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"If there is going to be one benefit that will shy away from the fact that I wasted a year of my life, it is that you at least walked away with something. Whether it is a sharper focus, tougher skin, or an upgraded instinct, it would give me more relief than you think if you had benefited from this. That is what we were pushing for on a weekly basis for a year. But.. seeing how you have made your bed and doubled down on, I don't even think I can find a silver lining in the past year anymore. That is what I sidelined my own career goals for. I put all my eggs in a basket, lended you a treasure trove of wisdom, all decorated on a silver platter, so you could emerge from the grand finale looking completely different from the man you were before. I think we both knew that this day would come, knowing the type of men we are in this business, this ending was prophesized the second that we shook hands. This wasn’t going to last forever. Good things, well, the lack thereof, always come to an end… and this was either to end on good terms, where we drift apart peacefully into the sunset, or it was going to get the ending that we got… and please understand that knowing that DOMINION would end on those kind of terms, it gave me no pleasure going through with it. It has left me a sour taste in my mouth since because this is not what I wanted. People have perceived this in a light where this is some proverbial stab-in-the-back scenario, but no blades were used. No blood was trickling down anybody’s backs. Betrayal just doesn’t seem like the correct term to describe our fallout, a release into the wild fits more of the description. Breaking free of the shackles, detaching the albatross across my back, lifting the excess weight off my shoulders, cutting the rope that was holding me back from my true potential. I find it redundant shall I apologize for raising my voice and shouting all these profanities the last time I addressed you because every word that I said, I meant all of it. It was all sourced from the bottom of my heart and you know better than anybody that hatred from me is rare. I never ever really hate anybody. There is very few who have gotten to that point with me, but most of the time, it is all tough love… but that changes now because when it comes to you Ryan Wilson, there is no tough love. There is no love for the competition or putting business first. I hate you. I hate you with every fibre of my being. I hate you with all of my heart and soul. Hate is a strong word, often thrown around more than these harlots in the locker room, but this is not for no petty reason. This is as personal as it gets. You robbed me a year of my career. You wrecked me with an investment that has nearly destroyed everything that I had been building for me and my family in the past two decades. You turned my life upside down. You made it hell and below. People want to place you into the light of a victim, but they don’t want to talk about how I essentially allowed you to take advantage of my kindness for a year straight. I let you take a giant shit on my legacy and lead me to my failures time and time again. That is as personal as it gets. Imagine what I could have been doing if I never enlisted in you. Picture how much of a better life it would have been. These visions come to me everyday, almost too much, further reinforcing the regret that I had for that decision. You are damn right that I am a victim of my own stupidity… because it was stupid for me thinking you would grow up… it was stupid of me thinking you could be taught how to succeed in this business… it was stupid of me thinking you could have been anything outside of a glorified enhancement talent… it was stupid of me thinking that you were capable of holding you end of the bargain.. It was stupid of me putting faith, putting trust, and believing you… so, you’re right, I am a victim of my stupidity. I am the stupidest motherfucker in believing in you all this time, and while that is an injustice to my knowledge, that is just as much an injustice in you."

