MATCH PROMO Hold up that megaphone and scream louder / Voltage 7.21 / Part II

Kai Zolomon

Target: New Breed

The scene opens with Kai Zolomon having his back turned to the camera as an unknown person approaches him from behind. Kai, having excellent spatial awareness, quickly turns around with one of his escrima sticks in his hands, only to suddenly come to a stop. It’s Sofia Clark.

Kai: Sofia….never sneak up on me. Heck, how did you even enter?

Sofia: The door was open Kai….

Kai shakes his head in a dismissive manner and tosses the stick aside, facing Sofia with a questioning look.

Kai: So? You need something?

Sofia: Just your thoughts on the matter regarding your upcoming match with Cepheus St. Claire. No doubt you’ve heard him address the crowd at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse and the comments he had about you. So would you mind giving a piece of your mind?

Kai: Heh, yeah Sofia, of course I did! I watched him and his two-bit manager pull up at the stadium, with a megaphone nonetheless. Can you imagine Sofia, how much it hurt it, how much it burned him inside as a man that he had to address the whole crowd, live in person, as to why is should be regarded as a better man? Sofia, he calls me a nobody. He says I’m not someone worth his time, ANYBODY’s time, yet the same man has to take time off his schedule to dress up, travel to and address a crowd…all for what? ME!. Looks like I’m living rent free in Cepheus’ mind. It’s not news to me though. Guys like him, they talk high and mighty. They think the world cares about what they want to spew, and let me tell you, majority of what comes out of his mouth is bullshit. I respect Lonnie though, I think Cepheus’ manservant or manager…whatever he wants to call it, is the smarter of the two. Clearly the brains of the union. I mean, ask yourself Sofia, why would a man need a manager. What you’ve got to manage mate? Your business? Your wealth? You life? Hell, if you need to manage any of that, keep your manager where he belongs: at home. The truth is Sofia, and to everyone listening, Cepheus is a man-child who is in need of supervision. Day in and day out this man sits on his throne thinking he’s untouchable while his affairs are sorted by his manager, his lackey, his partner in crime. Cepheus, clearly, Lonnie should be in your place. Hell how I wish Lonnie was in his prime, young and full of vigor, so that he could toss you aside for the worthless client you are. Lonnie my man, you’d make a fine wrestler, but alas, you are stuck. Stuck with a man who’s mind is clearly not in the right place. A man who couldn’t care less about me, yet needs to have the whole world know he can beat me. A man who needs validation from everyone to measure his success. I’d rather wallow in failure then be a dog who looks at everyone for approval. “Hey, world, I can beat Kai Zolomon, yes I can, believe in me! Believe it” SHUT UP. Look at yourself Cepheus. I rule your mind now. In one week, I have made you get off your all-powerful ass and pay attention for the first time in life to something important. Something that truly matters. You should thank me Cepheus. I’m curing your midlife crisis. I’m giving you motivation to be a ‘somebody’ in life, mate. You can hide behind your words, after all, you’ve been speaking a lot about me. Word on the street is that you’d love nothing more than to get over me and face Felix Hartley. Oh…what amazing aspirations mate!

Kai claps enthusiastically

Except, allow me to ruin you moment, yet again! Sofia darlin’ please tell me, which show was the best show this week?

Sofia: Uh, why it’s our very own, Voltage!

Kai: Thanks. Hear that Cepheus. Now, a lot goes into making something the ‘best’. It’s certainly not a one-man show, but hear me out when I say this. Whether you were on Voltage, Dynasty, Showdown or wherever the hole in Santa Clara that you crawled out of, your contribution did not matter to making the show the best! But you know who’s did? Mine. Me and my opponent took each other to our limits, again, heh, kind of becoming a pattern these days huh? We gave the fans a show they simply could not forget. And when it was all said and done, it cannot be argued that we had one of the best matches this week. The sheer athleticism, showmanship, and carnage, unmatched! Wanna know the last time Voltage was also the best show of the week? When I took on three other men and tore the house down.

You seeing a pattern here Ceph? Or you need you manager to point it out for you too? Hell, let me point it out: Win or lose, I matter. Win or lose, I’m in people’s mouths, in their minds, in the radar so to speak. Why? Because I’m just that good, and it doesn’t matter if luck or whatever superstitious bullshit pops up to rob me of my win, I stand strong when the smoke clears. That’s why people give a damn. That’s why fans give a damn, that’s why Matt Daniels gave a damn. Hell, that’s why YOU give a damn Cepheus. Ohh yes you do Ceph, you give the most damns. In fact, if a got a penny for a damn you gave, I’d be financially off and retired right now. As I said, I’m living rent free in that head of yours’ and will continue to do so because the truth is, I’m not letting you walk away with MY shot at the championship gold. You Cepheus, will always have me in the back of your head as the man who ended your little dream. I don’t know when the sandman came to put you in this dream, but I’m gonna make you wake up from it this Sunday.

