Michael Machina

Michael Machina

The New Breed of Legends
Brooklyn, New York


Government Name: Michael David Machina
Wrestling Name: Michael Machina
Picture Base: Bron Breakker
Current Nicknames:

- The New Breed of Legends
(as New Breed Champion)
- The Moneymaker
- The Machine
Pronouns: He/Him
DOB: October 11th, 1998
Age: 25
Height: 6’2
Weight: 240 lbs
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York


Disposition/Alignment: Heel-Leaning Tweener
Gimmick: Michael Machina finds himself retaining the same prideful, confident and ruthless attitude but as a champion, he understands his responsibilities have only been amplified as one of the most important commodities in EAW today. The world is watching, so is this business, now Michael looks to be the best representation of the New Breeds through sheer willpower and strength.


- Batista (‘08-‘10)
- Randy Orton (‘11)
- Broly (Dragon Ball Z)

Theme Music: “Apostle’s Warning” by Mobb Deep


Power remains a staple in Machina’s motives, but he has developed a yearning to be the very best New Breed Champion possible. The glory that comes with being a champion, and being everything that EAW could need in a bonafide superstar through all facets continues to drive him beyond any possible limitations.

Tendency to Cheat: Very rarely, but will consider it if the opponent makes the motion to cheat first.


Favorite Match Types: Will take advantage of any match type for the most part.
Least Favorite Match Types: None.
Weapon: Bare fists.

Common Moves:
1. Big Boot
2. Shoulder Tackle
3. Back Body Drop
4. Vertical Suplex
5. X-Plex
6. Belly-To-Belly Suplex
7. Short-Arm Clothesline
8. Diving Shoulder Tackle
9. Dropkick
10. Single-leg Boston Crab
11. Heel Lock
12. Standing Moonsault
13. Powerslam
14. Moonsault Fallaway Slam
15. Black Hole Slam
16. Pumphandle Slam
17. Spinning Side Slam
18. Superplex
19. Diving Forearm
20. Suicide Dive

Signature Moves:
1. Heat’s Descent (Gorilla Press Slam)
2. Money Shot (Clothesline From Hell)
3. Skullpiercer (Brainbuster)
4. Machina Lock (Stretch Muffler)

Finishing Moves:
1. Bullet From Hell (Spear)
2. The Callisto Clutch (Camel Clutch)
3. .50 Cal (Sit-Out Powerbomb)

UF. The Midas Bomb (Top Turnbuckle Powerbomb)

- 1x New Breed Champion [246 Days] (House Of Glass 10/21/23 - Pain for Pride Kingdom 6/22/24) [LONGEST REIGNING]
- Winner of the New Breed Championship Iron Survivor Challenge (Operation: Doomsday 2024) [INAUGURAL IRON SURVIVOR /w Milli Banks]
- EAW 2023 Rookie Of The Year Award
- Most Valuable Elitist (MVE #376)
- Rising Star of the Week (MVE #362, 367, 372, 375, 379)


- Michael Machina’s greatest attribute is his raw strength & power, he’s one hell of a beast to conquer within the mat and is difficult to keep down, he is also well-versed within the ring with his maneuvers and quick for a big man.
- However, his weakness revolves around his temper, Machina may remain self-absorbed and refuses to see anything other than his very own way.
- Machina will treat his opponents differently depending on how closely they align with his ideals. He takes newcomers who are courteous much more leniently.
- Nothing is personal with Machina unless the opponent makes it personal, which he will be sure to match with no restraints.
- #RoryAll

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