MATCH PROMO "Harper Lee - The Contradiction Of Contradiction" - ROAD TO REDEMPTION RP 4

Dr. Bethany Blue

Miami, FL.


The Lucas Household
Boca Raton, FL.


Adam had slowly opened his eyes. Turning over to see his beautiful wife, Dr. Bethany Blue with her back towards him. She wasn’t fully under the covers, one of her legs and foot was hanging out, her shoulder and arm like she was embracing something. Adam decided to get up and make some breakfast, maybe that would smooth things over between him and Bethany. As he gets up and head into the bathroom, he washes up and brushes his teeth, he walks out wiping a hot towel on his face when he removes and is shocked by what he sees.


He said curiously as he realizes that she is caressing his Answers World Championship. It was a rather odd scene, one that he definitely didn’t expect. She was holding his World Title like it was a teddy bear. Adam slowly walked over, grabbing Bethany by the foot to wake her up, gently shaking it as she opens her eyes.


“Uh… Beth…”

It wasn’t then that until she realized what was in her arms, she quickly pushed the title away and sat up on the bed leaning against the headboard. “I… I don’t know how that happened!”, she basically screamed out, half asleep and extremely embarrassed. Adam was not mad, just concerned at the action of his wife, maybe she took too much sleeping aid, she could have been sleepwalking, mixed it with alcohol. There could have been many variables. “Beth, it’s okay. I’m not mad, I just work up, came out of the bathroom, and saw you dead asleep with the championship belt next you and had your arms around it like it was a stuffed animal.”, he replied, but that was not going to quell Bethany’s mood at all.

“I don’t know how that happened, alright!? I don’t! Maybe I took too much last night, I don’t know, but I do not remember grabbing your World Championship and bringing it to bed!”, she was adamant about it, and gave good excuse that somehow this was just an accident. “Okay, I believe you, but maybe you need to tone down on the sleep aids and probably shouldn’t drink them with wine. I don’t want to see anything bad happen to you and you go through this alone, I wish you would just talk to me for a second.”, and she quickly replied, “Well… I don’t know what is going on, but I didn’t do this on purpose. I need to go shower.”, she states, before quickly getting out of bed and grabbing her things though she stops for second trying to catch her thoughts, before shaking her head and heading into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Adam sighs but doesn’t really think much of it, instead he grabs the title and heads downstairs, placing it back on the mantle, then heading to the kitchen to prepare breakfast but he notices some milk spilled on the floor. Titling his head, obviously something went on with Bethany last night. Taking out the orange juice, pouring himself a glass, he then leans against the counter and thinks about a lot of things. It doesn’t take long for Bethany to shower, she walks down the stairs in black shorts, a white t-shirt, flip flips and her long hair is still pretty wet.

“Did you spill milk last night in the kitchen?”, Adam casually asks again catching Bethany by surprise. “What? Did I spill milk, I don’t think so, I may have had a glass in the middle of the night, but I don’t remember spilling any.”, she retorts, Adam tries to shrug it off again. “There was some, but it’s fine, I cleaned it up, again I just want to make sure that you are okay and…”, she though quickly cuts him off. “I AM OKAY! Why do you keep questioning me!? Do you know how embarrassing that is to wake up and the title is in my hands!? Your title!? You didn’t play a prank on me, did you!?”, she suggested but Adam was quick to answer.

“No Beth, I wouldn’t plant my title on you while sleeping, that is stupid. Look, you probably sleepwalked and took it, then don’t remember doing it, it’s fine but just remember that I am here to talk, and it would be nice to finally to clear the air.”, Adam pleaded. “I have to worry about Harper Lee and her bullshit, you need to worry about the Chamber and that is important because you need to bring that title back home. You do understand that?”, which Adam then responded.

“Yes, Beth, I do know what I have to do, but the more we ignore this, the worst it is going to be. And don’t worry, I plan to bring the Answers World Championship home. You take care of Harper, I got this.”, Adam goes to leave the kitchen, Bethany looks a little confused.

“Where are you going? I thought you were making breakfast?”

“No, I’m not hungry anymore, I’m going for a run.”

Adam grabs a ball cap, and walks out the door leaving Bethany a bit shook, she saw him getting frustrated now and that would only lead to her pushing him away more over wrestling. She sighs and slams the counter, before screaming and throwing the orang juice glass across the kitchen hitting the wall and shattering on impact.


