MATCH PROMO Lapis Philosophorum

AIRI Evergarden

The Infinity
Chiba, Japan
Among these three brands, Voltage is evidently the worst.

A dearth of stellar talents.

A scarcity of sagacity in decision-making.

Considering we have Captain Charisma up there, it's no doubt why no Voltage talent will win and cast disrespect upon the name of the Extreme Enigma.

Luis De La Rosa has undeniably positioned himself as the worst Mexican wrestler in EAW history since his older brother by invoking my name and show just how ignorance can steer people towards an undesired downfall. Grandiose talk about my name that someone as unintelligent as Michael Scott Connor manages to communicate with far more sense and maturity. A source of shame within his own family. An embarrassment upon the canvas of the wrestling scene. A testament to the erosion of values in everything he purports to stand for with an unapologetic manner. Luis De La Rosa is wasting his time as much as MITSU has wasted our time. This is the last time I'll need to say something about the guy who has never been on my watch, and I've wasted my words trying to shut him up. What demon are you, Hayley? A cheap and weak carbon copy of LILITH just there trying to look intimidating. Yet, only a few examples… no, not even 0.1% of all your examples, have proved to us that there's nothing demonic about you. What demon? Do you even understand the meaning of being a demon? How do you define the concept of a demon that you believe can purge other demons? If the demon you are can't purge other demons, does that make you a demon? Are you cosplaying? Rmo subculture always displays a certain degree of delusion. This is why the procurement of concert tickets and the endorsement of idiotic personas such as Chris Motionless or Dominic Richard Harrison must be halted. This happens when children are absorbed into a world they don't deserve, altering their personalities from front hand to backhand. No punishment is deserved on your part, Hayley. You haven't done anything wrong. Nothing should be counted as wrongdoing, yet no right things have ever been documented. That's what happened; you've done nothing to be considered as such. It's been two months, and nothing significant has happened in your career—no matches, no promos, nothing that can be counted as an achievement. Admirations as well. Nothing is why consequences follow an action. The amount of work you've put in is just not enough to label it as such. Everyone is here to put in the work, and what you've done is a disrespect to every worker who risks their life week in and week out. Mr. Christopher – I address him as Mister because he's the individual I respect for doing things correctly and ensuring his children heed his guidance.

He was right.

Something is wrong with you.

The same way he saw it is the same way I see it now.

Sorry isn't enough; it stands as a facade, a hollow word seeking refuge in the guise of apology. 'Sorry' is just an excuse, and that's why some people are called a 'sorry excuse for a human being.' Your repetitive invocation of excuses are a call of sympathy. Mahanttan has known to be a global economic hub, a source of prosperity, and yet an inflationary lies withing as well as the harbinger of ultimate financial insolvency for businesses. Someone who idolizes individuals like Jamie O’Hara could learn much better from other figures such as Madison Kaline and Brody Sparks. I understand there's metaphysical trajectory you trying to bridge to fill the void left by Jayln Garcia but plaese also understand that Jayln spent only a few months making a star out of himself, proving why he was once known as the true student of Jamie O’Hara while we are soon to see you in the next 5-6 months, competing against Valerie Hellstorm and Korey Gaines in a three-way competition at Pain For Pride’s pre-show. A fact that I have found somewhat intriguing, yet also somewhat disheartening, is the realization that your family engages in the business fraught with considerable risks, has a lineage traced back to your father, Christopher Morrow, who was a professional wrestler. Now, Hayley, I want to spare a mention of your father’s name as the revelation has led me to reassess the source of my respect. It appears that your father was not the deserving recipient. He wasn’t special. Neither your father nor his daughter, yourself included, are exceptional. What this family seems to embody is a prevailing sense of mediocrity and a discernible lack of talent within the wrestling industry.Similar to countless others, your family's legacy seems to lack prominence with a noticeable absence of public interest and sympathy toward what appears to be an embarrassing wrestling lineage. The Morrow Family stands as a disgrace. They prominently displayed for all to witness. They reflect an unfortunate self-inflicted plague upon their once-held merits.

Hayley, if you are listening to me right now, do me a favor when you get thrown out.

Go tell your father and thank him for inspiring her to be semblance of mediocrity just like him.

