MATCH PROMO "It Is Time Cleopatra That I Make You Finally..... FADE TO BLACK" CLASH OF KINGDOM II RP4


No One but New Eden
Staff member
National Elite Champion
Bucharest, Romania

“Chimerical and empty being, your name alone has caused more blood to flow on the face of the earth than any political war ever will. Return to the nothingness from which the mad hope and ridiculous fright of men dared call you forth to their misfortune. You only appeared as a torment for the human race. What crimes would have been spared the world, if they had choked the first imbecile who thought of speaking of you.”

― Marquis de Sade

Kuwait City, Kuwait
(Off Camera)

As the moment approaches when Minerva will face Cleopatra and defend her National Elite Championship for only her second time since winning it at Pain for Pride against one of the best in TLA, successfully defending it already once against Chris Elite at Bloodsport, the Gorgeous Gypsy understands the importance of not only this match but the defense as well. What she sees is a charlatan trying to ease her way into the title picture and jumping right in front of everyone, but this is why Minerva wanted to put the title on the line, it wasn’t a match for the National Elite Championship…

It was a point to be made and a message to be sent to the entire roster of the EAW.

Minerva though is a woman that doesn’t take to kindly to being besmirched, her name and character defamed in anyway, for she has always been who she was, no matter what but Cleopatra on the other hand has been a very selfish woman who tried to hold Minerva down from succeeding, the proof was always there, Cleopatra is just trying to hide it. This practice had become infuriating to Minerva who had been watching her every move, the latest stunt was Cleopatra visiting with a parent and her daughter, a young woman that emulated what Minerva stood for, rebellious, different, going against the grain, and all she was doing is being told that she couldn’t explore her individuality. Whether it was bad or not was a different story, but the things that she told this young woman….

… well for Minerva that was out of line.

She believed in New Eden, everything they stood for, what their goals were, it didn’t matter what it was. Minerva though had been sitting in her hotel room getting dressed, sitting on the couch slipping her feet in socks and then boots, Cleopatra was on TV talking to the mother and young girl after footage was shown of her arrival, the parade being thrown, people on the streets cheering this old cunt in her thoughts. Minerva’s icy blue eyes were fixated on the TV, hearing Cleopatra say these things about her, digging her nails into the palms of her hand, the long, sharp ones that were ready to gouge the yes out of this woman who took any chance to kick her down much as she could.

Minerva was not having it.

As she was getting ready for a media scrum and session to promote Clash of Kingdoms II: Shores of Gold, she stopped and tilted her head, glaring at the television, listening to this….

“It’s such a shame that Minerva has corrupted people with good morals.”

A small little chuckle escaped the Gypsy’s mouth, trying to tell this little girl about Minerva when she knew nothing about her other than what she had seen so long ago. The beautiful Black Rose wasn’t going to have any part of it, standing up and pacing, listening to this garbage the entire time, the hypocrisy behind it all, it had to be staged.

“This is a fucking joke, right?”, Minerva squealed from her lips, running her fingers through the long strands of orange hair. This seemed like a nightmare, on worldwide tv, this would be on YouTube soon, and all Minerva could do was laugh, yet sneer for she knew the importance of what this could do to her reputation here. As the footage came to a close, Minerva grabbed her jacket and stormed out….

… ready to meet Drake King and Myles so they could get this obligated EAW stuff over with, if they even show up.

One Hour Later
(On Camera)

Journalist and News TV Personality Fayrah Nourah sits with Minerva as she visits the station on Good Morning Kuwait City. Here she is to be interviewed about Clash of Kingdom’s which happens tomorrow along with being a champion and her opponent. Minerva in leather black pants, boots, a matching halter top and cut off jacket with her long orange hair hanging down sits with her legs crossed about 6 feet apart from Fayrah. The National Elite Championship resting on her shoulder as the Gypsy’s enticing blue eyes stare at the darker skinned beautiful brunette in a cream suit and black blouse.

