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Brianna Hill: Wow, MITSU, that was really touching. It’s clear that this match has been one of your better performances in quite some time, could even say it’s your best, and you round it out by living up to the promise that you made before you left, and that was by posting a long-winded video for no reason whatsoever. While you may think that now that it’s out there you’re going to get a pat on the back and showered with compliments, but no, in fact, it’s going to make people question your sanity even more. What’s the method to MITSU’s madness when his best efforts are being put into an Extreme Enigma Battle Royale match that, if he actually stayed consistent and steadfast this Season, he wouldn’t be participating in to begin with? Now I know you addressed the reason apparently why that’s the case, but right now, this is me trying to dissect the matter and really try to see your inner machinations, because this entire week you have been perhaps the most confusing case of them all. You shouldn’t need to find the motivation inside of you to keep going at this point in your career. Your initial run in EAW consisted of a whole lot of nothing despite immense promise, and other than performances to write home about on weekly shows that meant absolutely nothing, you walked out the door with nothing to be proud of. Now, coming back, what you should’ve done was make up for lost time, but what you find yourself doing instead is the same thing that we expected out of you and that’s that after a few weeks, you’re off the radar. You fall short of expectations and we find ourselves in this position where you have this stigma surrounding you above all else. Now why would that be? Who would be at fault for MITSU’s failures? Him! Shocker! Why? Because he grew complacent? That’s pathetic, MITSU, and you know it. If you think that you expected brownie points because you were brutally honest with yourself, then you need to reevaluate because that’s just sad. You have me agreeing with a person like BRAE and his opinions toward you because there is legitimately no sense being made in anything that you’re doing this week. There’s no sense in saying that you should’ve done it earlier either considering you’ve had all this time to do it, and blaming it on KAI-ZEN and “Ricky’s vision” doesn’t do you any good considering you had members in the group that run laps around you even on your best day, so not being “ThE MAin GuY” was far justified because the last thing they want is an irrelevant nobody who already hit his ceiling three years ago leading EAW’s future. You think that you’re doing something with this, trying to prove a point and ridding all speculations about where you were, but that only amplifies the question. What you’ve done is dig yourself a hole in your irreparable career and think that you can climb out of it, but that does nothing to instill any faith into people who had even a semblance of stock in you and your abilities. All this to get eliminated top two will be a sad, sad tale, MITSU, but hey, at least you can say you got that video you wanted to get out.

Clayton, I’m being snippy for a reason, because you’re everything that’s wrong with society in this current day and age. Your obsession with money and influence is as shallow as your understanding of what truly matters in life. If you want a word of advice from someone who you believe to be below you, money might buy you material possessions, but it won’t buy you genuine happiness or fulfillment. You may be in the pursuit of wealth, but that narrow-minded mentality is a sad reflection of a person who measures their worth (and something else) by the size of their bank account. You boast about helping people make money, sustain relationships, and all that jazz. But let's be real, Clayton, what kind of relationships are you really fostering when your primary focus is on the almighty dollar? Your version of generosity seems more like a marketing strategy to sell your programs and merchandise, rather than a genuine desire to uplift others. You claim to be the "Golden God," but all I see is a man blinded by his own greed. Your definition of bravery is skewed, my friend. True courage lies in the ability to make a positive impact on the lives of others, not just filling your own pockets. Respect is earned through actions that contribute to the greater good, not by convincing people to throw away their hard-earned money on empty promises. You have none of that, all I’ve heard out of you is nothing but misguided arrogance, and it’s laughable to claim that you’re a “man of the people” while dismissing the importance of fairness and equality. First of all, being a man with a purpose doesn't mean disregarding respect for others. Whistling at girls on the street? Really? How about treating everyone with the dignity they deserve? Locker room banter doesn't excuse disrespect either. You talk about breaking out of chains, but it seems like your idea of freedom is just perpetuating stereotypes and objectifying women. Real strength lies in lifting others up, not putting them down. The world is evolving, and we don't need more toxic attitudes; we need understanding, empathy, and unity. So in regards to your so-called "truth," I'll take a pass. The real strength comes from embracing diversity, empowering each other, and working towards a world where everyone, regardless of gender, can thrive without belittling others in the process. So, Clayton Golde, maybe it's time to step into the 21st century and realize that true greatness is measured by how you uplift those around you, not by the cars you drive or the arm candy on your shoulder. That’s certainly not going to win you anything in life, and it’s definitely not going to win you this match. You say that EAW begged you to be here but I’d think that the truth is we’d be better off without you, but now that you’re here, hey, someone has to take the pin, right?

