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Ms. Extreme

The Problem Child. ✨

"old maid."

Maybe, it’s crazy for me to do.

Maybe, it’s how it was always supposed to be.

I’m always meant to put my heart on the like for an opportunity for a grand prize and then, face the consequences at the end of it.

On paper, Grand Rampage is a GREAT idea. A FANTASTIC one even! The last time I participated in Grand Rampage, it was on my path to become World Champion for the first time in my career. Darcy May Morgan called herself ‘The Face of Women’s Wrestling.’ She had done the one thing that I wanted to do and that was take the Universal Women’s Championship from the previous champion and it was demoralizing for me to see. It was nothing more than a moment where I was conflicted on whether this was worth it. Was all of this worth it? I looked at Grand Rampage as an opportunity to find myself in championship contention. I figured that it would be my last shot at becoming World Champion. Well, I didn’t do as well as I wanted. To me, I’ve always prided myself in being result-driven and that was not the result I wanted. It was the situation that I was disgusted in because I wanted nothing more than to go out there and show everyone that I am more than capable of standing my own, taking on a huge match where the statistics were not in my favor and overcoming those odds. It didn’t happen. Looking back, I despised that match with a passion. I hated the way it made me feel like I was inferior. I wish I did more. I wished that I gave it more of a fight. I wished that I was better equipped for what I was getting myself into it. The idea that I would allow myself to go back to that environment? It doesn’t seem like me. It doesn’t seem like something that I’d be willing to do, knowing how prideful I am. My pride wasn’t able to handle the result in the last Grand Rampage that I participated in, but will it be any different now? Will I put on a performance that I can be proud of? Will I get further in this match than last time? Am I capable enough to win? Am I good enough to win? It’s crazy to place myself in the same Grand Rampage as Cameron and knowing her own struggle that she’s been experiencing this season. It seems so selfish of me to prioritize my own needs against her. Cameron is the only person in this match that is worthy to win this match.

Maybe, it’s my bias towards family getting the best of me, but fuck it.

I’ll do the damn thing. I’ll do Grand Rampage and win the entire damn thing because it’s what I deserve.

is such a strong word. Being the second woman to win Grand Rampage is something that I rightfully deserve after the season that I’ve had. The triumph, the multiple heartbreaks and downfall that I have experienced, personally, is shit that should be studied. I look over my own season and knowing the woman that I am, I’m pleasantly surprised that I managed to stick around for as much as I have. Most people wouldn’t be able to experience the level of heartbreak that I’ve felt. They would quit at the first sign of the going go tough. With coming so close to World Championship glory to only watch it slip from your grasps. My cold heart could want myself to succeed, but if my mind is not functioning enough to back all of that up, there’s no helping it. I could want for my matches with Kassidy Heart or Myles to continue on for as long as possible, but I can’t do that when I’m not in the right headspace. I can’t do that if my mind shuts down after being kicked in the fucking skull by a ‘thank u, next’ or if my knee is almost ready to rip apart from a ‘Kraken’s Grasp.’ In case of the latter, I hate how all of it fell apart. I hate the idea that I managed to swallow my pride and do something that I had never saw myself in a million, BILLION years, but I did it so that I could be better equipped for opportunities like Grand Rampage. I do it so that I can be in the best physical shape like the possibility of headlining Pain for Pride again once more. I did it for the sake that I could find myself being World Champion. I got the opportunity to do all of that. I got the opportunity to redeem myself in the ultimate way possible - winning Grand Rampage. Headlining Pain for Pride and doing it once more by winning a World Championship at the hugest stage possible.

In preparation to do that, I gotta test myself against three Elitists from the Dynasty brand who are looking to add ‘Grand Rampage winner’ onto their resumes - Ryan Wilson, Hans Grayson and Ronan Malosi.

Defeating two out of three Elitists in this match this season isn’t too bad, but I’m always to look another one to complete that.

Hello, Hans.

I don’t think that we’ve met.

