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"So, let me get this straight...

You, Madison, began your video complaining how you don’t care about my quote-en-quote “baby ass drama” and “minuit troubles” with Mary S. Atlas. Only for you to go on and complain about something that’s relatively the same issue with fewer stakes? Listen, I’m fine that you don’t care. Believe me, I’m not losing sleep because Madison fuckin Kaline doesn’t give a shit about my issues. After all, none of what I said about Mary was at all intended for you. If you wanna downplay the one-sided grudge Mary has against me and sum it up as some “Kindergarten feud” then go right ahead. But at the end of the day, it’s genuinely fucking hilarious when you follow it up with complaints that one of your opponents, and your former friend, simply cost you a wrestling match and future opportunity. Madison, I genuinely don’t believe that you think my problems are “MINUIT” compared to yours. I genuinely don’t believe that anyone thinks that, in comparison, every bit of trouble I’ve had this season is nullified because of a singular match that you were able to see the end of. That just isn’t true. But if you wanna compare trauma like fucking pokemon cards, then let’s go ahead. Amber Keys - for the second time (so technically it’s your own fault for trusting her 😂) - attacked you in a match where you almost won, which you now use as an excuse for your failure even though you later lost a fight with Kassidy Heart before she won the match. You’re still here. You’re still standing. Suffering the same consequences as everyone else. Madison, I almost had to fucking retire, and missed three months of potential opportunities and moments. You really want to downplay my injury because you were oh so close to main eventing Pain For Pride against Andrea Valentine? Motherfucker, if I wasn’t thrown through metal onto concrete neck first, there’s a damn good chance you would be complaining about how you’re not facing ME at Pain For Pride. You’re mad that your Pain For Pride main event is gone? I WORKED MY ASS OFF FOR A WHOLE SEASON JUST FOR IT ALL TO BE FLUSHED DOWN THE DRAIN. “She was supposed to be my sister! We had a plan! But she turned on me, and I lost!” Congratulations, Madison, you’re just the 100th case of a broken friendship, and you lost a wrestling match. I had to sit in hospital beds, and attend physiotherapy, all because MY former friend didn’t want me to simply be here and I was labeled the bad guy throughout it all. You’re complaining about one match among many future opportunities you will have while deeming my thankfulness for being able to still compete a “MINUIT issue.” I expected more. I genuinely expected more from you. It’s ironic hearing you call anything bullshit while you try to make it seem like your falling out with Amber Keys, and subsequential failure is the talking point of this match when it’s a miracle I’m even here to shut you the fuck up.

Madison, all you have given me here is bullshit. You’re trying to compare our two issues, just hoping that because you’re the accomplished one here people will side with you and call you justified, but all you do is sound even more bitter than I am. If you weren’t trying to compare, then you’d be right in feeling that way. But this is only escaping your lips because, rather than engaging in the active conversation, you’re unsuccessfully trying to shut it down. By making it all about you, by making your overexaggerated issues your talking point, you simply make yourself look worse. I mean, a chunk of these don’t even make sense. You tried so hard to talk about how this place has given you so much bullshit, with one of your examples being your loss to Andrea. You blame that failure on Cleopatra, when in reality, it’s on you. I mean, she was hardly even part of the match, and when she was it was by your own doing. And, at the end of it all, you are the reason you lost. Shit, you can’t even blame Andrea for your loss to Drake either. YOU chose to engage with her. And just as you came close to beating him, a counter window allowed him to gain the victory. Don’t try to flip this whole “They’ve got me wrong!!!” narrative and make it all about how you’re not actually washed up when you provide lame-ass excuses while still feeding into Cleopatra’s idea of who I am. I’m just someone who “shouldn’t be entertained" to you. The difference is our examples our different. Mine is valid.

