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Albert Hitchman

Supreme Clientele
The scene opens to Albert Hitchman and Andre Walker sitting together on a couch, Interwire Title and King of Elite crown on the table in front of them.

Albert Hitchman: I was going to take this time to introduce, dress up, present and glorify my partner, my family, my brother, the Interwire Champion and soon to be Double Champion of EAW, Andre “The Kaiser” Walker. “The Scourge of God”, EAW’s “Red Right Hand” whatever terror inducing nickame out there, there perhaps is no better way to address this man than how you have, Bethany. You’ve done my job for me. You’ve been a promotional advocate for just how tremendous this man has been ALL season long, but particularly beginning after his loss to…well…his loss to Ronn Banks.

Albert Hitchman: That isn’t anything to shy away from, is it?

Andre Walker nonchalantly agrees with Albert as he looks at him and then back towards the camera.

Albert Hitchman: There’s no shame there, is there? I mean that’s one of the greatest EVER, if not THE GREATEST EVER we’re talking about. If there’s a tiering in EAW, there’s nobody who would argue him and DEDEDE having their respective spots at the top. We’ll sit amongst them one day, but for now, all we can do is move forward with the knowledge taken away from that loss and evidently it was everything we needed to really put our foot on the necks of the rest of this company. It was this breaking point when realizations were made and wrongs, suddenly on the path to being righted. While it seems almost asinine to believe- there’s this moment in every great triumph or effort ever recorded. The moment in which the path changes and now this man is one that will lead bhim to being as deeply engraved into this company’s history as anyone- EVER.

Albert suddenly looks at the camera with confusion, pondering an obviously puzzling thought.

Albert Hitchman: Can the same be said for our good doctor? We can compare two wins as if they mean the same thing, but did her Empress of Elite win actually mean as much as Andre Walker’s King of Elite win?..

…No, no it didn’t.

Our King of Elite win trounced her victory tenfold and that can be supported by any number of reasons!

Andre Walker removes his hand from his face and looks at Albert with a look of complete agreeance.

Andre Walker: It’s as if the echelon of competition even compares. My chances were also that much slimmer considering I was competing in a triple threat match and STILL managed to beat your fiance, someone you’ve touted as being one of the greatest pound for pound performers in this company. I mamed him, I battered him, I beat him. I beat him into questioning if the things I had said about him were true, which they absolutely were. He deludes himself consistently into believing in heroism and villainy, a standard of which I apparently am one of EAW’s mad villains. Funny how that time, the villain won. It’s almost as if morality doesn’t enter the equation when it comes to skill, preparation, mental and physical warfare. You’re of the same deluded cloth when it comes to understanding your perception as either believed or hated in this world. Frustrated and bewildered by the change in support after you made what you considered to be a healthy business decision-

Yet in the same breath, you’d question Starr’s business decision to do everything in his power to prevent you from being the one to challenge Andrea Valentine at Pain For Pride. It’s a dog eat dog world, you’ll eat no problem, but being eaten for you is cause for some kind of chip on your shoulder. You evidently don’t actually understand that my winning King of Elite and spot at Pain For Pride means infinitely more than your result at the same event. It comes down to the rationale that I stand a MUCH, MUCH better chance at winning my match and moving the needle one more time in the most major way possible as I make history and do what nobody else has before. You? The most being lost by you not being in a Pain For Pride main event is your own hopes and dreams, nothing for this company. Does anyone want to watch Andrea Valentine break a sweat, maybe take a punch or two, and then foreseeably defend her title again? Against someone arguably not even on the level of Andrea’s past opponents, nor who she defeated to win the title?

No. They don’t. EAW knows this. Kassidy Heart is a way bigger star, a more marketable match and a more fitting Pain For Pride challenge. That way if the result goes either way, EAW can still put their chips on a horse that can sustain its spot at the top. That is a business decision and if you can’t see why it was made, then you’re lost in the cloud of your own frustration at your hopes and dreams being shattered on a corporate boot, while I’m their wet dream. I’m everything they could look and ask for, which you’ve ceded as a strong point of mine but let’s make one thing clear- competitor to competitor- you and I don’t compare.You’re on the upper-side of Dynasty’s talents, but there’s difference in being one of the greats, and being the absolute best. All of those names you beat, I beat them a long time ago and I’ve done it better than you. I beat Xander Payne on Free-Per-View to defend my title, the next title defense? Scott Diamond. Scott Diamond, someone revered as being one of the most horrifying feats of human nature ever recorded and most talented, imposing, dominant, and acclaimed elitists to ever play this game. I beat him. For you having one of the “best records” of season 15, I’m undefeated in 2022. You want to go back to Territorial Invasion? You were facing the same woman you beat in the EOE finals, I was main eventing that show in the first EVER Stadium Stampede match. In every measure or comparative between us, I don’t just beat you in a game of inches, it’s meters. It’s lightyears. They can put our faces together on one graphic, but that doesn’t put us level.

