MATCH PROMO Hell of a night. (Dynasty 1)

Michael Machina

The New Breed of Legends
Brooklyn, New York


Alright, you really wanted my attention.

You’ve got it, motherfucker.

I thought I knew what really went through your head, but I was wrong. Dead wrong. You struck me as somebody who was real damn honorable, somebody that actually respected the ground that he walked on to a great extent. Far more than I did I would’ve hoped, ‘cause I don’t have a shred of care in my body for anyone who is
placing themselves on my path whether it was ever their choice or not. By some notion of how you carried yourself since stepping into this company, I honestly had every reason to believe that you wouldn’t stoop to these gratifying lows you’ve found yourself going down. Well, so much for that. I didn’t think you would try to make things as personal as you wanted them to become, BRAE. You of all people should have understood that I’m not a difficult man to find when it comes to looking for a fight. I will always be pursuing any opportunity to beat somebody’s head in without any strings needing to be pulled. Provoked, I’ll go about returning the favor with the ass kicking you expect of me. It’s one thing to send the message directly, at least I’ll know you’re willing to prove your point through proper focus on the sole person who needs all of the focusing possible. But that’s not what you did, is it?

Had to make your presence felt another way.

Defeat wasn’t enough, but putting somebody I held pretty fuckin’ close right out of action sure as hell does the trick.

And for what? To make yourself public enemy #1 in my eyes, have me even more willing to drive your stupid face into the pavement and drag you across the concrete with every fiber of my being. Like I wasn’t gonna go about delivering the world of unrecognizable hurt right to your doorstep anyhow, now I’m really looking to bulldoze right through that goddamn door & hand deliver the whooping of a lifetime. We both knew where this road would end up all along, we’re bound to cross paths as opponents standing across from one another at Pain for Pride, written in those damn stars as it seems to always have been from the day we first fought. Operation: Doomsday told me as much, you stood out as a proper force of nature who could combat the offense I was dishing out. All of the pressure I placed you through, yet you made sure to throw that same energy right back at me without saying another word. You feed off of every fight you undergo, but now it’s getting to your head a hell of a lot more than you’d like to admit. If this is truly the way you wanna make your statement, then it looks like you’ve taken yourself down an all too foreboding journey of your own well deserved Hell.

Congrats on the target on your back respectively, I’m gonna do everything in my boundless potential to break you.

Another match of mine where shit doesn’t go my way, Drake can finally say that he’s got a singles win over me to make up for the last bout we had. He’s gonna glorify the fact that he’s got that pin over me and it’s gonna be as annoying as he wants it to be, but I’m gonna make sure the get back is far better than the euphoria he’s feeling now knowing he’s tied up the score with me. Never been a fan of interferences that don’t belong, but even on that night I couldn’t muster up the wherewithal to not look back & witness the bullshit BRAE was up to during my match. He had to do what he did when I wasn’t even in the back, I had to be busy with my business in order for this numbskull to get right back to his unnecessary attack. I’m glad you could grab my attention at the best possible moment when Armstrong needed it most, keep on adding further fuel to the tank that’s only elevated the zero amount of fucks I’ve had to give. I’ll have no problem feeding off of having to be placed under the most nonsensical circumstances the same way that I did nearly a year ago, when I was the hungriest newcomer that this business has ever seen. Still that same hungry son of a bitch who will make sure nobody snatches food from his own table that’s gonna feed generations after me. I’ve gone through all of the routes before, without needing to retrace these steps that I’ve taken up to this point.

I’ll slip right back to that place where my back was against the wall, with absolutely nothing to lose.

In the same vein of having everything to gain, you will not drag me out of this pedestal without getting your shit rocked.

I gotta rebound after having my shoulders pressed against the mat the last Dynasty, by a man that I couldn’t hate anymore than I already do no less. Hell of a prospect to tackle when this is the match that’s been dropped on the world without warning. Can’t say that I’m not looking forward to the chaos it’ll potentially bring, I’ve always stated how willing I’ve always been of being brought to the heat. Safe to say, these execs are trying to scorch the planet with this main event on Friday. I hope you’re watching closely, BRAE, as much as I’m looking to rid your head right off of your body & spell lights out for you to close out the season, I’ve got my detour to get through before I can emphasize utmost focus on you. I should’ve known this would happen eventually, this is the crap that you gotta deal with when you’re champ. Sooner rather than later, I had to understand somebody like you would come along to make this road to Pain for Pride all the more of a shit show. This will be the first of many anyhow, I need the same lunatics who make up a portion of our industry to sprawl right through the doors of this company and face me. I can only prepare as much as this business can throw right in my direction, and it’s been a whirlwind ever since. The time will come when I will not have anything else left to hone all my focus into except you, BRAE. Your time better be valuable to you, ‘cause I’m gonna make sure I’m everything that you’re thinking about.

But I’m more than confident that’s all you’ve been doing anyway.

The plate’s beyond full this week, I have to team up with two people who aren’t particularly my friends, one far more than the other. I don’t have much to touch up on Joso with, the one time we fought one on one was my first main event match on any EAW event. I’d beat him, but not without its shenanigans ‘cause of the beef revolving around his own presence at the time. Since then, I’ve gone on to have the run of a lifetime that’s gonna be undeniable once the numbers are officially in. That’s exactly why Pain for Pride is all the more important as the flagship marquee event that it is, ‘cause it’s gonna be the show where my New Breed Championship reign is etched in those history books for good. No one will get to dictate how I’m remembered, my work will speak for itself as it always has. This match presents an opportunity for me to show that much before three renowned elitists, who have done more for this company than anyone else who has taken a single step in an EAW ring. Methuselah. Jamie. Impact. Three names that will always strike a measure of fear into anybody that’s looking at any card for any event & having to see themselves at odds with them. Safe to say that’s the sentiment that goes through with anybody who has to face an exceedingly accomplished wrestler to their standards.