“Minerva from the EAW and the Voltage Brand, she is the National Elite Champion and member of the powerful group New Eden, thank you for joining us.”, Fayrah opened with the statement. Minerva didn’t really react to it other than nodding. “First off the fans here in Kuwait City want to know why professional wrestling?”, it was a fair question and Minerva answered it without any hesitation. “My brothers wrestled, my father wrestled, it was part of family tradition, but where I come from, women are not allowed to partake in the same activities as the men are. My father didn’t want me to be a wrestler, but I gave him no choice, acting upon it at my own will, starting at eighteen where I had my first match, then worked my way to the EAW at 19, where I have been here for three years, now at 23 I have the whole world ahead of me.”, she says with confidence, a smug smirk forming on her face.

“It sounds like you have really worked your way up the ranks, now as the National Elite Championship, what does this mean to you, bringing the title and defending it in Kuwait City?”, another interesting question, which Minerva snickers at. “You mean this Championship? Fayrah, the one so many Elitists in the EAW want to take from me? The last time I was in the Middle East was at Clash of the Kingdoms I, when I main evented against my own tag team partner in the finals of the Iconic Cup in Qatar. I don’t really count Egypt, as I was by the side of my boyfriend, Myles and not competing. This title means everything to them, those who want to step up and grab it. To me? Well, everyone knows I was the greedy one who wanted all the belts and now hold this prize hostage for my own amusement. I’m not going to sit here and lie, claim that I am proud to be here and defend it, oh no Fayrah, this is a treat for the fans, but for Minerva? A means to an end.”, again Minerva looks over at Fayrah, winking at her before waiting for the next question. “We saw what happened with Cleopatra and her return here to Kuwait City, the huge ovation and welcoming, the video she posted about her time talking with a young child that was your fan….”, Minerva though stopped her right there.

“No what you saw was a farce. That was a setup to once again try to make me look bad. Seriously? Here’s the thing Fayrah, what business is it of Cleopatra’s how that little girl wants to act? Yeah, we all saw the ticker take parade this city gave her, how quaint and ornery if I may say so myself. Fayrah, do you want to know what I am?”, she boldly asks the reporter who cautiously nods….

“Yes Please.”

“I am the alternative; do you comprehend what that means? No? Didn’t think so, allow me to give a little clarification here. Countries like these and so many around the world think in the same line as Cleopatra, they want to minimize individuality and instead judge on appearance and behavior. What you’re looking at is a perfect example of an autocracy which eliminates people like me, like the little 8-year-old girl, Nadia? She’s just now growing into trying to find out what will make her more comfortable, but parents, women like Cleopatra? They don’t want that, they are robots on the assembly line ready to be programmed, independence is the root of all evil, they rather fall in place like her so she could control it all. This hero worship is laughable at best, the talk of this child growing up to be some misfit of society if she idolizes me is insane, but every single one of you drink it up like the Kool-Aid in Jonestown. The reason why that woman will always hate you then acts like she pity’s Minerva is for one reason, she can never grasp or control me or the path to my success, she can’t even alter it in the slightest.”, Fayrah though comes back with a quick respond…

“What about if she defeats you tomorrow night for the National Elite Championship in front of this supportive crowd?”, Minerva looks more amused by the questioning than anything.

“You’d like that, everyone would because they cannot understand New Eden, they cannot see past their own vanity at what has completely destroyed this sport and the Women’s Division, just look at Cleopatra. She is a hero to so many and yet all she ever did was deal in nepotism and the REAL bullying here. Don’t let her pretty plastic face and chest fool you, she is enhanced for a reason, a fake just like her personality. That’s the thing with all these idols people want to worship and adore, they will say the right things, do the right things, act the right way, all for your adulation and praise. Those who are honest and true, act like it. I can look you right in the face Fayrah and tell you that if you walked out into the street later after work and were hit by a bus, my life would go on unfazed, Cleopatra would try to tell you this would be some natural tragedy and pretend to actually care about your well-being when I do not. Look at me Fayrah, I know you have disdain for me like so many others here, yet I am like them. I may look and act different, but I am not some fallacious entity that exists to garner attention and praise like Cleopatra. Tomorrow night I am going to disappoint a lot of people that want to see this woman defeat me, it will NOT happen.”, she says with conviction, but Fayrah again cuts her off…

“How can you be so sure? Cleopatra is one of the greatest of all time, and yes you found early success in your earlier years but this time things are different, and the fans want to know, how is Minerva going to go against the odds and pull off the upset?”, which quickly received a scoff from the Gorgeous Gypsy.