Albert Hitchman: Not close, Andre. Not close.

Andre Walker: Not fucking close.

Albert Hitchman: See, almost everything you’ve done in your career and attempted to throw in our faces- it’s temporary. You were a cog in a much larger machine and eventually the things you did, the reign you had, the wins you claimed, they were forgotten about. Forgotten about by everyone but you- Andre Walker makes it impossible to forget. You look at that New Breed title, you see his face. You look at the Interwire title, you already see his face, imagine it by the time he retires it. Next year, 2023, the King of Elite poster, you’ll see his face. You see it all over what’s being branded as one of, if not the biggest Pain For Pride match ever right up there with Jamie and Ryan. Andre Walker is a first-ballot hall of famer. He’s two years into his career mind you, two years and he’s already a lock for a Hall of Fame slot. Two years and he’s everything you said he is- soon to be the face of all of EAW.

Andre Walker: You forgot something, Albert…

Albert looks at his partner confused, unable to speak, stuttering as Andre puts his hand on his shoulder.

Andre Walker: You forgot that she’s going to beat me because of…resolve.

Albert Hitchman: Resolve?

Andre Walker: Starvation. She thinks she’s dangerous because of the chip on her shoulder, but I don’t take that chip to mean anything more than you’ll be worse off after this match after a loss because you came into it with such an expectation, such a foolish notion that a fire and desire would compensate for everything you actually lack in this match. When you believe that it’s a circumstance or mentality that will make a difference in disparity, you’ll find yourself not understanding afterwards what went wrong. You believed so deeply that you could do it and you could prove this company, this world wrong, then it didn’t happen. It didn’t happen and it wasn’t really a surprise, but it still shocks you. You’re not surprised that I beat you because I am who I am, but you’re still dumbfounded. That’s because all of this grit and all of this passion to perhaps find a way back into the title match at Pain For Pride, or at least make a statement about it, came from a place of jealousy and bitterness, not logic. Not anything well thought out or rationed, but a part of you that’s just upset because she’s been short-strawed even when she thought she’d earned her place.

Albert Hitchman smiles as he drops his head and then crosses his legs and looks at the camera.

Albert Hitchman: It’s ironic too. You found yourself criticizing the bitter and complacent, yet it’s the side of yourself you’d tap in-to when it comes to defeating this mountain of a challenge. When it comes to doing something improbable and you don’t actually want to face the reality of how hard you’d have to work to get it done, you drown yourself in the self-deceit of believing that belligerence in your cause will make any more difference than your results have. If your body of work speaks for itself, why are you having to come out here and campaign for justice? Calling out for matches and opponents, staff and politics, emptying the tank of frustrations months old- yet I, we, anybody should believe that the work you’re claiming puts you close to Andre Walker’s level speaks for itself. Almost comedic. Almost AS comedic as the way you’re slicing your fiance’s current situation.
I’m not for letting him represent you, Bethany, you’re your own competitor and brand. But you’ve done it yourself by quite literally comparing his situation to yours, so allow me to unearth the gargantuan flaws in your logic.

Adam was tired of being screwed over, the losses started to pile up and while he still had the respect of his peers and the fans, in some instances respect isn’t enough, there comes a time and a place where you finally need to rise above all else and think about yourself for once and that is exactly what Adam did. “ - Our Good Doctor.

Screwed Over? Driven to a point of no return? I particularly found the usage of the word “Rise” interesting as if there was some obstacle that made him predisposed to losing big matches. Maybe there is. It’s called inadequacy. If I recall correctly, Adam lost in the King of Elite, pinned and beaten by this man, this machine, this monster, this fucking dark cloud making it’s way towards you, this “perfect storm” if you will, and yet still he was given a world title opportunity at the very next event? On Free-Per-View….Two months away from Pain For Pride...I’ll let that speak for itself. He lost but was still granted the chance of his career to walk into Pain For Pride the World Champion. Screwed Over? Right.

