MATCH PROMO no title? 😢💔 [Voltage #003]

Bea Valentine

The Eternally Depressed

I continue to wake up every morning as all these days are doing, just adding to my grand total. I have spent over 100+ days with Gloria, and every morning I am blessed to get out of bed. I'm not crippled by depression, or sad, I'm happy. I wake up the second my alarm clock goes off with no dread, that is enough to bring me out of bed in the morning! It's just so great. The life that I have? not many compared to it. And it is just evident compared to how many women envy me and just won't admit that. So many women probably wish they had a fraction of my success, it's so unfortunate when it dwindles down and they realize how much of an ultimate failure they really are. That coincides with Valerie Hellstorm, because just being in La Familia and eating the brink of their failures isn't showing me anything I don't need to know. Valerie Hellstorm makes me angry and I tend to go off routine a lot. But that is what she WANTS, that is what she wants from me, to be angry. But why should a lion be concerned with the opinion of a sheep? This is something I gotta start telling myself a whole lot more now. I am letting things that really just don't matter bother me. I gotta stop this, I must clamp down on it. The only time Valerie Hellstorm has ultimately played a big part in my career, it was all on the back of pure and utter success. I match everything I do in quality with quality, and that's the difference with Valerie Hellstorm, she really just says things and doesn't realize what it is she's saying. She is abrasive and envious of me and only uses me as an excuse. Apparently I've wasted every big moment of her career, and that dates back to the 24/7 battle royale. But I think it's all written in stone here, there was a point in my career where I just kept facing Valerie Hellstorm. I'd win a match with Valerie Hellstorm in it.... and then seemingly so? I had to FACE Valerie Hellstorm right after. It was always Valerie Hellstorm, and despite that fact. Now that we went our separate ways, now that we have had just enough distance in-between myself and her, I can calmly say that the narrative has changed. She's done what since then? dear she has accomplished nothing compared to my feats, if you really wanna as the french say, "go inch for inch".. it's not even a comparison. I have put my best work on the board as we have made this separation, I have defeated many, many Elitists. What have you done? NOTHING. Please accept that fact, you haven't gotten a single thing other than a Roberto De La Rosa participation trophy for him brainwashing you enough in his harem, to help him become hardcore champion. I just can't take a thing Valerie Hellstorm says seriously behind all the whining and major coping, because it all boils down to this. I have defeated Elitists that don't even know your name, so let's not be too rash about what we say Valerie Hellstorm. So many people probably consider you irrelevant. There's no sinking or swimming with you, the second you touched the water it began to stagnate. No one is out of touch with herself more than Valerie Hellstorm, she has the wordplay of a 40 year old man, with the insults of a prepubescent toddler. It would take selling her soul to get one over me, and that is saying a lot. I know hatred runs deep, and I know a lot of women hate me. Imagine hating me, being my worst enemy. Just sulk that in for a moment. Imagine despising me, because Valerie Hellstorm? She does.

So just imagine that, you can't stand the sight of me, and then take into account everything I have done on Voltage, my face is almost everywhere weekly!! Whenever it's facing Princess Candice, facing Cameron Ella Ava, winning the Extreme Elimination Chamber. It's so difficult to hate me, because I blend into so much reality it's hard to ignore all of it. It's just where I... wait for it Valerie, this one is going to piss you off so bad that you spend a whole section ranting for it. Hang on, picking it back up... THE SPOTLIGHT! Just where I...... BEA-LONG!!!! I can sense the fury and rage in her now. Something about Valerie Hellstorm however makes me drop the act as it's happening, and it brings the real moody woman out of me. And I find it fascinatingly cool. But I can't really act as if she is my best rival and mate, because she means nothing to me. She means, and I say this loudly; ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO ME. It's not even a rivalry in the first place. If I face Valerie Hellstorm 100 times, she might win twice. And both those times are caused by fatigue. But the point is she can't learn from her failures, if I saw this match and I'm Valerie I would start ripping my hair out, I'd be so stressed and scared. I would run to the office, not care of what fool I'd make of myself. I'd get down on my knees and I'd pray for the match to be changed. And honestly who'd blame her? Because she keeps embarrassing herself when I am present in the room. I make her suffer, I make her insecure. I am the representation of Valerie Hellstorm's failures. I used her as a measuring stick for my own, however. If I'm on Valerie Hellstorm's level, then that meant I was on the lowest possible level. But since then, I have done nothing but continue to ascend and skyrocket up the card. Valerie Hellstorm has continued to stumble and fall on her own two feet, I can't stress this enough. There's not a division in EAW built for that woman. No solace.

Mmm, yes. Imagine going from Milli Banks who was a few days away from breaking the record, to then going towards me. It's like, imagine asking Valerie Hellstorm to join La Familia instead of Bea Valentine. I still wouldn't have joined that slop shop however, but we can absolutely tell how it's brought down and it's by course of your action. Continue to cope and whine. because as Gloria's one and only, I have encompassed some of the greatest feats ever. I have conquered oceans that Valerie Hellstorm is afraid to swim in, so yet again please tell me why Valerie Hellstorm is saying these things? "Don't wish bad on your enemies". But yadda, yadda, make an excuse for Bea Valentine, you know what? I wish you'd get hit by a TRUCK. I wish the truck would fold you like an omelet. The day you get kicked out of EAW for your own incompetence when no one is letting you know that you're incompetent other than me. So many Elitists hold their nose when they go through the stench of Valerie Hellstorm, and that is truly all you can do when the girl stinks up everywhere she is at. I don't know how those at La Familia stand her, because it's excellence in execution, yet Valerie Hellstorm has no execution to even provide happiness. I wake up and drink water and eat right every morning for the remaining hope that I can outlive Valerie Hellstorm, and then when they put her in the ground, I'll go and piss on her grave! You can make a promise from that, so if you wanna know after pushing myself to sit through everything that Valerie Hellstorm had to say, after sitting and digesting bit by bit, how she felt, and how she didn't feel, if you wanna know ultimately what I gotta say is, just wait for it, because I will deliver my final verdict briefly. But I also want to say, you are an IDIOT! Anyways Valerie, if you wanna know my thoughts on every complaint and word you said about me, it must be hard to be that much of a loser, when you have nothing to fight for. No Gloria to make you happy, no Gloria to fulfill your needs. I know that I am gonna have to work on every single show, and for one? I honestly love that. Meanwhile you? No title 😢😢😢💔💔💔 so sad!!!

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