MATCH PROMO Nothing gained if nothing ventured (Showdown RP#2)

Adam Lucas

Well-known member
Adam Lucas appears on screen, Bethany Blue sat on the sofa next to him, her feet up and her legs resting on his. He turns, smiling at Beth who gives him a loving smile back, motioning towards the camera with her head. Adam then turns back to the camera still smiling, and with a shrug of the shoulders he starts to speak. Methodically, and confidently.

“Do you know what makes me smile more than anything else Amir? It’s not competing in Elite Answers Wrestling, and it’s not the constant quest for success and reaching the top rung of the ladder. It’s not even hearing the roar, mostly, of the fans when I make my appearance at arenas worldwide, or the hundreds of tweets I receive each day, people who understand my current stance, a stance that I had no choice to take. No, moments like this, with my fiancée, whether its watching television or making memories, THIS makes me smile more than anything else. Why? Because I would never let the wrestling business consume me. Now, before you go on a rant about how EAW HAS to me everything, or else you are doomed to fail… don’t. You’ve heard the saying haven’t you Amir? How behind every successful man stands a strong woman? Beth is one of the strongest women I know, she’s saved me on more occasions than I care to mention. And she doesn’t stand behind me bud, she stands side by side… we do this shit together.

Why am I opening this promo with this?

Simply put Amir, I think it’s something that people need to hear. The EAW is an amazing place, the single greatest company in our industry. It has its faults, but which company doesn’t. Every week we step into that ring and we put our body and souls on the line to achieve greatness. Some will get there, and others won’t, and yet the goal is always the same. To some, this business is everything to them, and I understand that. I don’t know, maybe it’s the same for you, perhaps you do eat, sleep, repeat this business repeatedly, but to me that’s a sorry existence. What I’m trying to say Amir, is what I do in the ring will never define who I am as a person. Dropping TLA on his head doesn’t make me an asshole Amir, it makes me a human being. Yes, every Saturday night I am Adam Lucas, the Catalyst, the wrestler who tries to do the best he can, but right here sat with Beth, I am Adam Lucas the person, and never the twain shall meet. Anyone that claims that I have suddenly become a prize prick just because I saw fit to take out my frustrations on a referee not fit for purpose, simply doesn’t understand wrestling, it’s as simple as that. And yes Amir, until recently, until Impact carved his thought process into my hand at Dia Del Diablo, I didn’t understand this business fully either. Or at least I didn’t understand this company.

So, hold on Adam, you still haven’t answered the question. Why are you opening your promo with this… what’s your point fella?

My point is what seems like an obsession to make me look like a bad guy. Not from you Amir, I’ll come to what you said in a moment. But from the likes of individuals who should know better, people like Hurricane Hawk. Hawk thinks that this isn’t me, that this isn’t the ‘way’, and yet this is the environment that HE built, that he presides over. He has created a brand in which he lives by this façade that ‘We wrestle’ and yet every week people are brutalizing others and aren’t punished unless their name is Adam Lucas. Being punished and paying the fines isn’t what pisses me off. No. What pisses me off is the lie. The lie that we are playing by the rules, and yet no one is. That Showdown is in some way the moral high ground when we obviously are no better than either of the other brands. And yet I’m now a bad guy because I punished a referee that clearly wouldn’t have faced any reprimand for his error, an error that cost me my dream.

Fuck that noise.

If people want to put me in the same category as the Impacts of the world, then be my guest. I understand now that I don’t need everyone on my team, quality is far better than quantity, and thank God I finally got that through my thick skull. And anyways, being a good husband to Beth is far more important to me than what ‘some’ individuals think of my conduct.

You think I’m the ‘heel’ in this story now?

So be it, I can’t change anyone’s opinion and they are welcome to believe what they choose. But I know the truth, Beth knows the truth, and those fine people that still chant my name and believe in me, THEY know the truth. I don’t have to justify myself to anyone… the scars I bear should be justification enough.”