The losses piled up only after he failed to be able to shake them off his back and move forward. It isn’t anybody else’s fault that Adam Lucas realized his journey was going to be harder than he initial;ly thought, so he abandoned his morality and embraced what he’d criticized for years. For a lifetime. His grasp on the world began to slip and he became the villain he always envisioned himself standing against. But here you are justifying that? It’s easy to blame others for your and his shortcomings, but the reality is it’s foolish to pretend as if right and wrong bears any relevance to morality. I’m not holding any stigma towards either of you for the decisions to embrace what you formally saw as being wrong, but you’re so large to the realization that you have to do what you have to do in order to be successful that I can’t just let it go unnoticed.

Andre Walker: Late’s an understatement and isn’t fully accurate because here you still are parading around as if what you and Adam did is passable as morally right. Those eyes that watch you and mouths that slander you, they’re not in the position we are. They’ll never know ambition beyond jealousy. You’re bothering with a narrative that’s worthless and weightless because I’ve cared very little what anybody thought of me for months now. You don’t hate me, you don’t love me, you can’t really either, but you do respect me. You, Adam, everyone. I don’t garner support or slander, I attract respect because I make respectable decisions. I keep my eyes on the prize and I put everything I have into understanding what it is that gains and sustains success in this business. You said yourself you’re extremely vindictive, full of anxiety and a need to constantly prove yourself, you know, I used to be too. And I used to be proud to say it because it humanized me. In a business full of men and women who would express nothing but their egocentrism and greatest attributes, I believed it set me apart from the rest to tell the world that I’m not perfect, that I suffer the same issues inside that many do and that what separates me from them was my ability to act in reality and overcome those issues. Then I changed. I matured. I arrived slowly, but surely, at this headspace right now in which I believe that you admitting all of those things only makes you more desperate to prove why this match is meaningful. For not only you, but for me too.

You’re drawing on incidents months old in which I retired Darcy May, or I beat the last big match out of Bronson Daniels, or I stuck a steel chair leg into your fiances’s eye socket and crushed his fucking dreams. To you, these are all things of deep personal significance and reasons why this match should be treated as a serious clash of not only talent, but bad blood. I can tell you that those events mean absolutely nothing to me apart from the actual professional gain I took away from them. I mean sure, did I enjoy being the one to break Adam’s ribs and put him at his lowest point, essentially being the one to put him on course to recognizing who he actually was and revealing to the world his true colors before he even had the chance to? Sure, but that pales in comparison to the actual opportunity I sought by beating him. I know your fiance better than you do, seemingly, or you’re delusional enough to believe that he did what he did on the side of some moral righteousness. Either way, I’m trying to emphasize that I beat him as badly as I did for opportunity. I beat Darcy and Bronson for legacy, for acclaim, for gold. These things for me were nothing, but for you were more than something? How can you care more deeply about my victories than me? Despise me for doing something that anybody would do? It takes truly the sanctimonious person to hate another for only doing exactly what he’s been asked to do. The amount of work you’d go to in order to dissect the reasons behind your shift in attitude recently is absurd, but just like that it’s your mission to bring me to my knees because I, as a competitor, beat my fellow competitors, almost all of whom had nothing to do with you?

