MATCH PROMO happier than ever | Road To Redemption #003

Hayley Morrow

Seattle, Washington

Surprise… You all are never getting rid of me. I know it’s a dissapointment, but it is what it is. I’m going to actually talk about everyone in this match in depth this time. The people who actually promoed, or at least most of them. The ones who mentioned your’s truly! Still, to the people who didn’t promo, the ones who don’t care aren’t worth it. I swear if Korey Gaines does pull through he’s going to start that pick me shit again. ‘I know you’re gonna say I suck…’ 😭😢😥….Though I do want to start with the people who dissed me. Brought me under the sun. Y’know, make me feel crappy about myself more than I already do. Opened the wound in my heart that I thought was already stitched shut. MITSU, the guy bragging about words he’s said or Kutcher’s.. strange way of promoing.

People like… Damien Kutcher. People like him are genuinely annoying. He’s like Clayton Golde. Just less misogyny. And more funny. There’s that. Gold star for you, congrats man! Brianna rejected it, so… Here's one for you! Good job Mr. Hustle & Flow! ⭐🤩 The guy is just literally talking. No substance.. just words. But! But! But! What’s behind the swagger? The charisma? What’s behind the foot fetish? Trust me, we all watched Showdown. You dug yourself into a hole, sorry. Still, the ignorance sucks. It really does. It goes beyond my father ‘hating me’ as you called it. It was… betrayal. Betrayal by someone I trusted, gave me dirt when I gave diamonds. That’s why I always talk about myself. I don’t build myself as a ‘deep, complex’ character, sucks I know. It’s almost as bad as MITSU calling me uncharismatic, despite him feeling like a god for having a bunch of time. Ahem… promo dumping. Something I expected you to do, but… oh well. At least you’re entertaining! Unlike Roque Santa Cruz and Jade Phoenix, who MITSU should have directed the diss to. They both have the charisma of a brick wall. I have no ill will towards you, but even then, you’re delusional. I remember the match against PJ Hendrx, where you blamed a bad lunch! It’s kind of sad, not only that but. At least I acknowledge my losses, at least I acknowledge my past. But Damien. Damien, Damien. I remember your first video in this entire company, making up a story just to make yourself seem real. Making up excuses to excuse the fact you lost. But what makes Damien Kutcher who Damien Kutcher is? Nothing. You’re as much of a multifaceted bitch as Brianna Hill. Making up stories to make yourself seem genuine. As I said, the delusion. It sucks even more when I realize how much talent you have. When you came after me for my past it sucked because I’m just here wondering, what makes you think you know me? A quick read on the bio? And then.. practically calling me a slut. But hey, I’d rather be a slut than be you Damien. At least I keep myself genuine instead of lying for Youtube likes and clout.

MITSU. MITSU, MITSU. Calling me cocky, okay… bragging about saying 10 thousand words. Cocky. Declaring victory already- do you hear yourself? At least Kutcher was creative with it. You just sound like an edgelord saying ‘YoU cAn Go FuCk YoUrSeLf’ as the payoff. Still, I’m rather hurt that one singular man’s opinion on me is that I’m not ‘charming’. Still, I don’t believe you realize why I act the way I do. It was never cockiness or arrogance but rather redemption, redemption in falling into my father’s next as prey. Getting stung by the wasp. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I want to gain my crown as physical proof I’m beneath my past. You’re calling me cocky, yet all I’ve ever said were my goals for this match. Why I want to win. Yet… you are calling yourself a trendsetter because you have a thousand promos for this match? Promos that sound more like ramblings or hyping yourself up, instead of giving actual good and reasonable points. You see, Extreme Enigma was a legend. If we let you win, we already know you’re disrespecting his legacy, why? Well… because you’re already far up your own ass as is. Your heart is not in the right place. Cool, you were given title shots. So was Korey Gaines. Main event opportunities. So was Amir Yusuf and Serenity Valdez. Unlike you, my goal for this match isn’t because of some grudge. I want to win not because of the money or trophy, it’s like your former stablemate said. Spite. Sure, honoring a legend like Extreme Enigma is great, but I’m here for my crown. So please! You still know nothing about me. You never did. Probably that’s why I’m uncharming? Because I proved myself right in the fact that you were the third wheel of KAI-ZEN. Shinzo is doing great. Facing Hall of Famers like Charlie Marr. Prince Tohru and Mig De Decker who are also in this match are great prospects. Yet what did you do? Have a main event push, your biggest moment in your life, a push so grand, facing other main eventers on Free Per View. And you blew it. Kicked out and dropped back down to the midcard. It sucks. Doesn’t it? To have everything lost, I mean. Just like me.