“Upset? Are you serious? Did she put you up to this bias line of questioning?”

“Well.. no but…”

“No, shut up and listen to me and the rest of you watching out there. This is what you all wish but will not happen. Instead, after I defeat her, dropping Cleopatra on her head and walk away as the Champion that has taken this company by storm the last three years, I will make what happened then look like a camel ride through the desert. Pay close attention to Clash of Kingdom’s and Nadia? Don’t listen to that worthless, liar. What you are doing is just fine, be who you are, and do not allow anyone to tell you different. As for you Fayrah? This interview is over.”, Minerva speaks in vitriol, but Fayrah tries to get one more word in….

But Minerva grabs her by the collar, the tv studio hands rush to Fayrah as Minerva smiles….

“Here’s a message you can give your Queen.”

Minerva suddenly SPITS THE DARK IN FAYRAH’S FACE AS SHE GOES DOWN SCREAMING. Minerva turns to the others as they are backing up. She starts to laugh with black goo dripping from her mouth as Fayrah is on the floor rolling around yelling for help.

“That wasn’t soda.”

Starting to cackle, Minerva holds grabs the championship, steps over her and heads off camera when the personnel rush to her aid as all you can hear is the laughter of Minerva.




With a huge match for the National Elite Championship happening tomorrow, Minerva better known as The Black Rose of the EAW is prepared to do whatever it takes to walk out still as champion and not fall to someone like Cleopatra who is a legend, Hall of Famer and most importantly a pioneer in the women’s division, but the first woman to ever step in front of Minerva and test her as a young rookie in the EAW, pushing her limits, doing everything she could to survive in a dog eat dog world within the Empire Brand. Minerva didn’t know what she was in for, how it would turn out, wandering in the business after a terrible first experience elsewhere but not lost. She searched for a way, a path to success and the EAW sought her out, they were looking for talented women to join the roster and really make the Empire Brand work, but after only a season, it all became about Showdown, Voltage and Dynasty.

Cleopatra was already gone.

By then they had the war everyone still talked about today. With others involved in Amber Keys with Cleopatra and her Queen’s Court, where on the other side it was Heavenly Hell, Minerva and Constance Blevins. Their fights were always a topic of conversation and when the tag titles came to the two raven haired beauties, it was the start of something special for Minerva. This was the pivotal moment when she started really making a name for herself, the Queen’s Court was the launch pad, but now in 2021, Cleopatra has returned, for many reasons, but the most important, to defeat Minerva and get the title from her, which the Gypsy will die before she ever does this. Minerva’s career so far has been quite the ride, there have been times she has flown with the eagles and crawled with the snakes, but Minerva always finds a way to get back on the saddle and do whatever she can to persevere, and this situation is no different. Minerva will always be labeled the villain here, due to her association with New Eden, but what Cleopatra has never taken into account, it is not New Eden she is facing, Drake King defends his EAW World Championship, Myles takes on Mr. DEDEDE, New Eden will be nowhere around this match as Minerva wants to prove once and for all who the superior athlete really is.

And she plans to massacre the legend of Cleopatra.

