Alex Myers

Auckland, New Zealand


| Team Name |

| Team Members |
Ruler | Alex Myers

| Picture Bases |
Malakai Black | Darby Allin

| Combined Weight |
400 lbs


| Team Alignment |

| Season 17 Team Bio |
Following their efforts of vying for the EAW World Championship at Bloodsport 2023, Alex Myers and Ruler would both ultimately wind up short, with Alex Myers taking the inevitable pinfall in said match. The two would be heavily affected by this loss but not in a negative way. Rather than dawning on the negativity of such a huge defeat, Alex Myers and Ruler would look towards one another in the fallout of Bloodsport, ready to start working on something that meant just as much as becoming the EAW World Champion in their minds; Becoming a successful tag team in the biggest promotion that professional wrestling had to offer. Alex Myers is one of very few people who can tolerate Ruler due to their personal connection in several ways, which thus led them to agreeing to a tag team for the foreseeable future within the company. They have always been inseparable from one another despite their several differences, using their contrasting traits for the greater good of themselves. Alex Myers and Ruler have been best friends for several years, looking to turn this real life connection into lifelong success on both ends of their current careers.

| “NICHOLISM” Name Origin |
The origin of NICHOLISM comes from the shared beliefs and desires that Alex Myers and Ruler both have regarding the nature and overall state of the world. They believe that concepts such as human connection and the idea of superior beings are much more than what is perceived at a base level, thus resulting in their interests and thoughts towards ungraspable things such as pluperfection and immortality. Ruler is far more vocal about his thoughts and perception of NICHOLISM, believing that he can achieve a heaven state of an immortal demi-god, whereas Alex Myers sees NICHOLISM as a path towards being a guardian angel in regards to the concept of greater human connection. They each use their schizophrenia as a driving force to always support this idea of greater life being out there.

| Team Motivations |
Inside of Elite Answers Wrestling, both Alex and Ruler have come to a common goal of wanting to win the Unified Tag Team Championships, after following singles aspirations for so long, they have found themselves on the case of working stronger together, and they will now go on to use that in their quest of tag team championship gold. Outside of EAW, they want to be able to grow stronger as best friends, knowing that they have a lot of rebuilding to do after years of pain and torment that they have been through. Alex wants to make Ruler a “better person,” while Ruler wants to make Alex a “stronger person.” It is a very complicated friendship, but one they are proud of and are looking to show to the world.


| Theme Music |
‘Zombie' by The Cranberries

| Team Attires |
In-Ring: [Alex] [Ruler] / Entrance: [Alex] [Ruler] / Segment: [Alex] [Ruler]

| Cheating Tendency |
Ruler’s only cheap tactic is his mist | Alex doesn’t cheat

| Team Accolades |
1x Unified Tag Team Champions

| Ruler’s Accolades |
1x New Breed Champion
Elitist of the Month; September 2022

| Alex’s Accolades |
1x New Breed Champion
First ever Non-Binary Champion in EAW


| Tag Team Wrestling Debut |
September 2023

| Strengths |
+ Close personal connection
+ Incredible tag team chemistry due to friendship
+ Equally care about one another
+ Can easily adapt to situations with ease
+ Will sacrifice for each other’s benefit

| Weaknesses |
- Little current experience as a tag team
- Differentiating morals and ideas
- Both can get severely overconfident
- Alex is against Ruler’s over aggression
- Ruler is against Alex’s guardian-like understanding

| Common Moves |

- Double Clothesline
- Double Superkick
- Double Roundhouse Kick
- Double Springboard Moonsault
- Double Corner-to-Corner Missile Dropkick
- Flapjack [Ruler] into Flatliner [Alex]
- Electric Chair [Ruler] into Diving European Uppercut [Alex]
- Powerbomb [Ruler] into Bridging German Suplex [Alex]
- Sliding Lariat [Ruler] / Penalty Kick [Alex]
- Tiger Driver [Ruler] / Superkick [Alex]

| Signature Moves |

- Haddonfield
(Legsweep [Alex] / Sitout Clothesline [Ruler])

- Pass The Nirvana
(Powerbomb [Ruler] into Diving Backstabber [Alex])

- Minister’s Heart
(Slingshot [Alex] into DDT [Ruler])

| Finishing Moves |

- Scary Monsters
(Lawn Dart Throw [Ruler] Into Bicycle Knee Strike [Alex])

- Empire to Ashes
(Scorpion Death Drop [Ruler] / Coffin Drop [Alex])


- Alex and Ruler have had a bad history with each other, but they since then have rekindled and grew a healthier friendship due to the connection the two have.

- They both suffer through schizophrenia and have a hard time with focusing on matches when they are suffering through those episodes.

- Alex and Ruler both had gotten promise tattoos to their friendship and connection shortly after Territorial Invasion last year, so they will always be inseparable. The tattoo is a dagger, with Alex’s on the back of their neck, and Ruler’s on his wrist.

- The two don’t have experience as an actual tag team, but their chemistry is enough to help them in cases and scenarios where their inexperience may cost them.

- They’re not always on the same page or see eye to eye on things, but that is because they have two completely different mindsets. Even then, they don’t criticize each other, but they will point out the other’s wrongs.

- They are each other's support systems, and one will always be there for the other when they need comfort, care, or support.

- Alex have found themself trying their hardest to earn Ruler’s trust back after they turned their back on him within another company a couple of years ago.

- More times than not, they will probably be using each other’s real names to address each other (Alexis and Hunter), but hate when someone else uses them.

- Imaginary Colours.​
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