MATCH PROMO Let it in, & it’ll take everything. (Dynasty 1)

Michael Machina

The New Breed of Legends
New Breed Champion
Brooklyn, New York

History is a hell of a thing.

At this point last year, we didn’t have much for people to believe. I would be making my in-ring debut, and you were still trying to make a name for yourself.

Safe to say, time would be our best friend at the end of the day.

The Interwire Champion versus the New Breed Champion. Who woulda thought, Armstrong? We would begin this long standing rivalry of ours at Pain for Pride, where we were meant to be at odds as a result of being in the same 24/7 Battle Royal. Nearly a year later, we may find ourselves walking into the next Pain for Pride as champions. If I walk into the event as champ’, that’s history in itself. That sure does put everything into perspective, the steps that I needed to take in order to seperate myself from a crop of new breeds who were looking to make their own splash. It was never enough, not enough to subvert my rise as the key representation of the new breeds. I say key, but it wasn’t always like that. I wouldn’t be who I am without the months that I spent remaining at war with yourself & Hans Grayson. We became cornerstones of the new breeds, irreplaceable at the time as we only continued to show the world exactly why we deserved to fight for this all too precious championship. I’ll never forget about those battles that shape me. It’s a lot to ponder on, but all that really mattered was closing that chapter of our careers as the man who walked away with the New Breed Championship over his shoulder.

I can speak on what we’ve done in the past forever, there’s not enough time in the world to speak of how our matches elevated me further.

As I expected, I knew you’d be able to elevate yourself too.

I can’t deny that you’ve only become greater than you were the last time I saw you, Armstrong. Holding the Interwire Championship is proof of the work paying off, no matter how much I may disagree with how you go about your business. You already know I’m real outspoken in that regard, but here you stand finally earning that big championship accolade in EAW. After the matches you spent against Cy, managing a damn victory out of it even if it came as a result of not keeping the man down to do it? You still have that win under your belt, and it’s a win that would propel you to a heightened position of recognition. One that has only allowed you to transfuse this focus within you to become a champion. Safe to say it’s all panned out as greatly as it could’ve, but that doesn’t exactly mean you have done all of the ascension since House of Glass. You’ve suffered your losses, they’ve only remained this fixture of your career that you needed to use as additional gas in the tank. The journey wasn’t gonna keep you moving on its own, you needed to circumvent the bumps on the road that continued to set you back.

Destination reached, now you’ve got the same old detour under differing circumstances.

I understand you feel that your lack of experience in a hostile environment affected your chances at House of Glass, but I have to immediately question that much. You still spent a damn good amount of time as an elitist leading up to the match, more hours put into the business than I did before signing the dotted line. I may have been situated in those moments where I needed to get these knuckles red, but that doesn't mean I had professional wrestling figured out on a whim. I stepped into this industry with no experience between the ropes, all I had was an undeniable will that nobody in EAW could match, and sheer raw power to boot. I’m a rarity in every manner, zero wrestling experience when walking into the biggest wrestling promotion in the world—only to wreck house for the last year I’ve been a professional wrestler. Experience at the end of the day can mean everything, Armstrong, but it’s just another crutch that you will use as an excuse for simply not being the better man. While I commend you for understanding you were inferior beforehand, I don’t believe you should feel that you’ve surpassed me in any way after a busted victory over Cy & taking the Interwire Championship from Ronan.

You were left behind in the midst of October last year, who's to say your loathing ever left?

I proceeded to succeed the last champion in every way, something that he himself would say without a second thought.

The same timeframe I spent above the clouds, you were dwelling in the swamps of your transgressions till you finally were able to find suitable ground to work with.

These few weeks you’ve spent as a champion aren’t comparable to the months I’ve dominated the new breeds, through nothing but sheer dedication to fucking everybody & anybody who stepped up to the plate. I find myself inching closer to being remembered more fondly than any New Breed Champion in history, when I become the longest reigning champion there’s ever been. There’s a different atmosphere to history when you possess the power to permanently change records, that’s the exceedingly rare pedestal deserving of an even rarer diamond in the rough. This is the perspective you must understand, Armstrong. You’ve grown, absolutely. Evolved well past who you were before… but so have I. The New Breed of Legends spawned the moment I moved on from the Drake Armstrong problem, and you’re gonna see an even greater danger stand directly in front of you this Friday. You will declare that you haven’t humbled yourself since, but I don’t really believe that to be the case. You knew that every single step you took from then on would be crucial, ‘cause you had your opportunity with this title and blew it. Cy Henderson needed to be the greatest stepping stone of your career yet, or your path would’ve been aimless. I’m sure we can all question where you would be if you fumbled two consecutive marquee bouts against him, you’d most likely be kept in purgatory looking for your next opportunity to arise.

