MATCH PROMO Lord knows he was (Showdown RP#1)

Adam Lucas

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(Adam appears on screen, without a hint of his usual joviality, the past couple of weeks being the cause of that. For him, things had changed, and a new dimension had been added to his work, and he was no longer fighting to claim success. He was fighting to survive. Truth was, even now he had no idea why he had been targeted, the cryptic messages he had been given bordering on the ridiculous. But there was one thing he understood with crystal clarity. That being that Solomon Stane and Caroline had resolved to finish him and finish him for good. No, winning this match wouldn’t help him climb the ladder back towards the Answers World Champion. It would however show once again that Adam Lucas wasn’t someone to be taken liberties with… a message that should have been learned a long time ago. He does nod an acknowledgement towards the camera, but that is all. And after that nod, he starts to speak, a calming yet cold tone to his voice.)

“It’s been a strange couple of weeks for me, and yet however weird, I must concede that they have also been defining. What was a focused attempt at getting back into the World Championship picture via Grand Rampage, now turned into something entirely different. Through the veiled threats, and cryptic messages, Caroline and Solomon Stane have taken it upon themselves to ‘rid’ this company of the ‘Next Level’, to take out their hatred for my wife, on me. They saw me as the softer touch, the easier method to get to Beth, knowing that when it comes to facing her head on, neither of them stood a chance. They have taken my good guy ‘demeanor’, as a sign of weakness, an opportunity for them to make a statement, but we know, don’t we guys, that they have only set upon a pathway towards their own demise. They have bitten off more than they can chew, by targeting the one man they thought couldn’t fight back, not recognizing that their unholy alliance would only bring me to make one of my own. Tell me, did you think that Bethany was done with you both? Did you think that she had feasted on your demise enough? Did you think she would stand idly by, while you both proceeded to try and put me in a box? Maybe you didn’t, maybe this is an elaborate plan, but perhaps I’ve given you too much credit for your intelligence. I’ve said it many times, I don’t agree with some of the things Beth does, but her methods are exactly what we need right now. And let’s face it, I have shown countless times in the past that when you push me to the end of my patience, I have no problems doing what needs to be done. Remember that statement, NO MORE, that is where my mindset is right now. So, that’s why when someone like Clayton Golde has the audacity to claim that he is anywhere near the levels I have climbed to, I know that he is giving me no choice but to put him down. Every word he spoke to me on camera, was shoved right back down his throat. It’s no surprise that there has been no word from the ‘compound’ since, because I revealed him for the fraud that he is. And I didn’t do that out of choice, I was forced to take a stance. And that is what the two of you are doing here, you are forcing my hand. Instead of concentrating on a victory, you are forcing me to do what is necessary, whilst at the same time not believing that I can.”

(Adam takes the deepest of sighs, disbelief, annoyance and many other emotions running through his brain. Up until now, their messages had seemed like they had very little point other than hate for what Beth had done in the past, their angst based on nothing else but what they she put them through. Adam hadn’t done anything to either of them, he’d even gone as far as to play along with their parlor tricks, but like Adam had said, in the past couple of weeks that had changed. Adam had seen the conversations Beth had with Captain Charisma, and more and more he was starting to see that, at least in some respects, she was right. So many people had gotten away with murder, whereas she was the one being pulled over the coals.)