Not exactly how I’m wired though.

I’ll take my chances, ‘cause I sure as hell don’t know how often moments like this arise.

My confidence never leaves me, I don’t feel the nerves for matches that require all of the resolve in the world deep down. This is another day in the office where I’m looking to prove myself constantly, no matter where I am in my career. I have held this championship longer than over 95% of its former holders now, but I’m still assuring that I’m more than comfortable with being uncomfortable in times like this. This ain’t disrespect to anybody but as far as I’m concerned, why the fuck does it matter if somebody feels stifled by what I say at this rate? I have gone my career thus far pissing everybody off that had to face me without trying too hard, that’s just how it goes when you’ve got the presence of somebody looking for trouble. That’s how it’s always been with me. I can’t run from any smoke when I’m usually B-lining straight for it anyhow. Pressure is a must to make genuine superstars who want to be bigger than the next wrestler, I’ve been outrunning all of my peers from the get-go, & a good majority of these same people have been in this company well before I even considered the idea of becoming a professional wrestler. The rookie year of a lifetime as anybody could call it, but this remains an even greater indication of just how much farther I’ll be taking my career from here. I’ve set forth expectations that not just anybody can match, some former New Breed Champions haven’t been able to achieve greater peaks than when they were still new breeds themselves.

Hell, we’ve seen how that went for a duo of former champs that shouldn’t even hold their most recent reigns to any high regard.

Those aren’t the lows that anybody wants to delve into, which I surely fuckin’ don’t need to bother touching up on further ‘cause I have no room for complacency. Nothing of the nature that fell onto their own shoulders. Everybody gets to touch that shred of success & suddenly believes it to solidify their careers for good beyond that point. I could throw around as many names as I want, but won't come close to matching the amount of elitists you three have seen come & go after all of these years. These same people for the most part are only remembered in your heads, with their name mentioned here & there before they’re forgotten yet again ‘till it’s time to make the subtle remark. That’s exactly what I see in a lot of these elitists right now who frequent this company, & believe themselves to have a significant presence here a couple years from now. The lack of self awareness from a lot of these morons who talk up such a big game & don’t have anything to show for it of genuine credibility. I’ve been one hell of a singles competitor throughout the entire season who hasn’t been dealt the hands of defeat more than a handful of times. My accolades are exactly what they are, and they can bolster my presence up higher than words do for other elitists who are trying their damndest to preserve any sense of pride they’ve got left. This has been my fuckin’ time. My season that I’ve been running, well before having an ounce of gold to my name when I truly had fuck all to my career but sheer will & brute force. My story’s been simple, but don’t let the simplicity of the narrative that I’ve followed deter you from the details that have always mattered.

There’s great conviction within every word escaping this mouth.

For all of the talk, I stomped through the mud, dirt & shit all the same whenever these elitists & management tried to make the terrain damn near impossible to maneuver through.

What I say won’t mean a goddamn thing in either of your heads, but this will mean everything & then some when this future World Champion removes the former from that moniker sooner rather than later. Higher ups must’ve had their fun cooking this match up, I hope they did. I’m not here to play these games under the same light that they have liked to throw me into situations in the past, but I’ll adapt to every dilemma they try to place me within. Hall of Famers, Pain for Pride main eventers, more World Championships than the three of us have held titles period—still the same uncaged animal looking to set himself apart from everybody else in this jungle. I’d be a damn fool to refrain from delivering on the assurances I’ve made second nature to hold onto. Win or lose, I’m gonna walk out of the venue with people remembering me as the man that’s gonna fuck the whole game up one way or another. The day will arise when this all boils down to a one on one with each of these men, and I'll step up with every intent in the world to bring all of the fight to ‘em. This is a different matter where tag matches here more times than not, are bound to combust into the hell they always become.

On that note, I don’t need to see my teammates falter or bring themselves down below their own potential.

I briefly mentioned Joso earlier to make my point on our lack of association with one another, but I know he has blossomed since then. The King of Elite who has set himself apart from a great number of elitists in his own right, but I also know that he didn’t have the best time trying to get the better of Jamie. Now’s a damn good time to do right when faced with those wrongs from the past, Joso. As long as you aren’t looking to fuck with me and try to downplay me like the last time we went down this path, then we shouldn’t have a problem teaming up. You should know better by now, you may have accomplished this grand feat, but as have I while still being the New Breed Champion of this company. I know you’ve been on quite the tumultuous run of your own, Hans. We have our history, it’s well documented in this business that I didn’t become champion without having to pry this title from your grasp. You’d move on from this championship after the defeat, we’ve been side by side as teammates before to results that didn’t enhance our records. We can fix that this week, we both have our own hatred for Armstrong that can benefit us if we turn that hate into much needed cooperation. I prefer getting shit done on my own, but with the opportunity presenting itself tonight, I’m gonna need the dead weight to rid itself from this match as we will all have to be on the same wavelength.

Regardless, if it wasn’t obvious before, I’m one pissed off motherfucker who needs to let off the steam.

To do it in the form of a match where this new generation goes up against the legends of yesterday?

Looks like I’ll be having one hell of a night.

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