Outside the Grand Mosque of Kuwait, the Gorgeous Gypsy wears while covered up some in black vinyl pants, platform boots, a black and orange halter top and matching black jacket. Her long orange hair hung down; nails polished a matte black, wearing orange lensed sunglasses, this time carrying a black rose in her hands. The National Elite Championship over her shoulder, staring at the Mosque behind her as the camera starts to record…


After taking in a deep breath, Minerva speaks in her calm yet eerie tone…

“The famous Grand Mosque of Kuwait, where they come in drones to worship Allah. This dogma, and I will not say this too loud, the last thing I need is to be beheaded before my match with Cleopatra has shown us throughout time, religion has led to more wars and bloodshed than any other platform that has ever existed even in the times of B.C., which is quite ironic they call it “Before Christ”, where anywhere here you mention that name, and they will look at you like a second head sprouted from your neck. Faith in something so surreal, where it cannot be seen, touched or heard is blind, deaf and dumb to some, others it carries them forward to the very end of their cycle. Here in this city, this is almost what they would call their own version of Mecca, the birthplace of the prophet Muhammad located not too far in Saudi Arabia. The jewel of the desert, a fitting place to let go of any worries and ask for forgiveness of sins, loyalty breeds reward and the chance to walk into the gates of Heaven, but isn’t it interesting that there are so many of these beliefs taught throughout the world, each with their own version, willing to fight at any length to prove theirs is the right one, the only one to follow?

From the Crusades to the Inquisition, for centuries civilizations have warred over something they have no proof is extant and instead rely on scriptures, writings and psalms. So why am I talking about this and how does it pertain to my match with Cleopatra tomorrow night?

Like this, she is a myth, a cradle of despotism to those who are empowered by it.

Now that might insult some people, those who believe in a Messiah to come down and save us all from sins, but if you look, there was never a first, only a last and in the EAW, his name is Drake King. Now I am not here to pitch his holy majesty’s ability to turn water into wine or walk across the oceans, Drake would fall in the sea if he tried and the water but be just that, water. This is a connotation to what New Eden as a whole mean to the EAW, to the wrestling business, like this Mosque, it is a sanctuary of allowing yourself free from the guilt of greed and avarice, which is what fuels a woman like Cleopatra. Now the Queen of the Ptolemaic Dynasty died at 39 years old, so Cleopatra has long outlived her iconic idol and yes, unlike this woman who has patterned herself after a Queen that has had tall tales told, we know the real truth and when they talk about psychosis, I am a little crazy, but this bitch actually believes she is the second coming of Cleopatra. New Eden isn’t cosplay, we are not here to draw in mindless followers and become some cult, we never had any intentions of becoming a community, instead the chance at control was taken from us by Team Dynasty all for their own longing gluttony, the overwhelming desire to have more than what they already have taken, gorging the food off the tables of the hungry, but what they represent is an entire genre of narcissistic and self-absorbed sheep who have been fooled and cater to those that sit above and control them like pawns on a chess board, even Cleopatra.

New Eden stands against this.

The narrative that each Elitist wants to tell including my opponent tomorrow night is that Minerva basically has stepped to the side and watch the parade go by, carry the coat tails of Drake and Myles, but we all know these are all pretentious lies to soothe their fragile little selfdoms by watching this security blanket called their imitative bubble, so mundane in this reality, while sitting back waiting for something to happen and this company grant them wishes like the Jeanie in the Bottle, but what really grabs my attention, is New Eden was never here to hurt anyone, matter of fact, we were here to help you, but take Cleopatra for example, this is some French-Canadian woman who is obviously delusional and belongs in a psych ward telling you how the company and the Women’s Division should be ran, so tell me please, what is the difference between what she says and what we are being called out for when she wants to recreate this forgotten Dystopia as a kingdom and we want a fresh and NEW Utopia free of these deadly sins that will break you into pieces each time a precious object is lost. Look at all the Elitists who have walked away from this sport upset, crippled, damaged and collapse from their perch and notoriety for putting everything into these titles, this is what makes them relevant, the only reason they even wrestle, we have heard their hyperbole week by week, for if they truly loved this sport, then why not wrestle for it instead of needing to be rewarded each time, doesn’t a fat overpaid paycheck to most of you garbage Elitists that call yourselves professionals seem like enough compensation, especially bringing back Cleopatra and using good money to something more well spent, like fresh young talent that can learn that trophies are made of plastic but look like gold? No, because that is too easy, we need to make this difficult, and what you hate the most is not New Eden…

It’s yourselves for falling prey to the company tag line, and there is no one more prevalent in that position than Cleopatra. Instead, like these millions of followers who are taught every single day of their lives in devotion to these ritual practices when all we ever wanted was not to push the envelope, but to open it with a different view, a take, a fresh pair of eyes, for this is the necessary change in the survival of this sport, yet the constant resistance from the EAW drones has become pedestrian and boring, just like the continuous words of this woman who thinks she is Queen when all she stands on is an Empire of Dirt.”

