance we gave you, being patient with you, you managed to drop the ball and that built up resentment. And now, I finally get to act on that resentment. I get to finally slap you across the face with the fury only a man that has built up so much animosity towards you can slap you with. I didn’t need 10 thousand words to make that clear, did I? IF it comes down to you and I, you’ll see the dark side of me. And I will introduce your ass to the great gig in the sky, as her beautiful voice accompanies your career the pearly heaven gates after I kill all momentum you have left and end this repeated cycle that leaves nobody, not even you, satisfied. I’ll even seal it with a kiss after I’m done sending you home one last time before you hopefully realize that it’s time to give up.

Now I want to take the time to address the rest of the competition. Most importantly, another person who doesn’t seem to shut up and tries to squeeze every last word he has in his vocabulary in the hopes to get leverage over the rest, not realizing that they fall into the same repetition rabbit hole that every other fool falls into trying to outshine others with word count. Wow, that’s a lot of chit chat and you managed to impress everyone with how much you talk, but when does it go from talking a lot to talking too much? Because it seems like a lot of you haven’t figured it out. Now while I can sit here and pick apart everything you say and talk just as much as you, it wastes both our time. I don’t need to match the amount of words you say because, like I just said, I can deliver the same message, with more substance, more flavor, in the same amount of words it took you to address one point. Now who am I referring to, nobody but the little brother of the last person to have a clean victory over me to his name. The little brother of Roberto De La Rosa, Luis. You talk just as much as MITSU and every single word you say has lost its meaning. A lot of you have to learn that the sentiment that saying more means you have the advantage is nothing but lies. It’s a false perception that a lot of people have and while it CAN be true that if you have enough quality to back it up, enough actual meaning behind your words, that the quantity starts being considered into how good it really is, usually it’s not and you fall into the same spiral as the rest who tries to approach it that way. Now Luis, I already said this while addressing somebody I dislike, but you, I haven’t really met you so I can’t sit here and disrespect somebody I don’t know much about. Although I do know one thing and it’s that we both have a loss to Sienna Jade. There’s a key difference though, yours was one on one because you couldn’t measure up to her, mine was in a tag match because the very same man I just spent a lot of time picking apart was unable to match up to the three others in the ring. Your brother, he told me that I should have been able to pick up the scraps, fix what MITSU lacked but I didn’t have a chance to respond to that. We’ll see about “picking up what your teammate lacks” when he faceplants against Jaded Hearts himself, and I take out his little brother to eliminate him from his big chance. It’s going to be a very funny night for La Familia, but it’s not funny for them. No no, they’ll be the bud of the joke that *I* am laughing at. Sorry, that was mean. I won’t be laughing at it because I don’t hold grudges like that. He beat me fair and square, just like I’ll do to you. Just we, KAI-ZEN, will do to every single person in this ring. Chuck 'em out and remain the last 2 standing, and then we’ll see what happens from there. It WILL come down to Tohru and I, and it WILL end with one of us as the winner. And how we go about that will be respectful of each other in that battle, fighting each other for the honor of us both. We know our worths and it far exceeds all 18 others in this ring combined.

Including Brianna, who seems to think she has my mindset fully figured out. Now I won’t lie, you did make points that are correct. I don’t think it’s a shocker that I’m not exactly planning to stay in any backdrop to anybody and I’ll be doing my best to have success that I claim i s my own, but I also understand that doing the correct thing, creating a safety blanket for yourself is just as important. I fell last Friday and now I’m back standing because my peers told me to keep working and it was going to be fine. That’s not to say I view KAI-ZEN as a safety blanket, because they are people that force you to create it for yourself. Nothing in this faction is handed but second chances, but tire it out and that’s when you get what happened to MITSU. It’s not insecurities that make me say all of this, it’s the fact that everything has a time and place. Shinzo gets his chance, then Tohru and I are next. There isn’t a single member in this group more important than the rest, and my piece of the pie will come soon enough. And if it comes down to Tohru and I, we will do what we were told to do, we will fight it out with respect. Whoever loses that struggle won’t hold it against the other and vice versa. And if one of us tosses the other out before that point, fair game. We all are aware that every member of our faction wants their spotlight, and we understand when that gets acted upon. Besides, if it helps take over the world, I can’t be mad. That was the goal to begin with. Shoot down everybody in our way to take the spotlight for ourselves, and if one of us has to take a stray bullet for that to come to fruition, then so be it. We know our competition however and a partnership will always bring advantages. It’s not that we underestimate or count people out, like Auburn seems to think, it’s the fact that we know our worth. We don’t have a lot of respect on Dynasty, despite the fact that in any ring I’ve shared with established names, they can’t say they were truly outshining me. Milli Banks and MS. Extreme. A match where I pinned one of this company's biggest “newer” stars in Milli Banks. A match where I went toe-to-toe with Camille and neither of them were able to truly say they did anything to claim they would have won. Ultimately it was their bad decision making that I took advantage of. Jaded Hearts, same story. 2 Hall Of Famers and neither of them did any better than me. So no Auburn, we don’t overlook you, we just know that we are worth a lot.

I also saw Korey finally said something. Great. I don’t care. I’ve exceeded you and I think most people in this match have. People like BRAE, people like AIRI Evergarden. You’re better off being considered on the same level as MITSU before he started to put in effort again because you’re not going to win this match, buddy. I’ll be damned if a second loss to you ever graces my record.

Now one last person I want to address is Damien Kutcher. And actually, I’m not going to say much negative about him. I’m very entertained by what he has put out for this match. He’s taken the route nobody really has. The best way to beat someone serious is by… not taking them seriously. He’s done a great job making MITSU’s 10K magic feel like it gets overshadowed by a simple car trick. One thing I’ll say is that when he ran the Hunger Games simulator, two things told me that it wouldn’t be indicative of how it ends. Neither one of the KAI-ZEN boys won and I was eliminated by…. Cody Maverick……… Now let’s not kid ourselves. That is NOT happening. That man is NOWHERE near good enough to touch me. Listen, if it was Damien doing it, if it was Tohru doing it to win, hell, in the worst case scenario somebody catches me when I’m paying attention to someone else, I would have seen it as passable, but Cody? That man will be first or second one out. Same for NOVA. They took a bullet 2 hell by Machina and lost all their spirit. You know what I did when I took a bullet 2 hell from Machina at Extreme Wiring? One while I was dangling high up in the air. I stood up and started taking names because of it. I’ve been knocked down before but I stood up and continued fighting, seeing it as nothing but a roadblock I ran into, but nothing I could overcome. They haven’t shown that ability to do that at all. Now Kutcher, I wish the best for you because the way I see it, you are probably the biggest threat to this match in my honest opinion. But this night ain’t for you.

This night for KAI-ZEN. And we won’t take anything else as an answer.
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