I want to make my conversation about Hayley Morrow quick because there’s someone else I have to focus my attention on who frankly deserves it a lot more than her. It’s funny how you think that being a smartass is what’s going to work out for you in this company. There are a lot of smartasses roaming around and I can name a few, but the difference between you and them is the fact that with their rambling they come with actual facts and information. You, you’re just cringy, Hayley. You’ve done nothing to justify any of what you say and to try and insult someone like me for progressing further in this company than you is nasty. I’m so sorry that I was successful and you weren’t, and you use that as a reason to spite me and create this false narrative in your head about who I am and what I’ve said. That what happened doesn’t matter, that everything before this is apparently null and void in your head, do you really think that you’re fooling anyone with that? I’m sick and tired of this “fIrST MaTcH IN FoUr YeArS” bull that’s coming out of your mouth as an excuse to say that me beating you doesn’t matter. We’ve seen people come into this company boasting multiple World Championships from places that don’t matter being swiftly shut down, people who have history in places that bear no relevance in this company and using that to try and push themselves ahead not even making it past the first week. If you want to bunch yourself in with that group by using irrelevant information that you use to make yourself feel better to justify losing to Brianna Hill “of all people” then you need to self-check yourself and realize how much of a fool you look like. That’s not insecurity from my end, that seems more like it’s coming from your side. So how about you put your “past” to the side like anyone cares and actually speak some facts for once because I’m tired of having to go through this over and over again with you when you have absolutely nothing to bring to the table beyond the same rehashed stuff that you brought the first time around. If you don’t win this after all of that, then you might as well just quit because you can’t make the first match in four years excuse with this, the reality is, you’re just not good enough.

AIRI Evergarden is someone who I haven’t gotten the opportunity to speak to this week, but by the looks of things, it seems she’s trying to pursue a conversation with me. She’s trying to start a fight by trying to bring me down, and while you may think that’s going to affect someone like me, the reality is you’re not doing much. You’re not making much of a difference when you’re saying stuff that I’ve heard before, and it doesn’t really set in as much as it would someone else considering you’re still relatively new to this company. There’s no reason to say that you’re going to end up holding your own in this match because frankly, you haven’t proven that at all. You walk down the same path as anyone else where you win a couple of matches on weekly shows to make you feel better about yourself, and with that mistake that for confidence which you can take on the entire world. So mistaking me as “generic” with “basic qualities” is one that I can’t slight you for because that’s easy to say, to say that I can’t step up to the plate is not only ironic but utterly false. Who’s to say that you can step up to the plate yourself? Under heavy pressure, the weight of the world on your shoulders, who’s to say that you’re going to end up succeeding at all? You talk about me lacking flavor, being plain and dry like overcooked meat, but I don't need flashy words to make an impact. I let my actions do the talking, and in that ring, I've proven myself time and time again. Yes, victory has not been something I’m familiar with especially on Marquee Events, but I have more of a chance to win this than you and that’s not me saying it from a subjective standpoint, but rather just me telling you it how everyone else sees it. You question my maturity and talent, but every time I step into that ring, I leave it all out there. Maybe you're just not paying attention to the right moments. As for your so-called "acknowledgments of talent," I don't need empty praises. I'm here to earn my respect with every match, not by seeking approval from others. I’m far past the point of caring about what people say about me, and to say that’s some sort of gauge for how I compete is ridiculous. But then again, your perception of reality especially when speaking to me has been spewed from the get-go. You claim to have taken the road less traveled, and learned the ropes the hard way. Well, good for you, but don't think for a second that I haven't faced challenges and overcome obstacles. People have heard my story before and most have tried to use it against me, but one thing that I’ve learned is that the wrestling world is tough, and I've earned my stripes through hard work and determination. So, if you think I'm just a kid not ready for the feast, watch closely in our match and I’ll truly prove you wrong. You have so many people in this match saying that, begging for you to believe that there’s proof behind their words, but I don’t need to prove anything to any of you…

I just need to prove what I’ve known all along. You can watch it.

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