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The Thanksgiving Holiday is almost here and I could not be happier. It isn’t just because of the food like my mama’s pumpkin pie, grandma’s homemade rolls and dressing, or even the family I’ll be seeing at the dinner. Don’t worry, my whole family has been taking the necessary precautions in preparation of one the Duke Family’s favorite holidays. I’m happy because I have so much to be grateful for this year. Not only am I living out my dreams in the best company in the world, I am also getting so much closer to my match with Andre Walker at Road to Redemption. Ohhh it’s getting harder to hold in my excitement as time gets closer. It will be so nice to put that New Breed Title around my waist. That title belt is so much nicer than any belt buckle my dad owns.

Andre, I am glad that you did pay attention to what I said on Voltage. Make all the jokes you want, but what you will learn is that this cowboy doesn’t bull around with his words. Just because the words come from a guy who has an accent that some people find charming, by the way, does not diminish their meaning and their seriousness. I do respect you as a competitor and a champion and I do believe that we will get to know each very well before Road to Redemption. When we finally meet in the ring with the title on the line, you can count on me bringing absolutely everything I’ve got. I am working my Oklahoma ass off to make sure that my fate will be much different than your previous challengers. I just hope that my title victory doesn’t “upset” you, Andre. You made a whole bunch of remarks a few days ago and I will make sure to address those in more detail when we meet, but I will address the remark you made about the level of competition I’ve been facing hasn’t been the same as yours. That might be true, but I do declare that when I do get the chance to fight upper level talent, I can prove that I hang with the best of 'em when given the opportunity. You’ll be at ringside for my match on Voltage, Andre, so just watch closely and experience that firsthand.

I love a challenge and I know that I will certainly get one with the ultra-tough and ultra-talented Ms. Extreme. I know your name is Camille, but I haven’t earned that level of respect with you. So if you don’t mind, I’ll just stick with calling you Ms. Extreme for now. A guy doesn’t need superb poker reading skills to look at you and easily tell that you are a no BS and a no nonsense type of a competitor. Big shocker, right? I also have this really good feeling that you really don’t care about any type of formalities that I could offer you, so I have no problem skipping the appetizer and getting straight to the meat and potatoes. Let’s get right down to business, shall we? I can admit that you have been one of the people I have been itching to face ever since being drafted to Voltage. You can take this for what you think it’s worth, but I have so much respect for you and your accomplishments in the ring and having a match with you is a real honor. Just don’t consider my respect and idolization for you as a weakness. You might call it kissing up, but I call it giving someone their rightful praise of their accomplishments.

I’ll wager that when we both saw our match on the card for Voltage this week that we probably had two majorly different outlooks on the match. I see this match as another chance to show off my skills and what I’ve learned against one of the best Voltage and EAW has to offer. You probably see this match against me as little more than a warm up for Serena. Can I ask you a question? You probably don’t think highly about a match with me either, do you? You can answer honestly. I won’t mind. I know very well that the primary target of your attention is locked right on Serena Bennett and your match for the Universal Women’s Title. Now I know it’s not very gentlemanly to make assumptions, but this is a pretty safe bet to place. If so, I’m not mad. Everybody I’ve faced so far has thought that and this will be another one added to the count. This is becoming a constant in my career, but the odds of me defeating you are very slim and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You have the advantage in pretty much every aspect, but I do have a couple of aces up my sleeve that could turn the match in my favor. You’ve faced a lot of people in your career, but you have never faced me. You aren’t very familiar with my style and my moves, so I can definitely catch you by surprise. You call yourself a queen and it is warranted with all your success. Queens are very powerful cards to have, especially when compared to someone like me who has the experience level of a pair of threes or an even worse opening hand. Remember that even the worst of hands in poker can trump Queens on any given day. All that’s needed is a little luck, a lot of heart, and a lot of determination. Knock me down as many times as you want because I have enough resolve to keep getting my ass up and keep fighting.

Now I could easily spend time talking about how I’m gonna kick your ass, dominate the match, and all that other classic pre-match banter blah blah blah, but I won’t make that rookie mistake against you like many others have. We both know the truth. There isn’t a lot I can promise against you, but there are some things I can assure you for sure. I can guarantee you that I’m not running away from this challenge. I can guarantee you that I will bring my best against you. I can guarantee that this match will be awesome. And I can guarantee you that after our match, win or lose, I’ll show you that I’m not some random rookie on the roster and I can bring the fight just as hard and as fast as anybody in EAW. I bet that you love a challenge just as much as I do, so let me be the challenge that you order up. Just don’t look past me right towards Serena since she will be at ringside. I know you wanna rip her head off very badly, but I am your opponent this week and if you take too much of your attention off of me and it could be the river card that I need to give me the hand and the pot. I’ve dealt out a few bad beats throughout my career and there could be a chance that I do it again on Sunday. This is selfish of me to say, but I want to win this match so badly. Ms. Extreme, I will do whatever I have to do to bring the fight and to make the cards work in my favor.

Normally, I would invite my opponent to come to the Gentleman’s Table and have them enjoy a few hands with me…not this time. This week, the Oklahoma Gentleman is going to change it up a bit and take part at a new table. Ms. Extreme’s table to be exact. She has developed herself as a heavy hitter in EAW and if I want to prove myself I need to step up to where the more experienced players compete, where the stakes and antes are much higher to show what this new player can do. I am starting to see some success in my career and I am completely determined to keep my hot streak going. Big risks can equal big rewards. Skill is a necessity, but sometimes a little luck can’t hurt. Believe me when I say that me and Lady Luck will be really good friends in the upcoming weeks. In the poker scene, there is a saying that all a person needs is a chip and a chair and they still have a chance to win the whole tournament. It also works in the wrestling world, too. I’m expecting to get my ass kicked the whole match, but all I need is three seconds and one opening and I can get perhaps the biggest win of my career thus far.

So, Ms. Extreme, I sincerely hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving festivities and have a great time with your family and friends. On Sunday, the action commences. I will be ready, willing, and able to tear down the house and steal the show with you in our match.

As always, the pleasure has been all mine and Happy Thanksgiving from the Gentleman of EAW.

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