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Wrestling Name: Joso
Picture Base: Carmelo Hayes
Current Nicknames: The New Era (Primary), The Golden Ace (Secondary), Soul of Bronx
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 206 Pounds
Hometown: Bronx, New York


Disposition/Alignment: Anti-Hero
Gimmick: Somebody who in his own mind, thinks he is the very best, and that he is the future of Elite Answers Wrestling. He's not overconfident, but he does ooze the confidence needed to be the perfect Elitist. He usually believes in everything that he says, even if it isn't the truth..but he will make sure that it is. He believes that all he speaks is the truth.

Character Bio: Growing up in Bronx, New York, Joso knew from the very start that he was going to ooze greatness in whatever he decided to chase. The Bronx was a very dangerous place to grow up in, and at a very young age, Joso had learned that to survive in The Bronx, he had to learn to fight, and he learned that effectively. What came with learning to fight, and making friends with what would turn out to be a Gang Member, they showed Joso the greatness of Professional Wrestling, and that day, he knew he wanted to be the greatest Professional Wrestler ever. He met Angelo Carter, and they trained together, and when Joso eventually got to EAW, he and Angelo were finally back together..but it wasn't long before Joso ditched Angelo for what he believes was for his own good. Now Joso is all alone, and that is perfectly fine for someone like him, because he wanted to be known as the greatest..all by himself.

Motivations: Joso wants to simply be known as the Best in the World, and he will do it at any costs. He wants to win Championships in Elite Answers Wrestling, and he wants to prove to the whole World that he is not somebody who should be doubted moving forward, but someone who should be praised and handed things WHEN HE EARNS THEM.
Tendency To Cheat: Never


Theme Song: 'Trophies' - Drake


Wrestling Debut: 2019
Favorite Match Types: Ladder Match
Least Favorite Match Types: Pole Matches
Favorite Weapon: 2x4 Spike


Common Moves:
• Suplex Variations:
- Snap Dragon
- Deadlift German
- Bridging Half Nelson
- Belly To Belly
- Snap
- German
- Butterfly
- Vertical
- Bridging German

• DDT Variations:
- Regular
- Jumping
- Tilt-A-Whirl
- Inverted
- Tornado
- Elevated
- 1916
- Inverted 1916

• Kick Variations:
- Super
- Roundhouse
- Spinning Heel
- Drop
- Pele
- Enzuigiri
- Gamengiri
- Bicycle Kick
- Dragon Whip
- Corner Backflip
- Backflip
- Shoot
- Penalty

• Submission Variations:
- Cross Armbar
- Armbar
- Sleeper Hold
- Triangle Choke
- Guillotine Choke
- Straight Jacket Choke
- Bridging Arm Triangle Choke
- Ankle Lock
- Kimura Lock
- Fujiwara Armbar
- Crossface
- Figure Four Leglock
- Rope Hung Figure Four Leglock

Springboard 450 Splash
Suicide Dive
Frogsplash (Sometimes Springboard)
Discus Lariat
Standing Double Foot Stomp
Buckle Bomb
Running Shooting Star press
Spike Piledriver
Apron Piledriver
Pop-Up Knee Strike
Bicycle Knee Strike
European Uppercut
Curb Stomp

German Suplex into a Roundhouse Kick
Curb Stomp into a Triangle Choke
Slingblade into a Springboard Moonsault
Superkick to the Leg, Superkick to Face of Kneeling Opponent into Standing Double Foot Stomp
• "I Don't Miss!" (Discus Lariat, Snap Dragon Suplex, Superkick, Spinning Heel Kick, Pop-Up Knee Strike and finally into a Brainbuster) RARELY USED; Always perfectly executed.

Signature Moves:
- Crimson Peak
(Styles Clash)
- Incoming Silence (Spin-out Sitout Powerbomb)
- RUNAWAY (Firemans Carry to an Sitout Side Powerslam)
- Executioner from Hell (Front Suplex lift into a Cutter)
- Final Calling (Vertical Suplex lifted and dropped into a Double Knee backbreaker)

Finishing Moves:
- Heaven's Gate
(Package Piledriver) [Primary Finisher]
- Grateful Death (Argentine Backbreaker transitioned into a Knee Lift) [Secondary Finisher]
- For Honor (Chickenwing Over The Shoulder Crossface) [Desperation Finisher]

Ultra Finisher:
- King's Crown (Grateful Death into a Wrist-lock Transitioned Short-arm Lariat


In-Ring Accomplishments:
Inaugural winner of the EAW New Era Classic Tournament
1x EAW Interwire Champion (August 19th, 2022 - February 5th, 2023; 171 Days)
Member of the Dynasty 2022 Anarchy In The Arena Match Team

MVE Awards:
MVE #313
Rising Star of the Week (×1)
MVE #315
Rising Star of the Week (×2)
Beef of the Week (×1); vs. ARIA
MVE #322
Rising Star of the Week (×2)
MVE #330
Promoer of the Week (×1)
Most Valuable Elitist (×1)
Beef of the Week (×2); vs. Andre Walker vs. Ruler
Match of the Week (×1); vs. Andre Walker vs. Ruler
Elitist Of The Month (August 2022)
MVE #333
Match of the Week (x2); w/Limmy Monaghan vs. Madison Kaline & Bronson Daniels
MVE #334
Beef of the Week (×3); w/Team Dynasty (Limmy Monaghan & Serenity Valdez) vs. Team Showdown (Adam Lucas, Xander Payne & Jake Smith) vs. Team Voltage (Drake King, Minerva & Hikari Kanno)
Match of the Week (×3); vs. w/Team Dynasty (Limmy Monaghan & Serenity Valdez) vs. Team Showdown (Adam Lucas, Xander Payne & Jake Smith) vs. Team Voltage (Drake King, Minerva & Hikari Kanno)

- Joso is very cool headed, he doesn't get easily aggravated, unless it's by someone who has the same cocky and annoying attitude that he has.
- Joso is VERY annoying. He likes to piss people off, and he will take advantage of that.
- Joso has a fair amount of In-Ring Smarts, but he likes to keep an equal level between out-wrestling someone, and simply beating the shit out of them.
- Because of growing up in The Bronx, Joso's main style is brawling.
- Joso will never cheat, because he finds it unnecessary, especially in his hunt to prove that he is the very best.
- Since ditching Angelo Carter, Joso has found himself becoming more of a lone wolf, not wanting to trust anybody instead of having trust issues. He just doesn't care to trust anyone but himself.
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