Now you find yourself with a new challenge.

Adapting to your responsibilities as a defending champion in EAW.

The air’s different this time, isn’t it? You now have the biggest target on your back as an elitist. When nobody ever wanted to bat an eye on you, no one in this company had any interest in fighting you unless they had to? You become public enemy #1 to a great number of elitists looking to take themselves to an elevated level all the same. New & old, they’re all gonna want the same prize in your possession. I’ve frequented the space of defending this title against the less seasoned elitists here, but that doesn’t mean I will shy away from competing against the best that EAW has to offer. I’ll never refrain from the next challenge ahead, let it be another newcomer looking to make a statement or a multi-time World Champion, you won’t find a shred of a fear in my heart. To be champion, you need to go out of your way to make the title you hold special. All of the shit you could possibly do, assuring that your championship is being sought after without any hiccups in the way is an absolute necessity. But you will have those moments where you don’t feel as if you’ve done enough, whether you’d like to admit that or not whenever the time comes. I had to tackle those thoughts at some point, but they never remained in my head for long. I understood my goal & continued to run with it.

As the inaugural Iron Survivor Winner, you could say that I’m doing a damn good job.

But one thing your pasty pureblood ass isn’t gonna do is downplay the New Breed Championship.

To say that you’re looking to seize a greater title as if you didn’t fail the two times you challenged for the gold over my own shoulder is downright moronic. Fuck makes you think you’ve achieved greater glory when I could’ve stepped up in that same match and took that moment away from you too? Sure as hell would’ve made your blood boil to see Michael Machina hold another title you feel owed. I didn’t have much of a glaring issue with everything else you’ve said so far, ‘cause your head’s gonna be up your ass no matter how far you've come, it’s in your obnoxious nature. To say that there’s greater glory in a greater championship after failing to fulfill your goals on the new breed end, though? You’ve lost your mind, Armstrong. You even pondered on the thought of going back into this division to challenge for the gold again, but that didn’t end up being the case. Your back pedaling must’ve occurred with reason, you even knew the answers yourself. This has always been the case, no matter where we are in our careers, you know the disadvantage you’re at any moment we’re facing off. On the microphone, between the ropes, even in your own dreams, you always wanted to see me as inferior to your talents—to this day, it’s remained a distant reality in all facets of this life & your own head.

You challenged for the Interwire Championship to save yourself from the most predictable one-on-one ass kicking of your career.

Good on you for having the proper judgment of outright cowardice, to see from a mile away the result of facing the Machine.

Ronan & Ryan may be the special elitists that they are in their own right, but I’m not either of them. You knew that much to not face me, you saw the easier route to go & chose wisely that would best benefit you. Congratulations on that, but your words have only reaffirmed how much of a deer in headlights you are when met with a dilemma more difficult than you’re capable of solving. How the fuck can you even call yourself #1 when this “#2” has all the smoke you’ve been ducking? Make it make sense, now we’ve been booked against one another & you’ve got nowhere to go. You’re getting this heat that you’re gonna have to throw right back with all your might, make every single second count. It’s our first singles match with one another, yet I feel familiar with exactly who you are & how you operate. All of that confidence will always misconstrue itself with arrogance. I’m an arrogant son of a bitch when I need to be, but I separate all of that from the work I accomplish inside that ring. You find yourself on a nonexistent hierarchy of power, unwilling to accept how I’ve got your number by being a better professional wrestler, a better competitor, an all around better performer than you in every way possible. Well, that’s not entirely true, you were far better than me at kissing ass to management.

You’re kissing that title with the same mouth that spouts on about the nonsense of usurping a throne.

Talk to me when you have to grow your empire of dirt into an undeniable stronghold of grandeur that hasn’t been breached by a single soul existing today.

That’s what it means to come from nothing & become someone no one will forget. I’m glad you’re able to hold onto those wounds, I wouldn’t want you to forget about those constant reminders of the years I’ve played a role in removing from your career. The same that you’ve done to me, we’ve already gone wound for wound, Armstrong. The only reason you feel as if you’re still owed anything to this day, is your need to project this lasting hatred for the man I became in a quicker pace than you could’ve ever achieved.

I am built for the pressure you’ve only now found yourself ready for.

Let it in, & it’ll take everything. Everything that you have earned unless you learn how to coincide pressure with strength.

A matter, I’ve always had you beat within, from the moment you knew my name.

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