MATCH PROMO Hell Has Not Frozen Over.

Xander Payne

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You like to think that I am going to use the EAW World Heavyweight Championship as a band-aid to my issues with Ryan Wilson... and I can agree with you because walking out of Munich with that championship to our name, I think will certainly turn things around for myself, DOMINION in particular. The whole premise of DOMINION was to establish and show the industry what true dominion looks like all for the love of the game, and the EAW Unified Tag Team Championships was supposed to be a symbol of our excellence, but of course we never got around to getting it... and I know I have raved about how my being here is one-hundred percent reliant on whether or not I am a champion or not. I haven't held a single piece of gold for almost three years, but I am still here. I am still here fighting. I am still here existing. I am still here when so many other veterans give up and harass others with their miserable behaviour. DOMINION like I said, was a vehicle for us to elevate the competition, and help out the business, and being a champion wasn't at the top of my priority. I like to value saving Showdown temporarily from DEVOLUTION more than being a champion, as if it actually did a thing. I like to value giving The Ice Aces a proper platform and fighting them to the very fibre of our being in a true tag team wrestling match more than being a champion. I like to value the fact that Ryan Wilson and I lasted longer than everyone else we would despite after all these losses more than being a champion. There is more to this life and career than being a champion, and if you want to talk about band aids, lets rip one off, and talk about how you perceive that EAW World Heavyweight Championship as your own jumbo-sized band-aid. Isn't that championship what you have been seeking for so long? It isn't even that championship in particular, it's really any championship you chase for. You chase, you get tired, you leave, and you come back, rinse and repeat. This is the only time where you've made every shot count, and congratulations for that, but I know there is a big part of you that realizing you've finally become the face of this company, you don't need to be hungry anymore. You don't need to be thirsty anymore. You don't need to fight more.. and that's becoming more apparent as you begin to hype yourself and think yourself as someone you're not. You think the EAW World Heavyweight Championship is your endgame, as if this is the time to be at your leisure and settle down.. but like I said many weeks ago.. If you thought the hunt was bad.. being the hunted is going to even more worse.. and you're not ready. Hell didn't get frozen over at Reckless Wiring, the flames have only gotten hotter. You have attributed so much energy into the hunt, that you are exhausted and think that it is over. It's far from over, Bronson. It is not going to get any better. The fights aren't going to get any less tougher. Your body isn't going to pour any less blood, sweat, and tears. The pressure isn't going to get less relieving and relieving... and I think you know that. You stressing the importance of passing me at Territorial Invasion shows that you know that, but there's one-half of you that is arrogant, and overzealous, that just wants to brag about this success, and there's the other one, that realizes that this dream can end within a blink of an eye, and that you have to remain humble, and know that you're still in the pit of hell... and I don't know if you've decided on which side you want to agree with, but you know what I would side with. What I am here is to remind you that it doesn't get any better, that you need to keep applying pressure, and that you need to keep your guard up. That's why I have been teaching you these lessons. It's tough love, Bronson... and if you don't learn from my lessons, then you're not going to last past Territorial Invasion... that's the problem with you. That's why you truly haven't learned all of my respect... and if you lose at Territorial Invasion or keep making these mistakes overall... You'll never will.

I don’t disagree with you that this weekend is very crucial for you. You have trekked this long and arduous journey–one that might have lasted way too long–to get to this point. Look at you. You no longer have to feel the days of dehydration and starvation. You no longer have to feel the resentfulness of being in someone’s shadow. You no longer have to feel like you are constantly proving all your naysayers right. That beautiful crown jewel that is draped on your shoulder is a byproduct of all of the blood, sweat, and tears you have poured into this business for so many years. You are living evidence of what happens when you trust the process, and you have seen me take your journey into consideration and give you many rounds of applause for it. It’s not even a simple reciprocation of the fact that you respect my accomplishments for me to respect your journey, it’s just who wouldn’t find it very admirable and impressive. It would be very terrible of me to sit here and criticize what you have done to get here, and I would like to think myself of a very nice gentleman, so I won’t do that… and I understand that my reputation precedes itself.. and it is one that doesn’t exactly hold up well. There are a lot of people in that locker room who don’t respect me for very specific, yet insubstantial reasons, and there are a lot of the EAW Universe who don’t like us because they were brainwashed into seeing us as the big bogeyman. There are many people who will view my reputation and find that my respect is hard to come by, and that is necessarily not a bad thing, but they’ll gloss over that fact and find it holding little to no value. I have done many bad things in this company and most of those bad things I would like to consider a necessary evil. I am a rightfully a bad person, and naturally that comes with a bad reputation, so you would understand why I am the last person that anyone would want respect from… but if you open your mind and look be-yond that, and see what I have contributed and accomplished in this business for more than two decades, you’ll see that my respect, albeit rare, is worth its weight in gold, and this weekend will be your opportunity to earn it.. not all of it, per say, but a good chunk of it.. because if you beat me, fair and square in the middle of that ring, that’ll be the best gratification you could give me when I hear about how Bronson Daniels has progressed through the past year. You could have cashed in on this opportunity even if it was under a regular stipulation, but you accepted that this will be decided under no disqualification rules, and if you want to prove that you are a fighting champion, that’s exactly what you want to do… and if you best me, and prove that you are a better wrestler, a better fighter, and a better purist than me at this game, then you’ll earn that modicum of respect.. but you want to know how to get it completely.. and I fully understand that you’re not here on a weekly basis to gain the approval and search for the respect of someone like me, but this won’t just earn the respect of me, no, it’ll earn the respect of many. It might even shut down your future challengers before they even get to you and repeat my sentiments. You beat me at Territorial Invasion, and you learn from your mistakes. You watch your back. You continue to thrive under pressure. You dare not blemish the reputation of that gold. You properly continue the prestigious lineage of the EAW World Heavyweight Championship? Not what Johnny Consequences did. Not what Jeffery Rogers did. What Andre did. What Limmy did. What I did.

