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Ryan Wilson

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Season 14


Name: Ryan Wilson
Picture Base: Sami Zayn
Previous Picture Base: TJ Perkins
Current Nickname: MISTER Wilson.
Past Nicknames: WildsSide, Real Ryan Wilson, Agent of Chaos, Canadian Studmuffin
Height: 6’, 1’’
Weight: 220 lbs
Hometown: Montréal, Québec, Canada

Why Wildside as a nickname for 2020?
In honor of the first title he ever won which was a hardcore-based title. Considering his aspirations to win a Championship and a recent return to his roots this is a logical nickname to go by.

Alignment - Ruthless, Relentless, Savage and Risk-Taking Heel
The tendency to Cheat - If Needed, I won't hesitate to do what I have to in order to win.

Since he joined the company in August 2017, Ryan Wilson has been trying to make it to the top of the company. Following his No-Disqualification match with Cage in 2019 during Christmas in Dubai which he has shown a side of him rarely shown during his tenure here so far it opened his eyes to a simple fact: He forgot himself, forgot who he was and where he came from. Fighting Cage reminded him of what made him a powerhouse on the independent circuit. He must return to his roots in order to reach greater heights and eventually finally win his first solo Championship which has eluded him for so long. His past success on the independent circuits staring back in 2015 in Sanctuary of Wrestling where he first started is intimate with hardcore and extreme based matches along with actions and philosophy outside of the ring that allowed him to be a force to be reckoned with wherever he went up until when he joined EAW. Against Cage, he realized that he had lost his way and that he needed to return to a way of being that brought him success and in 2020 Showdown is going to witness the evolution of Ryan Wilson that has always been there.

  • Wants to take things to the extreme in all ways.
  • Wants to bring hardcore to Showdown
  • Wants to return to his violent roots as a wrestler in an attempt to gain success
  • Wants to use violence and aggressivity in order to stand out in a wrestling oriented show.
  • Incredibly resilient
  • Able to handle pain, actually enjoys it
  • Willing to hurt himself if it allows victory
  • Not afraid to take risks of all sorts
  • Taking risks can blow in his face
  • Can sometimes lose himself to his arrogance
  • Can lose his temper during matches
  • Obsessed with reaching his goals

Notes for booking
  • Ryan has decided to simply increase the intensity and turn it up to 21
  • Ryan will be known to be a stiff worker in 2020, feel free to use it however you like in match writing
  • In matches, he will resort to any and all sorts of tactics in order to achieve victory
  • Will boast and brag, nag, provoke and insult sometimes humiliate his opponents in matches
  • Take your view of what being hardcore is and means and raise it up
  • Hardcore in my mind doesn’t mean solely using weapons, there are loads of ways to attack which can be seen as hardcore or extreme.
  • Win or lose Ryan might be tempted to attack his opponent after the match may be putting him or her through a slew of chair shots or slam him or her through the announcer's table that is just one of many ways to get it done. Be creative. Ryan would be.


Wrestling Debut: June 2015, Sanctuary of Wrestling

Trainer: Sebastien 'Prime' Primeau

Coaches: Sylvain Primeau and Tony 'Brujah' St-Michel

Wrestlers trained: Simon-Gaele Primeau ( Sebastien's son, Sylvain's younger brother )

Favorite Match Types: Hardcore, No-Holds-Barred, Cage, Thunderdome.

Least Favorite Match type: Multi opponent matches except for tag-team

Favorite Weapon: Barbwire Hockey Stick

In-Ring Achievements: There is a section for that down there, scroll down.


Season 14 Entrance Theme

Past Entrance Themes
- 'Awaken' by Dethklok
- 'My Way' by Limp Bizkit
- 'Chaos' by Skold
- 'Psyched Out' by The Supersuckers
- 'Gangnam Style' by PSY
- 'Don't Stop Me Now' by Queen
- 'X Gonna Give It To Ya' by DMX


Every match Ryan has done in EAW can be found here.
Note - Matches from NEO and Voltage Season 11 missing. Archives not found.
Note 2 - More matches will be added as Season 13 signs of progress.


( Will be redone to match new theme song )

Snap Suplex
Calf Kick
Suplex Double Knee Backbreaker
Flashing Elbow
Grapevine STF
John Cena's STF
Fisherman Buster
Tornado DDT of DEATH
Rope Hung Front Kick
Crippler Crossface
Super Release German Suplex
Inverted Headlock Backbreaker
Northern Lariat
Lethal Injection
Scorpion Crosslock
Guillotine Legdrop
Swinging Neckbreaker
Frog Splash
Phenomenal Forearm
Starship Pain
Diving Elbow Drop
Spaceman Moonsault Plancha
Springboard Leg Drop
Golden Triangle Moonsault
Sweet Chin Music
Sidewalk Slam
Small Package Driver
Standing Shooting Star Press
Canadian Destroyer
Styles Clash
Neckbreaker + Variations
Knee drop
MMA style strikes
Vertical Suplex
Rope Stunner
Snap Suplex
Turnbuckle Snap Suplex
Rack Bomb
Helluva Kick
Running Knee
The 514 ( 619 but for the Montreal Area Code )
Suicide Dive
Whisper In The Wind
Apron Summersault Plancha
Apron Knee Strike
springboard Tornado DDT
Handspring Headsciddors Takedown
Spinning Heel Kick
Suicide Dive Into Tornado DDT
Apron Snap Suplex


1. Lou Thez Press

2. Superman Punch

3. Stealing the Opponent's Finisher

4. One arm powerbomb following a pinfall attempt.

1. 'Mic Drop' Small Package Driver

2. 'Fourth Wall Break' Jericho's Wall of Jericho.