My attitude has taken a turn once more. My main thing was keep things on a slow burn, and maintain a serene demeanor but the more people talk, the more it becomes exasperating how they lack basic common sense in living the wrestler's life and speaking like a savvy individual. Michael Scott Connor has shown me a newfound respect for the manner in which I addressed Luis De La Rosa. Michael, I am not here to hear expressions of gratitude from you. If your primary intention is to shower me with thanks rather than actively contributing to the essential aspects of this wrestling industry, go seek additional mental training in a military camp.Your country has proven to be the most disconcerting terrain I have ever set foot in. From the Twitter sages in intimate gathering abodes to prejudiced racist patriots soaring straight out of the elder facebook group, it is regrettable that you were born to serve this nation that perennially appears unworthy and stands as the biggest country populated by some of the most contemptible scumbags. If you were in Dynasty, I am confident that our general managers would value your background and the blood and sweat you've poured into perpetuating the birth of these sentient refuse over the decades. I do know and realize some americans are all nice and respectable, some in our country are respect our culture. We are respecting them back. All of that are just to encapsulate the essence of my sincere viewpoint regarding you.The key insight from your monologue appears to be your consistent affirmation that, until the final moments of this competition, denying AIRI Evergarden is an assertion that no one can make. I find no need to extensively delve into your background or other related matters. Maybe make yourself a bit more worthy of my time next time before earning the opportunity to hear my voice.

Korey Gaines.


Moving on.

The best is likely being saved for last; however, I am referring to the finest humble dish that is about to be served. In the meantime, it will soon leave a sweet taste on everybody's palate. Sadly, this woman will only be departing with a spicy flavor that will leave her stomach in pain and crying in agony. Brianna Hill seems to be the most competent wrestler that Voltage could possibly send out among the five individuals who lack the ability to speak sensibly with factual support. Even though Hill stands out as the best Voltage can offer in this match, she has turned out to be the most generic person when communicating with others. Her character lacks flavor, coming across as plain, dry, and ultimately boring. It's like dry meat that can't be cooked into a good medium-rare steak or dry milk that stops children from enjoying the product itself. From day one, Brianna Hill has embodied generic and basic qualities. It's no surprise. Every time I tune in to watch her promotional videos, attempting to glean any valuable information about the woman I've reluctantly committed my time to, it feels like interacting with an NPC in a video game. 'I’ve managed to get myself up and running in some way, shape, or form, and looking toward the future I do believe that 2024 is going to be huge for me!' X for Yes. O for No. Square for telling her to do better. Anyone could say the same without succeeding, Hill. Words won't crown you a victor, construct success, or rescue the wrestling world or yourself. Words are just a voice to make a statement. Actions that truly underpin your credibility. That's the hard part to maintain, but I haven't found it difficult at all because all my actions are what I've already admitted long ago. Actions make me great; actions make people acknowledge me. When discourse revolves around Brianna Hill, more than just a generic wrestler, what they see is a kid who is far from ready to step up to the proverbial plate and eat the whole feast. All you should be feeding yourself right now are more skills and talents, evidence, and well-founded claims that you need for yourself. Before thinking the world is simply all beautiful flowers and clear skies, realize that every step you take is on the ground of hell, where every day brings stomping feet, rumbling pain, and pressure beyond what you can handle. My utmost respect goes to everyone who started their career at a very young age. I took the road less traveled. I learned the ropes the hard way from the get-go so much so that even my student, Naruhito, recognizes me as the most talented woman ever in this match.

How many sincere acknowledgments of your talent have you received?


They said so because your kindness shields you from the shame others might cast upon you while reality speaks otherwise. Brianna Hill remains far from full maturity. This match has proven to be a formidable hurdle for her. While this struggle serves as a barrier for you, your response has been consistent—week after week, offering the same persona that has always remained unchanged. In the most significant match of her career, Brianna Hill continues to embody the archetype of a generic wrestler, a routine so predictable that viewers feel compelled to disengage from watching that gave the redundancy of witnessing duplicated promos with minor embellishments in motivation.

You claim to be no stranger to this battlefield, yet your predominant role is a combat medic who consistently tending to their own embarrassments.

You claim yourself as a contender who’s here to win, yet it's a rehearsed pledge harking back to your prior fiasco that steep in disgrace.

You claim your presence here to prove to everybody that you are the best. You are listening to the best speaking, and you are here to epitomize that you stand as the unrivaled best in this match.

Everyone holds themselves in high regard until they step into the ring. Milli Banks has come to realize that. Ronan Malosi learned that. All my opponents have learned that nothing is more special than a gifted talent like AIRI Evergarden stepping into the ring and becoming the best out of all the best in this competition. The Extreme Enigma Battle Royale is a match designed to honor the best in the industry. If that concept isn't compelling enough, let's ask all of you:

What does it mean to have a match that honors the best if the top competitors in the ring aren't here to win?
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