MATCH PROMO History (Showdown 1)

Justin Windgate

The Xtreme Classic
Interwire Champion
What does it mean to me to be a part of history? My answer to that is quite simple.. I admire history. I respect those who have helped pave the way for Elitists of today, and I am fortunate enough to say that I was a part of the early years in this company.. BUT my main focus is on the here and now. Yeah, there have been numerous Interwire Champions in the past. Some who have gone on to win World titles.. Others who ended up finishing their careers as hall of famers.. The history behind the Interwire Championship is something special, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t add onto that history and raise the level of prestige of that belt even higher than what Consuela has been able to do in her impressive reign so far. History is something that people remember for months, years, and decades. The greater the impact, the more it is remembered. I realized this when I first returned to EAW back in July of last year. I played my role as that young kid in the locker room in the early 2010s and never quite amounted to what I expected for myself. I managed to prove some doubters wrong as I progressed, but never actually reached that next step in my career. I may have had people talking about the little success that I achieved for a month, but 8 years later, I was barely remembered. This new generation opened my eyes when I heard numerous opponents question who the hell I even was and why they should even care that I’m making a return when my first run was nothing worth documenting in their history books. Obviously, most of the veterans and staff knew who I was, but most of the people who signed the dotted line after I split from the company had absolutely no clue. It was irritating to be completely honest. Irritating like when you smoke a blunt and the end of it starts to canoe, and so you have to continuously fix it until you get it burning right.

And that’s why I’m fixing my legacy right now..

I do admire history. I really do, but I can’t continuously focus on the past when I’ve got so much to work for right now. I don’t have the time honestly.. I’m just starting my 30s and the clock is ticking. It has become a race against time, because not only do I want to succeed more than I did before with this second run, but I also want to build my legacy to the point where I could retire, come back and visit after 20 years, and be remembered for everything that I’ve done inside of the squared circle for this company. There’s levels to standing out and being noticed in this company even as a member of the roster today. You have to work for that recognition, so the task of being remembered for years and decades after your departure can only come from constantly putting yourself into situations where you do things that showcase how and why you are better than the competition in front of you.. But you probably already know that, don’t you? You see, heading into Reasonable Doubt, you weren’t on anyone’s radar. Hell, you weren’t even on your opponent’s radar, as SKA has already told me that he overlooked you and took you as an opponent for granted because he didn’t think you had what it took to actually walk out victorious. I mean, look at who you faced. You had Bronson Daniels, who just came off of a pretty impressive New Breed Title run, and SKA who hasn’t won any championship gold, but has had some great showings so far in his career.. But even then, you proved everyone wrong. You put your foot in the door, and made it clear to everyone in the locker room that James Ranger isn’t the type of guy that should be counted out.. You gave yourself a reason to be talked about by the people in our locker room and the people that watch us week in and week out, whether they are on a monitor in the arena as a virtual fan, or back home watching off of their television screen.. You made some noise and earned your shot at the Interwire Championship. And for that, I congratulate you.

Is this accomplishment of yours something that will be remembered for years or decades to come? No, most certainly not.. But the immediate response that you have gotten from the fans shows that you are definitely headed in the right direction if you are like me and want to leave an everlasting legacy once all is said and done. People are coming out and saying that they shouldn’t doubt you or overlook you anymore. Hell, I’ll be the first to say that I see you as a major threat in this match that we’ll be having at Road to Redemption because I understand how great of a talent you are, ESPECIALLY after your performance at Reasonable Doubt. It would be stupid of me to think otherwise.. But even with that said, I’m on a mission as well.. And that mission ends with me raising the EAW Interwire Championship as I am announced as the NEW champion. All of these moments that we have had. Me competing in War Games, while you competed in the Wilson vs Malosi matchup at Territorial Invasion. Me defeating Jon Kelton for the 24/7 contract, and you retrieving your shot at the Interwire Championship by being that successful underdog at Reasonable Doubt.. All of those events have helped mold and shape us into the people that we are today.. And when the time comes, you, me, and Consuela will all be matched up for the one prize that we have all had our eyes on. We’ve managed to make noise for the time being, but only one of us will be able to walk away with our names cemented into the history books as the Interwire Champion.. Consuela could take it even further by breaking the record for the longest reign in the title’s history. And that’s what is so special about this match. We’re all fighting for something big and there’s no doubt in my mind that we’re going to push our limits in our match at Road to Redemption because of it.

But this leads me to ask you a question.. How ready are you? Mentally and physically? When I cashed in my contract by inserting myself into your title match, I did it because I knew about the noise surrounding the match itself. You just came off of your underdog victory, while Consuela has gotten herself close to a record breaking title reign. I didn’t want to cash in on either of you after the fact and leave a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth after the performance I would have expected from both you and Consuela Rose Ava if you were to take her on one on one. No, I want to make it clear that I can win that championship by taking you both down without any cheap tactics.. I want to face Consuela and you, James when you both are fresh and your determination is at its highest once that bell rings.. But now? After your match against Kid Ohio, it makes me wonder if you are ready. It makes me wonder if your match at Reasonable Doubt was just a fluke or if you really are as much of a threat as I perceived you to be. Like I said before, that accomplishment that you made won’t be remembered for years.. No, it’s only going to be remembered up until our match at Road to Redemption where only the winner will have their moment remembered for years to come. I’m sure I’ll find out some answers with our match against each other this week.. But please understand that I am not Kid Ohio.. I will beat you down harder than he did to you last week if you give me the opportunity to. I’m not holding back just because you are a guy that has caught my attention and received some praise for your performance against SKA and Bronson Daniels. No, I’m going to give you a fight this week. A fight that should foreshadow what’s to come at Road to Redemption. And I feel as if I should expect the same.. I mean, when you think about it, I only made the title match that you worked so hard to earn even harder by inserting myself. I added yet another layer for you to try to break through.. And because of that, I’d expect you to want to make me pay for my actions and intentions this week. So go ahead and show me what you’ve got James. Because I’m sure a lot of the questions that I have regarding you and our match at Road to Redemption will be answered in our singles bout against one another this week on Showdown. I’m looking forward to seeing what you bring to the table.. Just know that my high ass won’t hesitate to eat..


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