MATCH PROMO "Just A Couple...Of Champions." -- Territorial Invasion I

Candice Blair

The Hot Commodity. 🔥
The time has finally arrived. It’s time to put me and Danny’s team to the ultimate test as we challenge for the Unified Tag Team Championships. I don’t know about Danny, but I am quite nervous, to be honest. Last year, I had my match pulled out the card and I was bummed out, but that specific match for the Universal Women’s Championship proved that Candice Blair was going to be a mainstay in the women’s division and EAW. She was going to be someone that you were going to need to keep your eye on for the rest of the season and honestly, that’s still the truth. You should all keep an eye on me because you aren’t going to miss what I do next. Whether it’s freeing monsters from captivity or doing my part to break Lisa Wren out of a Saudi prison, there is no denying that I am able to do the craziest shit and still find myself getting on the camera. Pain for Pride proved that I could sing on camera and the crowd would turn their heads to the beautiful music coming out of my voice. Going into this season, there were questions lingering in the air about me not doing ‘enough’ to get myself into the position that a lot of people believe that I should be in. My name should be up there with the Andrea’s, Kassidy’s, Minerva’s, and Camille’s of the world. I do believe that my name more than deserves to be up there with the best in the business. I know, I have it within me to do that, but much like every goat athlete in the sports industry, we let little outside hobbies get in the way for a moment or two. I mean, ‘hobby’ isn’t the most appropriate term to describe my activism and music career because I do believe those two things have grown to be my livelihood these past six months. But, wrestling is still number one in my heart. ♥️ I know that it must concern women like Harlow Reichert, who is so passionate about professional wrestling as a whole. Their first glimpse of seeing someone as hot as I am that she doesn’t give a shit about this sport and that I’m only using this sport as a stepping stone to my other endeavors and that couldn’t be far from the truth. I’m in EAW because I love wrestling. I want to showcase myself as less of a model and more of a professional wrestler. I want to be able to take some loser (no offense, Danny) like Danny Tanner, build him up, and turn him into this fucking machine that everyone knows that he's capable of.

My partnership with Danny Tanner, it’s something that I never anticipated in my life. I never anticipated myself as a ‘tag team wrestler.’ I never saw the day where I would compete for the Unified Tag Team Championship. This opportunity being handed to me was something that I never anticipated, but bestie Captain Charisma always looks out for his roster members and I’m aware that he REALLY wanted me to face Harlow Reichert for the Unified Tag Team Championships. But, he didn’t need to pull my name out of the hat to do that though. He could have been like: “Candice, bestie, Harlow Reichert needs opponents for Territorial Invasion” and I could have been like: “Sign me up, bestie” and he would have been like: “k” and I would have been like “k” and it would have been easy peasy lemon squeezy. He didn’t need to go through all that effort to pull my name out of the hat, but I get it, it was nothing more than a coote way to make a team and that’s something that I can enjoy. The suspense to figure out who my partner was something that had me on the edge of my seat, but when I pulled out Danny Tanner’s name, I was nervous and then, I realized that this could be another opportunity for me to help someone and I’m all about helping those that need the help. Not only that, but win those Unified Tag Team Champions? Who would turn down an opportunity like that? When it really matters, I don’t see someone like Danny turning down an opportunity to not only become champion but share the spotlight with one of the best female wrestlers in this company? Omg, that would be amazeballs. Can you just imagine him and me as the Unified Tag Team Champions? We can totally take a picture with our new championships. I even got the perfect caption to put: “Just a couple… of champions.” I can almost envision the look on Danny’s face as he’s flustered, but not trying to show it, but bestie, we so got this match. This isn’t the gassed-up bullshit that Harlow may feel like we’re on. Within these past few weeks, it’s been Harlow Reichert and that guy that follows her around finding themselves looking like a couple of clowns because king Danny has completely shown them up in his own game. Must I remind everyone that he has a victory over Harlow Reichert, a pure wrestling specialist and one of the most flawless ring technicians in this company? Must I remind everyone that this so-called loser (no offense again, Danny) got a victory over the Unified Tag Team Champion? Danny getting a victory over Harlow shouldn’t be ridiculed, but it should be praised because he fucking did that. Just like he pinned that midget Jake Smith inside that squared circle and he’s going to do that shit again, periodt.