“See Solomon, there are many things that I could say about you, that would reveal you to be almost as big a fraud and that prick ‘hiding’ in a compound, with about as much clout as Johnny Airhart. Imagine that Solomon, being compared to someone with as much irrelevance as Airhart, and yet that is where you found yourself after Beth stuck a syringe in your big fat ass and put you to sleep in front of the eyes of the entire EAW. Right there, you showed just how lacking you are in the grey matter, when you spoke with disbelief that she would go to such depths to put you away. Err, newsflash dickhead, you were trying to kill her, is she supposed to sit back and let you? I watched, as you have pandered this ‘air of dominance’ around the EAW roster, selling yourself as if you are some kind of unstoppable force, and I’ll give you your due, you play the part well. But that’s the thing, isn’t it? All you have thus far been play the character and done fuck all with it. Tell me Solomon, for all the culty bollocks you have preached over the past few months, what is it you have achieved? Do people cower in fear when they see you walk down a corridor? Do people take any of your words seriously. You crucified me on live television, people the most shocking thing you have done and the one thing that people spoke about. Thing is, it wasn’t what you did that people were talking about was it? It was the fact I got down and won the Elimination Chamber… a place that was supposed to be your domain. And what did you do when you were eliminated… you cried like a baby. That’s right, you ‘took out’ Viz, only for him to STILL become World Champion before you could get even close. You cost me at Reasonable Doubt having once again been eliminated, because ONCE AGAIN you had failed to achieve what you promised you would. You see where I am going with this, right? It’s alright ‘saying’ these things, but another to actual ‘do’ and that’s the problem with you Solomon, you never get it done. And you’ve recognized this as well, and that’s why you have brought Caroline to the table. Because you knew you would NEVER be anything more than a fucking gimmick without her. But let’s dig down into the details of that for a second, you’ve got this cult in the back end of beyond somewhere, right? Seriously, who is legitimately going to follow someone who fails with as much regularity as you do? Dig a bit further, and if this ‘Church’ is for real, then maybe each one of them is just as stupid as you. I’ll give you your due Solomon, bringing in Caroline was a good move, because now at least you don’t have to think for yourself. The thing is, if you honestly think that your mutual hatred for my wife is going to be the glue that binds you together, then you should think again. BOTH of you have proven how shit you are at playing nice with others. Seriously Solomon, you think Caroline is going to help you when I stringing you up by your bollocks, knowing that if she tried, Beth would tear every strand of hair from her pretty little head? Like I said Solomon, you’re not very clever. I’d need fingers and toes to display how many mistakes you have made this season when dealing with me. I don’t fear you Solomon, and I never will. How can I when I have faced real demons in people like Kassidy, Impact and Minerva? In comparison to them sunshine, you are nothing more than a pissant. A pissant, who WILL have every one of its legs torn off at Grand Rampage, simply because it’s what I must do, after YOU have given me any choice. This weekend on Showdown brother, you’ll get a preview of what happens when you piss me off. SPOILER It isn’t pretty, and by the time I’m through with you, neither will you be.

Now, I can imagine that right now, you and Caroline are having a right old chuckle at Adam Lucas trying to play the ‘hard man’ right? And if you are, all that is, is another example of just how ridiculously underprepared you were to engage in this task. It feels like I am repeating myself, but this only shows how little you are listening to Solomon, because you are about to attempt to do something that people with far greater standing than you, couldn’t do. Do you know, I’d say it’s fifty / fifty as to how many times my demise is mentioned in my opponents’ promos, and yet here I am, still standing, and still bold and brass, heading to the ring with a steel cage to smash Caroline’s head in, knowing that her big fucknuts of a ‘bodyguard’ wouldn’t be too far away. You’re probably also going to claim that Adam Lucas doesn’t have the ‘cajónes’ to get it done and engage in what it is going to take. Again, if you are… I’d get that brain checked out pal, because you are ignoring the most blatant fact of all. The night I stopped being anyone’s doormat. There’s a certain sense of irony that TLA has now arrived on Showdown, because it was him who I drove a fountain pen into the back of his hand, signifying that I would never take that shit again. You are talking to the guy that leaped off the top of the Elimination Chamber, knowing it was what was needed to finally bury Impact. You are speaking with the guy who threw Minerva, MY FUCKING FRIEND, twenty-five feet and only concrete… and I like her Solomon. I drove a crucifix into the shoulder blades of Drake King… the list goes on and on Shit Stane. You really think I won’t tear your head off and piss down the bloody opening if deemed necessary, potentially even on this Saturday night? The one thing you had going for you was Caroline, but I’m afraid that she’s going to have her hands full with Beth, who herself is a little antsy right now. Beth and I, we’ve shown what we can do. I’ve been World Champion for the better part of this season, and Beth will have gold around her waist by the time this season is through I’d wager. But there is one thing that is worth mentioning even for this weekend. Apart Beth and I are strong. Together… the pair of you don’t stand a chance. I would have dealt with the two of you regardless, but now Beth has joined the party, don’t believe for one second that we are the hunted. You wanted my attention so badly? Well now you have it Solomon. From here on in, it’s a world of hurt for you, my friend. And your church? I’m going to raze it to the fucking ground.