With that being said, that is if you can get past me at Territorial Invasion. You see my reputation, Bronson, and you look beyond all that stigma embedded in it, and you still see the value in beating me. You view my empty list of accomplishments in the past two years, and you are still raving about the bittersweet gratification that comes with the victory… The past set of months have been nothing but important for you, and the whole world is cheering you on to keep up this work.. What you’ve done is nothing but admirable, but it seems like you’ve been letting everything get to your head as of late. You proudly wear this unbreakable and invisible cloak around you, and I admire the confidence, Bronson, but this is your first championship defense. You want to call yourself dominant, unstoppable, and untouchable, then talk your shit in a couple of months if you retain, but right now, you’re none of those. It wouldn’t be very realistic considering how I have been playing you a fool for these past few weeks because right now, you’re not anything you say you are. You aren’t an emperor, you aren’t a king, you aren’t a royalty, you’re just a guy wearing a championship, and right now, that championship defines the man.. and you can only break free of those shackles by proving to all of these people that you are this fighting champion, that you are unstoppable.. and if you’re allowing me to easily take advantage of your kindness and exploit your naivety, then how do you think you’re going to fare in the future shall you win in Munich? How long do you think this run will last if you don’t truly learn from your mistakes? God forbid, you don’t learn, and the next challenger does the same thing I did. I know how my career has gone in the past two years, you don’t need to remind me, Bronson, and my realization of that is the reason why I no longer call myself the best professional wrestler in the world, never mind a tag team wrestler. There is a reason why I don’t call myself the Paynekiller anymore, or why you don’t see me putting in the same blood, sweat, and tears I did the last time we were the ring one on one. I don’t need to win this match. This match isn’t life or death. It isn’t make or break. The rest of my career doesn’t depend in Munich, but for you, it does.. and it would bring me so much happiness if I would become a two-time world champion this season because I do miss the perks of being one. The glitz and glamor? The fame and glory? The relevance and clout? Being on all of these posters and banners, and whatnot? You’re damn right I miss it all, but I have made it my mission where having a championship or not is this life or death situation that seems to be common in all of these veterans, in no exception to me. I am walking into this match, knowing that may the best man win, and hoping that I prepare you for the future. Either it is humbling you, and taking that world championship from you in your most comfortable and vulnerable state, or it is truly testing your limits, toughening your skin, and ceding victory over to you along with a lesson that you could take to solidify yourself as whatever crown and moniker you want to put on the next day. Whoever comes out of Territorial Invasion as the EAW World Heavyweight Champion is going to be someone who deserves to be world champion. Of course, I think I deserve to be world champion. I properly handled it last time around, and I raised the prestige, so I believe I have the experience to do it another time, sure… but I don’t need it. Ryan Wilson definitely needs it, but I don’t.. because for as long as I remember.. All I want is for this industry to be the best it can be.. and if as long as this business is represented by the actual best of the best.. as long as that championship is inherited by those who know what they’re doing.. That’s all what matters.. and I am happy to see that you won’t underestimate.. and I am happy to see that you plan on giving me the same energy you brought to the Kaiser and Czar, because if you don’t? That EAW World Heavyweight Champion will be mine.. and e---veryone.. EVERYONE.. will finally, finally, finally, fucking finally, know what true dominion looks like.. courtesy of Xander Payne..

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