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Promo prewriting limits - We have decided that the best course of action going forward in order to promote a more fair and balanced promoing experience for people especially when it comes to multiperson matches(including but NOT limited to brand warfare, war games, elimination chambers, divide & conquer, cash in the vault, grand rampage, etc.) is to implement rules and restrictions on the amount of promos you can pre-write per character. Effective immediately, members will be limited to TWO pre-written promos per character going into marquee events. Anything more than that will result in points docked and ruin your chances of winning said match. You can still promo as hard as you would like as long as it is within the rules. Ultimately, it is important to remember that your quality trumps all.

Gifs in matches - Firstly we appreciate the time and effort that everybody puts into helping us when it comes to writing assignments and enjoy the creativity that you all display with it. With that however, comes a slight adjustment that needs to be made regarding a recurring theme that is starting to become increasingly prevalent in matches. Lately, there has been an increase of gifs being used in matches to the point where every other move is accompanied by a gif even when the very same move was already typed out and explained, a lot of times it just seems like a gif is being used just for the sake of using it and it becomes a lot more noticeably excessive during live shows. Going forward, the use of gifs will be banned from matches. If there is a spot where you feel like this desperately needs a gif and would really elevate the experience, check in with your head writer, otherwise please avoid.

Character shipping - We are aware that character shipping is a natural part of efeds in general so we aren’t trying to limit that, we have worked off of a lot of these and implemented them in storylines over the years. However, it IS important to make sure that whatever ideas you may have, you check in with your booker about it before going forward with it. You and your bookers should be on the same page when it comes to this so that it doesn’t contradict any plans, storylines, or in-show depictions. Going forward handlers are required to check with their booker(s)(plural if in interbrand relationship) for final approval just to be safe.

Thank you for taking your time out to read, we want to make this the best experience possible and look forward to continuing on with a great season.
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