Sofia: Well, Kai you certainly have a lot of damns being given about you! So much that EAW has named you the rising star of the week!

Kai: Whaaa? But..But…how Sofia, oh please tell me how!? Everyone, especially Cepheus, has been saying I’ve never had a good record. I’ve never won when it mattered. Oh Sofia, please tell me how is this possible?

Sofia: Well Ka-

Kai raises his hands and takes the mic off of Sofia’s hands. She hesitates, but obliges.

Kai: I’ll tell you why. Cepheus needed to crawl through some heavy shit to get this same accolade. He had to take on TLA, and lose by the way heh, and then he went through PAKA and Desmond Black.

And I just beat PAKA.

Bet it blew your mind huh? It goes to show Cepheus, you may be a talented wrester and yeah sure you racked up an impressive record and yeah you’re a terrific performer when it needs be….but I’m better. I’m so better that me beating PAKA is enough in terms being the rising star in this company, because everyone and their mothers have been how good that match was. So the next time Cepheus, you come crying to me, to your manager, or hell to the people who you so want to give their attention to you, remember: I got to where you got, only much more efficiently. I wouldn’t call it easy, nothing’s ever easy, but this? THIS was easy Cepheus. Jeez, don’t know why you had to win so many more fights to get this one huh? Maybe, just maybe, the management doesn’t have faith in you?

Kai holds the microphone in front of Sofia.

Sofia: Haha…Kai I’m interviewing you…

Kai: Voltage is to be my brainchild, so this interview is now being conducted by me too. Ask me a question Sofia.

Sofia:…well, um, this is weird but I guess you are the boss now. So…how do you feel Cepheus claiming Matt Daniels is giving you this opportunity at gold simply to set you up for failure? Do you think there are powers in the GM office that is set to sabotage you?

Kai pulls the mic to himself

Kai: Great question Sofia. No. Let me be the one to shut that accusation, that…that baseless fact down right now! Cepheus St. Claire needs to wash his mouth before he takes the name of a legend of this business and a Hall of Famer, a champion, our very own Voltage GM in his dirty, conniving mouth. I mean, everyone can see it. Cepheus had his feelings hurt. Just like as a kid when daddy wasn’t around to teach him how to be a real man or when his mom wasn’t around to treat him how to talk to ladies, ladies such as Felix Hartley, who I will admit, I am not a fan of, but I respect. See that’s what’s the difference is between me and Cepheus as far as holding a championship does. Cepheus has been saying again and again that’s he’s a busy man. Too busy to do this, to do that. It’s even one of his reasons why he keeps Lonnie…we all know it’s not true but whatever. But Cepheus, if you are so busy, if you’re indeed too busy to be even contacted at certain hours because of how important you are….I ask, are you truly even championship material? Are you the future of Voltage? Because I’m here Cepheus, looking out for the best interest of the company and Voltage 24/7!! While you take your little trips to go kill another soul, I’m here, looking after MY brand, MY company, MY home…MY championship. You’re so busy to stick around, then let’s be honest, you don’t deserve the New Breed Championship, because you’ll never give it your 100% with it. You mind is clearly somewhere else, wrestling comes second, this brand comes second. You have a bigger agenda, and I don’t care if it’s something as petty as getting revenge or fuckin’ ruling the world mate, the bottom line is you’re just TOO DAMN BUSY for anything. Which is just another reason why I feel this is one match I must win. I can’t let the New Breed title fall in hands which don’t appreciate talent, hard work, and most of all, respect.

You know what respect is Cepheus? You don’t. The title which you fight for, you don’t even know how much I love it. How much I would love to hold it. To you it is simply a steppingstone…to me, it is my ticket to proving Voltage as the greatest brand. Hell, you don’t know shit Cepheus, you don’t know the history, the prestige, the honor it is to hold a belt, because you’re not even made of the same ilk as those words…

Let me give you a history lesson, The New Breed title exists to showcase the best of new talents who walk through the doors into EAW. It’s not simply a piece of gold, to you it may be, but to me, it is a sign that if I can attain it, I can attain everything else. And that is not an easy thing to attain. You know how many new people walk through those doors Cepheus? And to be called among the best from them? You bet it is an honor to even be considered for a shot at it! I said before Cepheus, I respect you for the competitor you are, not the man you are. You don’t respect me at all. That right there shows character of your’s Ceph. You don’t care for who you face, what history they have, where they are in the so-called food chain in the company. The New Breed? It’s a title that’s been held by some of the best competitors and even Hall of Famers. Guys like Jamie O’Hara, TLA and ladies like Raven and yes, even Felix Hartley have held the championship high with pride. I can admit that. Can you Cepheus?

