Bronson Daniels

God of Conveniences
I don’t deem myself a hero.

I don’t believe I’m a good guy.

Perhaps some people find my actions honorable and perhaps their opinion forms around the idea that I am a hero, or perhaps some people look up to me and so I’m deemed their hero, but I still don’t believe myself to be a hero nor do I intend to be one, because… I don’t do this to satisfy any other. I don’t do this to be the most honorable man in the world or to be heralded as a hero in storybooks hundreds of years from now. I do this for myself and always have… I don’t help somebody out unless it benefits me, I will always put my legacy above everything and I will always prioritize my life and my dream over any other. I’m no sacrificial lamb unless it directly helps me – for that reason you won’t see me randomly come out and help a poor soul who’s brawling at a disadvantage, you won’t see me do anybody’s dirty work, and you won’t see me work for somebody else unless, again, it directly benefits me. We’re all innately selfish. We all care for our own good more than anything else, we all live for ourselves, not for somebody else. I’m no hero, just a man doing what he thinks is right for himself. Nobody’s a hero, and nobody’s a villain, some people are sometimes more wrong than right in situations and so that cloud is placed above their heads. This is an evolving business, one day you’ll be the good guy and one day you’ll be the bad guy; walking into Glasgow, Scotland looking to shatter the hometown hero’s reign in August obviously paints me as the bad guy, but that fight you put up earns respect and so, people get you, and they get on your side.

It’s your actions that dictate the type of person you are.

Not a status quo. Not a statement.

You can be a good person one second and a horrible one the next. I’ve done a lot of good, and a lot of bad, I’ve been pushed to my absolute limits recently, and more times than not I’ve let some really bad things fly out of my body, so you can believe in me, or you can call me the biggest scum on earth, don’t really care, because yeah, this is all selfish. I am selfish, just as is everybody else.

I’m no hero, Jake, and neither are you.

We are incredibly selfish but selfishness is what it takes to make it.

But, there’s differences in being selfish and fucking miserable.

All things have a limit, and mistakes can be forgiven, until they cannot, and well, Jake, I know I made mistakes as champion, I’ve admitted this many times, I know I left you in the dust as you feel and you weren’t the only one, I was obsessed with that title because of my innate selfishness and wish for my destiny to never see an end. That title did a lot of good, it also did a lot of bad, and me fucking up because of how selfish I was is right there, but I consider what I did forgivable, after all, you’re the one who “understands” it because “you would do the same”, business versus personal at the end of the day, but the thing is, you haven’t done the same, Jake. Your mistakes can’t be forgiven, I will never come back to you and I will never be on the same side as you after what you’ve done. You’ve done horrible things that didn’t benefit you, only held the both of us back, so you weren’t selfish, you were just a salty annoyance that couldn’t endure the lack of a spotlight for two seconds even though this entire season you’ve had that spotlight without even needing that World Title, which cannot be said for any other season of yours. You weren’t doing any of this because of business, Jake, you weren’t doing it because we happened to cross paths, or because you “had” to, you did this because you WANTED to, because you felt as if my success is your own detriment whereas my detriment would be your success when it’s truly both of our detriments as your eyes have never been on that World Title but rather me. You chose the “personal” approach. You made this personal, you made this hold zero relevance to any of your personal success, as beating me would prove nothing, since, of course, you see me as beneath you, but if that were the case we wouldn’t be here of course, and that’s one of many untrue things to come out of your mouth, which we’ll dive into eventually. You never did this to win a World Title, Jake, and you never did this to turn this into your show again – god forbid any brand has to suffer that fate – you did this because you were jealous. You did this because you saw the man I became and you were ashamed you’re still the same dickhead deep inside, you did this because you cannot handle not being number one in association with others, that’s why you look for validation in taking credit for everyone’s success even though your presence had no bearing on it, from Drake King, to Limmy Monaghan and Donovan Duke, even Chris Elite, and finally, me. It’s why you whole-heartedly believe I’ve been riding your coattails when truthfully you’d rather die if it means I go down with you while I wish this whole saga between us would end already and I could go on more important adventures. It’s why you cannot accept my success without inserting yourself into it, as was the case in 2021 when we shared opposite sides in the Brand Warfare match or when you showed your true colors from time to time in our first run as The 420s in 2020. “I’m below you this and that”, “I owe my career to you”, “my success is accredited to you”, it’s like you are stuck in your own echo chamber and the second somebody has the slightest correlation with you, you jump the gun and take away all their hard work to put yourself on a pedestal you don’t belong on, and hell, if you were such the good teacher it’s quite the shame you’ve never been able to accomplish as much as all who you’ve taken credit from and “bred” for success, don’t you think? For a man so selfish, for a man that thinks the world revolves around him I find it amusing you could never be as good as who you deem your pupils. Not that I’m feeding into your narrative, don’t get me wrong, since well, as The 420s in 2020 we’ve just been beating up on inexperienced rookies the few times it was a thing because you were mostly busy with ruining women’s wrestling while good old buddy Bronson Daniels was over here making a hell of an impression in his first couple of months without Jake Smith in his corner. You know, nothing better than winning your first championship and having to help Jake Smith beat James Ranger, right? You take things, you fluff, overexaggerate them to the point they’re a whole different completely false story all made to make you look good because you’re too damn insecure to be happy with yourself even though you’ve fought all this adversity and had so much comeuppance!

