Ronan Malosi

Ronan Malosi

None More Hated

None More Hated

Government Name: Ronan Frederick Malosi
Wrestling Name: Ronan Malosi
Picture Base: Baron Corbin (Constable Corbin look)
Current Nicknames: Heir of Hot Takes, The Cape Town Combative, Mr. Main Event, (Insert City Name Here)‘s Favorite Son, Bearer of Bad Good Takes
Former Nickname: Cape Town Crippler
Date of Birth: December 3rd, 1990
Age: 30

Height: 6’8
Weight: 280
Residing In: Long Island, New York
Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa

Disposition/Alignment: Obnoxious/Whiny/Cowardly Heel, who showcases a ruthless side when he needs to
Gimmick: While some may look at him as just someone with a big mouth and huge ego, Ronan has proved the capability in backing up both qualities about himself, having an Interwire Title reign under his belt, and he doesn’t look to stop there when it comes to accomplishments as Ronan looks to be a consistent thorn in many peoples sides here in EAW.

Theme Music: Metallica - Sad But True (Instrumental)
Special Entrance: None.

What are your character’s motivations for competing?
- Make Money.
- Win Championships. (Mainly wants to regain his lost IW Title.)
- Spite, he knows the EAW fans don’t like him and loves to get under their skin with his presence
- Respect from his peers and from the company itself (despite not necessarily doing much to deserve it.)
Tendency to Cheat: Always.

Wrestling Debut: 2011. Didn't begin to do wrestling full-time until EAW.
Favorite Match Types: Chained Fury
Least Favorite Match Types: Multi-Man matches (makes it harder to get the victory)
Favorite Weapon:
- Chain Wrapped Around Fist
- His Feud of the Year award
-Steel Crowbar (Callback to the one he used on the tied up Alexis Chambers.)
- Handcuffs
In-Ring Achievements:
1x Interwire Champion
Match of the Week - MVE 232
Rising Star of the Week - MVE 234
Match of the Week - MVE 248
Beef of the Week - MVE 259
2020 Feud of the Year winner alongside Ryan Wilson
Rising Star of the Week - MVE 260
Beef of the Week - MVE 260
Promoer of the Week - MVE 260
Rising Star of the Week - MVE 265
Beef of the Week - MVE 270
Beef of the Week - MVE 272

Wrestling Style: Methodical Brawler/Powerhouse
Entrance Attire: (
Ring Attire: (
Segment Attire: (

Common Moves:
1. Throat Punch
2. Hammerlock Slap, Back Elbow, and European Uppercut Combo
3. Lariat or Running Lariat (
4. Corner Pressing Stomp
5. Ripcord Right Hook
Canadian Trip
7. Rope-Assisted Knee Drops
8. Back Elbow (x)
9. Handshake Fakeout + Slap
10. Rapid Chest Clubs (
11. Forearm Smash (
Baseball Slide Lariat (x)
Sucker Punch
14. Low Blow
15. Northern Lariat
16. Mounted Elbow Strikes
17. MMA Elbows
18. Running Corner Clothesline
19. Double-Rotation Spinebuster + Mounted Punches Combo
20. Barricade-Pressed Elbow Strikes
21. Running Big Boot (
x) (x)
Corner Hammerlock Gut Punches
23. Ripcord Belly-To-Back Slam
24. Malosi Maelstrom - F10
25. Pendulum Backbreaker
Ringside Apron Suplex
27. Chokehold STO
Side Control Kimura Lock
29. Shinbreaker + Release Back Suplex
30. Cobra Clutch Slam
Release Stun Gun
32. Chokeslam (x) (x)
Kneeling Falcon’s Arrow
34. Ringpost Alley Oop
35. Inverted Alabama Slam (
x) (x) (x)
36. Release German Suplex
Barricade Powerbomb Swing
38. Superplex
39. Hotshot
40. Kick to the Knee + Spike DDT
41. Kneeling Canadian Rack Backbreaker
Standing Gourdbuster (x) (x)
43. Steel Step Powerbomb
44. Biel Toss
Inverted Scoop Powerslam
46. Back Suplex Side Slam
47. Fallaway Slam (
48. Back Body Drop (x)
49. Chokeslam Backbreaker (
x) (x) (x)
Pop-Up Knee Strike

Signature Moves:
1. Vertigo - Deep Six (Move Variations) (x) (x) (x) (x)
2. The Iron Maiden - Crucifix Elbow Strikes
3. Cyclone Crash -
Spinning Uranage

