MATCH PROMO Into the unknown (Reasonable Doubt RP#1)

Adam Lucas

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(Adam sits backstage after Showdown, in the locker room, contemplating everything that had just happened. Having watched the match back, there was no real surprise that both Scott and Caroline had got involved, making the outcome a moot point. But it was after the match and the slap to the face that had more impact. Adam had known Caroline wanted to be involved with Adam, but this was a sign that even at Blind Faith she wasn’t going to be a team player. Before at least she had shown willingness, but was this confirmation that she was going to try and do this alone? He had a lot to contemplate with this coming week, mostly was he destined to have to once again to defy the odds? Either way, he knew this week was nothing like the guarantee that people would make it.)

“Let me start this week by saying, no one knows what happens next. It would be quite simple for me to come out here and say that Reasonable Doubt is inevitable, and that by the time the final bells ring in that cage it will be myself who stands victorious, but the reality is I may not even make it to that cage to get the opportunity. People will say that’s me being defeatist, and that I have no ‘faith’ in what is going to happen, but I prefer to call it me being a realist, considering who my partner is. And let’s face it, you can look around the landscape of this tournament, and you can’t really find anything definite. Pandora has already mentioned it, and many others have touched on it as well, there is a whole world of ego in this tournament that cannot be ignored. And let’s be reasonable, no pun intended, when it has come to Adam Lucas teaming with an individual that doesn’t have any depth of respect for him, ‘teamwork’ has never really been a buzzword has it? In fact, I can recall ONE situation whereby a team I was a part of stayed together to the bitter end, and that was Sheridan, Viz and Myself when we were representing Showdown. Every other time, someone has gone rogue and cost us the match, and thus can I really believe Caroline is going to treat this any differently? I’d be stupid to think that clearly… and yet, due to the format I have to give it a go. I look across the ring, and I see KASAI and Usagi Senshi, and recognize that I can’t do this by myself. I have to have this ‘blind faith’ that Caroline will do the right thing and that she truly does see me as an ‘investment’. I have to believe that Caroline wants her shot at Championship Gold more than she hates me. Or should I say, hates Beth.

Because let’s face it Caroline, that’s your biggest problem here isn’t it? That I am married to someone who I accept, had a defining impact on your career. You say that she set you back, that when she dropped you like an old hat, she ruined you. And yet here you are Caroline, more feared than you have ever been. Here you are, nothing like the sickly-sweet individual that you used to be. I’ve watched you in recent matches Caroline, I’ve seen the composure and the belief flowing through you that you can be a top Elitist. Tell me, did you have that before Bethany took you under her wing? Yes, what she did to you wasn’t great, I’ll agree with that. But then again, what Impact did to me smarted a little as well, when he claimed to only want to help. I went on a run that I may not ever experience again because of his words. His life lessons brought me to the game, a game in which I was sadly lacking. Yes, you believe Beth was a bitch to you, and that is you right. And heck, I don’t even blame you for feeling that way. But if you strip that back, you are the person you are today because of her. Not evil, that’s reserved for others, but certainly not someone that could ever be used as a doormat. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that in some ways we are quite similar. In that we got the harshest of lessons, and because of them, we thrived. And now we stand on the precipice of a match where if we CAN work together, we could enter a Chamber and find ourselves with potentially a life changing match. And you know what Caroline, I can even accept that maybe it’s more life-changing for you.

Why is that? Well look at it this way Caroline, you’ve tasted gold before, but you’ve never been to the top of the mountain like I have. For sure, I want to be Answers World Champion again, but as I told Cy last week, I’m not the kind of person who’s going to jump in front of everyone else, or barge in Kennedy’s office and demand a rematch or any of that bullshit. Jon Kelton, some people don’t like him, and I get why, but no one can deny that the guy has busted his balls the last few months and deserves to be facing Viz. PJ Hendrix came so close at King of Elite, so I’d sign any petition to get that guy a shot before I step up to the plate once more. I look around this tournament and it’s only right that people like Usagi, like Daryl, and yes, like Pandora are in it, so that they can claim a chance that perhaps they should have had by right. I’d even say Caroline that it’s right you are in this tournament, because of the strides you have made of late, so wouldn’t it be foolhardy to spite the face of the man who can help you to climb into that cage?

So yeah, I can make a case for Caroline doing the right thing and using her investment, but I can also make a case for her biting me in the ass and ending my chances. Fact is, this tournament is a wildcard, where literally anything can happen. The ONLY guarantee is that someone, somewhere, is going to get screwed over, and that could be literally any one of us. And if you don’t recognize that, you’re either naïve, or you’re stupid. Simple as that. The Cage however, that is less of a wild card. Of course, there are still so many permutations, even more so if Halsey AND Pandora make it, because we all know what’s going to happen then. But if Caroline and I get into that cage, if she does indeed put her feelings to one side for fifteen minutes, and puts all her focus into KASAI and Usagi, that is when Reasonable Doubt swings in my favor. That is when the only person I have to rely on in myself, and that is when I do my best work. I won’t speak for Caroline, but I’m sure we are both in agreement with at least that. Once we get in that cage, our alliance will be over, right? You’ll throw me out that cage quicker than I can say ‘creepy emo bitch’ right? Thing is, the same could be said for EVERY team. THEN it turns into everyone for themselves, and as I showed in the Extreme Elimination Chamber, there is NO ONE better in those situations than myself. And if Devolution are in there, then I’ll deal with them like I always have. By showing them what the ‘Next Level’ is all about.”

