MATCH PROMO London Zelaya was the New Breed Champion

Bryant Coffey

Tʜᴇ Fɪɢʜᴛɪɴɢ Mᴀᴄʜɪɴᴇ
(The usual transition plays, opening the promo, you know the rest.)

"Jon Kelton, there's just something that I can't seem to understand about you; it's that you don't even understand yourself."

"You don't know a damn thing that you are saying, and much like Alex Myers has said just one week ago, all you can do is contradict yourself, and backtrack everything that you say. Okay, let me get this straight; so first I'm better than Alex Myers, yet the moment that Alex beats you, the moment that you have to face me man to man, knowing damn well what you said, what do you say? Alex Myers is better than me? Hell, you have even said I'm not even better than Lucas Johnson! 🤓 Are you really this full of yourself, Kelton? Not to mention you're on Lucas' dick quite a lot for being "levels above him". You're on Lucas' dick quite a lot for someone who is better than him, and why is that? Why do you have to use Lucas Johnson's name as some sort of an insult? Because you don't have anything better to say? Because you don't know any better? Are you coping?; Does it make you feel a bit better about your own shortcomings knowing he exists? You don't make any sense, Kelton, and after everything that Alex Myers had told you, I thought you would finally understand that, but it seems you never did. It seems you just can't listen to anyone, and it's very sad. You don't listen to anyone, even if it's for your own good, you simply don't listen. Everything Alex told you was for your own good, what did you do? You completely neglected it. Everything that I told you was for your own good, and what did you do? You ignored it."

"It's the same pattern over and over again, and it's a pattern that seemingly no one can escape. You say that you have accepted your loss against Alex Myers, but for someone who is saying they got lucky, and for someone who is saying that it was a "miracle win", it doesn't really look like you have truly accepted it. You're trying to find excuses for your loss at Battle Of Egypt, and do you wanna know who did the same when YOU won the New Breed Championship? None other than Amir Yusuf, a man you always bring up to feel better about yourself in the same vein as Lucas Johnson. He tried justifying his loss against you, and the difference between when Amir did it, compared to when you did it, is that at least Amir made some sense. When you won the Championship, Jay Jerry Johnson was basically all over Amir. At Battle Of Egypt, guess what? You had help from your girlfriend Londyn Zelaya, and even then you still couldn't beat Alex. That's pathetic. Is this the New Breed Champion that you claimed to be? The Champion that needs help from his own girlfriend to win his battles, before you get to an unwinnable war? It seems to me..that Londyn Zelaya was the New Breed Champion. It seems to me that Londyn was the real Champion, and you were just the Title Holder. Doesn't that just sting?"

"And to put the cherry on top of all of that, after you lost to Alex Myers at Battle Of Egypt, after you lost the New Breed Championship in an unwinnable war, wouldn't it just sting to head into Dynasty, looking to qualify for the Cash In The Vault Ladder Match..and then losing to me? And then, you'll find yourself with no path to Pain For Pride. Wouldn't that just hurt? Wouldn't that just sting to think about? Knowing that you lost to two people you proclaimed to be "inferior", but in the end was revealed to be superior? And something I don't think you realize is that while the New Era Classic Tournament was running, I was out with an injury. I was out healing from an injury in which I fucked up my own knee, shit happens in this kind of sport but guess what? I was back by Grand Rampage. I returned in the Grand Rampage Match, and I had a star-making performance. And I have had those time and time again here in Elite Answers Wrestling, but every "star-making performance" always ended in failure for me, and Kelton..I'm not going to let it happen that time. I am not going to let you beat me. As I said, I don't give a shit about star-making performances. I want to win, and you, Jon Kelton, are in my way. And what does that mean? I have to push you out of my way."

"Say whatever you want, but the fact of the matter is that on Dynasty, I am going to win. On Dynasty, you are going to lose. Again. You will be embarrassed once again. When I qualify for the Cash In The Vault Ladder Match, and you can do absolutely nothing about it, what will happen next for Jon Kelton? Knowing that you, once again, don't have a direction for Pain For Pride? It hurts to think about that, doesn't it? You can try and make fun of me for losing a Fight Grid Match, but Kelton, I already said that it was a throwaway match. Nothing BUT a throwaway match. And what does that Match add? Nothing but a loss to my record, a record that does not matter in Elite Answers Wrestling. I can have a bad win / loss record, and I can still be fucking great. And Kelton? I am great. I KNOW I am great. But the thing don't know that. Yet, at least."

"Again, I want you to listen to what you are saying. I want you to hear what exactly you, Jon Kelton, the former New Breed Champion, really is saying. And then you tell me if everything that I am saying is false."

(The scene transitions once again to a statement said from Jon Kelton, before transitioning back to Bryant, rubbing his head in annoyance.)

