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Wrestling Name: Mattias Burke
Picture Base:
Riley Osborne

Current Nicknames:
"The Exile"
"The Ronin"

Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 185 lbs
Hometown: Liverpool, England
D.O.B: June 15, 2005

Disposition/Alignment: Face
Gimmick: Passionate return elitist trying to prove that he can hang even after being exiled.

Theme Music: 'Ready Aim Fire' by Blue Stahli

Special Entrance [Optional]:

After completing his training, Mattias crossed the Atlantic and sent in his tape to EAW. He’s looking to succeed in achieving his dream. He knows he’s early on, and pretty young, so he’s fully ready to learn and climb the ladder of success.

Tendency to Cheat: Rarely

Wrestling Debut [Optional]: June 2, 2023

Favorite Match Types: Ladder/TLC

Least Favorite Match Types: Multi-Man/Hardcore

Favorite Weapon: N/A

In-Ring Achievements: ALPHA Zenith Champion (1x)

Common Moves: Minimum ten (10)
1. Strike Variations:
-Double Leg
-Spinning back
-Usually to the stomach
-Knee lift variations
-Drive-By Dropkick
-Running Face Wash
-Sliding Knee
-Running Low Knee Strike (Morrison Style)
-Calf Kick
-Single-Leg Dropkick to the back of the head (House Call)
-Kitchen Sink
-Flying Superkick

-Other Strikes
-European Uppercut
-Hidden Blade
-Low-Angle Rolling Elbow
-Ripcord Elbow
-Mushroom Stomp (Cave-In)
-Various Punches

-Mounted Punches / elbows
-12-6 Elbows and Forearm shivers to the back of the head.
-Arm-Trapped 12-6 Elbows
-12-6 Elbows and Forearm shivers to the back of the head.

2. Suplex Variations
-Belly to Back
-Sometimes in Multiples of 3 (Three Amigos)
-Release Gourdbuster

3. DDT Variations
-Short (To Kneeling Opponent)
-Front Flip

4. Backbreaker variations
-Inverted Headlock (Orton Style)

5. Diving Moves:
-Topes/Dives to the outside:
-Triangle Cross-Body
-Con Hilo
-Fosbury Flop
-Wrecking Ball Dropkick
-La Quebrada
-Spaceman Plancha
-Sasuke Special
-Triangle Asai Moonsault

-Elbow Drop
-Diving clothesline
-Diving Famouser
-Double Foot Stomp
-To the back of a doubled-over opponent
-Tornado DDT
-Diving DDT
-Missile Dropkick
-Diving Knee Drop / Strike [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
-Missile Dropkick

-Slingshot famouser
-Flying Knee

-Standing Dives:
-Shooting Star
-270 Senton
-Moonsault Knee Drop

6. Neckbreaker Variations:

7. Armdrag Variations

8. Facebuster Variations:
-Knee Facebuster variations
-Bloody Cross

9. Flatliner

10. Crucifix Driver

11. Grounded Attacks
-Limb Target / Submissions
-Arm-Draped DDT (Divorce Court)
-Stomps to arm / hand
-Chicken-wing arm snap
-Cross Arm-Breaker

-Heel Hook
-Inverted Figure 4
-Dragon Screw Leg Whip
-Low Dropkick

-Cravate STF
-Cravate Neck Wrench
-Triangle Choke
-Dragon Sleeper

-Octopus Stretch
-Bow and Arrow Lock
-Boston Crab Variations (Half, Full, Elevated)
-Cloverleaf (Inverted, Traditional, Elevated)
-Heel Hook
-Tequila Sunrise

-Arm-hold Stomps
-Knee Drop
-Face Stomp
-Boot Scrape

Combo Attacks:
1. Tornado DDT | Release Gourdbuster | Superkick [X]
2. Low Superkick to the Knee | Chop | Roundhouse | Falcon Arrow [X]
3. Back Elbow | Jab | Lariat [X]

Signature Moves:
1. 'Blast Point' Bicycle Knee [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
2. 'Death Rattle' Gory Special Neckbreaker
3. 'Greetings From Liverpool' Reverse Swinging STO
4. 'Destination Unknown' Pumphandle Driver
5. 'Deadfall' Emerald Flowsion

Finishing Moves:
1. 'British Airways' 450 Splash
2. 'Fatal Deviation' Electric Chair Driver
3. 'Purgatorio' LeBell Lock
UF. 'Get the Neckbrace' Avalanche Destroyer

  1. Tenacious: Mattias is fully ready to put himself on the line to achieve his goal
  2. Adaptable: He has yet to fall into any habits so he is able to try and adapt when needed

  1. Inexperience: Fresh out of the Brit Wres Dojo, Mattias is very inexperienced in his craft
  2. Overly Passionate: With his age and his inexperience, Mattias has only had Pro Wrestling as a dream, so some losses or situations may cause him to over-commit or change his course, leading to mistakes.
After leaving EAW for some time, Mattias has taken his talents around the world. While he has only been gone for only 2 months, Mattias would take himself throughout the world. Wrestling matches in Mexico, The U.S, Japan, & Canada. During his short time away he would find success and possibly himself, realizing he was far too naive for this company, he would spend this time on the indies to find the correct mindset. During this time, he would also FINALLY taste championship gold, while not in EAW, it would give Mattias a taste and now it seems he's addicted.
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