Roque Santa Cruz


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➹Wrestling Name:
Roque Santa Cruz

➹Date Of Birth:
➹Picture Base:
Pete Dunne
➹Current Nicknames:
- Raging Bull
- Akudama
219 lbs
Born in Valencia, Spain

Ruthless Heel

- Katsuyori Shibata
- Eddie Kingston
- Samoa Joe
- Minoru Suzuki

Roque is a sadistic, cruel and selfish man. He proclaimed himself the King of pro wrestling(altough no one prefers to call him that) in the world and has been trying to prove that claim true through both his matches and promos. And to prove his point, he will do whatever he deems necessary. In his own words, no company has any purpose other than being a place where he comes to showcase his brutality and sees titles as nothing more than something he is entitled to take. Roque wants fans to hate his sheer existence, and wrestlers to fear his name. To do this, he works very slowly and tries to rip his opponents limb by limb, to take the will out of his opponents. One thing that Roque does best is winding up his opponents with his words. Whether it’s taking a low shot or completely mentally breaking his opponent he loves when his opponent is as vengeful as he. Sometimes, he goes to great lengths to destroy his opponent simply because he can. This is a man with zero morales or competitive integrity, He could care less about anything as long as he is getting what is rightfully his.

➹Theme Music:
‘Flower Moon’ By Converge and Chelsea Wolfe [

➹What are your character’s motivations for competing?:
Roque wrestles to not only prove his status as the toughest wrestler in the world but he also fights to win titles that he feels are something that he is just entitled to take.
➹Tendency to Cheat:
Roque will fight dirty whenever he gets a chance. He’ll blatantly bend and break the rules as soon as that’s necessary. He’ll use scratching ,biting and gouging to get an unfair advantage among other things.

➹Wrestling Debut:
➹Favourite Match Types:
- Ironman match
- Steel Cage match
➹Least Favourite Match Types:
Ladder Match
➹Favorite Weapon:
- Kendo Stick
- Red/Blood mist


➹Common Submissions
- Triangle Choke
- Guillotine Choke
- Rear Naked Choke
- Gogoplata
- Camel Clutch
- D’Arce Choke
- Arm Triangle
- Armbar
- Yoko Tomoe Nage [ Tomoe Nage into an armbar ]
- Omoplata
- Fujiwara Armbar
- Ude Gatame [x]
- Octopus Hold
- Heel Hook
- Calf Slicer
- Stretch Muffler
- Boston Crab
- Kawada Crab [x]
- Spinning Toe Hold
- Bow and Arrow
- Torture Rack
- Cobra Twist [x]

➹Common Moves:
- Osotogari[x]
- Tai Otoshi[x]
- Ippon Seoi Nage [x]
- Tomoe Nage [x]
- Double Leg Takedown
- Olympic Slam
- Snapmare
- Snapmare followed by a kick to the back
- Vertical suplex
- Vertical suplex to the outside[x]
- Shouten Kai[Vertical suplex turned into a sitout uranage slam]
- Spider Suplex[Hanging German suplex]
- Overhead belly to belly Suplex
- Northern Lights Suplex
- Exploder suplex
- Half and Half Suplex
- Backdrop driver
- Gotch style Piledriver
- Snap DDT
- Rope Hanging DDT
- Swinging Neckbreaker
- Headlock Neckbreaker [x]
- GTR [Headlock lariat into a neckbreaker] [x]
- Brainbuster
- Strait Jacket Brainbuster
- Sacrifice [x]
- Running Powerslam
- Scoop Powerslam
- Body Slam
- Sidewalk Slam
- Chop Block
- Dragon Screw Leg Whip
- Uranage slam
- Back Body Drop
- Powerbomb
- Falcon’s Arrow
- Fireman’s Carry dropped into a double knee gutbuster
- Reverse Back Suplex [x]
- Leg captured Backbreaker
- Gourdbuster
- Spinebuster
- Emerald Flowsion
- Senjutsu [Reverse Figure Four Leglock pin] [x]

➹Common Strikes:
- Open palm strike
- Hook punch
- European uppercut
- Liver punch
- Spinning backhand slap
- Spinning backfist
- Mounted punches
- Forearm smash
- Flying Forearm smash
- Spinning back elbow strike
- Shoulder tackle
- Shoulder tackles in the corner
- Knife Edged Chop
- Kesagiri Chop
- Burning Sword [x]
- Lariat
- Machine Gun Chops [Repeated Chops in the corner]
- Dropkick
- Missile Dropkick
- Shotgun Dropkick
- Front Kick
- Flying Big Boot
- Leg Lariat
- Spinning Heel kick [x]
- Kawada kicks
- Flying Knee strike
- Stomps
- Arm trapped stomps
- Pele kick to the arm
- Headbutt
- Diving Headbutt
- Kokeshi Headbutt
- Jumping Headbutt

➹Signature Moves:
1. ‘Good Morning, Beautiful’ Diving Double Foot Stomp
2. 'Black Crown’ Step Up Enziguri
3. 'La Guillotina’ Cradle Tombstone Piledriver [x]
4. 'Power Trip’ Cross Arm German Suplex [x]
5. 'Bull’s Horns’ Running Kick to the chest [x]

➹Finishing Moves:
1. ‘No Leaf Clover’ Double Armbar/leglock combination [x]
2. 'Entombment Of A Machine’ Dragon Sleeper [x/x/x/x]
3. ‘Art of Dying’ Pumphandle Driver [x]

- Roque can and will attack any muscle or bone that his opponent injured in the past to take advantage in his matches. If by any chance his opponent doesn’t have such injury he will use head and neck area as his primary target.

- Roque does not use diving moves with the exception being his signature Diving Foot Stomp. Only on rare occasions when he deems it absolutely necessary, Roque will go high risk to try and win.

- Before he uses one of his finishing moves he likes to give his opponent one final judgement by placing his thumb horizontally like Roman emperors used to do at the end of gladiator battles. Except his thumb always ends up going down.

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