Cleopatra made those claims because she truly does not even know who I am. She didn’t pay attention then, and certainly wouldn’t go back and remember now, therefore her conclusion is that I’m the female Jake Smith. Now, you’re outright admitting that’s why you’re doing the same damn thing by telling me “I don’t know you from a fucking hole in the wall” in the same sentence as telling me I’m all noise, and that I’m the same as Mary S. Atlas. This is how I know you’re doing nothing but talking. Downplaying me because you can’t be bothered to do anything fucking else. I’m not sure why you suddenly decided to compare our rookie years, Madison. I’m truly not. I’m truly not sure why you compared our rookie years that are bordering on a parallel, but let’s have at it. Mine pales in comparison to yours? Alright, let’s hear it. You were in the main event for the Vixens Championship for 3 months. I was in the main event for the Universal Women’s Championship for just as long. Following that, you then won the Vixen’s Championship. If this whole injury - the exact reason why I’m so pissed off - didn’t happen? I’d be standing here Universal Women’s Champion. You’re trying to shut me down as a nobody, and saying I’m not impressive, all the while bigging yourself up for doing THE SAME THING AS ME. Then going on to lie about Andrea Valentine’s talent, as if you didn’t get beat by her, is absolutely insane. I’m not one to cape for other Elitists, but saying somebody has slid by two World Championships is “lucky” is completely bizarre. You failed to score the third fall in that iron woman match, but deem me literally BEATING HER as unimpressive. Shit, Madison, you might as well start downplaying my victory against you this week too. Because if beating somebody superior to you is unimpressive, this may as well be a regular ass week for me. 🤷‍♀️ And as for this whole “I revolutionized women’s wrestling” thing? I’ve heard about 10 people say the same shit. So all in all, you are disagreeing simply to disagree. You’re following the same old bullshit “Well I have accomplishments!!!” narrative that people such as yourself repeat tenfold as if it made any sense. At the end of the day, y’all were in the same position. But I digress. You so badly want me to be wrong. You so badly want to get one over me, that’s why you’ll go to lengths such as “Becca didn’t leave! I injured her!” as if she hasn’t been out like 100 times before now. I don’t think I ever said you should be honored to face me, and it’s genuinely ironic you can call me delusional in that same sentence given everything you’ve previously said before that statement. Summing an entire Hall of Fame-worthy career in Andrea Valentine down as “luck”, misinterpreting your own failures, and literally being the own thing you criticize - that is the living, breathing definition of delusion. You may as well be the Hall of Fame Ronan Malosi. Shit, let’s go deeper. The Hall of Fame’s very own Morbius.

But hey! Congrats on the “Holly Broken Arrow” pun! I’m sure repeating Mary S. Atlas’ old material is really going great for you. 😂😂😂

Summing me up as “another unproven talent who talks a big game and can’t back it up” couldn’t be any further from the truth, Madison, nor am I trying to belittle either one of you. I’m simply stating that Cleopatra is fucking wrong, and you bending down backward to suck her metaphorical dick and spray out the same old shit she told me at Battle of Egypt isn’t any better. Moreover, now that you’re out here trying to debunk all of what I’ve said, while also complaining about lesser, you really shouldn’t give you a reason to “treat me lightly.” But, as is predicted with people such as yourself, you’ll excuse all of that because you’re a Hall of Famer and that you’ve “faced better before!!!” which is a line that has notoriously never aged well. There’s no way you can tell me to “let my talent speak for myself” in the same sentence as trying to big-league me, and there’s certainly no way you can say my talent DOESN’T speak for itself when you’ve admitted to not even knowing who I am. And even if you do, placing me on the same level as three people who aren’t even good as my very own foundations is enough to make it mean nothing in the first place. I’m not out here to say you suck, and that your career has been a flop, or that you don’t deserve anything you’ve won - because at the end of the day, that’s all false. I’m sure, Madison, you will win another World Title at some point, and you’ll have earned it, but right now all of your criticisms towards me really aren’t helping you here. Allowing yourself to be outclassed by an Elitist you think you’re going to cakewalk really isn’t the next step for you. Allowing yourself to overlook an Elitist who has done something you’ve proven you CAN’T simply isn’t a good look for you. And on a week like this? It makes it even worse. I’m not going to try and convince the brick wall that is you that I should be “relevant” to you, or that I’ve faced better Elitists than you, because at the end of the day I know what’s next. You’ll find a way to (attempt to) shit on everything I’ve done, and all of my examples I’ve brought up, only for yourself to be the ONLY PERSON who actually believes them. You’ll run down the classic “I see fear in your eyes” schtick, and push the narrative that I’m going to be scared, and feeling pressured. If you want the truth though, Madison? I’m not. You’ve given me no reason to be. You haven’t debunked all of my points, you haven’t made me shake in my boots, and you certainly haven’t taken a blade to my throat like countless other people I’ve faced has attempted to do. You’ve sat back, and admitted to thinking this week is going to be easy, and that it’s going to be a metaphorical lounge in a sun chair.

If I was anyone else, that shit would’ve worked. I’m sure if I WAS like Mary S. Atlas, I’d be malding, and I’d start crying about how your career sucks, and that I’m going to beat you. I’m sure if I WAS like Usagi, I’d pull up a thousand and one clips of you saying something, and cry about how you’re wrong, and a hypocrite. But at the end of the day, I don’t need to. If you’re going to approach me the way you have - lackadaisical and overlooking me - then you’re going to be in turn for one harsh wake-up call. You’ll find out that Holly Arrow IS a challenge for you. You’ll find out that Holly Arrow CAN beat you.

And everything I’m trying to remind the world of will come to fruition.

Yay for me, right?"

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