Ronan Malosi

Ronan Malosi

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Wrestling Name: Ronan Malosi
Picture Base: Baron Corbin (Constable Corbin look)
Current Nicknames: Mr. Main Event, (Insert City Name Here)‘s Favorite Son, Bearer of Bad Takes, The Dire Wolf, The Hot Take King
Height: 6’5
Weight: 280
Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa

Disposition/Alignment: Cowardly Heel, Ruthless Heel. No problems with avoiding confrontation or doing what he must to win. Once the ball is in his court and he has the advantage, Ronan can be very ruthless
Gimmick: Arrogant, cocky, and smug are three words that can best be used to describe Ronan Malosi. It is because of those three characteristics that he’s not very well liked by the fans or the people he shares a locker, not to mention his Hot Takes that he’ll go on for hours about. However, Ronan shows promise of being a very bright star in the future. With his combination of power and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the W. Even if it means stepping on a few necks. Who knows? With his devastating finish “Death-Ro” Ronan could be a champion in EAW sooner rather than later.

Theme Music: I Prevail - Bow Down Instrumental
Entrance: Ronan walks down to the ring with a cocky strut and a shit-eating grin, feeling very confident for his match. While making his way to the ring, Ronan takes time to bask in the “Adulation” or boos from the fans.

What are your character’s motivations for competing?
- Money. Wants to get rich from EAW, doing what he does best, beating people up.
- Gold. He wants championships because they get him more money and so they can prove his superiority over everyone else.
- Spite. He's fueled by crushing dreams of the EAW audience who "doubt and detract him."
Tendency to Cheat: Often. Ronan's cheating will be done in a more brutal approach than you're typical way.

Wrestling Debut: 2011. Didn't begin to do wrestling full-time until EAW.
Favorite Match Types: No Holds Barred (able to take advantage of the lack of rules)
Least Favorite Match Types: Tag Team matches, Multi-Man matches (makes it harder to get the victory)
Favorite Weapon: Exposed Steel Turnbuckle, Steel Chair, an EAW Microphone
In-Ring Achievements:
Match of the Week - MVE 232
Rising Star of the Week - MVE 234
Match of the Week - MVE 248
Wrestling Style: Methodical Brawler/Powerhouse

Common Moves:
1. Throat Punch
2. F10
3. Lariat
4. Sidewalk Slam
5. Pumphandle Drop
6. Shoulder Block
7. Chokehold STO
8. Kitchen Sink
9. Chokeslam
10. Lariat
11. Spinebuster
12. Pendulum Backbreaker
13. Fly Swatter - Sucker Punch
14. Corner Punches
15. Sky High
16. Biel Toss
17. Stiff Forearm Smash
18. Stretch Muffler
19. Running Powerslam
20. Stun Gun
21. Middle-Rope Diving Double Axe-Handle
22. One-Arm Apron Powerbomb
23. Burning Hammer
24. Back Elbow
25. Back Body Drop
26. Chokebomb
27. Forearm Smash
28. Back Lift Ripcord Slam
29. Slap
30. Black Hole Slam
31. Apron Diving Clothesline
32. Low Blow
33. Spear
34. Mounted Elbow Strikes
35. Get Outta Here! - Slide Underneath Bottom Rope
36. Cobra Clutch
37. Corner Body Splash
38. Pop-Up Body Toss
39. Fallaway Slam
40. Scoop Powerslam
41. Ringpost Alley Oop
42. Inverted Alabama Slam
43. Haymaker Punch
44. Uranage Slam
45. Mounted Punches
46. Wasteland
47. Release Gutwrench Powerbomb
48. Forearm Smash
49. 5 Seconds of Fame -
Torture Rack Sit-Out Powerbomb
50. Avalanche 5 Seconds of Fame
51. Baseball Slide Lariat
52. Corner Uranage
53. Buckle Bomb + Exploder Suplex Combo
54. Thumb in the Eye + Rear Naked Choke
55. Angle Slam

Signature Moves:
1. Hot Take Hellfire - Powerbomb/Deep Six Combo
2. Sleeping Pill - Running Big Boot
3. Spine Splitter - Gorilla Press Backbreaker

Finishing Moves:
1. Death-Ro main finisher - End of Days
2. Ankle Lock - Multiple Variations
3. The Grim Reality - Jumping TKO (adopted from Ryan Wilson’s Chaos Theory.)
UF. Death-Ro V2 - Ataxia


-Trash Talking Opponents, and dropping Hot Takes in the match
-Mocking his opponent
-Trashing the crowd
-Getting in audience members faces

-Power, Ronan is one of the strongest competitors in EAW and he uses that to his advantage in matches
-Intimidating, this can cause Ronan to psych out some of his opponents due to his stature and look
-Crafty, able to use his environment to get the upper hand
-Deceptively Quick, Ronan can move pretty quick for a man of his size

-Hothead, Ronan can get very frustrated when things don’t go his way causing him to lash out and make mistakes
-Cocky, Ronan prematurely celebrates sometimes when he’s in control
-Stubbornness, Ronan doesn’t seem to learn from his losses most of the time and that comes to sometimes cost him


Booking Notes:
-If Ronan senses he is close to defeat, if possible he will opt to take a DQ or count-out loss
-Ronan gets very frustrated when things don’t go his way due to overconfidence at times
-Ronan doesn’t like teaming with anyone unless it helps benefit him in a way
-Ronan isn’t afraid to cross any lines if he has to
-Ronan opts to bully those who are weaker than him (referees, announcers, ring crew, etc)
-Ronan will often attack from behind if he gets the chance
-Ronan doesn’t take matches with woman too seriously as he believes he’ll easily out power and beat them
-After his feud with Ryan Wilson, Ronan has become a bit more aggressive in the ring.

Entrance Attire

In Ring Attire

Segment Attire

Recurring Character:
Name: Sylas Sandars
Pic Base: Paul Ellering
Current Nicknames: None
Height: 5’10
Weight: 225lbs
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Gimmick: Former wrestler prominent in the 80’s, Sylas has noticed potential in Ronan Malosi and decided to manage him. After a while Sylas has taken more of a role in mentoring Ronan Malosi behind the scenes and taking care of many other business things as well
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Ronan Malosi

None More Hated
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