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Sunday, Jan 22, 2023
Enid Oklahoma

Ladsau-Evans Funeral Home

Scene opens up to a large gathering in the funeral home as lays rest in front of the room sits Korey Gaines grandmother. The pastor walks up to the front of the podium as he starts to speak.

Bonnie was born and raised on a farm west of Hunter, Oklahoma. She attended school in Hunter and graduated from Hunter High School in 1945. Soon after, while working at a café in Pond Creek, she met her husband-to-be, Dale Bradley. Bonnie and Dale were married on April 26, 1947 in Wellington, Kansas.

After Bonnie and Dale married, she started work as a phone operator at the Bell Telephone Company in Enid, where she made many lifetime friendships. She left the phone company and soon began raising her family.

Bonnie was a wonderful and hands-on mother. She was a Little League baseball official scorekeeper, a cheer mom, a Little Olympics coach at Harrison Elementary, and an avid bowler with her all-female teammates. Additionally, Bonnie enjoyed playing a round of pool and won several city tournaments as an active member of the VFW and the American Legion. Later in life, she began a new career at Enid Dental Lab. She handcrafted dental crowns and bridges. We are sure many Enid residents received a crown made by Bonnie.

Bonnie remained active throughout her golden years. She attended potluck dinners and dances in Ponca City, with the occasional stop at the local casinos. Also, Bonnie was Enid’s #1 Oklahoma Sooners fan. If OU was playing, she was watching, whether it be football, basketball or softball, decked out in Crimson and Cream. Everyone knew not to call her if the ball game was on. She was known to get a little upset if she perceived the local paper was providing preferential treatment towards the team in orange....

The pastor fades into the background as snuffles and cries begin to pick up as the camera fades to Korey as he is sits there in tears as he leans over to his mother as they both lay there heads next to one other acknowledging each other of the passing as they try to console each other. Family members get up as they speak on there beloved grandmother as Korey and four other paul bearers pick up the casket and head towards the hearse. They off towards the cemetery as they are there within the next fifteen minutes. Korey and the four others pull out the casket then onto the casket belt as several minutes later is then elevated down as the grounds crew then pile the door onto the top of the ground. The family fades back towards there cars as Korey as the last one standing there watching the final dirt laid. Korey walks to his car as he greets his by his uncle and two of his cousins.

Korey Gaines
What a day huh?

Danny Bradley
We need you back on your bull shit cuz this verison of Korey Gaines aint workin as your promos are sad as hell as well as being weak as shit

Derek Bradley
Not only that you talk all this shit on the socials and then you go out there as you look lost as shit as if you forgot how the wrestle. Just out there lost as a damn puppy.

DH Bradley
You think you dad and let alone your Grandma thinks this how you should represent the family? Cmon your out there using your dads and now the lost of your grandma as some frickin crutch as if you got hard. You have it hard? Theres kids out there getting assaulted, theres people out there starving, there homeless, and on and on. Big fuckin whoop that life has given you more than one chance to live. How many fuckin people out there wish they as many chances as you have gotten. Yes covid had you by the balls but so the fuck did with everyone else. You survived a drunk driving accident and yes it took your father but your still the fuck here and you need to grow the fuck up, quit bitchin, get back on that saddle, and get back to that Korey Gaines v the world bull shit you were on and not this crutch needing emo whiney bull shit you been doing. Your the bread winner of this family now, we need to represent, and I know damn well your father would stand here and call you out on your bullshit.

:: SLAP, as his uncle lets Korey have it ::

DH Bradley

The group nods as everyone walks away


Jan 24th 2023
Spokene, Washington

Korey sits on his balcony at his hotel as he overlooks the scenry of the town in front of him as he leans back his chair as he sits there with a drink in his hand as gazes off into the night sky. He leans forward as he sits there for a moment looking at the ground.

Korey Gaines
I walked out of Voltage three years ago as I traveled back to my home thinking how lucky I was but only to have tragedy strike as covid got me and it got me pretty good as it put me down in a heartbeat as it attacked me viciously as I was then put in a coma, my body fought hard while I was put out as I awoke with feverish intentions of trying to take over the world again only to have my best friend who I was going to tell I love be put out of her misery in front of me as and then another tragic moment in my life happen as a drunk driver took my dads life and nearly took mine as it sent me into a medical induce coma. Three tragic incidents in which life took its toll and now life decides to make a four.....

:: Korey laughs for a moment before looking up towards the camera ::

Korey Gaines
Yall thought this was going to be the ol emo whiney bitch Korey Gaines promo huh? Naw not no more, its that Korey Gaines v the world mother fucker whos back. Its that fuck it run em down the hill and see what the fuck happens Korey Gaines its that back on my bull shit talk that shit and throw hands as we see who the fuck falls down first Korey Gaines. What the fuck was I even thinkin in the last two fuckin weeks? I give you all that epic I am coming vigeetes only to show up being a bitch, bitch with my promos? Naw fuck that some of yall deserve better but the rest of yall? Fuck yall. My family needs me at my tip top shape and by god have I been failing miserbly but over fuckin thinkin shit as it allowed me be so fuckin lost in that ring it was like I was a fish out of water. My family needs me to be there light to guide as two of the top tier leaders of this family has passed. So how the fuck am I going to be that beckon of light if I am out here whining like a sad ass bitch blaming shit on life as I dont have it better than someone who has been in these situations. So here is Korey Gaines, The Extreme, the best high flyin mother fucker in the world!! The one that gravity forgot!! Back on his motha fuckin bullshit. I got my mind right and now yall are truly fucked!!

