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"I am not led, I lead"
"I will find a way or make one"



Ring Name: Jamie O'Hara
Primary Nicknames: “Ace”, “The Ascended Master”, “The Omnipotent One”
Secondary Nicknames: "King of Nevermore", “The Ever-Dreamer”, “Saint of Valiance”, “Fortissimus”, "Heavenly Soul"

Weight: 190lbs
Height: 5’ 11"


Character Summary

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. (June 25th 2023) - The following statement was released today by Jamie O’Hara, with the blessing of his business manager, biggest supporter and actual favourite son of his Hathaway Avery Ava-O’Hara, in response to questions about his future career plans in Elite Answers Wrestling and particularly his status as the Ace:

“I’m back.”


No more running and no more denial about what his place in this world is. His fate is forever tied to Elite Answers Wrestling and Jamie O’Hara will continue to serve it as the Ace until his body finally caves in. The most bitter of defeats putting an end to Yhwach paved way for the return of all that Jamie O’Hara is, all that people have known him to be. Part of that twisted amalgamation of his greed and arrogance remains; never hesitant to look down on those wishing to challenge him, to take down the Ace and remind them of the challenge that stands before them. The “Ace” returns with the same hunger to conquer that he held for so many years and the freedom, no longer tied to perfect endings, to go to both the lengths of the earth and his very self to achieve that conquest.

All that was, will be, until the very end.


Peak Ace Hiroshi Tanhashi
Finn Balor (2017-2021 Inspo)
Gintoki Sakata (Refs: 1 2)

Entrance Details

Theme: 'Kashmir' by Led Zeppelin (Paratus Intro)

Attire: Black tights, boots and pads with a white armband. Black leather jackets with collar popped. Full white colour flip for FPVs.

Alignment: Face? Big ‘hero’ mentality, but still a cunt at times.


O’Hara’s finishers vary pending on opponents. The stronger the opponent, the higher tier of finisher O’Hara uses to win matches with exceptions regarding situations or story.

Ultimate Finisher - No Kickout.

(Inverted Stardust Breaker. O'Hara takes both wrists of his opponent and proceeds to repeatedly drive the knee into the back of an opponent's skull, progressing to stomping, until the opponent passes out and the referee stops the match. Unlike previously, there is never a point where O’Hara grows tired and pins his opponent.)

Primary Finisher - No kickout against most.

Hathaway’s Dreams (FKA Stardust Breaker)
(Double wrist-lock into a straight knee strike to the jaw/Kamigoye)

Finishing Moves - Regular finishers, often kicked out of against higher tier opponents.
1. In Excelsis
(Running Bicycle Knee Strike. Front, back, temple. Second rope variation.)

2. Welcome Back, O’ Slumbering Ace
(Diving double foot stomp. Sometimes to the back of a bent over opponent’s head)

Signature Moves
Into The Dreamscape
(Belly to Back Suplex Into A Piledriver)
Galactic Buster
(Pump Handle lungblower)
Southern Crucifixion
(Leg Scissors Cross Kneelock)
Topé Con Hilo
Destination Fucked
(Triangle Canadian Destroyer on the apron.)

General Kit
Penalty Kick on the apron
Dragon Screw Leg Whip - Used often
Dragon Suplex - Snap and bridge pins
Rolling Gamengiri
High Angle German Suplex - Deadlift variation
Running Basement Dropkick to Kneeled Opponent.
Texas Cloverleaf
Discus Lariat
Single Underhook Brainbuster
Topé Plancha
Sliding German to seated opponent on the second rope
Low-pe Suicida- Suicide dive below the middle rope.
Leg Lariat
John Woo Dropkick - Front dropkick to an opponent's chest.

Multiple knee strikes.
Tiger knee
Corner high knee
Bicycle knee. General use/Spam move

Multiple, varied strikes
Simple forearm strike - regular use
Forearm + Uppercut corner combination
Spinning backhand
Flying Forearm
Machine Gun Backhand Chops

Various Kicks
Shoot kick
Penalty Kick
Shotgun Kick
Mafia Kick
Jumping Heel Kick


EAW World Championship (1 time)
EAW World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
EAW Answers World Championship (1 time)
EAW New Breed Championship (1 time)
EAW Unified Tag Team Championship (1 time)
EAW Hall of Famer, Class of 2018
2015 Cash In The Vault Winner
2019 Grand Rampage Winner
2017 Elitist of the Year
2017 Promoer of the Year
2017 World Heavyweight Champion of the Year
2019 Match of the Year (Men's)
2020 Answers World Champion of the Year
Longest Reigning EAW World Heavyweight Champion - 323 Days (10 months, 17 days)
Longest Reigning EAW World Champion [All World Championships] - 323 Days (10 months, 17 days)
EAW 2010's All-Decade First Team

Most Valuable Elitist (8)
Elitist of the Month (1)
Match of the Week (19)
Champion of the Week (8)
Rising Star of the Week (3)
Beef of the Week (11)
Promoer of the Week (9)

Complete Character History - Reigns, Awards, Accolades
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Jamie O'Hara

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Alrighty, updates.
- Season 13 motivations added. Basically the starting point.
- Latin phrases updated to reflect current character position
- Character description removed and to be added back later
- Some minor touches here and there with the moveset.

Likely to make more in the next week or so.
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Jamie O'Hara

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2020 update ye.

  • New phrases
  • New character update
  • New Ultimate finisher name
  • New signature move
  • Alignment tweak
  • General kit tweaks

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