I’m Ms. Extreme and I’m the 2024 winner of the Grand Rampage match. I know a wee bit about you. One of the notable things that I’ve seen from you is your reign as New Breed Champion. Before that, it was coming second to Solomon Stane in the Extreme Enigma Battle Royale. Now, that’s a quite impressive rookie year. Your reign as New Breed Champion did their role in help demonstrate growth within you. It wasn’t the impressive lineage of the New Breed Championship that carried you to the next level, it was you on your skill. You did with the New Breed Champion what was expected with you. You took that title to the next level. It was you, Michael Machina and Drake Armstrong, who I considered as the holy trinity of the New Breeds. The three men who placed the a spotlight to the New Breed division and made it something to want to sit down and watch. It almost reminisced a certain era consisting of the likes of Viz, SOSA Henderson , Myles, Raven Roberts and Xander Payne who were holding the New Breed Championship around the same period of time. Specifically, not in that order, but the same Elitists, who have gone on and become future World Champions, Hall of Famers or future Hall of Famers in their own right. The huge group of talent, all of the potential in that specific group was said to be immaculate. Something that they had never seen before. Something that turned heads to that championship for the first time in ages. For any sign of the New Breed Championship reaching those heights is interesting, it’s refreshing because this is the resurgence that the championship needed and you played a role in that. Just like pre successors did. Those like Caroline, Ruler, Alex Myers, etc. It’s always great to see non-World Championships getting the recognition and love that they should be getting. I mean, they created a foundation for the future generation of Elitists to be molded in. They are the reason why Elitists are given a small test to see if they are able to measure up before they pull all of their eggs onto one basket and go for the World Championship.

You did that, Hans.

Since losing the title, you’ve loss traction, but that is beyond your control. It’s something that every former champion tends to experience. It’s something that I happened to experience after my Universal Women’s Championship loss. It was something that Ronan is currently experiencing for himself - despite wanting to live in denial that losing his title reign did anything to stunt his growth this season. Still, it didn’t stop you from getting some amazing opportunities presented to you. You were able to showcase yourself in Extreme Elimination for Road to Redemption. You did great when it came to that. Yet, it seems like the one thing that took some of your time was the whole situation with Jay Jerry Johnson. Now, I’ve faced a bunch of manipulative, delusional people throughout my career and when you get rid of them, it feels so damn good. It seems like you got rid of Jay in the right time, right? Right before Grand Rampage. You can approach this match with a clear mind to do whatever you want. First, you gotta deal with three other Elitists who are trying their luck in Grand Rampage and become World Champion in their own right. You are going up against some of the best that Dynasty has to offer and then, Ronan Malosi, so that should be enough to pique your interest. But, I’m not trying to gas myself up, but it should be obvious who the competition in this match is…right?

Honestly, I think it will be great to get a closer look on this whole new mindset of yours, Ronan. It mean, it’s super refreshing to go with the route where you’re trying to convince these people that your Interwire Championship loss did not do anything to hurt you in the post run. You may look at it as a refreshing route to go with. Better than the person who begins to lose their mind or go through a state of depression due to a huge change in their life. Now, I can admit - I was like you, Ronan. I was just like you in thinking that I could think of the bigger picture when I lost the Universal Women’s Championship. I had this whole mentality of me thinking that I was going to be more than alright following this loss. I had broken the record. I had done the one thing that had haunted me in my three year career and that was become a World Champion. I had done whatever I did. There was nothing that was going to shatter my confidence. And then, everything begin to crumble down to the point where my ankle had completely broke in three separate areas. A pain that I had been feeling for the second portion of my season let me to an awful downfall that I wouldn’t be able to find myself out of anytime soon. You’d think that after I had gotten my surgery, recovered and went through endless amounts of therapy, it would all align for me to return and recapture my throne, right?

Wrong, Ronan.