That is the same reason why a two-time EAW champion, a former EAW world champion and a a whooping 5-time EAW hardcore champion like MATT DANIELS picked ME! Heh, I bet you didn’t even know Matt had those accolades under his belt right? I mean, why would you, you’re just here to wrestle and get a paycheck to run some illegal business dealings right? What do you know about prestige, history, respect? Now does it make sense why people Matt chose me? No Cepheus, it isn’t because he wants to set me up for failure…and hell, even if he did, he picked ME, because he knew how good I am. So, sorry that things don’t fit your narrative, that just because no one threw a bone for you to fetch, it HAS to be some secret conspiracy plot against me. No Cepheus. You’re just fuckin’ delusional mate, and you’re letting your delusions and your assumptions make the judgement for you. Keep it up mate, you’re just making my job that much easier.

Kai holds the mic infront of Sofia

Sofia: uh, wow, even I sometimes forget what a GOAT Matt Daniels Is! So Kai, my last question to you for the night….what is your gameplan? You’ve spoken a lot about how devious Cepheus is, but you cannot deny…that man holds an undefeated record this season! And no matter how you spin it Kai….you can’t deny, he will be tough to beat. Even for you…

Kai takes back the mic and looks up at for a few seconds, inhaling air and exhaling before locking his eyes on Sofia.

Cepheus is undefeated his season?

I’m unpinned. No one in the back has knocked me down or out for 3 seconds. No one in the back has made me tap out!

Cepheus outlasted me in the 24/7 Battle Royal?

Guess what? He also lost.

Cepheus was the rising star of EAW?

Move over, because so am I. The future is now.

Sofia, in case you or anyone in the back didn’t get the memo, it spells out something like this. Of course I know what Cepheus is capable of. I…more than ANYONE, should know this. He’s my opponent next week for godsakes and believe me, I have done my homework. I’ve trained harder than I ever had since coming to EAW for this. I know how dangerous he can be. I know every day I walk with a target on my back. I’m his enemy No. 1 and he knows it. And I know it. Cepheus won’t shut up about me, and even when he tries to talk me down, he only boosts my repertoire. We’re so close and yet so far. Him and me, we’re day and night but that is exactly what Cepheus needs. A rival, an opposite force. Something he truly does not understand. Something that is an enigma to him. So how will I beat him? Simple.

Kai raises his two hands, which he balled up

Good ol’ fashion way. THESE. If I survived PAKA, then I can take on Cepheus. Problem is, Cepheus barely survived PAKA, barely by the skin of his teeth, and I knocked the breath off of PAKA. If my calculations are true, then Cepheus is going to be really high up shit creek when he’s against me.
Cepheus you’ll have to kill me buddy, kill me, cut me into pieces and then bury each part in different parts of the world because that is the only way you can delay, not stop, delay the inevitable. Me beating you. I’m no TLA, I’m no PAKA, I’m no Desmond Black. I’m Kai Zolomon, and I am a bad man. Possibly the baddest you’ve faced, and that’s saying a lot, seeing you come from the worst parts of the world. If I were you, I’d be praying. Raising my hands to god to make the ordeal easy. Or better yet, not showing up at all. Because I promise you, this Sunday, I will KICK YOU ASS so bad, you will need Lonnie to count the bruises on your body.

You will kick me down.

I will hit you with my Death Grid move.

You will cut me.

I will strike you down with my Bloodbend.

And even if you kill me…

There’s always plan C!

So take that megaphone up Cepehus, hold it REAAAAALLLLL high, and keep screaming bitch. Because that’s what you do, that’s what you need. Talk louder, because the people can’t hear you…either that or they simply don’t care. Hell, give Lonnie a megaphone too. Because after next week, you’ll be so irrelevant that you will need a microphone for the rest of your career to be heard, listened and given a damn.

This Sunday on Voltage at Cleveland Ohio….you’re right, the crowd will be there to witness you Cepheus St. Claire take on someone they can’t even remember. But wait…what is this. This….NOBODY called Kai Zolomon just stole the victory. Just. Like. That. Oooh, I wonder that people will think then huh? The greatest moments in sports have come when the people cared about both sides, the winners AND the losers, after all, what the fuck are you trying to prove mate, by beating a loser?!

And if you indeed consider me a loser, so expect your legacy to be just that, coming so close to the New Breed title and losing it…to me.

And if I lose? If I don’t get to keep my words? If you walk out the winner?
First of all, hey, I lost against someone who is undefeated, so what’s the problem right?

Secondly, if I do lose, I will inflict so much on you that by the time you even get to Felix Hartley…..she will be facing a cripple. See you in the ring, Mr. Treacherous one.

Kai shoves the mic to Sofia who is stunned.

The camera transitions to a Bloodsport promo and fades to black.

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