MATCH PROMO I love you so much that it hurts - (Voltage #1)


A Delicious Danger
Dun dun... Duuun... Dun... Kassidy Heart, how I love pronouncing that name and how the meeting of the R and the T sounds magical, how the name HEART is a perfect bait of what you really are, a woman like a rabid dog inside the ring, it's like I'm in the pitbull meme "Princess Heart" and I'm a poor innocent and alone baby. Pop pop pop... From a party person like I was, I went from a party-crasher, didn't I? I wondered what would be the perfect time to come out to you, but I think you're the kind of atheist who doesn't believe in the devil or God and tries to do everything your own way in your own little world. Kassidy, I could scream in your face that you're a slut, but I'd be lying to myself... I like you, Kassidy, I like your style, very BDSM kinky woo... By the way, I want to congratulate you on your victory with Sienna Jade, but holy shit, couldn't you have found a less noisy opponent? Like, I'm a loud motherfucker, but when she started screaming "GET HER, KASS, GET HER" that made me VOMIT all that black liquid in your face as a sign of ZERO respect, and purely offensive provocation for what you are and have become over the course of ups and downs, slaps and kisses. Maybe it's not an omen of things to come? Isn't winning the Tag Team titles an announcement that you're about to lose the other one? The Universal Women's Championship, b-b-b-b-bingo! Value your BFF Jade and let me take care of your belt hm? Value the moment next to your old besties, because life is short and you're coming to a certain age. PFFFFT HAHAHAHAHAHAH... Ohhh weeell... There's a part of me that doesn't want you to get angry about what I've done, come on, you cackled like A BIG DEEEAAALLL!!! What? Haven't you ever had Mist in those beautiful doll eyes? And then there's the other part of me that wants you to simply hate me so much that you'll never be able to forget my face and whenever you EVER hear my name you'll want to tear me down in every possible way.

Kassidy, for some girls here you're like a monster, you know? How do you feel? A babadook with silicone tits, but for me, you're a new challenge that I'll face on this journey. Unlike that bozo gorl Lilith, you do have what it takes to demoralize my opponents from the Clusterfuck match, you do have what it takes to make me a JOKE. Which put me in this position to face you for the title. I don't care about any shit you say, Kassidy, I just don't care if you say they're useless, think with me in the context of a bunch of people jumping on your ass with the most varied meaningless arguments, and in the ring, they're also jumping on your ass with kicks, punches, suplexes and the like... Even if you demoralize them, they're still talents from the company you've wrestled for years and years, and you know that this is top-tier wrestling, FIRST Tier, KASSIDY, THAT YOU BUILT WITH YOUR SWEAT AND VERY, VERY BLOOD! So if these talents are what they are today, it's because they saw you on TV, they saw you winning, winning, all the time... You're their biggest influence, YOU'RE MY INFLUENCE, KASSIDY! YOU ARE AT THE TOP OF THE EAW WOMEN'S FOOD CHAIN, and who would I be? Grass? Grasshoppers? Oh, I'm no match for people like Doctor Blue, am I? WHO YOU DEFEATED, AND PUT THE TITLE ON YOUR SHOULDER! Well, what I do is follow what I see, I see you, Kassidy, I love you more than you can imagine. When your beautiful face, sculpted by the hands of angels, becomes filthy with blood, I want to be you all the time, I want to be inside your skin, feel your veins, feel your heart... This moment for me is nothing less than THE MOMENT, but for you it could be just another ordinary Sunday, that's what makes us so different... Gold has become so irrelevant to you that I don't know if you really value it anymore and feel that passion for the sport.

