MATCH PROMO It’s time for you to get pissed off.

Michael Machina

The New Legend
Brooklyn, New York
When they’ve rolled out the red carpet for your arrival, rest assured this much.

You’ve made an impact unlike any other.

In the time that it’s taken for me to do exactly that, you’re goddamn right I more than deserve the hype.

Pain for Pride, I painted the picture with enough ease for anybody to understand. Broke a record, made history, but walked out without the gold that I held so closely. The most bittersweet weekend of my life without an ounce of exaggeration. Ain’t no secret behind what’s bolstered my reputation as somebody not to fuck with, I held the New Breed Championship for nearly half of the time that I have been a performer at all. The very first championship reign that I’d ever had in my career, and would you look at that? Already managed to make all of this noise off the back of my own hard work & sheer willpower on full display. First Ever Iron Survivor Challenge Winner. Defeated various Hall of Famers during my reign. Longest reigning New Breed Champion in the history of this company. C’mon, who the hell would even attempt to play with my name after everything that I’ve done this past season? My first complete season I should add, ‘cause I sure as shit don’t need a soul out there to get the facts twisted on the good that I’ve done not just for myself, but for this entire company as a whole. If you find that difficult to believe, then you need to pull your head out of your own ass and start giving this business a genuine glimpse before speaking from a dishonest standpoint.

This business has always been meant to tout its ‘future’ since the very beginning.

I am quite literally this ‘future’ through every single metric you can think of. Young, hungry, ambitious, with no fucks to give about who I gotta run through to keep my presence stronger than the next unlucky elitist to walk through these doors.

Less than two years ago, these boots never touched a single square inch of a wrestling ring—I’m the once in a goddamn lifetime athlete this entire industry has been begging for.

Should come as no surprise how Voltage has welcomed me with open arms. My performance from the EAW Draft event delivered on its intent to give Dynasty the first round pick, but none of that mattered to me. I didn’t go out of my way to give them what they wanted for the sake of making some brand happy. I needed to go out there & make motherfuckers remember exactly who I am. I’m not gonna let any kind of loss keep me down, I’ve never been wired like that. There have been times where the losses I’ve been through would’ve comparably demotivated other elitists, I’ve seen how this shit goes time & time again as somebody that gets it. I’ve lost my first title match as a contender, which became a recurring event for dozens of elitists around here who have failed time & time again to finally be able to call themselves champions. At the end of the day, some results can’t be controlled, some days are lost causes that will only do all they can to keep you down; exactly why I’m always gonna reject that rhetoric every single time I hear that bell ring. When I see my name on the next card, my mind’s set in a different zone of comfort that allows me to thrive in being uncomfortable. The only thing that’s putting my mind at ease is getting to show the whole world what I’m made of, ‘cause I ain’t enjoying a shred of the glory that I do by sitting on my ass & allowing some other incapable moron to take my spot. I live & breathe by this business, a made man because of this business, making a bitch out of this business all in one.

To see that my name was among the top five, everybody who makes a living under the EAW banner should keep one of two things in the back of their heads.

Your sorry asses better start fearing the day that we stand eye to eye from one another in that ring.

At the same time, you’re gonna respect me for putting food on your table through my name alone.

You can call that ego. Hell, you can call it arrogance, could give less of a fuck. I’ve got every right to be arrogant, but in a similar way, being correct never means being arrogant. I’ve given some new breeds the biggest matches of their careers, and my presence has catapulted numerous matches into being increasingly popular with the audience that keeps the lights on for these events. That’s how it works, aura is the most overused description for some idiots who walk around this industry without having a lick of the presence they say they do. All you have to do is take one glance in my direction, and you’ll properly understand the unmatched atmosphere that I bring to any environment I’ve ever walked into. No matter where I am, there will always be eyes plastered on me without a second thought. Dynasty, I did one hell of a job in being the greatest representation that the New Breeds have ever received. Voltage, the New Breed is long gone, ‘cause I can’t grasp onto the same moniker after doing everything I possibly could for a division that once needed me. Things are different now. Dynasty fumbled where they did, and that’s being unable to secure the superstar who will lead this industry into its highest peak off of his own back. I’ve got myself a number of names. The New Legend. The Machine. The New Breed of Legends that I must leave behind, yet another one I don’t need anybody forgetting is the Moneymaker. I broke into this business knowing I’ll be guaranteed box office, Voltage put their own foot down & said to their competition exactly how much this box office meant to them.

