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We open up on BRAE doing more workouts as he is once again in the gym. This time he is working all about substance, conditioning himself to the maximum. He was doing jump rope exercises. He was going to the absolute extrema for a lengthy period of time, before he needed to stop and recollect himself. Looking at the camera he would then speak.

I can be a hypocrite sometimes. I can be a very major hypocrite when I am not careful, I tend to be a little bit irrational on occasion, and due to that fault, I look back embarrassed with the statements that I tried making, when none of them look up – and I make myself look more as a fool than I did previously. But when a good week happens, you can definitely tell when I feel better. You can definitely tell when I feel more rejuvenated. This is a good week for me, in my element, moving my quickest, making my boldest statements. Genuinely just a good feeling to have. I love it.

When I emerge victorious from a match, you can tell when I am in a good mood. I am in a much better mood this week, so I can't lie. It's nice to keep alert, but not be so disappointed, I needed that solidifying victory, and not only did I get that victory, but I have the chance to double down on it. I don't expect it to be easy, to double down on it like that. MITSU is a tough act and when he starts locking in, he'll be fully locked in. But I want to take as many shots as I can early, I don't know if I was fully happy with what I said last time I spoke. Feeling like I could have said and done more, I mentioned all the easy things. I mentioned the win that I garnered last week, I mentioned the path that MITSU is on, but I am still carving my direction and path, so it's pivotal that I don't slip up.

Going off what happened between myself and MITSU months back would be an unfair assessment. So looking at what he has achieved in recents months is a ton more admirable. MITSU has been bringing the fight to his opponents, but the problem is — I won't act like Mig didn't also have the same career path that MITSU did. You might have been a world breaker, right about now if you had fully focused yourself on KAI-ZEN. But I don't know what it was, if you needed a fire lit up under you or what, but you only recently started heating things up, and just yeah. I am a firm believer that even though you have started a new path, a new regime, a new journey. You still could have been so much more. When MITSU was needed the most, a disappearing act is what followed. And that is something that you can only really gloss over so much, because you know for a fact that you were in the wrong with the real answer. You could have really been somewhere right about now, and what was the entire butterfly effect? In an alternate reality, MITSU may have been champion right about now. But I can't say he isn't entirely disqualified from becoming Interwire Champion. But the what if scenario is prominent. To be fair though, I could just as much say the same thing right about now, I could be the New Breed Champion. But I don't think I really need to stress it enough, someone like Mig and MITSU were given a golden ticket. A RISE to the top of Dynasty, and they didn't follow through. I was the man who basically got MITSU booted out of KAI-ZEN, because his passion was tested, his loyalty was tested. But my passion and loyalty to my craft reigned supreme, but MITSU didn't die on that hill, he got stronger. He is a man who is out for more and that is absolutely why I need to be careful. But at the end of the day, I am carving my own path. So that is the same reason why you should be careful of yourself, MITSU. I am not scared of hitting you before you can even get the ball rolling, because I know that just as much, you could hit me too. MITSU is a fighter, and so am I.

I feel really good after the events that happened last week. There was a dark cloud over me that has been fading away. We know the value of a win, don't we MITSU? A win can well, make or break you. A win can be the very reasoning you thrive or fail. There is different value in each win, but I'm not going to beat around the bush. We all have egos. Why can't we win this match? and the match after that? We're all hungry bastards who just want to win, none of us are going to go 100-0 but if you can go 1-99, and make that singular win count towards your entire total. You are something special. But regardless, MITSU probably needs this one just a little bit more hm? He's stepping up to Drake Armstrong and tending to business, but at the same time you see — He's gotta try and get past me. A man who is sick and tired of getting the rug swept out from underneath him, a man who is trying to find his rhythm. A man who has to carve his own path, before we get too deep into things. But... you know what? I am not going to act like I am entitled for anything, I just want that grind to be on, I want that destination to be reached. I am tired of fighting week by week, I wanna fight with an end goal. It felt different when I was fighting for the New Breed Championship, but in mere seconds that dream was ripped away. And I was once facing a mirror of answers. I didn't know where to turn next, but now I believe I know where to start turning.

I know that MITSU you never know what you are going to get, and it's that unpredictability that can ascend you, or keep you on an unnerved edge. But I am not a man who really gets nervous about a match. If anything being nervous ruins your chances, you want to be ready before you are anything. The nerves fade away if there are any, and I am the last person who is going to be overwhelmed and concerned about MITSU. The last time we met in the ring sure it coincided with him throwing me over the top rope, but we were both the losers in the ring that day. We both have had room to expand and grow upon.

I know what you can be MITSU, when the time comes for you to compete in the ring. You're a man who will say so many words, I have watched your war of words with Joso and others — You're a talker, and not only are you a talker, you have proven to be an adequate fighter these last few months. What you did to Prince Tohru was nasty, you jumped him 5 times over and then put him out of action. I'll take every stab that you present me. If MITSU doesn't feel like speaking then I have no problem giving him more words to bite in on. I will take every chance I can to get my statement in, and I want to really get your blood flowing, man. I want a fight this week, bottom line — but I need a quality win. Months ago MITSU wasn't a quality win, but times have changed. In my opinion BRAE isn't truly a quality win yet, despite what other factors might say, in my own head, there are still things I really gotta clean up. But you know how BRAE becomes a quality win? by getting quality wins. I have to do this for myself, and going into business for myself will be huge. I have to lock in with every single faucet of my imagination. I have to be ready because MITSU lays cold right now, but that is what he wants you to believe. He wants you to believe that he is down and out, and when the opportunity best presents itself, he'll strike. BRAE is a man who can withstand the venom however, I promise you that. In that wrestling ring I pour my heart out. And over the last month, I was pouring my heart out and watching it be ripped and engulfed to shreds. But I am going to fix that, MITSU I hope you are ready because I am going to give you the fight of your life, and if a lousy and uninspired BRAE was able to bring the fight to you, imagine what this BRAE can do to you? I open the door and demand you to make a play on what happens next. If I have to wait any longer, well then.. I am definitely going to be a bit confused, already expecting a little bit more from you MITSU. And if that is not received from me... I'll have to do some deep contemplation for debating my next move.

But I know that currently my mindset and mentality runs off getting in the match and getting the win over MITSU – with that win over him, I can look ahead with a much brighter face. Do I give a damn that he has big goals and aspirations lined up? No, not really. Because at the end of the day, I gotta start looking at my own aspirations, and I have to start taking gambles on myself. There will be none of this sort happening with my shoulders being pinned to the mat, this isn't a story of redemption for MITSU as much as he would like to thank and hope, this is just another pebble being skipped into the lake of BRAE, as I move forward.

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