:: Korey smirks ::

Korey Gaines
Sheridan, the ultra German, we will meet again, and I know damn sure when we run it back things will be different as I know damn sure I will do more to continue to make you back track as I keep you on your heels and there is no fuckin way I am going to try the mat games with you again as that is a mental no no on my end. I found out what you are about and I will come correct next time. As for Sierra Everett? Bitch you happy I said your name now? Feel relevant now? Feel a lil more respected? Cuz bitch thats all you get. You still suck, you still have no talent, you still blow on the small knob that is Ronan, your still a talentless hack, I am still going to run circles around you, your still going to plowed through and you will still lack the ability to know what the fuck it is like to wrestle. Biggest difference in seeing me again I will absolute manhandle bitch boy Ronan if he continues to get in my fuckin way which means your a fish out of water and you will die.

:: Pauses ::

Korey Gaines
Hi Candice!! Yeah crazy huh? Shocking that I would return huh? Hope that didnt ruin your night that you saw that I would rummage around the ol EAW ring again huh? Guess the fuck what? Im here you silly bitch. Oh it amuses me that one little word or one little picture on the socials gets everyone feathers a little ruffled. Is my mere little ass socal media presence enough to put so many peoples panties in a wad? Like seriously what the fuck is up with the need to actually respond? Like can you can not carry the fuck on with your day? All ya gotta do is scroll back as if nothing is happening but yet you bitches wanna fuckin have a heart attack cuz lil ol me put something so fuckin small out there. Ya gotta problem with it then fuckin do something about it and stop act like a spoiled rotten child. Dude your voice is so fuckin annoying its not even funny like its hurting my ears almost as worst as listening to Voltage commentary, even then I mute it but I cant you cuz I was doing my best to even listen to what the fuck you had to say even with my ears bleeding but hey I managed. But how in the fuck are you even remotely going to whipe the floor with me? Like how? How? Seriously how? Seriously? How?

:: Korey shrugs his shoulders while mouthing how? ::

Korey Gaines
Gnat? Really? They are annoying and I am annoying so yah I could understand the comparison. Sure I can be a wreckless idoit but to be honest with you it tends to get shit done but I prefer the label the best high flyer in the world and the difference in me and others is that I follow through with my actions and in my aiming as I put forth the effort in actually doing damage rather than pussy footin around and worrying about my body which those so called high flyers barely do a single thing to there opponet. I want damage, I want carnage, and I want to bring pain. So in order to do so I have to be a idiot and a lil bit wreckless than I guess so fuckin what. Whatever gets the job done my friend as that is my art to high flying. Painters and artist differ cuz really if they all were just the same then really that type of art would be bland and boring, who the fuck wants that? What will I do? Will I go for the glory, do something insane and make sure all eyes are on you and fuck the rest of your team or will I actually play nice and try and work with them? I hold all the cards on that dont I? Thats the art of unpredictably that I will play my hand on or really I guess I will depend on my mood as the devil may care type of guy I am or if I get hit with one too many to the head on that night I guess it will depend on what concussed Korey Gaines does in that moment. But the only way we will know is to tune in to that night and see huh? Also whys it got to be thats got to be watched to see if I fuck over someone? It could be the other two that decide to go for the glory or just turn there back. Am I right?

:: Korey stands up from his chair as he tosses the rest of his drink out over the balcony and turns towards the camera ::

Korey Gaines
Mercer, your one big ugly son of a bitch who tends to out muscle everyone in order to get his way and then there are night where you get out foxxed as you look slow, sluggish, and down right ugly. But I dont got beef with you as I came out at you on the socials as I am always looking to take out the biggest and ugliest in the room. But we are in a predicament that we happen to be on the same team so we gotta pause our social media spat to play a lil nice. I respect you in what you do as there are nights that you are a mean ass son a bitch, in order to get what we want from this match we will have to work together. So as long as things are cool I got your back and I hope you got mind but if even the itsy bitsy fuck up by you and we will have problems. Im a loose cannon and I am unpredictable so I may let it slide and keep working with you or I just might fuck up your night. So you do you and Ill do me while inbetween we help each other. Then we just might make it through the night.

:: Korey takes a step or two before stopping :;

Korey Gaines
Trish, I really dont know much of you but what I have seen you a pretty cool person, solid wrestling skills and a hell of a competitor but you have had nights where you are iffy and well we all have had those nights. Coming from a wrestling family I am sure it is hard to keep the family name proud. Ive wrestled some of your family in the past while on the indies as they are some of the baddest sum bitches that I have face. You seem to want to honor that family name but do me a favor in this match. Think of yourself and not the family, think of blazing your own trail and not walk your family foot steps. I know you say differently with your words but your eyes do all the talking. So come with your A game that you have in you as you do you. Cuz if you start to lag behind then I will look out for myself and make sure you dont keep me held back. For I am Korey Gaines, I am The Extreme!!! And yall are fucked!! Im back on that bull shit BAY BAY!!!

Korey walks off laughing as the scene comes to a close.
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