MATCH PROMO haha, you disappeared on me.. ( Clash of Kingdoms # 3 )


The Chosen One


I like the unconventional nature of your approach towards our match this week, Adam. It’s been.. refreshing. Truly a breath of fresh air, compared to the trivial discourse most elitists in your position would have tried to engage me in. You know EAW is more than just the wins and losses, it’s more than just championships and accolades. While those things do matter, overcoming obstacles and adversity play just as big a part in making an elitist a superstar, and success as winning championships---if not bigger. But you obviously don’t see I’m trying to kill two birds with one stone, Adam. But---how could you? You’ve never been in my position. You’ve never had the weight of the world on your shoulders, with the exception of Pain For Pride, that is the first and only time you’ve ever walked into an arena with your back already predisposed against a corner. No one and I mean no one expected you to beat Mr. DEDEDE that night, and due to a series of miraculous and unforeseen events, you made it out of Pain For Pride, not only victorious but someone who was seen as a potential candidate as the future of this company. Now if that isn’t a win/win situation--- I don’t know what is. You rose to the occasion when it was least expected of you, Adam, you fought tooth and nail against one of the greatest- if not --- THE GREATEST elitists of all time, and you walked out victorious. But I’m the one being prideful for paying my respects to you and letting you know that I’ve been waiting for this moment for years? I’m having a hard time understanding just how that can be, Adam? I’ve done nothing but plead my gratitude and excitement to be in this match. I’ve done nothing but express why this match means what it does to me. My constant approach to this match has been nothing less than explaining why I refuse to let this opportunity pass me by. And in lieu of all of that, you took my approach as me being prideful? I’ve shown nothing but respect and admiration for you and everything you’ve accomplished. I’ve acknowledged how you’ve grabbed the brass ring and you’ve run with it, elevating the Hardcore Championship to a status where it’s sought out by everyone who lays eyes on it, because they know its prestige knows no bounds--- and you are a partial reason for that. So no Adam, I’m not trying to put you in your place--- I’m trying to take it.

I acknowledge wholeheartedly that Clash of Kingdoms will be the biggest match of my career since returning. Bigger than the 24/7 Battle Royal, bigger than me Main Eventing the first Showdown of the season last year, bigger than every match I’ve had thus far--- because it means that much. So I’m truly not understanding where you’re getting this false sense of ego from me. If that is the way I’ve been portraying myself over the past few days to you, then I apologize for the miscommunication, and I’ll take this opportunity right here to clear up the misconceptions. You aren’t a hard man to read, by any means Adam. You’re straightforward much like me. You love this sport, you love this profession, and over the past few months you’ve grown to love this company, and everything that comes with it. But to say that I don’t have the proper rhetoric to approach a man like you--- I think that’s laughable. It’s also condescending when you take a moment to realize just how full of yourself you actually are. But unlike everyone else; I can appreciate how confident you are in yourself, Adam. You’ve done things not many in EAW can claim they’ve done. You ushered in a new generation by pinning a man thought to be the greatest of all time-- and you’ve defended that belt with grace. I’ve been watching you long before you were drafted to Showdown--- but then again, I like to keep my eyes peeled out for any potential talent I’m likely to cross paths with. I’ve watched you grow as both a competitor, a champion, and an elitist, I’ve enjoyed your rise. I’ve been a witness to your talent and potential. I’ve teamed with you, I’ve followed you into war, and now I’m challenging you for your most prized possession because I have to.

There's no pride in that. There’s no glory or honor in that. If anything it’s a testament to how great you are, that a win over you is likely to cause a ripple effect large enough to reach even the highest of the high on EAW’s totem pole. You have something of value to me, Adam, something I aspire for. Something, I desire, and I not only commend you for being the champion you’ve been, but I respect you for doing it your way, but make no mistake when we meet at Clash of Kingdoms, I’m leaving with that Hardcore Championship, I can’t entertain any other outcome. Not because I think I’m better than you, but because I don’t want to live in a world where I get so close to capturing the one thing I need to validate myself to myself..and then I fall short of it. I don’t want to have made the journey up the mountain, dragging myself out of the mud, out of despair and out of irrelevance, just to make it to the top and slip before I finally manage to get to the peak. Very few in EAW have managed to survive being where I am. Even fewer have managed to obtain world renown success after enduring defeat after defeat, but unlike them, I’m not just looking to walk in their footsteps, Adam, I’m trying to be better. I’m trying to dethrone you. I’m trying to build a new legacy for myself in lieu of all of the bullshit I’ve withstood since returning here in EAW, and the only thing that doesn’t make sense to me is the fact that you claim to be just like me. You claim to have been through my struggles--- hell you claim we’re one in the same, but if that sentiment had any semblance of truth you’d realize that the biggest disconnect in this match, and between us, was and IS the fact that you still continue to see yourself as this hungry competitor willing to take on all-comers, but when a challenger like myself seems to be getting the best of you, that noble approach you once took is redacted and changed. Adam, you’re a good guy, you’re a great elitist, but so help me God, I don’t know if I could live with myself if I didn’t walk out of Clash of Kingdoms champion. Not because you’re someone who’s easy to beat, not because beating you is a formality, but because being in a title match in itself is rarified air, Adam, rarified air that not many even get to experience--- let alone someone who was thought to be past their prime and washed up. I hope this helps you understand why I’m such a “prideful “ man, Adam, because if not--- then I think it’s fair to say you and I will never see eye to eye on anything, and beating you at Clash of Kingdom’s will be all but a foregone conclusion. Dogfight, War, I don't care what you bring to me, I know what I need to do, and what I'm willing to do it for. Do you?​
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