As Minerva turns, she brushes her hair back some, but the facial expressions of the Gypsy beauty tell the tale of what she is feeling deep down inside. Sneering, gritting her teeth, the absolute and total hatred has become one with the woman that wants to be known as a Queen and Minerva will never bow down to. Pacing a little, before speaking calmly…

“What universe do we live in right now, Cleopatra? Where does the disconnect lie in this thought process? When did this become a trip down memory lane and a play on nostalgia versus the modern-day era of today? I get it, we don’t want to forget, instead relish on what had been accomplished and continue to peddle the narrative so that everyone understands how bad a bitch you WERE, yes there is no doubting this, this is where you mistake who I am and what I believe. I wasn’t the one who started to discredit or defame your legacy, there is no reason why I would belittle you like you have me, see WHEN I win tomorrow night at Clash of Kingdoms II, I want and need it to mean something more than just defeating one of the EAW legends that’s best days were behind them, this isn’t some showcase match to me or an exhibition, I’m not honored to step in the ring with you and sadly?

I should be.

This is the mentality you constructed out of this pigheadedness' in refusing to accept this isn’t what it used to be, it will be your downfall. What is comparing Project EGO to New Eden going to accomplish? Another “ThIs WaS bEtTeR tHeN…” speech like you have been giving us all week? Do you know why no one talks about Project EGO, why there are not very many people who say their name yet still talk about Generation Genesis today, the same ones that we looked right in the face at Grand Rampage?

Project EGO was forgettable.

So, basically what you’re telling me is you were a stable that acted like a bunch of self-entitled pricks, that’s revolutionary, Cleopatra, I’m unimpressed. What did they try to change? What did they do for the business? Feed their own EGO, hence the name? See, there are reasons why New Eden is not only the premiere but the superior Trio in all of the EAW, and this whole piss about lacking Killer Instinct, bitch stop, do you even watch what we have done? Ask SOSA Henderson if we lack it. Ask The Visual Prophet? Ask Justin Windgate, Chris Elite, TLA, Malcolm Jones, Andre Walker and anyone else that has crossed our paths in recent memory, how about 27 others in Grand Rampage? Pain For Pride?

Do not embarrass yourself Cleopatra all in the name of self-admiration, it’s not befitting of a woman that calls herself a Queen. Do you really think a World Title is guaranteed these days? Are you going to stand there and actually say I allowed for an outsider to cost me the EAW World Championship when I cannot control a hellbent, completely despondent woman like Raven Roberts who hits me with a Singapore Cane as the three count was about to happen and have a Commissioner in charge that refuses to do anything about it? Why can’t you understand New Eden has THREE leaders, New Eden has THREE warriors, New Eden has THREE hungry individuals, but they all have ONE goal, and that is what makes us the strongest unit here today, yesterday and tomorrow, it is not about individuality. One wins a World Title, we are ALL World Champions, but what you’re basically saying is I settled for a National Elite Championship that you so desperately want and are stupid enough to water down its importance as well? Territorial Invasion? We dominated, we went out there and showed exactly who we are, don’t try to paint and articulate a different picture like Project EGO could have accomplished what New Eden did at the Grand Rampage and Pain For Pride, yet your only argument is the SMALL speed bump we hit at the last FPV. See, Cleopatra, you keep forgetting which I already have accepted, it is an age thing, that lies the question, not a secret to figure out, how does New Eden come back from what happened last week?

Jake Smith goes down in defeat.

Mr. DEDEDE goes down in defeat.

Cleopatra goes down in defeat.