As for me, I want to love... Love being you, and I won't have to do much of that because you'll also give me what I really love, not just violence, the opportunity to beat and hit. To love being the Universal Women's Champion. Your laughter echoing in my head, with the mockery, calling me a jobber, other things... THIS IS FUEL, I beat my hand dozens of times on the mirrors backstage at EAW to get cuts and blood to color my lips the most perfect red, just to show up that day for you, and what did you do? YOU LAUGHED! This was offensive, so how come you want to be respected, if you don't respect anyone? "Oh I'm Kassidy Heart, I don't need to respect nanananana" GIRL, NO. YOU'RE A WOMAN, YOU WILL RESPECT THE OTHER WOMAN WHO DIDN'T EVEN TOUCHED ON YOUR NAME, A WHATEVER... So... I BURNED YOUR EYES AND I'M GOING TO BURN THEM AGAIN, I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU REALLY REMEMBER MY NAME, and this Sunday of yours will be the WORST Sunday of your life, of your career, and I'll make sure to be memorable for you forever. Kass, it's good that you're an acclaimed person, you're experienced, you'll know how to deal with me now, since no one has perfectly managed to put me in the cage I'm supposed to be in, you have the power to put a shock collar around my neck, pull my tongue out of my mouth and bite it!!!! And I WOULD LIKE THAT, you know why? Because you're Kassidy Heart, Kassidy Heart, Kassidy Heart, Kassidy Heart, KASS-IDY HE-A-RT, OH MY!!! THAT'S THE NAME OF SUCCESS!!! And to have you in the same ring as you, competing for this title that a host of names have held before, is simply gratifying, the diagnosis that I really have managed to overcome all the hell I've been through before, suffering defeats to insignificant creatures, so that I could raise my own hell above everyone else like a cold dish, like eating nitrogen ice cream.

Now none of that really matters, I believe that's what you're going to say. Because that's what a champion says, isn't it? You're not a woman who should really care about what's worth it, and... You don't see me as someone worth your time and talent, do you? But right now, this is a CRUCIAL moment for me and whether you like it or not, you do have something to put into your career. Because it's just me and Kassidy Heart! It's just me, and the woman who inspires generations and generations of young people to be like her, a living example, a living legend, who walks and talks with the absurd certainty that no one will ever be better than her... Not even a miserable little bitch called Sally, with paranormal powers, chaotic events, a passion for pain HELL KASSIDY, WHAT CAN YOU DO TO DEFEAT ME?! Forgive me if I'm hurting your ego, but really, let's take a look back at previous events and even me, because it might help you... Don't you realize that no way to win is effective? Pinfall? I'll rise like an immortal zombie, I have the stamina of a pornstar. Submission? Do you really think I'm going to cry and wail and moo like a cow in pain because of a submission? I'M GOING TO ENJOY EVERY SECOND OF THE PAIN! You can't even make me faint, Kassidy, because I can't sleep, all the time, 24 hours a day, my eyes are open, watching, observing everything that happens, every step, every movement, not just yours, but everyone's... I know when you get up, when you wake up, when you train, when you put on make-up, when you go out with your friends... Kassidy, tsc tsc tsc... What are you? Human. You still feel pain, no matter how much you love it, you can still bleed to death, no matter how far you go. I can't do any of this, not even if you RELEASE ALL THE CHAMPION'S FURY ON ME.... Hehehaha... There's no way I'm going to die, be defeated or anything like that.

See for yourself, Kassidy. I know that no opponent is like you, none of the ones I've faced so far and beaten, but you've seen that they've tried their best, THE MOST to defeat me, it turns out that none of today's methods are conventional enough to stop me. So, Kass, be the genius you've always been, be the Universal Women's Champion and come at me, come at me, stop me, of all your opponents to date you've only faced little bitches who talked as if the Universal Women's Championship was their big chance to get a new belt around their designer pants, but for me... It's different, Kassy. With this title in my hands, I'm going to reign over everyone here, all the women will really know who's boss, the reign of terror will begin, because they'll realize that it's impossible to defeat me the way they know how. No method is effective, NONE! Not even if they cheat, will they triumph, HOW TO ENGAGE THE QUEEN OF ENGAGEMENT? I'm like a living Loki, a born Trickster, in the essence of the clown past, it might don't matter now, and I KNOW you're going to throw it on my face TOO MANY TIMES, because that's how this business works. Kassidy, my admiration for you is greater than my fear, than the terror I should feel about anything you try to do, because I really love any kind of female revolution you've made in the company, I'm here, I can unleash any kind of violence I want because one day KASSIDY HEART RELEASED HER VIOLENCE ON SOMEONE!!!!! You may not realize it, but your importance over me means that in the future, your career will only be history, and your body a legend in a tomb filled with flowers by fans...

So, Kassidy, be the genius that you are, come up with a really unconventional way to end up with me, an unconventional person, because the usual dish won't be served at the table. And if you try, it will be interesting for you to taste defeat at the hands of a "rookie jobber". Don't be angry at anything I've done, don't be shocked, don't... Don't be shaken! STAY EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE! With your mischievous grin, with your perfect blinking eyelashes... Just enjoy the show...

Mwah ~


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