Brianna, I don’t know why I keep talking to you, or about you, but here we are. Actually, I do have some semblance of why I keep responding. Brianna, no. I do not think I’m better than you. I might have said it before, or not, but I have no recollection of saying such a thing. But! Hey! Brianna is insulting me being… genuine. She’s trying to insult me, ladies and gentlemen! Hurt my ego! Ouchie. I’m wounded. Ow… ow… Ok. That was- BWAHAHAHA- I’m laughing. Guys. Ladies. Gentlemen. Other genders. Brianna is actually delusional. That was the first time I’ve laughed in a bit. Let’s talk about it. Quickly. Brianna, I don’t talk about myself for people to care. You don’t have to, and that’s fine. But to say that nobody listens… It sounds cliché but I don’t care. You see, within the wilted petals of the black rose, there is some red blossoming in it. The red is the fact that I need my crown, to get that is to win this battle royal. But to say that it’s a ‘coping’ mechanism that I’m relying on the fact that you’ve lost these past few matches on FPV is blasphemous. Crazy. Stunning. Why? Those are the matches you make count. This match makes stars. Look at last year with Solomon Stane. The guy is competing for world titles now on this very same Free Per View. That’s fucking huge. Not only that- but it seems to me that you’re relying on something yourself! That you beat me. …In my first match in the company. First match in four years. That’s the epitome of coping. You beat me when I was still figuring out what I wanted to do when I came back. You beat me when I was still figuring out if coming back to wrestling was a good choice. I’ve found the answer to both of those. My father hurt me, something that people will call out when I talk about it, but it makes me way more human than you. It surprisingly added a whole lot of motivation to my life. To my career. To win this match to grab my crown. To me this is more than honoring a legend who passed way too young. Winning a cash prize. Winning a trophy. This is proving to myself that I’m not as easily manipulated as I was 4 years ago. Hell, even 2 or 3 months ago when I had my first match in EAW against you. I’m a different person and you have to realize that, as boring as it sounds. What happened back then is what I said. My first match in years. My first match in the company. That screams insecure, doesn’t it? Mentioning that over and over again, giving me copper while I give you gold. I respect you, you don’t like me because of the projecting, for no reason might I add. But hey! Keep mentioning the past. I’m going to move forward.

Luis, what the fuck are you talking about? Are you high? Do you need a drink of water? ‘Don’t become like one of the prettiest girls here, Hayley Morrow.’ What are you talking about? I’ll tell you why I went months without winning. Motivation. I wasn’t motivated to do anything, let alone wrestle. It hurt, it really did. I was already giving this company my all and it hurt to see how I was treated like shit. I felt I was treated by shit, until Ruler talked to me. He himself actually has suffered more in this company. Loss after loss. I don’t trust him but… I felt something. So I suppose I’ll wish him luck in his match against Delilah, Caroline, Candice and Miku. Still, what does that have to do with you, my dear ol’ friend Luis De La Rosa? The man who’s been on my dick despite me only talking about him once. It sucks though. He thought he had me all figured out, until a curveball happened and he hit a strike. And he… sounds like he’s full of it. Never said you were perfect. Far from it. You’re a joke to your family, and I actually do dislike you. You’re a nepotist hire who doesn’t care about the business. So tell me. Why should I waste my breath on you? From showing ‘genuine’ concern if you could even call it that to… you guessed it! The poorly done disses again. At least someone like Kutcher or MITSU are creative or entertaining about it, delusional as fuck, but still. I can confidently say that I’m better than you. Not because I already beat you, but nobody respects you. Barely any mentions and when there are mentions.. they’re not in the best light. You’re a joke. Always will be.

Y’know… My dad is a real piece of shit. A selfish piece of shit, and I talk about him more as a passage to me and myself. My heart. And while I appreciate The Colonel for trying to understand, he can never understand what it feels like to dance slowly with death. Especially for these past 4 years. I never wanted to enter this match angry, that’s lame. I have actual motivation to win. It’s like you said, proving anything to my father isn’t proper motivation. But I never said that was my main motivation. It’s to prove something to myself. I appreciate the sympathy. But you genuinely don’t know me outside of the 14 minutes we’ve spent in the ring. You think I’m supposed to be clapping, clicking my heels in joy? I already want to prove to myself that I’m above everything. I want to rise as a queen from the ashes. I want to rise in my black throne. That’s why I’m confident in this match. Because I see this match as a game of chess, playing the checkmate before everyone else. I hate the military like I said. I hate what it stands for. Forcing people to throw away their lives for a ‘greater’ cause. I genuinely feel bad for you. You’re the real one who needs sympathy. Still, it’s good to know even in hell there's still a bright light shining.

Auburn Ware is someone who I am quite fond of. She’s intelligent. Young. Compassionate. And best of all? Driven. She reminds me of myself at that age. But she doesn’t know who I’m winning this match for. Myself. I can never be a puppet again. Do you understand, Auburn? I want to look at myself and be proud. Not burdened by past guilt. Still, I don’t get why she’s so upset by the fact that I wanted guidance from Ruler. I don’t trust him, and frankly, I don’t know if I ever will. But I do respect the work he’s been doing with Alex. Auburn, at least you have some respect though. Perhaps I’ll give you a gold star if Damien rejects the one I gave him, sucks. I know. 😔 But let me give you a word of advice, Auburn. Never trust anyone, when I did, the creator destroyed his creation. You really do have potential. …But it won’t be seen this weekend. I genuinely need to win this. It’s all or nothing. Crown or no crown. I hate feeling like a failure. It reminds me of being in ‘Afterlife’ with my father. You’ll never understand that, and frankly I hope you never do. Unlike most… I actually want to see you succeed. Just not in Mexico City.

Most of what I talked about with the Major can be applied to Kirk. I genuinely hope he can find peace with his daughter. AIRI needs help. And I don’t want to talk more about Clayton or BRAE, not out of fear but disinterest. Clayton is a diet Damien Kutcher, just he doesn’t like women despite saying so. BRAE says the same thing every time, talking to him is like talking to a brick wall.

Either way, serenity suffering needs to be written in blood to be erased. That’s why I need my crown.

When I’m holding my crown over my head, I’ll be happier than ever.

It’ll be physical proof that the powerless can be stronger than actual super heroes sometimes.

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