The struggle continued as soon as I returned. The moment where I thought hope would appear like a hand extending to me from the heavens, it was nothing more than heartbreak soon after. It seemed like the recurring theme did not change. It just took a standstill. I found myself having to resume the same torture and punishment that I went through following my loss of the Universal Women’s Championship. The same endless cycle of having to be someone else’s cannon fodder. The same recurring pattern of everything revolving around anyone else, but me. It became tiring. It became something that I didn’t want to involve myself in. I wanted to create a change. I didn’t want to mesh in with plans. I wanted to be the reason why plans changed. I wanted to be the woman that fucked up everyone’s storyboards when she returned. The woman who just turned this entire company upside down. I didn’t get that energy. Instead, I spent the entire season underneath an authority figure who was only focused on pushing those who kissed her ass the right away. She used them as a way to put me down like I was nothing more than Scott Pilgrim fighting the seven evil exes and the only better looking one was Pandora Paisley. Kennedy street’s attempts to diminish everything that made me great. Everything that made people like me and create this woman that only wanted to become everyone else’s problem. She created this monster and once you let the monster out, it’s difficult to let them out. There’s a whole point that I’m trying to make, Ronan.One of the things that everyone is thinking - from Ryan to Hans to Myself is that it won’t take long for this whole facade that you’ve created for yourself to fall apart. Maybe, not after the first heartbreaking loss or the second, but it will find a way to completely crumble. Everything that you have ever built. Everything that you have ever worked hard for. Those two Interwire Championship reigns will be nothing more than a distant memory for you. You can post all of the Instagram hashtags you want. You can take a page out of every cringy quote out of Terry Chambers’ playbook. You can pretend that losing to Drake Armstrong at Operation: Doomsday did nothing to your confidence, but I know, Ronan.

I know.

Just like I know how free beer tastes, Ryan.

Not going to lie, it was truly satisfying to capture that ‘W’ last week. We nearly tore the roof off this place by demonstrating some incredible wrestling. The beer was a close second and I could have sworn that I almost saw you had a stroke from you looking at the cost of the bill. But, I digress. But, you didn’t expect for this to happen so soon, right? The two of us facing off once more, but in different circumstances. It’s nothing more than a ploy to use to hype up the Grand Rampage match. ’30 Elitists, 1 Winner’ is how they like to build up these match. Get things interesting and make people want to order the event. My decoration of the match was unexpected for me, but I couldn’t avoid all of the traditional Grand Rampage festivities forever. Even by hanging around Cameron, seeing what she has been doing to prepare the match, it was tough to not find myself get in that same headspace. It was weird for not have all of these thoughts racing into my mind. The ‘what ifs’ about what I would do the moment that another opportunity to cross paths with this match shoots at my direction. People think that declaring yourself for the Grand Rampage is just a yearly tradition. Just something to get into the festivities, but for me, I had a tough time thinking about whether this was the direction to go with. You were right about something, Ryan. A championship opportunity would have been a lot easier to attain. A lot less of a hassle than having to overcome twenty-nine Elitists wanting to throw you over the top rope. At the same time, doesn’t this idea of you possibly being that one Elitist to win this year…intrigue you?

Maybe, the idea that I’ll begin to look at this like a kid at Disneyland (which is banned within the Ava household, btw) or a kid in a candy store. I’ll be looking at the array of Elitists that I would have not had the opportunity to square up against this season if it wasn’t for this match. Now the full participants list hasn’t been announced yet. There are still people who are looking to insert their names into the list every other day, but I’m all in for going up against the other competition. I’m all about seeing who is the best Elitists on the other brands who will be looking to win this entire match. I’ll be looking forward to crushing any hopes or dreams of them. Even, if it comes to you, Ryan. My nice, Canadian, ginger friend, if there is a time to fantasy book, Grand Rampage is the perfect opportunity to do so. Who knows? Maybe, we start things off at one or two? Maybe, we’ll be the final two as I throw your ass over the top rope and stamp my ticket to Miami, Florida. Your feelings about wanting more for your journey at Grand Rampage is valid. At some point, it feels like we’re all just a statistic for someone, but we just don’t know who exactly. It seems like we’re playing Old Maid. The four of us are going to select cards, checking for pairs until we see someone holding the Old Maid card. Although, instead of being the loser, they would be considered the winner in this warped up world. There is no clue on who has the card or who is going to get the card. We’re just left wondering all of these questions until we see which one of us is not like the other. Which one is not going to be like the twenty-nine other losers who will fall short in winning Grand Rampage.

Now, I’m hoping to win, but EVERYONE in this match is on the same boat as I. I’m all up for having a good bout until one of you motherfuckers pisses me off. When that happens, all bets are off and I’ll be more than welcome to throw ALL of you over the top rope.​

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