MATCH PROMO nothing but crickets.... Sigh (Dynasty 1)

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Well look what happened another win and another person knocked down. I just hope Jayson took my words to heart and realizes his mistakes and missteps but knowing how ignorant he is he probably won't care and will blame society and the world for his problems of his own volition. And now as I move on to this week, I am in a triple threat match which is going to be a tough one but I know I can pull through. Besides I finally can get my hands on the other cunt of OBA Solomon Stane who I already know is going to be overconfident and talking down to me already although he probably shouldn't be because if I dispatched his rabid failed abortion of a partner then will Solomon be much of a challenge? I do wonder if you will make the same mistakes your little bitch boy Kirk did when he tried to take me down but failed and now is fighting another stooge I already beat in Jayson Harper. Now I know you do not care at all about that and simply care about beating me and all that but just like your failure of a partner did during our match a few weeks back you haven't spoken till now and probably won't speak till maybe I fire the first shot or something like that. I just can't fucking believe it you know I actually thought people take this shit really seriously but yet it seems they have other dumb things to do then rather speak or some shit. Like I know thanksgiving is coming up and all that, but goddamn Do you actually take this shit seriously Solomon or are you just not bothering at all to try because it's against me. At least your crack addicted conspiracy theorist partner made somewhat of an effort to say something sooner becuase he got exposed for the fucking fraud he is. I also know I didn't speak sooner and yeah that's on me and all that but I was just thinking maybe I might have something to work with but what do I get? Nothing but crickets and vanishing acts. I'm slightly disappointed in my friend Nick too but we will get to him soon, but all the attention is going to be on you Solomon because I just can't fucking fathom a former tag team champion like you just dropping the ball after you lost those titles like damn. Like you did get a win or two at my expense and all that but that was then, and this is now and if I actually beat Kirk then I sure as hell have a chance of beating you but surprisingly that narrow minded thought space of yours will still think that I am some jobber or I dont belong here or some shit when I have proved day in and day out even in loss that I still fucking put my heart and my goddamn soul into this Solomon. Sure, I have fumbled up opportunities but at least I still gave it my fucking all. Even in matches where it was un-winnable, I still gave it my all. Some people doubted I would even beat Kirk Redwood but look what happened I beat him and proved him wrong and that I was the better man then he ever fucking will be. I am going to ask you the same question I asked Kirk all those weeks back. What have you done since losing the tag team championships? It's probably nothing since nothing has gone right for you scrubs, sure you got to be a part of team dynasty and all that, but you failed at that too and blamed everybody but yourself? It just seems to me you are just like Kirk Redwood although you are more narrow minded and thick skulled because just like Kirk you can't accept that the truth is that I am better than you now Solomon. I beat a champion this season although not a cleanly I beat your stupid partner as well and now I am coming for you Solomon. There is nothing you can do that can change the fact that I am on a hot streak right now and this heatseeking missile is coming right for you. Just like Kirk you are going in the way of zero effort absolutely 100% desperate for the win by any means possible because maybe just because it was me and Nick you were facing you just thought to yourself "Huur durr I got to face two jobbers it's a easy fucking winn hurr durr." Sure that's not how you speak and all that but that is how I imagine your shitty thought process is, becuase you think I'm the same Shane Gates that lost to you earlier in the season in a singles match and a bit earlier in that tag match but simply put I might just be that guy but I also know I am better then you and I can simply prove it to you in that very ring. I honestly dont even know if you're going to blame other people for your short comings when you lose this match since I already know you're not taking this seriously and you have nobody to blame but yourself for what happens next. Just dont bitch and moan about how bad your life is and how you're going to threaten me with all these threats of bodily harm when even your dumbwit partner pulled the same shit you're pulling and yet fell flat on his ass and flopped harder than how much money Moribus made at the Box Office. It just further proves to me how stupid you are for not taking me that seriously. And now onto more pressing matters since you're not worth my time anymore, Hell I'm not even afraid of you anymore. Why should I? You're just going to ramble about dumb shit so why even bother giving you the time of day?

I am kind of disappointed in you Nick, I'm not mad but just slightly disappointed that you haven't been taking this seriously and all that. Maybe it's because it's against me and all that but that doesn't mean you can't give it you're all for crying out loud. I thought you would be better than Solomon in taking this just as seriously as I am, but I guess you're just showing hesitation and all that but that doesn't mean you just give up just like that, that doesn't mean you dont fucking try Nick. Look at what happened 2 weeks ago I put my mind to beating Kirk Redwood and I did. I already knew I was beating Jayson Harper last week and I did just that. I dont want to have to put you down already when I know you have a chance in this match and all that but just doing this and not even trying just saddens me Nick, it somewhat worries me that you're not taking this seriously at all. It seems like I'm the only one in this match taking this seriously and it hurts me even more that I need to teach you a very painful lesson or two in this match Nick I just want you to know ahead of time that I am going to hurt not only you but Solomon because I want to win this match I want to prove that I am improving and rising up in the world although at a slow pace but I am still a very humble man and I know it's not going to be an easy road and all that. But at least even in my losses I still do try and give a damn. I just hope when you hear these words it wakes you up a little because I dont want to fight you at your worst Nick I want to fight you at your very best. And unlike Solomon I know you can give it your all. Just prove to me that you're still there listening to this ready for a fight.
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