MATCH PROMO Kiyoko Makes You Rock // VOLTAGE #.001

Akari Kiyoko

.001 reasons to soar
Aomori, Japan
Oh, best believe this week is meant for me.

Every time they put me up against someone, it’s never really… an opportunity, per say. AJ Redding made an attempt, but he couldn’t get it done. Luis De La Rosa… he did get an attempt in. He beat me, but he did not beat me. You understand? That week that he held onto, he did not pin me. But, that’s where this opportunity comes in store. See, two weeks ago, I beat La Familia. And more importantly, I pinned the EAW Hardcore Champion, his brother, Roberto De La Rosa. And is it not funny that now, I get the opportunity to finally pin him? It is just completely full circle, and I am here for it! Everything lines up perfectly. But of course, what is a Luis De La Rosa match without him getting away with aiming to avoid me 24/7? Because he is not the only one I face this week. But, I will get to them in some time. You have my attention, Luis De La Rosa. You lie to the people, saying that you beat me and only me, but we both know that is not true. You beat me by a technicality. And hey, I will admit, this is exactly what happened to me. I beat you by a technicality. That is what this match is for, though, it is to get back onto the train of winning. Beating your brother and La Familia was the start. The continuation is the hardest part. Slaying everyone and anyone in your path on the road to your goal is the part that no one wants to go through. No one wants to put in the hard work to do it, or at least not as much as I do. There is a reason I, of everyone that wakes up and makes a video, am the first one to always be there. Your teammate said it was something she had last week, and I proved that to be anything but the truth– it is called passion. I have the passion to wake up, and speak my mind over things that I believe are number one to me. Nothing else bothers me anymore. Not you, no longer does La Familia, because I did what I said I was going to do. I told them I was going to show them the true meaning of hope, and I did just that.

But, what puts a smile on my face, more than anything else, is how blind you are to the truth.

You told the world that I was something that I was not, and what happened? You got a vase to the face, a Kingslayuh, and went through a Race Against Time. Through the table, no less. But you see how lies can always affect how you perform? You did not expect me to do what I did, did you? And trust me, I liked it that way. The utter confusion on your face, it spoke volumes. See, I expect one thing from you, if anything else– a fight. Because all this talking you have done, it has left you in a singular place, and that is here. Do not let your words from past times try to misguide you from the truth. See, you have a god complex, thinking that you are above everyone. And this is exactly why I aim to stop La Familia in its entirety. Because that is not the idea I want going around. It is not the idea that needs to be spread around everywhere, that ignorance and selfishness get you anywhere. In most cases, the closest it gets you is here, Luis. Right across the person you took the win from, and right across the person with the intent to win. No one else, and this time I really mean no one else, is going to stop me from getting back my win.
Gary Daniels, Lt. Colonel Micheal St. Connor, they are talented. But, the one thing they do not have is someone that they can look across from and say that they will prove a point to. Not like we do. This week, though, is a Grand Rampage Preview Match. So, along with being able to finally get back my win, I get to prove to people why they should have eyes on Kiyoko if they did not already. It is more than a grudge match, this is a proving ground match. And it is one that I shall prevail victorious over all three of you.

Lt. Colonel Michael St. Connor, you also have something to prove. You beat AJ Redding, but last week, you took a loss to Holly Arrow. And that is what this match means for you, and it gives you more reason to focus on you than anything else. I completely understand getting back onto your feet. Everyone has to do it at one point. And it is hard to get on your feet again, but you know Luis De La Rosa just like I do. Hell, your team beat him and La Familia at the end of it all. I can respect someone who can back up what he says in the ring, and a veteran. But, this week, the path does not change for you. I see all the running powerslams, I see the hunger that we all thrive to have inside of you. And because we know who the nuisance in the match is, I do not think we will have any bad blood in this one between you and I. A fair fight is something that I expect from anyone and everyone, and because I know you will give it to me, I have nothing to say in terms of being negative. But… just because I do not have to say anything negative does not mean that I will sit here and make due of what is to come. I must win this match just as anyone else would, and when I say that I keep myself in this position of victory stacked on top of victory, I mean it. I mean that everything you have going, it must be put to the side. Prove me wrong, defeat me, that is up for you to decide and try. But, just in times past, my fire and drive to succeed will not falter. When push comes to shove, with my dreams on my back, and with plans to become a champion, Kiyoko does not fail.

Then, there’s
Gary Daniels. Who, despite interference from Charlie Marr, managed to beat Rex McCallister. Now, you did go head to head with Rex, but that interference still stands. This week, you have got more people to look out for other than just Rex McCallister. This week, you have Luis De La Rosa, Micheal St. Connor, and I to look out for. I am sure you understand the implications of this match. Of six showcases for Grand Rampage, you and I are a part of one. And how you think about that really impacts how you move in this match. See, we all look to fight to keep ourselves and our names out there, and you look to put yours out there again. This time, you get to do it cleanly. And I will not doubt you, because no matter what it seems that you are going through, I understand. #GaryRampage, right? And that’s cool, you have your own thing going, I can respect that. Now, that also does get in my way. You might believe it is #GaryRampage all you want, but for now, look at our match. Voltage, it is time for you to grab onto something, and hold on tight. This goes for all of you, not just Gary. One way or another, the result that has followed my record, it continues. At the end of it all, the result will still read: Akari Kiyoko, the winner of tonight’s match.
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