MATCH PROMO I’ve just got my wings. // VOLTAGE .001

Akari Kiyoko

.001 reasons to soar
Aomori, Japan
You know, it’s a good day today.

I’ve been excited since last week, getting a win over La Famila as always. But now, something old is popping up again. Seems to be the story of my career, eh? Always dealing with the old, never with new people. But, that doesn’t necessarily matter. I’m one to imagine endless possibilities for the near future. This necessarily isn’t new to me, but I am tired of it. Every single time that we face, it’s been the same thing. I win, you lose. When we first met, I won, and you lost. When we happened to meet again some weeks ago, what happened? I won, you lost. Talk about something fitting, how about we talk about the fact that you claim that you got screwed out of something, but in reality, you screwed yourself. You screwed over Luis, and he then returned the favor by screwing over you. You act like you know everything, and in a sense you probably do know everything, but in this case, “everything” is so one sided. But of course it wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t your fault that you screwed over someone and got screwed over in advance, and it surely isn’t your fault that you lost Roberto De La Rosa. Of course from your story, it wouldn’t be your fault. That’s how every story is told, isn’t it? The opposed protagonist never does any wrong, but somehow manages to fail and fall short just once. You’re a fool. You're not the hero of the story. You can’t just get mad at someone because they did something back in return, that’s called karma. But of course THAT’S the reason you lost to me. Not because you didn’t have the chance to kickout, or because you willingly got put down, but because of inference, right.

You never take accountability for anything. And if you did, then you wouldn’t be Valerie Hellstorm.

My fault to Cameron wasn’t because of anything other than myself. Unlike you, I can come to terms with my losses. But don’t get it twisted– me and you are never going to be the same. you can’t compare your fall to Roberto, the way I fell to Cameron Ella Ava. You can’t compare my working hard to your working hard. I didn’t need to cheat to get anywhere, but you had to cheat to beat the “easiest competition” and claimed to work hard. I didn’t have to cheat at all. I face more adversity than you have. The only thing you can bring up is failure, and you bring up the fact that I haven’t tasted failure as much as you have. But you love to bring up the fact that you were on PLE stages and I wasn’t. And what does that do for you? What does it do for your case to be Hardcore Champion? It does nothing. But I will admit, there’s one thing that you are good at. Quite frankly, it’s good being a hypocrite. You're completely right, I did lose to Cameron Ella Ava. Where were you? You were in the back watching me do it? You were praying that Cameron had a way to beat me, so that you were never wrong. You were praying that KASAI beat Brianna, because to you, that’s revenge. And you know what’s funny about all these statements? You were never involved in the closing moments. Yes, you could’ve beaten me, but you didn’t. You could’ve made me feel lesser, but I wouldn’t let someone who I beat talking down to me like that.

Everything about you is a could’ve, would’ve, should’ve matter. You could’ve beaten me, you would’ve beaten me, you should’ve been facing Roberto. But none of that happened. The experience did teach me something. I am better than what most people look at me as. You looked at me something lesser, I taught you otherwise. Mia said I didn’t have a shot in the dark, and yet she couldn’t beat me either. The only person that truly knew what I could do was Micheal. Then you have Cameron, who indeed did defeat me. But I didn’t get desperate and cheat. I fought her head on. You don’t deny anything. You called me childish simply, because I took a threat seriously, one that you didn’t even get to face. You were right because of someone else, not because of yourself. And that’s sad, isn’t it? Last week you decided to talk down to Brianna as if you won your title matches. As if you have accomplishments to talk about. I said what I said. You can believe anything, say I have too much pride, but at the end of day, I provide results. Those people you keep trying to dumb down, you don’t affect. How is it, Valerie, that a rookie’s word means more than yours? Why are you so excited to see others put down that you didn’t put down yourself? I put pride in my talent because I don’t have to use anything to get me anywhere. I didn’t need a team to gain popularity because I couldn’t do it myself. Even if we didn’t get involved, you wouldn’t have been able to beat me.

You hate me because I am everything you are not. I’m not a hypocrite as much as you paint me to be. I’m not like you at all. I have goals and morals, and I don’t sit here pretending to be changed when in reality, I’m just the same person. I don’t need to learn like you’ve been learning, in fact, I’ve been learning a lot more than you have, just at winning. You shamed me for talking about destiny, but that drove me more than it drove you to pay attention for five seconds. Blame that on Brianna too. I don’t even have to care for you. I feel bad for you because as much as Valerie Hellstorm wants to be something, she could never get over that heel of being a fool. You’re fooling yourself. I don’t care about what you said when we first met, it only meant something then because I was facing you for the first time. But now that I know who Valerie Hellstorm is, I’ve grown to care less and less. And for the people that haven’t beat that aren’t “favorable,” in your case, you barely got by them. You bring them up more than I do, and I’m the one that beat them. All this, Valerie, this is helping you come to terms with what you already know. You know I’m going to beat you. It isn’t any new information.

Have fun losing to me for a consecutive third time. And don’t get butt hurt about it either.


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