She screams loudly, before trying to calm herself down. The only thing that does though is the shine of the Answers World Championship. She slowly walks over to it and glares at it for a moment, running her red fingernails down the plate of it and wishing she was a World Champion Again.



Dr. Bethany Blue’s Health Tips #263

I have been giving you health tips for a long time and I even went as far to talk about the water in Mexico so none of you can get sick. I shouldn’t have to do that with the way I have been treated, and truthfully, nothing will change who I am, a Doctor, so feel lucky that I care enough about this place and your health to even give a shit, but when it comes to others like Harper Lee? I’m sure her diet consists of soda pop and potato chips, happens when all you do is watch movies and play video games.




We are one day away from Road to Redemption and Dr. Bethany Blue is ready to take center stage and become that woman who everyone fears and do so with a huge win over someone like Harper Lee, who is both talented and a former World Champion who should not be taken lightly, but Bethany is not going to give her that respect, she will not come out and say anything less than that Harper is nothing more than forgettable which really struck a nerve in the former champion. Bethany attacked her for a reason, and it wasn’t for a walk in the park, she was tired of hearing her complain and trying to make her issues above hers. Instead, Bethany was to make sure that everyone heard her.

Including Harper and Captain Charisma.

She made no bones about it, and that wasn’t going to stop her from getting what she wanted and that was a one way trip to the hospital, to show the Yellow Brand that she was indeed the most dangerous and volatile woman on the roster and would do whatever possible to get the message across. Bethany was ready, she hated Harper Lee for everything she stood for and that was more than anyone could say about how Harper felt about the Good Docto4r as well. This No Hods Barred match on the event that Bethany hated most, she has had the least success here, was all about one thing, ending the year on a win and building to the next half of the season.

Dr. Bethany Blue was ready to get back at the very top and be a World Champion again.

Everyone knew that she did indeed mean business, even her husband, Adam Lucas was starting to wonder and worry about her. But ne needed to have some faith in his wife, who is willing to do anything to get the point across and that is what makes her so vicious and unpredictable.

A very elegant and beautiful Dr. Bethany Blue is all made-up, wearing black dress pants and peep toed Louboutin pumps, a long sleeve red blouse. She has on a Doctor’s coat. Her nails polished red with her long sandy blonde wavy hair hanging down, walking around in what seems to be a Medical Facility in Mexico City, twirling her stethoscope.


Bethany takes a second before turning her attention toward the camera and speaking.

“The contradictions are appalling, they are embarrassing even, and I really find it sad that I must repeat myself over and over again due to the refusal of one person who will NOT listen. I have pride myself in being the best, how many times must I claim to be a perfectionist? There is a certain mind frame that comes with this, and I got it from my mother. She was very hard on me, and it is no secret, not even to my next opponent that she feels I am humiliating myself and wasting my talents in the wrestling business instead of concentrating on the medical side of things. My mother was rough, very strict, made sure that I was getting straight A’s for all she wanted me to do was carry the legacy of our family and four generations of Doctor’s, but I found a way to get the best of both worlds and live it.

But I am a villain for it.

What I did in 2019 was come in not as a gimmick, but as something real, and for months upon months I was accused of not being a “REAL” Doctor. It came to the point that I started using my tools of the trade to send the message and make the point, Dr. Bethany Blue was indeed a “Master of Medicine” and admittedly, I probably leaned on it a little too much, not going to lie like I haven’t this entire fucking week but Harper Lee to save face will tell you differently. See, it worked for me, I was able to get the attention of the fans, I wasn’t some vanilla boring Karen that came out of nowhere and was the Shep of the Three Stooges along with Sierra Bradford and Sarah Price, I’m sure Harper Lee the "cinephile" can look up what the Shep reference is. I stood on my own, I made my press, and in the span of 60 days became a Champion, but it seems like there is a little bit of confusion and contradicting at the same time by a very bothered Harper Lee, looks like I tickled her just in the right spot.

Harper wants to make it seem like anyone can just go into a General Manager’s or Commissioner’s office and demand a title match and they will give it to you, I find this as one of the most asinine takes I have ever heard and trust me, she has plenty of them.

That’s not how it works.

