A Delicious Danger


Wrestling Name: SALLY
Real Name: Unknown
Picture Base: Su Yung
Current Nicknames: A Delicious Danger, The Rotten Woman, The Brutal Vampire
Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 5’, 3’’
Weight: 137lbs

Hometown: Death Valley, California


Disposition/Alignment: Monster Heel
Gimmick: Balloons? Vibrant colors? Joyful laughter and the ideal of a circus? This is no longer part of Sally, who is no longer linked to clown cultures and, after admitting that she has no training from a clown school, has decided to just be pure terror by being herself. However, Sally claims that her soul was sold to obtain her victories, she also says that she died a long time ago and is now just an enigmatic carcass wandering around, pain-loving, masochistic, sadistic and twisted. Not only has Sally given up on the idea of putting on an interesting show for everyone with her presence, but she's also dedicated to satisfying her empty self with as much pain and blood as she can get out of her opponents who she considers to be merely receptacles of false hope, and she's the only one who's woken up from it.

Her actions are no longer happy and lively, there is no longer any desire to make anyone happy, only her own desire to devastate and strengthen the idea that through her mask, or rather her make-up, she is herself and opens up the possibility for anyone to be Sally.


Theme Music: 'NIHIL' by Ghostemane
check here: Special Entrance [Optional]: No longer so energetic, the environment is always lit up with red lights, the atmosphere is spooky with as much mystery as you can muster. She now appears slowly and enigmatically, walking slowly with her eyes roaming around people and even getting a little closer to them, but not saying anything, just to terrify them.


Experiment as much as you can with your body's limits. You'll never hear her complaining about pain. Her motivation is only to cause as much chaos in the company as possible, to show the trail of destruction she can accomplish, and of course, to become a Hardcore and Deathmatch icon, making her character even more convincing.

Tendency to Cheat: Now, due to her new motivations, Sally's tendencies to cheat are at an all-time high. She will ALWAYS try to cheat, but not with cheap tricks, but with the intention of taking advantage of her opponents' physical state, either by blinding them with her mists and causing pain in the face, or with her various weapons.

- "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt
- Su Yung
- Rosemary
- The Undertaker
- "The Cerebral Assassin" Triple H


Favorite Match Types:
- Any type of Deathmatch
- Hardcore matches
- Buried Alive match
- Any type of de Cage match ou Chamber match
- Inferno match
- Iron Woman Match
- Three Degrees of Pain match
- Three Stages of Hell match
- TLC match

Least Favorite Match Types:
- Battle Royal matches
- I Quit match;
- Any match with a specific costume;
- One sided rules match;
- Tag team matches;

Favorite Weapons:
- Tables, chairs and ladders
- Kendosticks
- Sledgehammers
- Trash cans
- Baseball bats
- Pliers


Common Moves:
1. Scissors Kick
2. Enzuiguiri
3. Punt Kick
4. Roundhouse kick
5. Spinning Heel Kick

6. Brazillian Kick

7. Fist drop
8. Leg drop
9. Inverted Leg Drop Bulldog
10. Somersault Leg Drop

11. Slingshot Leg Drop

12. Flying clothesline

13. Elevated DDT
14. Fireman's carry DDT
15. Inverted DDT

16. Suicide Dive Tornado DDT

17. Suplex slam
18. Crossface chickenwing suplex
19. Gutwrench Suplex
20. Fallaway Suplex

21. Hammerlock Suplex

Signature Moves:
1. 'Rigor Mortis' Styles Suplex Special
2. 'Bestrafe Mich' Wind-up Slam aka Deep Six by Baron Corbin
3. Black mist

4. 'Mordekaiser' Springboard Moonsault
Finishing Moves:
1. 'Till The End' Crucifix Powerbomb
3. 'Plier Hand' Mandible Claw
4. 'Black Sugar' Haas of Pain

UF. 'The Snuff' Big Boot (only VERY extreme case)


- Sally rarely does flips, but that doesn't stop her from throwing herself off the top of turnbuckles to do some moves or to do suicide dives into the ropes

- She has a very high stamina, that's why she prefers hardcore themed matches. But now, she also have a lot of resistence of pain, so she can SOMETIMES no sell some moves, such as punches, slaps and chops.

- Sally always laughs during her matches, giving some light laughs. But that doesn't stop her from having a full-blown outburst of the loudest laughter at higher-stakes matches or more important events, due to stress. Or laugh from pain.

- A lot of information about Sally is unknown, such as her real name, her family, her nationality, or even about her supposed past as a clown, surprisingly, even her face without makeup is unknown.

- Definitely Sally, for her performances, has been wrestling in other places, like performance centers, but that's all a big maybe. Her skills don't seem to be that amateurish.

- There is not a single moment when Sally is not in this "character", it is very strange because her social medias are all very old, but nothing old posted, just recent posts, however people have already admitted to seeing her in circuses in the past. There are no reports of people apparently looking like Sally in everyday life, like shopping or anything of that nature.

- Sally loves someone, but this person is unknown yet. It is a wrestler from EAW.

- There are no friends of Sally's, the only person who appeared once in her promos was a person whose name was "cameraman", but it is possible that this is just Sally talking to herself through distortions. No reports from other professional colleagues, classmates, nothing.

- Sally claims she sold her soul.

- She definitely has very serious mental problems. All that remains is to find out what they are.

- Her favorite wrestler in EAW is Rex McAllister.

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A Delicious Danger
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A Delicious Danger
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