Beth wiggles her toes which makes him laugh, easing the tension just a little that she had sensed he was starting to feel but which he wasn’t showing outwardly. She knew him better than anyone and that was the way he liked it, her opinion the most important of all. He didn’t like that it had to be this way, but he’d been given no choice.

“From here on in, I now realize what is important to me, and the reality is it’s sat right here with me on this sofa. Someone who I know will never judge me or let me down when times get tough. Someone who will always have my back. That’s not downplaying how much I want to become the Answers World Champion however, because that’s the inevitable misunderstanding some will arrive at. I want that championship more now than I ever did, that will always be the dream. But if Beth is with me, my driving force and my inspiration, I know that dream will one day become a reality, all that I have worked for, all the horrors I have endured finally worthwhile. Anyone who cannot understand that…”

He laughs, shrugging his shoulders.

“Doesn’t understand that right now, in the present, I am stronger than I have ever been. Those with me still, go ahead and forget the failures of this season and embrace the new reality in which we exist. That being that Cash in the Vault WILL be our crowning glory, our pathway to the Answers World Championship”

Beth pulls her legs from on top of his and turns her body so that her head rests on his shoulder, her right hand holding his left.

“And NO ONE is going to stop me… not even you Amir. Because if there is something that I’m sure you have experienced over the last few months its people forgetting what it was like to be stood where you currently stand. It’s easy for the established superstars like Theron Nikolas to lord it over us, when they have seen and done it all. It’s easy for them to forget that they went through exactly the experiences that we do now. Everyone has their hardships Amir, that’s what this company is built on. Unlike Limmy’s flawed opinion, no one gets an easy ride to the top. It’s these experiences, these failures that forge us into the people that we become. They all went through it Amir, and yet they mock us. Why? Because they know their places are uncomfortable. I don’t know about you, but time and time again I hear people say that I WILL become World Champion. Theron, Impact, TLA ALL to a man repeated. They also go on to claim that my time isn’t now, and thus far, they have been correct. But all their efforts arrives at one goal, to keep us in our place. Impact tried to get in my ear, turn me to the ‘dark side’. This is a man with all the experience in the world, so why shouldn’t I listen to him right? He’s got the knowledge, he is Mr. Nine Times, possibly Ten, how can you face someone like that without learning a thing or two. The idiots around here claim that Impact got in my head, that my ‘change’ is a direct response to what he told me, but the fact is that’s bullshit. It wasn’t what he said, it was what it did. Because learning experiences don’t just happen verbally Amir. They happen when the rope snaps, and you have finally had enough. And when Impact took the liberty of carving all his thoughts and experience into my right hand, I didn’t ignore that action, I embraced it. Look back at the footage from Dia del Diablo Amir, that wasn’t an angry individual doing that most heinous of acts. He was calm, almost serene… knowing that to finish me that was exactly what he had to do. He didn’t break any rules, he made his point. He didn’t need words to get through to me. He doesn’t reside in my head rent free. I got what he was showing me, what I needed to do to succeed. I needed to stop believing that this company needed someone like me to take some kind of moral high ground. I needed to start fighting fire with fire.

And yet that’s being ‘salty’.

Do you share our esteemed Answers World Champion opinion that I ‘lost my shit’ on the road to Grand Rampage? Do you think I was suddenly taking YOUR path, and not giving a shit about those three initials that we represent any longer? Seriously, answer the question Amir, I’m intrigued. It will tell me a lot about your mindset right now going into this match and beyond. TLA has a lot of positives, I could wax lyrical about what I think of him as a competitor and a human being and how glad I am he remains champion. Yes, at Grand Ramage he did get lucky, but that doesn’t take away what he has done with the belt since he took it from Kassidy. One thing he did get wrong though was where my head was at. What he claimed was ‘salt’ was merely a reaction to his action. All I did, was fight that with some of the same. Somehow, other than in my hometown I came out the bad guy. Why? Because for the FIRST TIME EVER, I looked out for myself. Simply because it was MY dream on the line. I could have let him get away with the disrespect, or planting me in from of his hometown fans, but then now I would have been called weak. You CAN’T have both. You can’t be adored by everyone. NO ONE can, not ever TLA, possibly the most loved Elitist of all time. That is what I have learned over the course of this season. So, tell me Amir, what have you learned?”