I have already pleaded and asked for a title match with Drake King after the farce of the match that was Sheridan Muller interfering, I got nothing. I did ask Jamie O’Hara to be on Team War Games, he could have easily said “NO” like he did Minerva, but he didn’t so that argument by Harper is null and void. Cameron Ella Ava gets matches against Andre Walker because she is Jamie’s wife, yet Andre cost ME the match, so I’m supposed to go beg Captain Charisma for a match with him which I demanded one on the following Voltage and was not given it? A rematch with Jamie and was not given it due to the Dream contest they were supposed to have that fell through the cracks at Road to Redemption? This is exactly the garbage Harper spews and thinks it is truth, no, it is propaganda, for I have never been given a title shot out of walking into an office and demanding it.

Before I even get to her career on Showdown, let’s look at how I won all of my titles since day one. Was I able to demand an Interwire Championship match with Fat Terry Chambers at the time? No, in my first Marquee Event I wrestled in a Unique Opportunity Ladder Match and won one of the two contracts, where some dude named Joshua blew up in flames and there were piranhas. My first Specialist Championship match with Darcy May Morgan didn’t happen because I demanded anything, during the COVID pandemic the EAW instructed me to take the temperature of every wrestler on every brand for our own safety, Darcy refused and pushed me to the ground. So, in order to keep idiots like Harper Lee safe, I made sure that Darcy spent the next week on a respirator until we were sure she did not have COVID. Then I went on and won another Unique Opportunity and it led to the title match which I lost and that was the moment I knew something needed to change. The ONLY time I was given a title match out of my own merit was the Armageddon Hell in a Cell for the Answers World Championship, but Kassidy Heart decided to use her power and change to a fatal four-way and ruined my chances of winning.


Do I really need to continue?

Sure, why not.

Then came Hurricane Hawk, after Ryan Wilson was out of power, which yes, I thought Ryan and I were friends and then he betrayed me for his own goals and teaming with Ronan Malosi, which worked out so well for him, I mean the guy now isn’t even booked at Road to Redemption this year, yet last year he was having one of the greatest moments of his career in the Elimination Chamber for the Answers World Championship, so go figure, reap what you sow. I went to Hurricane Hawk and demanded a title shot. After I defeated Diamond Cage in a Death Match, that is what I wanted, and he told me….


So, I had to go and find Constance Blevins, attack her after giving out vaccinations for COVID because she was being a real bitch, and that is how I was able to get a title shot. Doesn’t Harper get it, shit doesn’t work that way, you just don’t make demands and they are granted, sure it happens, but it never happens to me. The ONLY reason The Prescription was given Unified Tag Team Title shots was due to the condition of the tag team scene, it was so piss poor, when they saw us make a team, they knew that we were here to save it. My Universal Women’s Championship? I had to defeat the very best in the Empress of Elite tournament in order to get that shot which I should have had two years prior.

I don’t get what I want by demanding it, Harper.

I get it by EARNING it.

That has always been the difference between me and you.

Harper Lee will always be Plan B; Dr. Bethany Blue will always be The FIRST CHOICE.

Accept it and stop crying!”

Dr. Bethany Blue who is now in Mexico shakes her head, walking down the hallways of a local medical facility. She doesn’t look very happy and vows to win a championship very soon, but first she must go through Harper Lee in order to get there. She knows how aggravated Harper seems to be and Bethany is about to make it worse.

“It is obvious that Harper isn’t listening to anything that I am saying this week, and it is SHE who is creating this narrative. So, let’s go ahead and address one more time.

It seems like you are really trying to defend yourself and credibility against me, that this entire week you have spent trying to establish the Harper Lee brand and all of your accomplishments as something that myself along with everyone else should be aware of. Searching high and low for my faults when I have been open about them and then trying to bury my talents by saying that I’m not producing “Good Content” and coming from you, that is one of the most hypocritical statements that I have ever heard.

I’m not? It’s funny that you say that, when I wasn’t the one that started off this week on Twitch casting a live stream and making a complete and total ass out of yourself, making a mockery of this match, and disrespecting me as an opponent that is clearly better than you’ll ever be. Think that was cute? The little chat box sifting up with a bunch of weirdos with no lives making comments and living vicariously through your stale ass? I thought by now that you would be thanking me for giving your piss poor singles career a boost by actually giving you a great opponent so that you can at least say you faced me twice in the same year and in different matches, losing both times, where we can all hear what excuse or what direction your finger points. You can insult me until turning blue in the face and still are not sold on it, Harper, for deep down you don’t even believe half the shit you’re spewing.

