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Bro who even are these bitches? Keep my Specialists Championship out of your mouth Domino. Sounding like a fast food pizza restaurant. You are lucky to share the ring with such Goddesses like IDOL-GUN, you really need to know when to shut your dumb bitch ass mouth. I don't care, if you don't care, that I'm Champion.. Maybe if you did care, some more coherent arguments could be brought to the table but no. You're clueless, classless, stupid cunt, who has no future in this fucking business. I call it like I see it; and the way I see it, you're the bottom of the totem pole on your team. No one wants you here, they know you won't actually help the team. The best thing you can hope for is to survive, and not be noticed throughout the duration of the match. Which shouldn't be too hard seeing as though, you've done quite a good job of not being noticed throughout your entire career so far. Don't call yourself a bust either, because that's giving yourself too much credit. You need to have people believe in you, and actually have the thought that you were going to do something in order for you to be a bust. No, what you are is a never was. You my dear, aren't even a blip on the radar. You have come to EAW to live out this big dream of yours, only to fail once you got here, because once you did get here you realized that the talent level was much more steep than you even realized. You can keep barking at me all you want trying to get me to notice you, but you're going to have to do a lot better than that for me to actually take you seriously. You went through this long ass boring rant about what you're going to do to Holly Arrow, when honestly the best thing you could've said was nothing at all. Wasted all our fucking time, and for what? To get your ass kicked and early exit out of the damn match? Learn some sort of respect, learn some sort of self awareness so that you don't put yourself in that situation. People will say OMG MIKU YOU NEED TO LEARN TO DO THAT TOO!!! No.. I really don't. Because when I say I'm going to do something, I actually go out, and fucking do it. Tag Team Champion, Specialists Champion, this shit is EASY to me. Other people can say it, I'm just going to go out and do it. I know all you bitches are jealous of IDOL-GUN, that's why you're all so hostile toward us. Speak our name with such venom, because you wish you could be us. You tell us we can't do this, you tell us we can't do that, and then we just fucking do it. So stop wasting your time, and stop wasting your energy trying to tell us who we are, and what we're going to do because clearly you motherfuckers are some bum ass scouts that don't know what the fuck you're talking about. The rumors of IDOL-GUNS demise were greatly exaggerated as you can see. So Domino, before you try talking shit to the best, make sure you're actually armed before you do so. I mean why the fuck would I think you would take it easy on me? I'm the Specialists Champion, clearly people will want to take their best shot???? Like????? Bitch are you dumb? Why even utter the words that you did? Also don't question my personal decisions in life ok? If I want to fuck Satan, why does that concern you? I mean is his dick game strong? MOST LIKELY!! But I also have to think of side effects, I mean the guy has probably fucked every person that has ever entered hell ever right? So we talking all the STDS.. And that shit would probably burn.. I don't know seems like a risk, but I'm not saying noooooo. But shit, shut up, I don't care to hear you talk ever again. Pizza Hut Stone is better I presume ... Be gone.

Oh and by the way Ximena? Is this dumb cunts name? You're a fucking dumb cunt you know that? Why you even chose to speak I don't know. You could've stayed silent, and everything would have been fine most likely. We wouldn't have known what a dumb bitch you are. DiDnT mS eXtReMe EmBaRrAsS oNe Of YoU???? Fuck no! IDOL-GUN doesn't get embarrassed EVER! And of course you go right to the fucking negatives, like one half of IDOL-GUN didn't LITERALLY just win the Specialists Championship. I don't think you're in a position right now to try and peacock on us ok? You went out for this undeserved title match, got your ass BEAT! And now you're going to come to us and say oooh well IDOL-GUN got embarrassed. We bring high quality content to this fucking company ok? We bring high class to this fucking company out the ass! And you want to talk about "embarrassment"? We're literally tag team of the year, rookies of the year.. Bitch who even are you? Am I supposed to be impressed that Ms. Extreme beat you? Am I supposed to feel like you're the future still? I don't see it that way. I had a tough task in front of me! I had Beth Blue, criminal nurses, and a mid match steroid boost for Blue, and I still won! I had the odds stacked against me the entire time, no one believed in me, and I still won! The Simps were falling from the rafters trying to be a part of such a beautiful moment, and the best you can come up with is.. Ms Extreme embarrassed one of you? Suck my WHOOOOLE dick bitch. GOBBLE THE BALLS, AND GARGLE THE JIZZ because you got me all the way fucked up. I don't want to hear anything else ever come out of your mouth ever again due to the stupidity you decided to use on our first meeting ever. You can beat us all with one arm tied behind your back, but you couldn't even beat one of the Ava's with both functional arms, yeah ok. You sound real tough vertical huh? You won't see so tough once you're knocked flat on your back AGAIN! Team Voltage is going to embarrass you. Not like the fictional way you said Ms Extreme embarrassed us, but the legitimate way. Talking about how you're going to hold one of the many prestigious titles EAW has to offer, acting like I haven't already won 2! Rookie of the year folks don't forget, best to ever do it, right here! Anyway this team is full of garbage.. Team Voltage ez dub.

