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PJ Hendrx

I just wanna get in the damn chamber at this point. Lock me up in that structure, keep me in there and I’ll do my own thing. I’ll wild the fuck out for hours if I just get to hold the EAW Answers Championship of the world.

For the past couple of days, I’ve had to talk to.. a unique group of people to say the least. Some who act ignorant, some who wants their dick sucked and some who genuinely tries to understand their opponent. And you know, I kinda had an entertaining time doing that. Because it just let me know that for the most part, most of these niggas really aren’t gonna see shit coming. And I’d like to thank Adam for this one, because in reality.. the most unexpecting thing can happen. We can never know what’s going to happen and some crazy shit can definitely happen in that chamber.. but even if that shit happens I know most of you will be caught by surprise. Simply because you didn’t pay attention. And it can be for many reasons. Whether it be because you believe that since you’re on the same roster as me, I don’t stand a chance, or because my win against someone was a fluke. Or whether it be because my time hasn’t come yet. Trust me. My time is closer than you think it is. I’m slowly but surely unlocking my full potential. What the last few months have done to me have been the most beneficial and the most important to me because they have shaped me for the elitist that I have strived to be for so long. And no matter how many times I preach this, it seems like it always falls on deaf ears, or as if nobody wants to listen. And I’m not here to impress anybody who says that I am not the elitist that I’m claiming that I am and that this chamber will be a huge failure for me. I’m just here to tell THOSE niggas that I will prove them wrong. But overall, that does not stop me from going crazy in the ring. It don’t harm me, it don’t make me push myself, it really doesn’t do anything. But it just lets me know that these niggas aren’t going to see nothing yet. Because either way I’m still going to push them to the point of fatigue, where they cannot get anything left in them because I beat them badly that I snatched their damn soul away from them because I abused them so much. Ultimately, what I want in this situation is just something to keep me happy. Something to give me company. Something that lets me feel something at least. People like to assume that what I say is just words.. like I’m saying these things with no thought, but I put as much care and as much detail into what I say as possible because I truly mean it. I’m truly passionate for this championship.
Adam, the beauty that you have across your shoulders right now.. it’s a beauty, ironic enough. It’s the most coveted prize in sports entertainment. Honestly, talking about it right now, words cannot describe how much I value that championship. And I’ve fought, scratched, clawed and have gone towards that championship ever since this Fall. This has been one of the few things on my mind. I need that championship. But most importantly, it’s how I earn that championship. It’s no doubt in my mind I can win a belt of that prestige and that much power.. but how do I win it. How do I scratch and claw my way to the big one? And Adam you see, it’s exactly what you were talking about. Survival. I don’t talk like I’m a resistant warrior who will never give up on any occasions for nothing. I’ve had people come up to my face and belittle me for so long yet I’ve always managed to overcome the odds. But now, I’m not focused on overcoming the odds, I’m focusing on the one thing that will give me joy in my life. This championship.

Now.. bare with me if you will. If this sounds corny then sorry. But earlier last month I read a novel called The Road. I don’t know if you have heard it but it’s a fantastic book. And the main character, well ½, perfectly describes my situation here. His name is The Man. And the Man has lost all hope in everything that is so important in his life. He lost his wife, his house, and now he lives a dystopian life. The whole world has gone to shit. He has absolutely nothing else to live for and finds nothing of value in his life.. except the Boy. His son. To the Man, the Boy is his warrant. He is the justification for doing something. That something, being surviving. Adam, I hope you understand this. That world title around your shoulder, or waist, wherever it is around. Right now in my life, that is my warrant. That is the only thing that I have been fighting for. Your championship. And for the championship that you have I will legitimately sacrifice everything so dearly in my life in order to capture it and make that beauty mines, to finally give myself something to care for, something that I can fight for. This EAW Answers Championship. I’m not gonna sit here and act like I don’t appreciate the advice being driven. I love what you have to say here and it makes me a bit happy knowing that you can take the time to have a serious conversation about these things and we can both come to agreements. Because at the end of the day, you have reached that point in your career where you have been through the things I have been through. First elimination chamber match. Done that. First championship, done that. Even circling back to the chamber, thinking that we were going to win it all in front of the big ones and then come up short, bingo. We’ve been through a lot of similar things. But I feel another thing we share is.. survival. The will to survive. The will to scratch and claw, even when terrible things get thrown at us we still keep on pushing as much as possible because this is all that we fucking know. And looking at this match, survival is not an easy thing to achieve. This is the most exhausting, grueling, and hellacious THING that I have ever seen. It treats everybody the same, in the way that it treats nobody well and ultimately dismantles them. It’ll genuinely be a challenge to make sure I survive. But you’d be kidding if you thought that I wouldn’t at least try. That I wouldn’t attempt to go the distance in this opportunity that means so much to me in so many ways that just saying it can’t put it into a good description and that I’ll really just have to show you in the ring just how much this thing means to me. Survival and Passion are two things that keep me moving forward and keep me pushing and for as long as I am alive, stepping foot in this squared circle, they will continue to be the ones that keep on pushing me forward and I have no intent on stopping. I especially have no intent to stop for anyone who thinks that I’m not going to be safe as long as we’re in the same match, or level. I hold no disrespect towards anyone but my passion has no boundaries. My will to survive has no boundaries. You could be someone that I’ve already faced before and I’m still going to give you the same match, if not a greater match that I had previously just out of passion. Just off of my love of the game. Passion is the thing that has never changed about my career and it never will. Trust me Adam.. I need this.

I know what comes with this championship. As you are standing here today, you are the man with the biggest target on your back. The whole fucking roster is at you. The chase to the world championship may be fun and entertaining.. until you actually become the champion. And you see that’s where it becomes very challenging because like I said, everybody wants a piece of you. Nobody is ignoring you. You are the one at top after all. Everyone wants your spot. But that one thing that’s kept you going is that you’re a fucking survivor. Even in a match like this where the stakes are at an all time high you are still going to attempt to survive. And I respect that. But, Ima make sure I do the exact same thing.. and Ima attempt to outlast you once and for all. And for all the challenges that come in my way, so be it. If that’s what comes with being the World Champion then I’m completely fine with it. Because this is the one thing that will keep me company. I want to earn this championship and when that bell rings.. I’ll go the distance. Good luck at the chamber, Adam. I’ll see you very very soon.
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