Finishing Moves:
1. Death-Ro - End of Days (Move Variations) (x) (x) (x) (x)
UF. The Death Penalty - End of Days transitioned into Kata Gatame

Spreading Arms Wide (Main Taunt)
-Raising both fists in the air
-Trash talking opponents while he beats them down
-Shushing the booing crowd
-Mocking his opponent

-Power, Ronan is one of the strongest competitors in EAW, and he uses that to his advantage in matches to outpower his opponents
-Durability, can certainly take a beating if he has to
-Opportunist, knows when to pick his spots in a match and in general
-Deceptively quick, Ronan can move pretty quick for a man of his size
-Strategist, whether it be deemed underhanded or not, he always has a plan
-Heavy Hands, striking power that can put a dent in anyone due to his past MMA background
-His antics tend to get under the skin of others, which can end up backfiring at times
-Can flip the switch and get brutal when he needs to
-Sneaky, good at cheating behind the referee’s back when he needs to

-Hothead, he can easily get frustrated when things don’t go his way
-Overconfidence, this can lead to occasional lack of focus on his part
-Sore Loser, Ronan opts to more so make excuses for his losses rather than own up to them and learn most of the time
-Never knows when to keep his mouth shut inside and out the ring, which sometimes gets him into big trouble
-While he usually tends to be a strategist, sometimes his plans don’t work out (for example, Grand Rampage)
-He can spend too much time trying to punish or embarrass an opponent rather than win the match, especially if they’ve been a thorn in his side
-He sometimes gets too wound up in trying to rile up the fans, giving his opponent valuable time to recover


Booking Notes:
-Ronan never believes himself to be in the wrong even when he clearly is
-Ronan has his not so secret gripes with GM Hurricane Hawk, feeling as if he’s the reason for his misfortunes on Showdown due to a vendetta against him, not believing anything otherwise
-Ronan has no problem intimidating and bullying around those who cannot defend themselves against him
-Isn’t above trying to use people for his own personal gain, truly caring about no one but himself at the end of the day
-Shifts the blame onto anyone and everyone he can instead of himself for his failures
-Ronan Malosi HATES ankle locks following GR.
-Usually tries to get out of the more difficult matches, only really wanting to do them if there’s something in it for him
-Ronan will try to manipulate others into doing his dirty work for him to varying results, most seeing through his BS
-He’ll mainly attack with cheap shots or blindsiding, never fighting someone straight up unless being goaded into it
-He’ll talk tough until things come close to getting physical, then he’ll look to double down on his taunting
-He can sometimes be unhappy with the decision and attack his opponent after the match
-Feels as if he’s the rightful Interwire Champion due to Bronson “stealing/robbing” the title away from him
-If he can afford to, Ronan will look to get himself counted out or DQ’d when he’s on the brink of defeat

-Ronan will usually look to run if things turn south for him in a physical altercation
-When he wins, he’ll almost never shut up about it

Name: Alissa Brady
Picbase: Carmella (current)
Height: 5'5
Weight: 122 lbs
Alignment: Tweener
Bio: Alissa Brady is the now girlfriend and ringside manager for Ronan Malosi, here to support her man no matter what, despite him not always treating her the best, even being downright verbally abusive at times, but Alissa believes if you love someone, sometimes you have to excuse their flaws.
-Ronan will use her as a human shield if needed, especially if things comes close to getting physical after he runs his mouth one too many times
-Ronan tends to show more care about winning a match than he does her
-Alissa usually sticks up for Ronan no matter what, making excuses for his behavior
-She will sometimes accept or make challenges on behalf of Ronan, due to her impulsiveness at times, much to Ronan’s chagrin
-Alissa is mainly out there to show support for Ronan, but that doesn’t stop him from taking advantage of her to win matches, which usually involves putting her in harm’s way
-Ronan tends to be overprotective and jealous at times, usually losing it if he sees one guy by Alissa, and trying to cover her up whenever he can
-Ronan mainly shows care and concern for her well-being for when it can work out to his benefit
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Welcome to EAW! You've been sorted onto our Dynasty roster where @Remi Skyfire is your head writer. Please be sure to reach out to them or any other staff member should you have any questions. Have fun!

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Welcome to Dynasty! Should be fun to watch you go.

Ronan Malosi

None More Hated
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