See, I am actually helping you here by attacking and stopping that humiliating rant that you went off on the night I attacked you. I saved you from yourself, but want to keep deflecting to me when my gripes have been legit, and I haven’t had to do HALF the work you had with Holly carrying the other part of the burden. We can talk about our Showdown careers, sure, you held some titles while being a part of the Blue Brand, but did you ever stand above the rest? Were they memorable? I mean, for every argument that you throw at me, there is a counter. Yeah, POTARA beat Soul Food Sunday because they imploded. I have defeated SOSA Henderson on numerous tines and Chef Viz, I had nothing to prove, and it was Sheridan that took the fall, but I didn’t beat her ass after the match like you did Holly.

I waited and did it in her own type of match.

Talk about Miku Sakai? How many times must I admit that I fucked up with her. I got carried away and cocky with the Specialist stipulations and it cost me, the bitch put me to sleep with my own Propofol leading to my loss eventually and credit to her, I underestimated Miku, and she caught me in probably the most embarrassing match I have ever had, it totally backfired but after you beat her for the title, what did I do a few months later? Blew her up and won the Empress Of Elite, then a few months after that beat her in record time at the Grand Rampage, I made my point, flukes happen, and Miku getting that one win over me was one of them. I didn’t get to cash in an Iconic Cup and attack Andrea Valentine from behind. I didn’t need to be the third wheel of some group, and let’s face it, I already defeated all three of you bitches, Sierra went down to me. Sarah went down to me TWICE once right after I lost to Darcy and she was supposed to be the REAL future, right? And then there was you, Harper and I did it with something you lack.

Wrestling ability.

I would outright call you a joke but that would insult jokes.


You’re not funny, not even the punchline, just paltry and pathetic.

My entire career here in the EAW has been dedicated to success, I am not going to apologize for wanting to be the best and when I am denied something, I will make sure that I somehow get it back. This is why people remember Dr. Bethany Blue, why they respect my game, I don’t quit. I’m not the one that goes quietly to the back of the line and waits her turn, I live those actions to you Harper. This is the reason nobody respects or acknowledges you as one of the top females in the company though on paper?

You should be.

When I listen to you rant, I can’t help but hear all the admiration you truly have for me and what I have done, then try to understand why I act this way. Why does Kassidy Heart act the way she does? Or Sienna Jade? Even Minerva? These women have something in them like myself that you will never have Harper, ambition. They are not happy with just being at the top of the mountain, they are willing to do whatever it takes to stay there, like I have been doing. I am vocal about my frustrations because I earned the right to be. I have given this company so much already that when I want something, I take it, and to hell with who stands in my way or has a problem with it, that has always been the knock on you, Harper.

Never following through.

Those titles that you held? The Iconic Cup, the fact that you were a champion after champion should have been a bigger deal then what it was, so why wasn’t it? Did you ever stop for one second in-between blaming everything else including your tag team partners and friends or even the system on why Harper Lee isn’t mentioned in the same names as those greats or even me?

You have never given them a reason to.

Harper, I call you bland and boring because you’re by the book. You don’t go outside your comfort zone; it is the same unimaginative approach that you have had since 2019. You never evolved into something that people want to see, you are simply there and every time you come out to wrestle the fans are like… meh. It’s not just one thing, it’s the total package, but here you are trying to make it all about Bethany and her failures when in reality all of those things that you are accusing me of?

Is you, Harper.

Your promos are like a self-reflection.

And we all see it.”

A slight smirk comes across the face of Bethany, who has been vicious with her words since this all started, but Bethany was the one that chose to attack Harper Lee and already explained that she couldn’t find a better suitor to make an example of. Bethany definitely wants to reach the top again and will do anything to get there. She turns back to speak as she stops next to some empty rooms.

“Instead, Harper,. You want to be taken seriously, but by doing so the first thing you do is come off on some gamer chair, sitting with your stupid little headset and game console controller, trying to mix this match which right now is the most important one of your career for it will tell all whether Harper is going to be that girl, or what I will show everyone that you are the same plain Jane that Harper Lee has always been, and the story doesn’t change. You had the opportunity to set the tone with me, and instead like this whole build up with the exception of attacking me when I was not ready, is that you are trying to make this about you and at the same time disrespecting my challenge and blowing it off to try and garner some personality points and did the complete opposite.