I get that my decision to attack Harlow and Xavier while they were occupied with Danny could be seen as “cowardly,” and normally, I like looking people in the eye before I proceed to beat the shit out of them, but I saw it as an opportunity to show them that I can strike at any given place. I can look you in the eye as I take you down or I can take you down from behind. There are no limits to what I can do when given the chance to showcase myself. A “cowardly” attack isn’t going to mean anything going into Territorial Invasion because occurs at that ring on Saturday is going to mean everything. Harlow and Xavier have had their time with coasting since winning the championships at Pain for Pride. They successfully defended the titles against Kensi and Lisa Wren, but they thought that it can’t get worse than those two? Harlow has implied that I and Danny are worse than them? UGH! AS IF! Danny Tanner is nothing more than a flawless man with a heart of gold. He is able to channel the energy and heart of his gay icons and black ancestors in order to perform to the highest standard possible. As for me, it felt like Harlow just stabbed me in the heart because I felt like she should know me better. From our two previous encounters, she should know that my entire hotness and personality, I can immediately switch that up the moment that bell rings. She’s said it before — it’s almost like I have a switch that I can turn on and it’s game on. I have a switch that I can turn on and it’s game on. I HAVE A SWITCH THAT I CAN TURN ON AND IT’S GAME ON! I’m aware that I’ve never been able to defeat Harlow at all. But, Danny has and if Voltage two weeks ago displayed anything, it’s that Danny can strike at any moment. One mistake from either of those two and the match belongs to us. That’s how we win. Harlow and Xavier can’t allow themselves to have that happen. As Harlow has established, she would hate to be the reason why she and Xavier lose at Territorial Invasion, but if there is someone from that tandem that is going to make her team lose, it’s not going to be Harlow, that’s for sure. But, they’re probably trying to convince themselves that they have nothing to worry about. Xavier is probably whispering in her ear that the victory over Danny is a “fluke” and that Candice isn’t as hot as her and whatnot. All that typical stuff that men whisper to their significant other’s ears in order to make them feel better. Now, I can see that Harlow expected more from this reign. She thought with her holding the titles, it would open this new crop of competition, but for anyone’s, that’s known about the history of those titles, you know that all of this wishful thinking is going to be too much. These are championships that have never gotten the respect that they rightfully deserved. For years, people have been struggling to elevate those championships and honestly, it’s going to be a struggle, regardless of which team is holding those championships. Perhaps, there is a part of Harlow that should have thought better than assuming that competition would automatically step up to the plate to face them. If that was the idea, there would be no purpose for the tag team turmoil on Voltage. There wouldn’t need Captain Charisma pulling names out of hats. There wouldn’t need to be this wish for competition to rise up in the new dawn of champions.

At the same time, what do you expect from a brand that’s afraid to go after the hard-hitters of the Voltage brand? Happily, for Harlow and Xavier, Danny and I aren’t afraid to go on their turf and try to take those titles off of them. Honestly, it offends me that Harlow would think that I’m acting “crazy” and whatnot. I’m acting crazy? I am acting like someone who wasn’t the way she was once we faced off on Showdown all those months ago? People can change. I’ve ✨evolved✨ and either, people are going to like this side of me or hate it. I don’t expect people to look at me and like the things I put out, but I am going to continue to be me. I am going to continue to follow my heart, which is the most important thing possible. I know that I’m talented. I know that I was more than capable of dethroning Bethany Blue at Pain for Pride. I know, I could dethrone her when given the chance, but to say that I was more than focused on my entrance rather than the match itself? That’s disrespectful to me because I don’t favor one of my interests over the other. I’m all about wrestling, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not allowed to have interests outside of that. I want to be able to incorporate my other interests and hobbies into wrestling. I’m one of the most versatile women in this company. I can go from bad bitch to flawless wrestler with one switch and have it come off as effortless as possible. I am able to turn on and off my emotions because I know that I can’t “crazy” as Harlow likes to put it inside the squared circle because who the fuck would ever take someone like that seriously? Obviously not me, but it seems like Harlow has forgotten who the fuck that she’s dealing with inside the ring. I get that it’s been a while since the two of us have crossed paths inside that Specialists Chamber, but we’ve both grown and went down our respective paths. We’ve gone through our respective setbacks and in a way, it seems like things have worked out for her, but I believe the path I’m going down is going to work well for me and it’s going to lead me to my first championship. Will it be with Danny as well? I want that answer to be yes and we’re going to figure it out if it is this Saturday.

As for Xavier, Harlow wants to ask the question of what happened to me, but what happened to you, bro? You went from being the ‘Best…in the World’ to the ‘Best…at playing second fiddle to Harlow Reichert’ — which isn’t really a catchy nickname, but it’s beside the point. It was one year ago, you were basically 10-0 walking into Territorial Invasion. You were walking into War Games as team captain and it completely fell apart for you as you got completely done dirty. Honestly, it seemed like you never really recovered from that. It seems like the Unified Tag Team Championships are nothing more than a cover-up from the previous blemish that you had when your previous tag team partner stabbed you in the back. It was one thing that you’re determined on making sure that it’s right, but I don’t see that sparkle in you. I don’t see the need to want to step into this ring and wrestle. I just see a man who is being dragged along by his girlfriend week after week, just hoping that his suffering ends where he doesn’t need to go to work again. You can see that Harlow is taking the initiative to start things off for your team, but are you going to stand beside her as she does that, or is that going to seem too much for you to do that? I don’t see that motivation to keep this reign going; however, you’ll be dammed if you let Candice Blair and Danny Tanner take those championships from you. It’s a conflicting situation for you and I think that you’ve decided that you aren’t going to let that happen. At least, that’s what I would like to think. You’ve basically said it yourself — someone like Danny Tanner isn’t fit to be a champion. Even Harlow has stated that she doesn’t think that he’s ready for this opportunity, but I disagree with that notion. But, me? I’m more than prepared for an opportunity like this. I’m more than prepared to stand toe-to-toe with the ‘Best in the World’ and see, if he’s just a coote little nickname or if he still has something in the tank that he can bring out at Territorial Invasion. I want the best, Xavier and you were that when I was getting into the sport. It’s been a while since we’ve seen that, but I hope that being part of a tag team, hasn’t shielded that side of yourself to steal the show. I want the big match feel to this match. I know that Harlow has talented. I know that Harlow is fucking amazing, but you have the reputation of being like that too, Xavier, but I have my doubts about you. It’s weird — why should I have doubts on whether a champion like yourself can deliver? What has someone like you have done to establish that doubt in the competition that stands across from him in the ring? I don't want this doubt. I don't want to feel this feeling. I’m always looking forward to changing my mind, but we’ll see what side of Xavier Williams we’ll be getting on Saturday.

If it’s the man that we saw around the last bits of 2020, then, I don’t want it
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