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This thread is to organize back up writers a bit. There's no denying the brand writers need help getting shows up on time, and it's good for the overall health of the fed if the writers can get some help. A backup writer thread was made last week and we had a very encouraging amount of people who reached out to us to offer their services to the point where we were able to make an official writing assignment team for all four brands. With that being said, we have to establish and clarify some things.

In this thread I would like to set the standard straight for back up writers.

Though we've formed teams and assigned writers to brands already, you can never have too much help. Therefore, our doors are still open if anyone's still interested. Anyone still interested and would like to participate in the role as a consistent back-up writer (this means writing matches, and possibly segs) must PM DEDEDE or Banks showing their interest.

Your brand writer reserves the right to decide what decision happens in the match, how long the match should be, and should be allowed to change whatever they would like should some part of the match not meet their expectations. Do not complain if you see your match edited, there is zero tolerance for that.

A back up writer will be allowed only (1) STRIKE per season to turn in a match late. THE 24 HOUR GRACE PERIOD DOES NOT APPLY TO BACK UP WRITERS. If you turn in a match late, you will be considered a liability to shows being posted on time.

A head writer is also advised to not allow a back up writer who is untrustworthy to back up write for their show.

A head writer is also advised to be transparent about who is back up writing for them. Multiple late back ups will not be an adequate excuse for the shows being late.

While the mandates may seem strong, there are a lot of longterm benefits in back up writing -- including being top consideration for getting a main writer promotion, as well as getting more opportunities at getting involved with more of EAW's behind the scenes functions.

All back up writers will be allowed to participate in end of the year voting, and we'll do our best to give something nice to back up writers for their selflessness as long as you can be consistent.

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