You care too much. Your head is full of dissonance, yet also the inability to distance yourself when necessary. Unless! Unless it comes to your own career because if that’s the case, you’ll cut the tie between yourself and another peer with almost no hesitation. Who are you really? Are the woman who never lets go of the past, or now the woman who only makes decisions looking at her future? You won’t be both. You can’t be both. You’ve got one foot on both sides of that line right now and can’t decide whether or not you force yourself and us into believing you have some deeper meaning and reason for winning this match, or if you truly want to let go of what before may have been holding you back. I get why you’re feeling both ways, the former being your compensation for being at every measurable disadvantage in this match, and the latter being what you believe justifies your present choices. I can’t control how you choose to proceed, though I can elaborate on why the former is just so important right now. You believe, or want to, that if you can find some deeply rooted reason for having a stronger yearn to beat me than I, you, you’ll actually do it. You’ll overcome the very real deficit you’re at right now. What did you call them; “Factual points that work against you”. Physically you don’t compare to me. I’m faster, stronger, a better and more explosive athlete. More durable, more tested and successful against top competition. Physically I outlast you and there’s no question about it. I’m probably 100lbs heavier than you and it’s all muscle. Mentally I have no reason to believe I cannot beat you. You don’t pose more of a threat to me than anyone I’ve beaten before and I wouldn’t place you amongst the ranks of top talent I’ve beaten. I’m on pace to do what nobody else has before and that admittedly, both on my and your ends, is because I’ve put in the work to defeat each and every challenge before the world heavyweight championship. It isn’t an underserved or given opportunity, it’s one that I’ve earned by becoming and remaining better than everyone else, including you. I have no reason to believe that you're gonna bring some brighter flame to this match than you did to any match you’ve lost recently, if anything, I know that a loss to me doesn’t damage you. You think you’ve made some great premise of attack in framing a belief that losses don’t damage me, but losing TO me doesn’t damage anyone. Literally nobody is damaged by losing to Andre Walker, unless they lose a title or opportunity in the process. A match like this though? Nobody is going to hang it over your head to lose to me. And your reasons for winning aren’t anything special, just the need to redeem what you feel is an injustice to you. You think your empire is going to crumble after a defeat to me? Even losing to me is good for your stock because you shared the ring with me. You could lose this match and still go onto the biggest match of your career and if you’d like to argue that, go talk to your fiance. You could lose this match, and still have a case for getting into that title match at Pain For Pride. A loss here does absolutely, and I mean, literally no damage to you because it’s expected. It’s a standard I’m going to uphold. A standard of victory for Andre Walker. A standard that doesn’t care about what you have or want to prove as a woman because I give men this same treatment. I’m not bothering to berate or degrade you for being a woman because these days, I really don’t care. I’m going to crush you the same way I would a man, the same way I did your man, the same way I did Scott, the same way I’ll crush Viz at Pain For Pride. That is the business I’m in and it’s what I go out there to do. Not to prove myself to anybody, but to destroy anything and anyone laid down in my path so that I can one day call myself the greatest to ever do it. This is how I make ends meet.

I know exactly who I am and why I’m doing this.

Do you?

Andre Walker stares into the lens gets up and exits the room as Albert smiles and leans towards the camera.

Albert Hitchman: You’ve waited for your moment with my partner? He takes his moments and doesn’t worry about others. You’ve had your eyes set on him instead of the opponents in front of you, likely being one of the reasons you’ve seemingly lost your road to Pain For Pride, while ours is clear as day. If you can’t keep your attention on Pain For Pride, which essentially is what you’ve structured this campaign around, what can you keep them on? What if you start to feel yourself losing this match and letting it slip through your fingers? It looks to me as if you’ll just let it slip because well….that’s what you’re good for. Proclaiming your best work will come after the fact, but the damage is already done. Next week, you’ll presumably come out in one of your promo packages and say the loss of Andre Walker only dumped gasoline into your fiery spirit of competition, moving on and forgetting about all of that lost ambition that you let go of. All of what you believed would carry you through a match that you’re outclassed in is suddenly what you feel is no longer there to aid you and you accept your fate as having to lose this one and swallow that bitter pill of perhaps never getting that Pain For Pride moment you desired. If not now, when? We’ve answered the question on our end, you’re as lost now as the moment it was taken from you. That’s your own case and issue, this week, you’re ours. And all of that ambition I previously mentioned as being what you let slip away, well, I guess I was wrong because what was never really there can’t really slip away. Or maybe it is there and you’ll just find that if it is, it’s your skills and inability to actually perform against the best talent in this company that betray you. Either way, you fall short. You fall short again and question who you are. Question if you know yourself- and well, if you don’t know yourself then how can you expect to know the woman that will perform in one of the main events of Pain For Pride?

So, no. We won’t have to wait and see, we’ll march down that ramp, into that ring, right through you and then get one step closer to Pain For Pride.

We’ll wait for nothing, we’ll take everything.

Albert exits the scene and the camera zooms in on the Interwire title and shows a still of it as it rests on the table. The scene then fades to black.

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