MATCH PROMO "HER", yup, heard the same story already. [#RoryRedemption] ( Dynasty vs. Santoro ) #001

Rory Slate

Better than your favorite and the best.

SLATE: Alright, got past Hayley, not really going to be flexing such a victory like that, since she wasn’t really a hard one to come up against. I respect her efforts, she coulda tried a little harder but she tried her best and that’s all that matters, can’t go wrong with that, can ya? So let's move onto someone who I’m already familiar with and someone who I have already beaten before, Mia Santoro. Great to have you back, amazing even but I feel as if nothing has changed since the very first time you met in that ring. You should be using this fight to get back at me, use that anger to exploit me and what not because I spat in your face and you took it, I came over to your match, uninvited and I took the spotlight that “should have” been on you. I was making it known, making it apparent that I was always meant to be in the frontline of new breeds, not you and not anyone else. Through the trash talk, you spoke of yourself as if you were a God but I see you as someone who is lower than the scum who are on this brand, you said I’ll be crying in my high school locker but instead, you were the one who was crying in your mangled bed in that shitty apartment of yours. You must feel really stupid right around now, I thought you were used to it at this point, guess I was wrong, wrong by a mile. This isn’t just a usual match, no something is up for grabs for ANOTHER time which means you have to show up but something tells me, no matter how many times I have to put that through your thick skull, it wouldn’t get in there. I was right. I told you, I only speak truths, after I had beaten you, where exactly did you go? You went ahead and faced people for more opportunities? What exactly did you do? You lost again. You’re a let-down, a failure, you’re a project that was always destined to fail. You keep saying you’re ready for me, it’s almost as if it’s the same circumstances, last time? You had one week to prepare for me, this time? You AGAIN have one week to prepare for me, you are still going to fold, it’s in your nature. See, this is how I know you’re one of the dumbest bitches to ever step foot in an EAW ring, not only did you say that Valerie is above me but now you go on to say that just because she got a victory on the FPV, she’s better than me? Where’s the logic? There’s no way you have no brain in that big head of yours, I was sure that there wasn’t just empty space in there. Guess I was wrong about that and it’s funny how you mention supporting cast, considering the fact that you’re just a background character in most of these multi matches. You’re there to add an extra number to the tally, you’re there to look like a joke, you're not important in any shape or form, if you were; you wouldn’t be losing as much but that’s just me. You think you’re the main character in everybody’s world but you’re not, you can’t be, it’s not possible for you to be but you will never get it. You think I AM THE SUPPORTING ROLE IN THIS MATCH? HAHAHAHAHA, yeah that’s funny, the person who handled not only your ass but the people on your roster too…is seen as the supporting role? Makes total sense, this thing isn’t even yours. You said that unique opportunity was yours but that wasn’t the case, I stole that from you and you wanna know the best thing about it? I didn’t have to show up on your lame excuse of a brand in order to do it, no, no, no. I stayed here, the same show that YOU are now on so people can finally watch your matches because if we are being honest here, nobody watches Voltage.

I have to face you? Oh my days, look out for the superstar…Mia Santoro, I have to watch out for you? What a joke, I’m not afraid 0f beating you and I’m not afraid of putting you in your place again, I hate it when people do this. They think they have room to talk but they don’t, you don’t and I don’t think you ever will but as long as your mouth keeps running, you’ll never realise that. That’s the thing with you, Mia. I headed into House of Glass, I made it there to face off for a championship…did you? Didn’t think so. As long as you stay here acting like a bitch, I don’t think you will be, I’m leagues above you and you don’t even notice that shit. You’re willing to be knocked around, I’m going to have my fun with you. They constantly send down you Voltage girls for me to beat because it’s experience now, it comes with the job. It’s basically what I’m paid to do now, get rid of you guys and that’s it. You act as if things will be different this time but it won’t be, I can assure you that not all things change as quickly as you hope for them to and this will be another example. It’s plain to see, I don’t know how you of all people can NOT see it, I don’t know whether it’s because you choose to or whether it’s because you’re this unintelligent but this isn’t your typical fairytale…things don’t always go well. This is not your story, never once was, thus is about me, this is about redemption. I’ve already shared the ring with you so why do I need to be grateful to do it again? What, I should be grateful that you’re actually not going to be an easy fight this time around? I should be grateful that you’re not going to hand me the win again? The reason why we’re here is because you allowed Sally to best you, that is a fact. You didn’t win that match, we both didn’t win our matches at the latest FPV, you want to talk about my fail, let’s talk about yours. The least you could do was walk out of that with a multi person win added to your belt but you couldn’t even do that, if you expect me to lose to already washed up trash like you then you must be out of your goddamn mind. Sure, let’s act as if you would have done something if you had won that Unique Opportunity. I see both you and Morrow in the same league, you’re both too big for your boots and you both don’t get taken seriously on a day to day basis anyway. I took what should have been yours…well then

Why isn’t it?

Why don’t you have that Unique Opportunity? It’s because you weren’t good enough, you didn’t try, you failed, this isn’t you being delusional, this is idiocy. You claim that this should be yours, that, that should be yours but it doesn’t even make sense in the first place. You had the chance to MAKE it yours and I love how you try to make it seem as if it was close, that because you didn’t get pinned, you didn’t really lose. Like Jesus, I feel as if I’m losing braincells just watching your video, it just makes no fuckin’ sense, what are you saying? You’re not going to be able to do jack, you’re going to come over to my BRAND and you’re over here in order to get disciplined. You see this as another match, just another opportunity for you to show off your skills, the same skills that nobody cares about. I’m surprised that people still remember your name, I doubt the reason is because you’re buzzing though, I think it has more to do with the fact that the people like to make fun of you. I feel like Delilah Rose could beat you in a fight easily, that’s how bad you are but here you are again. Thinking that you’re so high and mighty because you’re original aren’t ya? That’s what you want us to think but it’s quite the opposite.

How about we all stop using the phrase “HER”, it’s incredibly corny. Believe me, used to be a great thing, an amazing thing even but it’s just overused now. Almost as if every person I come up against has that pronoun as their nickname, it was cool like a couple of months ago. If you keep using it, it just makes you feel a bit stale, doesn’t it? What makes you different from every “HER”, I can help you with this one and I am sure that most people who use this nickname can relate to this one, you do not deserve that name. I’d say in order to reduce the usage of the word, only people who have noticeable achievements here in EAW should use it, seeing that you haven’t won the title OR an important match yet, you wearing that name makes you look like a child. If that’s what you’re going for, then by all means, go for it, you’re doing an amazing job so far. If I’m being honest with you, I’ve moved on from that match at Territorial Invasion, it was a quick in and out job and I had fun. For some reason it has stayed in your head, I’m sure it’s because you can’t get over the fact that I won. You believed so damn much that you should be walking away as the winner of the match, what a rookie mistake. You’re not a challenge, you never were. After this video, I’m probably going to watch some YouTube and eat Ice Cream, fall asleep and do whatever. I don’t even have to train for you, I already know what to expect, I had enough of you during our match. It’s a shame, really, we made a great team but now we can’t do anything about this. I even wanted to face you because you were the one who spoke the most shit, despite Brianna posting more videos about me.

ANNNNNYWAY, when you do lose, do me a favor and do not leave the company. Not because I want you to stay but because I want to see your excuse this time around, prepared to get spat in the face for the second time.



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