Because this is where you find yourself now Solomon, in a position whereby I must take everything from you, for me to continue down my path unhindered by your bullshit preachings any longer. And although she most certainly doesn’t need defending, her inclusion has now made this not just about EAW but taken it somewhere personal that you didn’t need to go. Just imagine that for a second Solomon, how hard I fight simply for those three initials E-A-W. Imagine what I could be capable of, if someone who I would gladly give my life for, is threatened by dipshits like you and Caroline, who obviously don’t care what happens to the two of us at Grand Rampage. I refer you to the Hardcore Championship match against Limmy Monaghan, blood gushing from my throat, and yet STILL I got up and tried to fight. In comparison to Beth, that championship meant fuck all to me, and yet there I was, almost losing my life in the center of that ring. Imagine what I am capable of, when the one thing I truly love is standing by my side. People are going to see another side to me Solomon, and you know what, there are going to be those that don’t like it. Just like I lost fans after what I did to TLA, perhaps I’m going to lose some more here. They are going to see me throw my morality out the window, for the most necessary of causes, and perhaps that will be too much for them.

I get it.

But I have to say this Solomon, and you can scoff if you will. I won’t beg for forgiveness or ask for absolution. I won’t be making any trips to confessional or looking to repent. Like you say Solomon when you claim to be doing God’s work, all I see in front of me are agents of the Devil, looking at me as the one with which to deliver your message.

Guess what?

You chose the wrong person; in fact, you chose the worst person you possibly ever could. My options are now limited, and like I say, you have given me no choice as to what happens next. YOU made this happen Solomon, you started this. And now, Beth and I will finish it. Caroline left to scuttle off and blame everyone but herself for her inadequacies, and YOU. You five minutes of fame at Grand Rampage, the moment where you have an epiphany, and realize you were feared a lot more before you became a Cultist. Then again, maybe that was Kirk, and not you. After all, at least he’s getting the opportunity. YOU, Solomon, are nothing more than an afterthought, and that continues Saturday night. Sorry… but not sorry.”

(Adam leans forwards and his eyes narrow as he symbolically steeples his hands together.)

“But it isn’t entirely a bad news day for you Solomon, because the truth is, Beth and I could end this charade on Saturday, and make sure that neither of you get anywhere near Grand Rampage. If you haven’t already, I’d advise you to watch Voltage from Sunday, because you might get an insight into where Beth’s mindset is right now. You think she gives a shit about winning? The fact is, there is nothing to be gained from this Saturday, because the likelihood is, with all the combustible elements, the match won’t reach its conclusion. But like I said, for once at least, I don’t care, because NONE of this is about putting a ‘W’ in the win column. So, why end this on Showdown? There would be nothing gained from that except perhaps a fine from Kennedy. No, I WANT to wait till Grand Rampage, when the eyes of the entire WORLD will be watching. So that we can send a message that will show quite clearly that you don’t fuck with Adam Lucas, or Dr. Bethany Blue. And that message will reverberate around the corridors of Elite Answers Wrestling like a bullet shot…”

(Adam lowers his hands and delivers his final words with real menace.)

“NO MORE. Write THAT down you fucking idiot.”

(Adam simply nods, as the scene starts to fade.)
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