"You do absolutely nothing for the Dynasty brand— and if it weren’t for the fact that I’m so charitable and understanding I wouldn’t have even accepted the idea of a bum like you sharing the ring with me."

"Do you see what I'm trying to get at, Kelton? You're trying to make yourself look like this Final Boss. You're trying to make Jon Kelton look like this Final Boss who I don't deserve to be in the same ring again. YOU have already implied that, but yet, you contradict yourself once again, and now you're trying to say that you have accepted me sharing the ring with you. And if you don't want to tell the truth? I will. You are pissed that I'm in the ring with you! You are furious at the fact that you are facing Bryant Coffey. Why? Because that opens up another opportunity for a moment that you won't be able to get over, and that is me beating you, and you will have to "accept it" once again. But what will you do? The exact opposite. You will complain, you will say it was a miracle and that I got lucky, and you will do everything BUT accept that Bryant Coffey beat you. You will do everything BUT accept that I kicked Jon Kelton's ass, and I either tapped you out, and made you my bitch, or I kept you down for a count of three, and I qualified for the Cash In The Vault Ladder Match, while you have yet to make the Pain For Pride card."

"You're simply not mentally prepared to face me. You're not mentally prepared to face someone like me, just a week removed from your loss to Alex Myers at Battle Of Egypt. Because behind all the overconfidence, behind all the cockiness and behind all the ego that you hide behind, you're still devastated. You're still devastated that even with the help of Londyn, you couldn't beat Alex Myers. When you were at your "best", Alex was simply better. And now? On Dynasty this Friday, I will take advantage, and I will prove that Bryant Coffey is better than Jon Kelton. And when I do, when I do beat you, you're going to have to accept that. No matter how much complaining you can do, shouting about "luck" and "miracles", and trying to call for some kind of god, you will have to accept the fact that Bryant Coffey beat you, that I beat you. I mean it when I said that you're just another man, because you are, Kelton. You're just another man. You're just a man named "Jon Kelton", and there's nothing else to it. Let's travel back to the past now, shall we? You won the 24/7 Contact two months into your return in 2020, and you worked so hard to even win that Contract, but in the end you lost it to Justin Windgate. And that stung, didn't it? And it stung even more to learn the fact that after that loss to Windgate, after you lost the precious Contract, you didn't accomplish anything else. You sank so fucking low that you tried getting Ronan Malosi into power as General Manager, with the help of absolute nobodies that wouldn't last for shit like Strawberry Steve, Maxwell and James Ranger. You lost the Cash In The Vault Ladder Match last year, and this year you won't even win the qualifying Match. You finally did something for once in your Career once more, and you won the New Breed Championship. What happened in the end? You lost to Alex Myers. It's a song sung a million and one times, and one day it will just get tiring, don't you think?"

"My match on Dynasty is more than just beating you and proving everything I said about right, no, it's about that Cash In The Vault Briefcase. I want it. I'm hungry for it. I'm hungrier for it than you will ever be, and that is the truth. That is nothing but the truth. And no matter how hard you try to keep me down, in the end, you will fail. You will lose. That's just the way it is, Kelton, and you can't do anything about it. I would like to believe that your time will come very soon that you will be able to do something more than just hanging around the New Breed Division thirteen years into your career, but at this point? I doubt it. I doubt that you will ever succeed past a level that you aren't even made for anymore, and why? Because you have tried time and time again, and yet even after all of that, they still just looked at you as New Breed material. But now, you're not the New Breed Champion, and like Alex Myers said to you, this is your moment to prove what you can really do. Like what they told you, after they took the New Breed Championship from you, they will push you up to another level, and they will either watch as you excel, or they watch as you get eaten amongst all the big sharks. And Kelton? We're all watching as well. We're all watching your ultimate demise, and I'll love to have a helping hand in all of that, by beating you, and qualifying for the Cash In The Vault Ladder Match."

"As I stated before, I will finish the job that Alex Myers started, and I will beat you on Dynasty. And from there, I will watch with everyone else as you are eaten amongst all the big sharks in the pond that you were too little to be in. And I know that even after everything, you're still going to walk into this Match overconfident, and that is going to cost you. I know that even after everything I told you, you're still going to walk into this Match with a cocky attitude, and that is going to cost you. No matter what you do, the result will stay the same; Bryant Coffey beats Jon Kelton, and Bryant Coffey has a path to Pain For Pride. Meanwhile, as for your path? Gone, nonexistent once again. And you won't be able to do anything about that, Kelton. So I would wish you luck, but you probably think that you don't need to hear that. I would say that I'm excited to face you this Friday, but I'm really not, I'm just excited to beat you. And beat you I will, as at the end of the Match, you will hear the name of Bryant Coffey as your winner, and you will be hearing that Bryant Coffey has qualified to the Cash In The Vault Ladder Match, and why? Because you couldn't do anything about it."

(The transition plays again to close the promo as per usual.)
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