Nothing you try works Harper, and attacking you was the least of your worries, for what Captain Charisma did even if it upset me, is make it a lot worse for you. But since you want to brag about what you did on Showdown, while throwing cheap shots pretending you know what is going on in my marriage, let me make it real clear for you, bitch. On Showdown you did win the Specialist Championship and brought it back to the Brand after I lost it, by then I was traded to Dynasty for of all people, Jonny Airhart and that was an insult in its own, but I shaved those expectations off real quick by beating the likes of Harlow Reichert, Terry Chambers, Jack Ripley, SOSA Henderson, Alex Myers, Xander Payne, and Sheridan Muller just to name a few. In the meantime, you were the champion, nobody cared about the division, and they just waited for a flash in the pan like Ximena to come along and take your belt. But you answered back and won the Iconic Cup and then took the Universal Women’s Championship.

Why didn’t Showdown make you THE FACE of the Brand?

You were NOT marketable, no one believed that even with that gold, you were a credible champion. Do you follow sports? When you have top 10 college teams and some of them do not make the bowl games because strength of schedule? They are not picked for the National Championship. Why would the Blue Brand make you the top champion with Impact when you had ONE Marquee Event title defense against Holly Arrow, ONE. Tell me again what I am missing here? Why should I give you any props whatsoever when your Universal Women’s Championship reign consisted of attacking Andree from behind while she was cutting a promo in the ring with a lead pipe, crowbar, who fucking knows. Then you beat Andrea on some random episode of Showdown ONLY because Serena Bennett interfered. Then came Holly Arrow, and then… Sienna Jade? Please, make it make sense to me Harper, why are you so fucking angry about not getting the respect that Dr. Bethany Blue has when your ONLY world title run was FORGETTABLE!


Argue that one, please!

You can’t, had ONE shot at a first impression to prove to everyone and the doubters that Harper Lee was legit and the real thing, all you showed was that you were an opportunistic beneficiary and were lucky enough to hold that title fo4r a few months. I can’t say the same about your Specialist Championship, because that was more your fitting and talent level you can excel in, but when it comes to playing with the big girls, you’re just not good enough. What Showdown had was what Voltage had which is what Dynasty at one point had, a serviceable champion of some sort that wasn’t breaking any records or lighting the world on fire. This is who you are, and this is who you will always be especially after I defeat you, Harper at Road to Redemption.

I’m a star and if I want to act like a diva, I will. I EARNED every bit of this on my own, I have succeeded where you have not, I will always be considered a top contender to ANY World Championship while you will not. I already said this to you Harper, you are good, I cannot take that away from you, but you will NEVER be great. This No Holds Barred match is going to expose you once and for all, wishing that you had been a little more patient with Holly and still had her on your side. You don’t care about having anyone on your side, or friends? A loved one? Boyfriend or girlfriend I really don’t know which way you swing. You’re going to find yourself in a very lonely and dark world where nobody thinks anything of you, but I am going to go on and get a World Championship again soon. I don’t have to wait long, just continue to defeat all these little cunts that want to stand in my way or plainly just piss me off.

See, you are at a crossroads, I am not. The lioness doesn’t worry to the opinions of the sheep, and you Harper can go ahead and do it for me. “Ba ah ah ah ah ah”. I have no convictions about this match or my ability to win it, I know that you’re going to come into it full of vitriol after this week and the past month and give me your best, matter of fact Harper, I am BEGGING you to bring it all and leave it in the ring, make me bleed, try to hurt me, do whatever your jealous ass desires to get the attention of the fans and the EAW, so when I do put you down and leave you lying unconscious in the middle of that ring a broken mess due to my extensive knowledge of the human anatomy, I can look you right in the face with a huge smile and know that even your best wasn’t ever good enough to defeat Dr. Bethany Blue.

Then there are no excuses, you’ll have to tuck that tail between your legs and know that you are better off picking on the new kids the3n trying to stand ground with the real women that run the division. But take solace in knowing that you still have Twitch, lick your wounds, go talk amongst your nerdy little community and share stories of how big losers you are, and finally accept that what is happening to me right now is just the beginning of what I plan to do to the rest of the Voltage Roster.

While you are just Harper Lee.





And finally?

Defeated as Bethany’s little bitch.

The Doctor Will See You Now.”

Tilting her head, Bethany lowers her glasses and glares into he camera, she then winks and walks into the room, the name on the door says….

… Harper Lee.




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