Has this thought even crossed your mind for a moment while your head is so far up your own ass trying to dig into your storied career for any kind of foot to stand on? You’re so worried about me sitting on your throne, that you have completely missed to the point to all of this, for dominant as you were Cleopatra?

As a snot nosed rookie I ended your Tag Team title reign, how is that for dominance.

It’s hard to accept facts, especially when you keep trying to change history, tell your own story, wishing it had it a different ending, tell it in a positive light that would only make you look good in the end of it all, but there isn’t a goddamn scenario that will do that, especially when you face me. All New Eden has been commanding at every angle of its presence, a prevalent force since its inception at King of Elite, an event where I buried the Universal Women’s Champion under a bed of nails, but that isn’t killer enough, right? You have absolutely no idea Cleopatra the lengths I will go to prove a point, what New Eden has vowed on so many occasions, looking for one goal in mind and that is more than change and evolution of the business, like what I am about to do in the ring tomorrow night…

… it is a purge.

It is the abolishment and the removal of everything wrong with this business, and that includes you. I honestly don’t blame you, Cleopatra for acting this way, for trying to come across as the great all to the end all, for you know no better, they served you hand and foot back then, the competition was nothing compared to what it is now, it was easy to stand out, especially apparent when no one these days even knows who Project EGO was, that is the most fascinating experience to be fair, stating they are all gone from the business, what does that say?

You were the only name that was worth remembering.

New Eden though will go down in history as the Threesome that altered and amended the sport, we will forever be known as the architects of this New Eden era, and we are just getting started, but because of one loss, you’re already trying to start writing us off? No bitch, the path to immortality continues and it goes right through you. I don’t need to be where Cleopatra was anytime in my career, I refuse to be the old hag who can never let go and accept her time was over, I never wanted to be you, Cleopatra, that would mean I became everything I hate in my entire life…

… I’ll be Minerva, the catharsis to your entity.”

Turning away and back to the Mosque, Minerva chuckles to herself a little, the wind picks up some, flowing through her orange hair. The gorgeous and sexy Gypsy is both dangerous and focused on Cleopatra, and though she has been hearing her talk all week, she takes a second to sigh, lowering her head, gripping the National Elite Championship before glancing back at the camera…

“Now, for as much shit that Cleopatra speaks of, there is one thing I do agree with, Project EGO and New Eden will never be mentioned in the same breath, we are above this, the three of us are the centerpiece to the EAW today, doesn’t really make a difference how many times this is refuted or argued until turning blue in the face. What we have done Cleopatra, is given this company a reason to stop being so damn complacent and comfortable in their everyday operations, much like yourself. New Eden is the reality the EAW didn’t want to come to realize and acknowledge, we stood against the system, not becoming a cog in the machine like you have and don’t even try to deny it, all you have done is rouged up this stance and positioned yourself to be the “savior” and golden girl they have been looking to stop me, but as you continue to deny the facts of what has been built as historical actuality in all this, Heavenly Hell became legendary off your blood, sweat and tears and not in a way where you constructed the ladder for us to climb, trying instead so hard to knocking us down but like the Alpha and the Omega, as you died we were born, but I took it a step further, I became a fixture in the Main Event long before New Eden was even in the picture.

This is one of many reasons you returned with a grand entrance, Cleopatra….

… wanting it back and trying to use me like I used you to get it, but we are not hitting the rewind button here, there is no going back anymore, I modified and corrected history, throwing you off this path to having a storybook ending and after all I have done while sitting your ass at home, getting your hair and nails done, I have been turning this sport on its ear! Instead, once again you want to place me at number 3, when I defeated the current Universal Women’s Champion in her own environment, when even as a rookie I took Kassidy Heart to her limits and how pretentious of you, Cleopatra to state I am nowhere near her ability when we haven’t faced since the Iconic Cup in 2019, even before I made you the court jester to our little fairy tale. What is it Cleopatra? Are we empowering women to stand on their own or are we trying to once again ridicule them to fit this anecdotal and fictitious fabrication of details which lead to your certainty and everyone else’s uncertainty. I know you need this win; it is the only way your words and pretentious place in the business rides on it. You want Minerva and yearn her to fail, so like a petty little cunt laugh in my face, yet even then, taking this title which will not happen at your hands isn’t the cure to what I desire, for you mistake patience and diligence with contentment and satisfaction, or did we forget how wrestling goes in cycles? I have always bide my time, never rushing into anything because this company runs on MY watch, not anyone else. I dictate what happens to me, I decide when to strike and take my place among the very best, I will not follow some pattern and make it seem so obvious, there is no point in this method or plan of attack. Here I thought you were smarter than this, I mean do you really think with my talents that I will never be a World Champion, again? Losing to some hoodlum was my swan song?