The world hates you because you make them hate you.

I hate you because you made me hate you.

There’s no agenda against you, nobody’s out to get you and hold you back, you’re the one holding himself back and even then found mild success but it’s your very mindset that got you feeling so underachieved, and I’m not the one manipulating you into feeling as such, nor was I manipulating you into helping me take down the all mighty Ronan Malosi and SOSA Henderson in a tag team match, or into giving me the one-on-one opportunity to get a crack at Myles, you’ve made your choices, Jake, and you made the choice to cross me, you made the choice to feel as if you were in my shadow while I was World Heavyweight Champion, you made the choice to kill off a friendship out of hate and jealousy, not even out of a desire for success. What a sorry excuse you are, Jake Smith, only you could be capable of finding any means of discredit to make yourself look like you belong, only you could be capable of finding any possible excuse, only you could delude yourself so much to the point I can’t call you a human anymore, rather simply a “monster” that I see as nothing but a disease to my career and an entire five-months wasted because of – you see Jake, I don’t have to discredit you, or put you on the same tier as Ronan Malosi and Ryan Wilson because that’s laughable, I know what you are, I know what you’ve done, you’re the perfect A-tier star as you represent everything that could hold somebody back from being S-tier, of course, I’m not here to give you that advice as you don’t deserve it, but given that I don’t believe you are above me, I don’t see a reason to feel a victory over you would benefit me with anything but the freedom I lost once The 420s reunited, and that’s the freedom to be great. I’ve been shackled ever since you arrived, shackled to lose out on everything at your hands. My championship. The opportunity to gain it back. Iron Survivor. My singles match streak. It’s all come to anticlimactic ends that had it not been for you I would’ve succeeded, and you see, that bothers me very much, because as I touched upon, I’m selfish, I WANT to succeed, I NEED to be the best, I HATE being counted out, but because your eyes are on the player and not the ball… I cannot do that, because your sole purpose is to make sure I fail, you take me out and then you’re just a free meal for the winner, and I’m quite sick of that, Jake, because I hate losers, thus I hate you, I hate you because you don’t play for the win, if you did I wouldn’t have minded you, but no, you play to make me fail, and that’s where I have to step in and make you fuck off into your own little shell of mediocrity once this stupid thought of revenge is out of your head, once I force it, of course. I want you to… fear me, Jake. Once this all wraps up, once Grand Rampage comes around, once this match ends, I want you, from here on out, to hear my theme song, to hear my name, to see my face, and to tremble in fear, to run away like the little puppy you are and to never look me in my eyes again knowing you won’t walk out in one piece.

You taught me something new, Jake. You taught me how to hate.

You ruined me.

And I will fucking hate you for it until the end of my days.

I used to hate nobody, not the people who’ve wronged me, nor the people who’ve abandoned me, because like it or not I became the man I am today as a result, but as selfishness and desire for success comes into play I can’t help but take it personal when someone holds me back from achieving said success, when I waste my time with somebody whose sole purpose is to make sure I lose and somebody that would flip-flop between friend and snake for the last four years, believing in the best of you, refusing to see the rotten side of this soul, and now having to face that roadblock who just won’t give. What a miserable fucking time, what a shame to watch others prosper in the midst of my despair, what a shame it is to let this happen when my hands are tied behind my back. But right now, I’m fighting for my freedom, I’m fighting for my hands to finally be free once again and to be able to get revenge. You see Jake, I’ve given up hope, given up dreams, I’ve fully tapped into the despair, just as you have, and now I give you a share of my suffering, fuck that World Championship, fuck that Grand Rampage match, so long as you’re in the way of that, hope is useless, but I will create my hope, I will make sure you are unable to compete in that match, I will make sure your life is a living hell and I will be the demon you provoked out of me, I’m fighting fire with fire, I’m gonna show you my rotten side and go 150% for something that deserves 20% just so you can see true suffering. You screw me out of everything? You stick your nose into everything? Well, Jake, now I have nothing more to lose, and all I want is to eliminate you, for the curse you’ve been on my life these past few months. Once you are completely of the equation, then, and only then, can I think about winning that Grand Rampage match and resuming my path to greatness, until then, Jake Smith? I will provide your own personalized hell at the hands of the man who knows you the best and make sure the rest of your time here is the absolute worst – I’m gonna be the monster in this story, not you, you’re gonna have to run, you’re gonna have to escape for you life, and when you come up against me, you will be the underdog trying to survive… not me.

I am you.

Cold-blooded, selfish, vengeful, heartless.

This is what you turned me into – your biggest nightmare.
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