(Adam picks up a towel and wipes his face, before then draping it over his shoulders.)

“Which brings me onto the two of you KASAI and Usagi, because truthfully… even if Caroline does play ball, if the two of you manage to get yourselves on the same page, this is far from a given. On one hand we have you KASAI, someone who already has made waves in the locker room and is being touted as a potential future champion. And then on the other we have someone like you Usagi, who very nearly defeated Minerva, and that fact alone demands respect. And you will get that respect Usagi, you both will, but that doesn’t mean to say that I’m going to stand back and allow you to advance. See, the Cage is an unforgiving place at the best of times, you know this as well as anyone. You’ve had your fair share of these kinds of matches, and thus you have the experience to see this through. Of course, I want Caroline and I to advance to the detriment of you and your partner Usagi, but my reasoning for that isn’t entirely selfish. My reasoning is because I want to see the best person possible win that Steel Cage and go on to face the National Elite, or Answers World Champion. I want the best individual to come through and shoot their shot. What I don’t want, is for the Brawl to turn into a Devolution clusterfuck. Halsey and Pandora, that’s still do-able… but you in the equation as well, well that turns into an almost forgone conclusion. And I won’t allow that. I can’t allow that. And you don’t want me to allow that do you KASAI? Because make no bones about it, I have no issue with you and the way you have conducted yourself thus far. There is no question that you have a bright future ahead of you, regardless of what happens at Reasonable Doubt. But do you REALLY want to put yourself into a situation whereby you could be facing THREE people who in that cage will look to eliminate everyone else, before fighting amongst themselves for the big prize. Let’s look at the likelihood of that happening for a moment.

Let’s say you and Usagi advance, that’s ONE. People are trying to put Pandora and Daryl and underdogs… well in Pandora’s words, that’s bollocks mate. Cy and Scott aren’t the individuals they were, I’m sorry but they are not. So that’s Pandora and Usagi in that cage… you and Daryl become nothing more than an afterthought. What’s the other match? Oh yes, Terry and PJ against Halsey and Solomon… this one could go either way, but seeing as Terry has come back to the company as an obvious dick… don’t worry Terry, I’ve not forgotten what you did, I’ve still got a receipt waiting for you for that one. And Solomon Stane right now is one of the most dominant wrestlers on Showdown right now… Solomon could be the reason that Halsey makes it as well. THREE people out of eight in a singular alliance. Ego’s running amuck with the rest meaning that they wouldn’t have the mentality to work together to compete with Devolution. That group get their own way and find their way to potentially a Championship. And with that finally start to get some traction.

Now, I was accused of being a little non-plussed when it came to Devolution when I was Answers World Champion. It was said on more than one occasion and batted it down by quite simply saying that they were nothing more than the usual ‘groups’ that rage against the machine and have done very little in the grand scheme of things. Nothing more than a slight annoyance. They had stayed out of my way, so I didn’t allow myself to be distracted by them. That wouldn’t be the case if Jon Kelton beats Chef Viz, and the winner of this tournament then beats the National Elite Champion whether that be Veena or Kirk. They would no longer be a distraction, they would have two of the biggest championships in this company, and thus have leverage. That is a problem to me… and it’s a problem for you as well KASAI, because you’ll be treated like nothing more than collateral damage. Same as everyone else in that cage. I can play my part as can Caroline, by merging together as one and knocking Usagi out of the equation. But you see the problem with that don’t you KASAI? If you didn’t see it before, you see it now, don’t you? No matter what, never mind how this goes, YOU end up as collateral damage, and get nowhere near either title shot. FACT is KASAI, we have all been put in a shitty situation, bar Devolution. They have been given the opportunity to take it all. But your situation love, is possibly the shittiest of them all, because you simply cannot win. And I know that’s a lot to take for someone who is only just earning their stripes. But we have to make sure you and Usagi don’t advance, and thus turn the Brawl into a Devolution clusterfuck.”

(He pauses, allowing himself a mischievous smile.)

“Or maybe I’m wrong, and that’s EXACTLY what needs to happen.”

(Adam pulls a half-drunk bottle of water from his sports bag, and unscrews the cap, taking a sip. He then holds the bottle in front of him as he continues.)

“Because perhaps, I’m giving them a little too much credit here. After all, this is the group that has already self-imploded twice. This is the group that has already shown that when it comes to the big prizes, none of them have the first clue about loyalty, or what it means. Maybe if they get to that cage, we will get yet another example of how these groups, with these egos NEVER work. Even in elimination, I’ll have something to humor me. All I can do is take the tournament at face value and see how the cards fall. See, if there is opportunity for me to head into Grand Rampage with an opportunity to get the Answers World Championship back. Because should I get into that cage, by hook, or by crook, let me be clear. THAT will be my only focus… the rest of you… can bicker amongst yourselves. I may be an investment to my partner but believe me when I say that I’ll be the one to cash-in if I get myself in that cage. Each piece of the puzzle… one step at a time. What will be… will be.”

(Adam winks at the camera, as the scene slowly fades.)

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