Then what was yours?

I picked myself back up, I fought my way through the Voltage roster, I had some great moments and then I had some I will not soon forget. You think that I haven’t hit rock bottom before? Bloodsport, Wicked Games, Shock Value, all moments when I came up short, but that is the difference between me and all these superstar Elitists this company saw as the top of the female roster in the EAW, they packed up their shit and LEFT, did Minerva? No, I kept getting better and better, and though I may not be a World Champion at this very moment, New Eden and their voyage will make this the sum of all parts. I don’t regret the decisions I made, no matter how I was treated. Some asshole tries to expose and show off my nudes, private pictures I sent my man for the entire world to see and this company does nothing. We are threatened with fines and suspensions every week, the odds stacked against us, and this was happening before this group ever became a reality, but your blindness is riddled with envy, for Minerva doesn’t have to act like the Main Attraction, I know what I am and so does every single wrestler that ever crosses my path. For it is obvious my decision to form New Eden with Drake King and Myles came with consequences from the top brass, we were their favorite targets, did you ever get that kind of attention Cleopatra when an entire company saw you as a threat?

No, you were only relegated to a division of women that bought into your fame, something I didn’t. Of course, though the Queen’s Court never took Heavenly Hell seriously, even after I tried to break your fingers, spit The Dark in your face and drop your head in The Princess Killer, I was simply a parody of a good wrestler or some pun, correct? Good, because come tomorrow night, you will become the punchline to my killing joke. New Eden would have never worked with you Cleopatra, you would have to be the center of everything where both Myles and Drake King would have done to you the same thing Amber Keys did, cut the cord and dump a 120 pounds of shit off their backs, for the only change you are seeking is to have the EAW revolve around your axis. Cleopatra, for this entire week you have berated, smeared and vilified me for your own pleasure, anything to make you be the standout, but the truth is, I was annoyed while rather excited when you showed up at Bloodsport after I defeated Chris Elite. My entire time here has always been this exploration to my limitations and just how far I can go from being some girl who no one paid attention to in desolate trailer park compound, going off on her own and discovering herself, while doing so I learned a few things about me, this company, the women in it and those who hold the gold like the rest of New Eden fear me. How many World title opportunities have I had?


One I won the other I had won but didn’t get the title thanks to interference. They are afraid to give me those opportunities, because they know the outcome, I will stand as Champion. This National Elite title was taken for one reason, but if you understood loyalty and respect, it would be easy to comprehend. TLA was a thorn on the side of New Eden, he had defeated Myles and Drake King, parading around like he alone would take us down, but out the three guess who he couldn’t defeat?


A former World Champion like so many others I have dropped along the way like SOSA Henderson, Chris Elite, Terry Chambers, Rex McAllister, Ahren Fournier, Theron Nikolas, The Visual Prophet…. Do I need to keep naming the names of all these men who have Main Evented the biggest events of the last three years and even before my time? No, these conquests speak for themselves. Those are the men you continue putting on this rotating podium on a platform seeking equality for women that back then you weren’t good enough to get. Now? I am a champion among MEN AND WOMEN, Cleopatra, not tied down to one division or sect, for Minerva has risen above Hall of Famers and you will only be the next of many to fall at my feet.

