Ronan Malosi

Ronan Malosi

None More Hated
Interwire Champion

None More Hated

Government Name: Ronan Frederick Malosi
Wrestling Name: Ronan Malosi
Picture Base: Baron Corbin (Bald)
Current Nicknames: The Kaiser
Date of Birth: December 3rd, 1990
Age: 33

Height: 6’8
Weight: 250
Residing In/Billed From: The Isle of Samoa
Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa


Cowardly/Ruthless Heel
Gimmick: Well, to the shock of many, Ronan Malosi has done it. He’s turned it all around! Going from a miserable 16 to an impressive season 17, topping talents such as Jake Smith, Bronson Daniels, Xander Payne, Theron Nikolas, and POTARA, albeit in controversial fashion. But most of all, he’s gained a new friend in Andre Walker, who unfortunately went down with an injury. But in the ashes, there comes opportunity, opportunity for Ronan to rise up, and become the new Kaiser, carrying on his best friend’s legacy, ya know, as Andre would’ve wanted. Currently, he is the EAW Interwire Champion, and plans to remain so for a very long time, no matter what it takes.
- Seth Rollins (2015)
- Chris Jericho (Undisputed Champion)
- Christian (2001-2005, 2011)
- Sami Zayn (Master Strategist)
- The Miz
- Baron Corbin


Theme Music: ‘Mo Money (Metal Remix)’ by Ben McLusky Entrance: E.G
Special Entrance: None.


What are your character’s motivations for competing?
- Money
- Championships
- Carry on Andre’s legacy
Tendency to Cheat: Always.


Wrestling Debut: 2015
Favorite Match Types: Singles, No Holds Barred
Least Favorite Match Types: Chained Fury, Multi-Man, and Lake of Fire
Favorite Weapon:
- Interwire Title
- Steel Chair
- The Stage
- Car Keys (always to an expensive vehicle)

In-Character Achievements:
Former Amateur/Professional MMA Fighter
Third-Degree Black Belt in Japanese Jiu-Jitsu
In-Ring Achievements:
2x Interwire Champion
Tied for most Interwire Championship reigns

Match of the Week - MVE 232
Rising Star of the Week - MVE 234
Match of the Week - MVE 248
Beef of the Week - MVE 259
2020 Feud of the Year winner alongside Ryan Wilson
Rising Star of the Week - MVE 260
Beef of the Week - MVE 260
Promoer of the Week - MVE 260
Rising Star of the Week - MVE 265
Beef of the Week - MVE 270
Beef of the Week - MVE 272
Promoer of the Week - MVE 276
Match of the Week - MVE 308

Wrestling Style: Methodical Brawler/Powerhouse
Entrance Attire: (x)
Ring Attire: (x)
Segment Attire: (
x) (wears a lei over the suit)


1. Suplex Variations
- Vertical
- Toss
- German
- Back
- Superplex
Ringside Apron Back
- Barricade Back
- Stalling Inverted
2. Powerbomb Variations
- Pop Up
- Apron
- Folding
- Buckle
- Snap

3. Clothesline/Lariat Variations
Apron Diving
- Middle Rope Diving
- Running
- Hammerlock
- Northern
- Rebound
- Short-Arm
Corner Running
- Standing
Baseball Slide (x) (x) (x)
4. Submission Variations
- Single Leg Boston Crab
Half Nelson Chinlock
- Cobra Clutch
- Canadian Backbreaker Rack
- Seated Surfboard Stretch

- Bear Hug
- Sleeper Hold
Single-Knee Camel Clutch
5. Front Powerslam
6. Forearm Smash
7. Spike DDT

8. Right Hook
9. Big Boot
10. Chokeslam Backbreaker
11. Fallaway Slam (x)
12. Back Elbow
13. Corner Punches + Stomps
14. Throat Strike w/Mocking
15. Torture Rack Neckbreaker
16. Open-Handed Chop
17. Running Death Valley Driver
18. Spinning Spinebuster
19. Mounted Punches
20. Barricade-Pressed Elbow Strikes
21. Corner Shoulder Thrusts
22. Hammer Throw
23. Alley Oop (
x) (x)
24. Cobra Clutch Slam
25. Malosi Maelstrom -
26. Chokehold STO
27. Chokeslam
28. Sidewalk Slam
Belly-to-Back Ripcord Slam
30. Free Fall Drop
31. Hammer and Anvil Elbows
32. Standing Gourdbuster (x) (x) (x) (x)
33. Brainbuster
34. Pendulum Backbreaker
35. Back Suplex Side Slam
36. Biel Throw
37. Military Press Falling Powerslam (x)
38. Half Nelson Slam
Pressing Gut Stomp
40. Fireman’s Carry Gutbuster + Running Senton


1. Vertigo - Deep Six (Move Variations) (x) (x) (x) (x)
2. Superman Punch
3. Hunger On Hillside - Spear w/Taunt


1. Death-Ro - End of Days (Move Variations) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)


- ☝️
- Basking in the Fans’ Hate (x)
- Raising both fists in the air
- Trash talking opponents
- Taunting the booing crowd
- Mocking his opponent
- Self-Applause

- “Are You Not Entertained?!”


- Power
- Size
- Striking
- Crafty
- Deceptive Agility

- Aggression

- Short Temper
- His Mouth
- Overconfidence
- Lack of Respect
- Arrogance
- Technical Wrestlers




Booking Notes:
  • Should be played serious in ring for the most part.
  • Tends to use Andre Walker’s name for an excuse. For example, Ronan claims that “Andre wouldn’t have wanted him to make the same mistake he did, and get involved with an unsafe worker like Jamie O’Hara.” in regards to getting revenge.
  • Shamelessly hits on women constantly, ala Christian Cage, or Lexis King.
  • If finding himself in a dangerous submission during a non-title match, Ronan will immediately tap out, preferring not to risk injury, and to save his energy for defenses.
  • Prefers to win by pinfall or submission, but doesn’t mind taking a count out or DQ victory, especially if his opponent proves tougher than expected.
  • Sore Loser, who’ll make excuses, blame others, and even act out when things don’t go his way. But he’s also an extremely sore winner, never missing an opportunity to brag.
  • Isn’t bothered by the fans’ overwhelming hatred towards him, citing it as jealousy, and instead, purposely tries to rile them up at times.
  • Prefers to blindside or cheap shot opponents, doing his best to avoid a fair fight. But if finding himself in a brawl, will look to retreat if things don’t go his way.
  • If he can afford to, Ronan will attempt to get himself counted out or DQ’d when he’s on the brink of defeat.
  • Hypocrite. Despite cheating in almost every match, Ronan only sees an issue when his opponent does it to him.
  • His goal is to win, not put on a five star match.
  • Always is extremely reluctant to give the Interwire Title away before a defense. (x)
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