A good eye for business & an even better hand for dominance at once.

Now, I’ve got my first impression to make as a Voltage competitor. Almost akin to a fresh slate, only I’ve got a considerable amount of momentum behind me as I’m looking to continue from where I left off. This imposing threat I know for damn sure everybody here is looking out for, I ain’t interested enough in standing by & letting opportunity pass me by. Every moment I’m out here, best believe you’re gonna tune out of Voltage remembering my name far more fondly than the next schmuck who couldn’t come close to lacing these boots. Sunday’s just become the best day of the week for a whole lot of people, this switch up can be attributed to my face plastered on the marketing & branding that Voltage gets the pleasure of sporting. Although, I can’t say this match will be the same old walk in the park from how my humble beginnings were another season ago. I first got to experience going through a war in itself with Bea Valentine from the EAW Draft event weeks ago. Had to go through one hell of a fight against yourself & Jon Kelton, I understood that I’d need to have the best rebound possible if I wanted to make myself the continued star among others when standing out as much as possible. You can argue our bout stole the damn show, we respectively left our own impressions out there as elitists who shouldn’t be denied their respect going into the new season. We know how that would end, but we are also well aware of how I didn’t put your shoulders down on that mat. From that stance, you’ve got something to back yourself up with…

Even though I’m still not seeing too much of that optimism from your end.

The heat that this business brings has been something you handled well enough. Now? I won’t feel as much thrill in beating you if your confidence is still scorched.

I’ve voiced on a few occasions that I don’t see you in the same light as I have for most of my opponents, and none of the shit that ever comes out of this mouth has ever required rocket science to understand. Careers that have mirrored one another, our personalities couldn’t be anymore different despite the paths we’ve managed to procure for ourselves on differing brands. We were repping the new school of this company like no other, our reigns should be testament for what it means to make a difference from our very first years as elitists. You’re right about how we’ll be compared on a consistent basis, ‘cause I’ve seen how our accomplishments have been made in unison up until you lost your Specialists Championship. My legacy is set in stone to a greater degree, which is something I don’t believe you’ll deny even if you chose to wrap your head around delusion. Regardless of legacy, I can’t maintain any of that without constantly setting a new standard with every action I have to make. This weekend, all I can do is keep moving forward when I have to make a statement through our match, Bea. Shouldn't come as a shock, I’ve got to make all the good on how much of a monumental investment I’ve become to Voltage in order to elevate this business further as a whole. If I’m being honest about where you should be, this ain’t it. Never was. You had a rookie year that some of these New Breeds with no identity would kill for, let alone be given the same shoes to do what you did in a month alone. Just ‘cause you haven’t been experiencing the most immediate effect of success on your career after your reign, shouldn’t be an indication of some fall off that remains nonexistent. Your mind’s playing tricks with you. If you really want to let the most boundless issues take control of you, I guess that’s all on you.

These words aren’t meant to motivate.

The allure of Michael Machina vs. Bea Valentine in itself should be telling you to get your damn head in the game before you dig yourself into a deeper hole.

Yeah, Cash In The Vault could’ve been yours, but it isn’t. Let go of that mindset of what you could’ve had, and start focusing on what else is out there to take. You’ve already made your intentions known on being Universal Women’s Champion, keep your focus on just that while you’ve still got a proper sense of mind. I was keeping in touch with what you’ve been able to do. As a matter of fact, I looked forward to the day that we would come across one another in any form. It’s come about from the perspective of competition, which is something I’m never gonna be opposed to when this is exactly where I have always thrived beyond belief. The Bea Valentine that I’ve been getting however, doesn’t seem to be the same woman who I would’ve thought could match these words with her own personality to exert itself fully. I’m getting a lot of that personality alright, but not in the manner I hoped. The reality check that you’re really looking for ain’t getting so close on multiple occasions. ‘Cause it’s gonna come as a result of this pressure being placed on you, that’ll make you return back to who you need to be. Fuck all of the sappy nonsense about trying to return to the version of Bea that used to get shit done. You’re allowing a mental rut to overtake you for no plausible reason, I’ve had moments where I felt suppressed. Prior management keeps me down. Rivals causing loss after loss. Not able to defend my title early on from a bigger pedestal. A lot of shit pissed me off—so best believe, I made sure to piss this whole industry off by defying expectation after expectation.

Now, it’s time for you to get pissed off, and present some fire of your own.

Otherwise, this eternal spiral of self loathing won’t end anytime soon.

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