I took the shape of a human punching bag, withered away from the spotlight, and let my guard down, all by design, hoping that you could bounce off my wisdom, but you didn’t. You consistently showed me and the entire world you were doing fuck all with it, that you took being under my wing for granted, and you have no idea how much patience and tolerance it took me to get to that moment where releasing you into the wild was my only option. You have no idea how much hesitation and pain it brought me to pull the trigger. You have no idea what it is like to be in my shoes, and quite frankly, you will never ever feel what it feels like to be in these shoes. This is why it puzzles me, almost prompts a little chuckle seeing the approaches you have taken this week. You are the last individual in Elite Answers Wrestling to question what I have been up to for the past two years. I don't even want to entertain this, but I am not going to sit here and take this because it is absolutely ridiculous. You cannot be serious, Ryan. You seriously believe you are in a position to condemn me for my lack of accomplishments as if you are speaking from an experience. You do not know what it is like to be a world champion and be regressed to the status that I am right now. You do not know what it is like to be an EAW Hall of Famer. What is the saying? Folk who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones… and that encapsulates your approach… Glass house.. Glass sensitivity.. Glass body… Glass approach. You really want to swoop to that level and farm in the lowest hanging fruit possible and run through an anthology of my worst moments in Elite Answers Wrestling acting as if you weren’t struggling on the same boat as me… and I am going to shatter your double, double standard and raise you a question, man. What have you done the past five years outside of wasting everybody’s time, including me? I will state the obvious and say that what you have been up to does not compare to what I have been up to. I arrived at this company just a couple of months after you, and it took me measly three months into it to conquer the New Breed Division which was at your expense, meanwhile it took you like three years to get to that point… The timing might not add up, but while you were just riding up to that milestone of your career, I had already amassed a Hall of Fame career. I had gotten a legendary resume of defeats over Adamo, over Karlsie, over Banksy, over people that you wouldn’t even last five minutes in the ring with. Meanwhile, the most notable victory over the course of your pathetic career is over Ronan Malosi–and I am not mentioning that as a disservice to Ronan Malosi because quite frankly, that guy is doing better than you nowadays. I have had the entire industry in a chokehold on multiple occasions, walking in and out of Payne For Pride as the World Heavyweight God. Meanwhile, nothing you have done in this company could ever equate to that. You could never fathom what I have been through in this company. You have never ascended towards the heights that I have been through. You have never been treated like royalty and praised religiously as much as me. You have never relished in success reminiscent of mine… and you seriously think you can judge me knowing you’re on the outside looking in, completely and utterly uneducated on that topic? This kind of stuff is outside of your scope. You have never gotten a seat at the big boy table. You have never stood on top of the mountain before… and I gave you the opportunity to step in those shoes and feel what I have been through.. but you squandered that opportunity… and now you have no one else to blame but yourself for your failures… now you can waste your own time instead of mine… and you are going to decay in the underworlds of Elite Answers Wrestling, and go be what I should have left you to be this entire time; shrivel up and die forgotten."

Everything that has been about your approach is not what I taught you to do… and it is a shame to see that if you held a picture, watched a promo, even sat down for a match of Ryan Wilson match and compared it to one from a year ago, it would be the same damn experience. Nothing would be different… and it is a shame that I saw this little glimmer of potential and thought that I would be able to pluck you out of obscurity… and now we are here a year ago revisiting the same conversation.. talking to the same Ryan Wilson… and it just bothers me that you could never hold yourself to the high standard that I set for you. I gave you the tools. I gave you the manual. I gave you everything you needed to succeed in this business. I gave you the world.. Yet, here you are going against everything that I taught you. Are you doing this on purpose? Do you need any help? Should I have sent you to the mental ward instead of my wrestling school? Because I honestly can’t tell if you’re serious or not because it is that pathetic. I gave you opportunity after opportunity, chance after chance, one too many, and you want to point the finger at me? You want to play the victim? You want to make me look like the villain here? All I did was try to help you, Ryan.. and my old man once told me you can lead a horse to water.. but you can’t make them drink.. You are the one who screwed up here. You’re the one who messed up… and you think a business will let you leech off your services if your credit card declines… or if a university will still educate you if you flunk out in the reports? They kick your ass out if you don’t improve, and you never improved, and now you are facing the consequences of it. This all happened because of you. This all spiralled out of control because of you. DOMINION didn’t work out and ended because of you. I tried my best, Ryan. Don’t you understand? I gave you so much. It just unfortunately didn’t work out and I shouldn’t know, but all I have to do is face the consequences, will you? Instead of being truthful, honest, sincere, and everything that I taught you to be… You’re out here relapsing to your old ways… You’re back to being an internet elitist.. You’re back being a clout chaser.. You’re back being a pathological liar.. and you’re back being an annoying piece of shit… So excuse me, if I am not going to be in the best mood after realising after a year of investing so much into you, that you’re out here defying all of it and showing that you’ve done nothing with it. It’s pathetic. I just don’t get it. I don’t even know what to say anymore. This is just ridiculous. I am just going to go now."

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