Sierra didn't bother to show up again, because she couldn't handle the heat. Sigh, didn't she have potential or something? Wasn't she supposed to be something? Now look at her, pathetic. Being outworked by one of the laziest dumbest cunts in EAW history, Andrea Valentine. That says a lot about you Sierra. When you can't outwork a whopping 2 promo outing by Andrea Valentine, which is on the high end.. That's saying something about you. But yeah.. God Andrea you fell the fuck off huh? Why are you still here? Why haven't you retired, and just moved aside? You clearly don't belong here anymore. You clearly are just wasting everyones time by hanging around here. I echoed most of what Hikari said? Good, that must mean that we're on the same page, and are a great tag team. Hikari is one of the best talkers in EAW, and if I'm thinking on the same wave lengths as my partner, then we have a pretty good thing going here huh? Like what was that supposed to mean? Us calling you out for losing yet another World Championship match that you didn't deserve.. Like ok? You got us? It's a shame that you self own yourself more than you could ever own anyone in EAW at this point. You've fallen so far down, you've made a bigger ass of yourself than anyone could have ever imagined. Think back to when you won the EAW Championship in that Elimination Chamber match. Think of how great it was, the potential it had, what you could've done with it! Thinking forward from that point, did you ever think you would become what you are today? A shell of your former self just getting by throughout the week? I remember you were the promo police. You would always talk about how people would wait til the last minute, or would wait til someone would say something first... And now look at you. You've become what you hated. I guess you just don't have that same passion that you used to. I guess you got lazy, and thought that you did enough in your time here that it really didn't matter where you went from there. Honestly though, what have you done in EAW that's so special? Are you a triple crown? No? Def not Grand Slam.. Grand Rampage? CITV? King of Elite? No you haven't done any of those things. The best thing you've ever done is just a distant memory now, as you waste away in obscurity. Meanwhile Miku Sakai is wrestling back to back FPV's yet again! How many times have you done that Andrea? I assume never because EAW would never put their trust into you like that. EAW see, they trust me, they trust that I'll put in the work, and not be absolutely useless like yourself. So you can continue to be the lazy whore that you are, and come up with the shittiest comebacks of all time, and I'll continue to pass you by in every aspect known to Man AND Women! Bitch is out here talking about a Tag Team match from almost 4 months ago like it means shit. As Andrea continues to repeat herself in the same promo without ever even answering the fucking question.. OMG this dude that's on my show said the same thing to me months ago! You guys are so unoriginal!! Bitch we don't watch your shitty matches, we don't know what motherfuckers say to you. We're saying what we see, and you know what? What are you going to do? You never fucking answered. You're going to do you? What the fuck does that even mean? Finger blast yourself on National Television? Disappoint everyone? Either option is awful. We don't want to see your bland vanilla lazy ass masturbation, and I speak for everyone when I say we don't want to see you be the laziest piece of shit, dolling out useless content over and over again either. So again, what are you going to do now that you continue to show your true colors? God Damn it your shitty dye job really has seeped into your brain hasn't it? What is this shit? When were you good? There were rumors that you were good? Were those false? How the fuck is this team going to do anything, when the replacement bitch doesn't even know anything about her own damn career? Shits sad.


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