He pauses a moment to allow Amir to think on it, Beth squeezes his hand and looking on proudly, before he continues.

“I’ll deal with your response should you answer next time, but for now I’m going to tell you what I personally believe you have learned, taking things at face value.

MY opinion.

I believe that you have ‘learned’ that the only way to achieve success in this company, is to take every opportunity when it arises, and that a cheap victory is a victory none the less. I believe that you don’t care about respecting the process any longer and are more than happy with take whatever short cut you can until you get the stature and accolade that you suggest is your right. I believe that you are one hundred percent behind this is the way for you to feel better about yourself and pull yourself from this slump. It’s bullshit Amir. The ‘only’ was to emerge from a slump like yours and mine is hard work and determination. Me dropping TLA on his head after the match didn’t achieve anything, it just made me feel better. Did it equal a victory in anyone’s mind, including mine? No, of course it didn’t. It was just my frustrations manifesting, frustrations that come from being human. Does that mean that I’ll walk into our match at Showdown and categorically, undeniably win? No. Hard work, it’s the ONLY way. Short cuts and cheap victories. Revenge and retribution means fuck all in the grand scheme. You know how I’m going to beat you this Saturday Amir? By learning from the mistakes that cost me against TLA. Not by waiting for the first opportunity to do something illegal because I no longer care about the industry that gave you a good living beyond probably your wildest dreams. It might not sound like it but I class you as a friend Amir, even now. But if you literally don’t care, as the narrative on your bio suggests then do us all a favor and leave. It’s that simple. You want to throw away your beliefs, do it on your own time, not mine. Because ‘Tweener’ says it all doesn’t it? It speaks for itself. It’s in between bad and good, and not committing to either stance. A means for you to have an excuse for your actions, whatever they may be. You know another explanation for that word, it’s someone who doesn’t know who he is. And Amir, you don’t know who you are. I’m not saying it won’t come, because you have the talent to ensure it does, but taking the halfway house and not really committing, it does you no favors. If I don’t know who you are, possibly the closest to you on this roster, how does anyone else stand a chance? You don’t care right… that’s how you’ll probably respond. But don’t you see, that only serves to prove my point. Just like Theron, just like Impact, just like many more individuals I could mention, you’ve now forgotten what it was like before EAW. Before you become a household name. You’ve forgotten the things that made you, that grounding attributes that brought you to the game. And that’s sad bro, it truly is. It’s not too late for you, and who knows, perhaps I’ll have gotten through to you by the time we are through on Showdown. But if there is one thing, I can assure you, it’s that I’ll never turn my back on you, the way you’ve turned you’re back on the company that made you. If that’s not the case bro, persuade me otherwise. Otherwise, I’ll wait for the day when you inevitably wake from this nonsense talk, I hear you spew weekly about not caring.”

To some it might have sounded a little harsh, after all Amir WAS a friend, but that was precisely why he was saying these things. Perhaps Amir would respond by saying that Adam was one to talk, and that only showed that he still even now, with the week near its end, hadn’t understood that there was differences between the two of them. No matter the picture Amir tried to paint.

“To turn away from your beliefs bro, you didn’t have to do that to achieve everything you ever wanted. And you may say I have too, your opinion that you are entitled to, but you’d be wrong. And I am more than willing to come to that ring and show you purely and simply that I am the better wrestler?

Yes, I am. Are you?

Or are you so desperate to advance to Cash in the Vault that you are willing to stab perhaps your biggest ally in this company in the back? Everything I have said, I’ve said as a friend, that is something you have to understand. But if you don’t get that bro, if you react in what could be an oh so predictable way then I’m afraid that’s on you.”

He turns and kisses Beth on the forehead, bringing a smile to her face as she huddles in closer. The scene then slowly fading.​

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