3. Chaos Theory ( RKO )

Ultra Finisher. 'Game Over' Stunner

CAREER TITLES AND ACCOLADES and Others (Since June 2015)

Sanctuary of Wrestling (SoW)
Winner of the SoW Next Big Thing Invitational 2015
WildSide Champion x 1 ( First ever Championship )

CUW Universe (CUW)
Tag Team Championship (with Brujah St-Michel) x 1
Tag Team of the Year Award 2016 (Shock Duo: Ryan Wilson / Brujah St-Michel)
Tag Team of the Year Award 2017 (Shock Duo: Ryan Wilson / Brujah St-Michel)
Rivalry of the Year 2017
Promoter of the Year 2017
Superstar of the Year 2017
Hardcore Champion x 1
World Champion x 1

Federation de la Grosse Baston (FGB)
Tag Team Champion (with Brujah St-Michel) x 1
Bloody Champion x 1

Squared Circle Alliance (SCA)
World Champion x 1

Elite Answers Wrestling ( EAW 2017-Current )
EVO Series Finalist ( 2017 )
Forced Alex Reynolds into retirement during feud on NEO ( 2017 )
EAW Tag Team Grand Prix participation ( 2017 )
Part of the Final Four participants at the 24/7 Battle Royale at Pain for Pride Festival ( June 2018 )
Rising Star of the Week ( Most Valuable Elitist #146 )
Hardcore Championship Contender x 1 ( September 2018 )
Created the group known as ''The Score''
New Breed Championship Contender x 1 ( October 2018 )
Costing Jack Ripley his spot on Dynasty ( December 2018 )
Pure Championship Contender x 2 ( May 2019 )
Pure Championship Contender x 3 ( July 2019 )
Promoter of the Week ( As part of ''Everyone booked for Road to Redemption'' ) ( MVE #164 )
Promoter of the Week ( As part of ''Everyone booked for Grand Rampage'' ) ( MVE #178 )
Promoter of the Week ( As part of ''Everyone booked for Pain 4 Pride'' ) ( MVE #185 )
Beef of the Week ( Most Valuable Elitist #189 )
Beef of the Week ( Most Valuable Elitist #193 )
New Breed Championship Contender ( September 2019 )
Beef of the Week ( Move Valuable Elitist #212 )
Promoter of the Week ( As part of ''Everyone booked for Grand Rampage'' ) ( MVE #220 )
Showdown General Manager ( March 21st 2020 - Present )


Ryan Wilson since he was discovered by his late mentor has grown an entourage of people that appears on occasion during his promos.
Ian Ternivsky aka ''Ian Turn'' aka ''The Intern''

Ryan hired him when he first made it to EAW because Ian's name was funny, the poor guy won't ever get past intern status with a name like that. He's well-intentioned though, and Ryan does treat him well.

Sylvain Primeau

Height: 6'01
Weight: 230 pounds


SOW World Championship ( x2 )
SOW Intercontinental Championship ( x1 )
SOW Television Championship ( x1 )
SOW Grand Slam Winner
SOW Triple Crown Winner
SOW Money in the Bank Winner

Formerly using the shadow name of Mister Fortwahl during Wilson's debuts in EAW, Sylvain is now Ryan's enforcer as part of the newly formed Family group following the disbanding of The Score.
The former soccer player turned wrestler is the eldest son of Sebastien 'Prime' Primeau the man who first introduced Ryan to pro wrestling. Sylvain made history back at Sanctuary of Wrestling by breaking several records, winning championships and establishing himself as the promotion's fastest rising star. Since the death of his father, he has been traveling with Ryan training him.

Tony ''Brujah'' St-Michel

Height - 6'08
Weight - 320 pounds

ICW Hardcore Title (x3)
ICW Tag Team Title (x5)
UWA Tag Team Title
TWF TV Title,
TWF Generation Title (x2)
LWF Tag Team Titles (x2)
LWF Hardcore Title (x2)
SOW Hardcore Title (x2)
SOW Horror House Show Title
FGB Tag Team Champion ( w/ Ryan Wilson )
FGB World Champion
CAW Tag Team Champion ( w/ Ryan Wilson )

Longtime tag team partner and ally of Prime and trainer of Ryan on the hardcore and extreme side of things, Tony St-Michel is an MMA brawler who fought his way from the streets up to wrestling superstardom by utilizing his strength and power to his advantage in brutal ways. One example was a match with Prime where he threw him from the first balcony of the Bell Centre forcing him into retirement after having betrayed his once best friend. Tony is known on the independent scene for his violence and bestial-like savagery in the ring and out. He excels in tag team and extreme matches having won hardcore and tag team championships on several occasions with Prime and also with Ryan Wilson. He now follows Wilson as his enforcer as a member of The Family and trains him along with Sylvain.

Sebastien ''Prime'' Primeau ( Deceased )

Height: 6'02
Weight: 252 pounds

( The full list can be provided upon request )

World Titles : 13
Intercontinental Titles : 9
Hardcore Titles : 7
Tag Team Titles : 10
Inferno Title : 1
Television: 1
Cruiserweight Title : 1

Known as ''The Global Legend'' he is the man who allowed Ryan Wilson to have a crack at professional wrestling, a Legend of pro wrestling in Montreal with 42 titles to his name including 13 World Titles. He made a name for himself by being an aggressive foul mouth brawler. In later years he made a fortune in the communications business when he founded Prime Media Enterprises which his son is in charge of today. Unfortunately, death claimed this man in a criminal fire during a Sanctuary of Wrestling Pay-Per-View in early late 2016 which caused the end of the company. Ryan Wilson is paying his respect to his mentor by using the man's iconic finisher the Game Over Stunner. Sebastien is survived by his wife Andrea and Sylvain's younger brother Simon-Gaele who wrestled for a short time in SOW but decided to opt-out of wrestling after his father's demise.
to discover them!
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