What these people with blind faith will witness is a prophecy unravel right before their very eyes like the last Clash of Kingdom where I MAIN EVENTED and walked out a sure-fire World Champion. This belongs to New Eden now and when you lose to what you call the backseat and third most important member than how fitting it will be that your place is still bent over and taking it up the ass. We finish this, and I get the resolve I have been searching for years, not the one Amber Keys took from me but the one I will take for myself.”

Minerva glares into the camera, this time there is no smile, no smug look on her face, only anger and complete abhor for the Gorgeous Gypsy as she composes herself before continuing to speak…

“Whatever stories you want to tell mothers of young children, lying to them in their face much like you have this entire week to me, covering up your inadequacies as a human being, your life lessons of growing up poor while mixing your overwhelming contemptuousness with labeling yourself a Queen and ruler of this company like a lethal cocktail just as limousines and parades of people come to celebrate your return, the one factoid you seem to forget is that I was never the villain, you were. Educating some parent, teacher’s, a child’s mother because they want to admire and see me as a role model is not good enough for you, stating this was always about the future of our kids and those who would take over down the road, then why did you try to destroy mine?

I am saddened really by these delusions of grandeur. To see what you have become in the last two years after standing your ground and now basically telling anyone that will listen including chastising children that want to see me as a hero is downright insulting and deplorable on your part. Too bad they can never see through your bullshit, Cleopatra, but know the one person who did?


This will never be about history; it will be about YOUR history. This will never be about the present, it will be about YOUR present. This will never be about the future; it will be about YOUR future. This is the message you have sent the entire build up to our match. Once again smearing my name, trying to make me out to be this monster, but the true monster Cleo, has always been you. I represent more than New Eden; I am the future. We all know that bothers you, it sickens at the thought for I have always been the woman who was going to end your rule, you and the rest of the Elitists and fans in the EAW just didn’t know it yet. Instead of trying to make me seem like the woman who terrorizes children into becoming delinquents, has it ever crossed your mind that the misfits and the outcasts don’t listen to your kind, the ones they cannot relate to, the ones who have constantly bullied them all their lives and looked down on them like you have me since the first day you set eyes on me.

Do you remember this?

That’s right, that was me in 2019, and all you could do is laugh. I tried once to be like you, Cleopatra. My mother wanted me to be a Princess, to be beautiful and royal, demand attention and respect, be what you were, be a demarcate of the norm, stand out. At 14 I was beautified, made into this gorgeous young woman, made to believe this was going to be me….

… but was that how I continued to perceive myself? No, we saw the end result, I became a Princess Killer instead, tomorrow night, a Queen Slayer, and I will never transform into a shallow, frothy and trivial cunt like yourself who has to step on others to make herself look strong and powerful. This was not me, it was my mother's vision, but mine was a lot darker. For years you tried to hold back every woman that threatened you in any type of hype, still today you cannot let go of what happened between us. Whatever homecoming or welcome you get here in Kuwait City, Cleopatra, they can roll out the Queen’s Bountiful Harvest and make you feel like royalty, serve you hand and foot, but remember one thing….

… the real never need to prove it to the phonies.

By the way, “Gypsy Moth” is now considered to be a racist remark, it’s “The Black Rose” now, keep up. Cleopatra, that little girl, who looks up to Minerva and every other weirdo and eccentric souls that looks up to me as the voice to their silence, we cannot be stopped. Whether this is about a future with New Eden in control, your take on me will forever be false, wrong for when this THIRD WHEEL, this backseat driver, this woman you claimed who allowed for everyone else to pass me by, just remember one thing, you can take my breath or my heart away all you want, I lost that a long time ago….

…. But I am going to take this heritage, this Cleopatra tradition, and bury it in the sands of Kuwait once and for all…

…. With the live Excerebration of Cleopatra as we Fade to Black.”

Tilting her head, Minerva slowly licks her lips before raising her National Elite Championship, lowering her sunglasses, icy blue eyes glaring and narrowing with disdain as she sneers…

“When MY Heaven Becomes YOUR Hell.”

Leaning her head back, Minerva then mutters in Romanian….

“Nimeni în afară de Noul Eden.”

As she starts to laugh, her eyes widening before stopping suddenly and cracking a wicked smile.



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